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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . Some members of our society are shadow people, so marginalized that they are hanging on by their fingernails. Some have a slightly firm
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      obvious answers

      America does not want shadow citizens to be anything more then shadow citizens and distracting punching bags.. Its desire for blood is so deep it has even went as far as to stalk, lie, pay, and threaten other country’s so as go after any shadow people who have managed to completely leave America so as to try and start a new life. Do not think it will ever end and do not think there is any “higher morality” in America.. It has never left its burning women and Christians while holding pot luck dinner roots..Look at the history..Those who are screaming for the blood of shadow people are the decedents of those same people who held huge celebrations while watching and smelling the flesh burn off of their neighbors.. The same people that butchered, raped, and annihilated the Native tribes are the same blood thirsty people creating and destroying those they have turned into shadow people now.. It will not end until they create more shadow people then non-shadow people and there is a bloody revolt.. for any imaginary step forward you fall 20 steps in reverse..for every time a state says you can have a job the country says we are branding your passports so you can not escape our vigilantism.. for every time a state says you can live here 10 states say you can live no where.. for every time a state says you can have an email address 10 states say you can not have internet. for every time a state says you can go here the country says we are restricting your right to even marriage….think about it..

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        According to Sandy’s article, there should be some clarifications here…

        I am a former attorney on the registry in Florida, in the South Florida area. I still work with my law firm and two other law firms as a Paralegal. I am also a local Pastor of a Church that serves primarily addictions and sex offenses. I have visited many “encampments of marginalized persons on the registry. There view and position is very simple: (a) They do not want to get involved and have their names all over the news; (b) they either do not have any money, not even $1, to help retain an attorney to bring any lawsuits because they are waiting for others to pay for the attorney and bring a law suit; (c) they are just riding through and complain but never become proactive; (4) most of all, all they do is lament they cannot get jobs, cannot find a place to live, and cannot get out of their own way, and want hand-outs. The ones that are on the fringes are those who do want to get involved, help pay for an attorney, get proactive, and spend all day at either day labor agencies or putting in applications all over the place, and are working or finding ways to change things – you are talking about 8% to 15% of those who Sandy labels “marginalized”.

        I am homeless, I live in my car, and I fight for people’s rights. Okay… I am Italian from New York, so my way of thinking is a bit out of the ordinary. But, I make it work for me. I was born with this personality, and as an educated man and with the personality I have, I am a true fighter. So, that leaves a question… What do we do with the others in my same position?

        They need to get their support network (those who believe in them – whether guilty or not), to help bring everyone together to bring lawsuits and dialog to the Powers-That-Be. Look at Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina… and other states soon to fall. I do not have the resources to bring a suit, but as a former attorney I am paying a couple of people to type-up an identical suit as in Michigan and Pennstlvania and compare the legal points and reasoning to be able to sue Florida and local municipalities. We have 75,000+/- registered sex offenders in Florida, alone, 750,000+/- across the United States. If only 1/3 of those registered sex offender had the support of 5 people that are registered to vote and want to change the law, we would have approximately 1,250,000 voters on our side. In Florida, alone… if we had 1/3 of registered sex offenders help us and can enlist 5 of their registered voter people in their support network, we would have 125,000 votes to help us. If 125,000 people only donated $1 to our Florida lawsuit, that would empower us to hire 3 law firms who will sue Florida and local Counties and Cities, on different levels, to make much more rapid changes than just “opening dialog, making people aware”.

        Most “sex offender” organizations do not want to sue or go about it in the wrong way. I am involved in the suits across the country. I do not get paid, none of my expenses are reimbursed, but I do what I can do.

        The reality is that we need lawsuits. The first suit that comes to fruition on the federal level as an appeal or direct suit that is in conflict with the federal suits decisions from other federal circuits, will get the U.S. Supreme Court to hear and decide the merits of the case (these laws equate to punishment, cannot be retroactively applied, the data shows that sex offender criminal acts and their recidivism is one of the lowest of all criminal categories, the residential restrictions are banishment, being placed publicly on the web sites endangers ours and our families’ lives, etc.).

        Heed the advice above or we will be having this discussion online in 3, 5, 10 years from now, with worse laws in some states, and easy laws in others. Litigation is the ONLY WAY to open the dialog with the politicians who want to keep their jobs and seat.

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          Very well said ! I agree. And,People are so quick to take on a negative attitude against sex offenders instead of thinking on terms that the offender has now done his time and hopefully rehabilatated himself (as there is no real rehab. in prison). Families are also punished and suffer from many aspects of having a loved one in prison and on the registry. Once a person has done their time, they deserve a chance to prove themselves just like anyone else.

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          Penny Oss

          Very well said and completely spot on! In two years, when my son in finished with his probation, we are going to become more active. I have written letters to my state representatives in Oklahoma to no avail.

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          Anthony Studebaker

          So sad you did not mention Anthony Jones, he has 3 published books on Amazon on the horrors of being on the sex offender registry- has done numerous radio talk show interviews on the evil of the registry= publicly protested the registry- produced a documentary film commissioned by a Jew who survive Nazi Germany that documents his great great grand son who is on the registry for consensual sex with his girl friend ,is in a time parallel with a Jew in 1930’s Germany short of a gas chamber!

          His film is the smoking gun- knock out blow that could take the registry down! http://WWW.EVILLAW.TK

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            Sandy Rozek
            Sandy Rozek

            He sounds like a success story. Please encourage him to apply for our Humans on the Registry project. There is a link on the homepage.

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          According the FAC, they have law suits covered. I have asked for them to be more transparent and I get no answer. Do you think you can do better in Florida? If you can maybe we should create a different group than FAC. Like a Florida NARSOL. However, FAC says that very few SO’s contribute to the law suits.

          I agree with you that more cases need to be filed in Florida. I am not so sure FAC is the one to do it.

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          Philip Lovato

          Yo proactive,

          Is there away we can get in touch?

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          Last time I contacted Narsol regarding this topic, I was messaged back saying that “we must wait until legal thinking has matured a bit further before challenging the essential act of registering citizens to make public their prior bad acts. Moving too fast in pursuit of relief on a claim that is very likely to be dismissed will only make it harder to gain traction on such a claim when the time is ripe to do so. You have heard about the dangers of setting bad precedent. A smart lawyer will avoid seeking relief on grounds that are not yet ripe or for which there is no sympathetic judge available for review.”

          I don’t know how long we all should wait before we can challenge this clearly unconstitutional sex offender registry and the surrounding laws like Supervised Release, etc., but hopefully it is within our lifetime.

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          You make excellent points. I agree that the best, most effective means of effecting change in policy and practice is through legal proceedings. After policy change, people’s perceptions will be altered and thus more evidence-based, data informed procedures will be implemented regarding sex offenses.
          Florida, not sure whether the worst, must certainly be among the worst states with either totally antiquated laws or narrow minded perspectives to their approach to such offenses. They have attorneys afraid of political climates to act on the best interest of their clients regardless of circumstance or evidence. Instead, they advise clients to take pleas and accept largely corrupt ‘evidence’ in cases.
          Even previously law abiding citizens, without as much as traffic tickets are advised to plea out rather than fight for their rights to appropriate defenses. Even when the evidence disputes the facts, counsel prefers to avoid true testing of their litigation skills to defend clients. Thus, we create more marginalized groups. The system is flawed and more advocates are needed to truly either provide proper defenses prior to any ‘default’ convictions and/or post conviction change the systematic marginalization by default. Act, raise voices, unite and fight back, before most of us will be marginalized. It’s a slow process, but is sure unless we act now. What’s worse than having your name published for the world to see, or having your name published on behalf of positive changes, compassion and justice?

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        Lonna Romero

        Where did this letter go? It should go to Trump. I’m getting so discouraged with just reading letters and opinions from organizations, but i see very little actually being done to change things. I know it takes a lot of money and resources, but is this disgrace of Justice to human beings ever going to actually change? I need some hope. My son will be 45 when they let him go and already i am so worried about what is going to happen to him. I might not be alive to help him.

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      NH Registrant

      I blame the media for the moral panic. They love a good sex story because it brings the eyeballs of secretly twisted/sadistic/vindictive people – of whom there are apparently enough to make ratings go up. Here in NH, our local TV news will report the same sex-crime story over and over again for days. I once saw them repeat the same story for a week and a half of a bus driver who got caught with bad images on his computer. Every single night it was the same.

      People are being taught to hate each other along many social lines by the media and the government. And people swallow the order to hate-thy-neighbor without question because it gets drilled into their heads through propaganda repetition. Facts are twisted or are outright lies, details are exaggerated, and even the expression on the newscaster’s face completes the ACT. And it is an act.

      It’s pretty sad how our society has become. In this day and age where Social Media has made us less social, people seem to care less and less about the people around them. All they care about is getting those likes/friends on Social Media. Everywhere you go, there are people whose faces are buried in their phones. So, any quick news blurb about a sex crime story can be fed into their brains instantly – and with the current state of Social Media’s witch-hunting against men – without any burden of proof. The court of public opinion doesn’t care about guilt or innocence. And, these days, most of our court system doesn’t either.

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        I think the sex offender registry should be abolished as well as sex offenders having to wear ankle monitors to watch there every move like you would a dog on a leash. I think being in prison is punishment enough. Let these people move on with there lives without everyone being able to look on the registry and see what they did. Let them be able to get jobs and support themselves like everyone else does. They are people not animals and should be treated like people. Wild animals live in the woods not citizens. Please abolish the registry soon before more people get killed because of it.

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          Free with Shackles

          Well, I will say it again and again until someone realizes that state registry aids and abets in any crime that is perpetrated against a registered citizen by supplying the only way the crime can be committed. If I drove you to a bank and unbeknown to me you robbed the bank, came out and we drove off and cops pulled us over who would get arrested? Well, both of us because without me driving you to the bank you could not have robbed it. Same with registry, they supply the information the perp uses it to harm or kill a registered citizen, are the complicit in the crime? I ask you.Without the information would the crime ever have happened? Probably not. If this isn’t aiding and abetting then they need to change the definition. State officials were elected to serve and protect and whether they like it or not WE ARE still citizens which they are obliged to protect. They want to protect only those they choose to. They feed the public placebos on what will protect them when it’s been proven NONE of their restrictions can stop someone who is of the mind to re offend. All their proposals are proven ineffective and are designed to placate the public and for votes. What the public needs is TRUTH and education.

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          There should be some way to challenge these “community supervision” laws that place registrants on parole-style supervision for years, decades, or even natural life once the prison term has been fully served. Can you imagine being placed on parole-style supervision even after the prison sentence has been served out completely? When on state supervision favorable rulings don’t always apply because supervised offenders have their rights and liberties further restricted due to being on supervision. This fits every definition of a punishment.

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        @Mike I have been a member of FAC formore then 5 years! I have contributed money for several lawsuits that have been filed or pending. I know FAC is doing a fantastic job, transparency is not the best thing when you’re dealing with the legal system! You can’t give your game plan away to the other side.

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          Nope. No their not. When it comes to the law suits, FAC is not doing a fantastic job. Everything else they do is top notch. However they lack in the litigation area.

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            @Mike @Sandy,
            @Mike YEAP! Lets agree to disagree. The state of Florida is so corrupt; there are so many lawsuit that need to be filed. I know for a FACT that FAC Legal is doing a great job and working tirelessly with the money that gets donated. I donated to legal, have you Mike? As you know it’s all about money, and good attorneys are not cheap. Mike, FAC is NARSOL affiliate.
            @Sandy My first trip to the camp in Miami was with Derek in 2015, after that time I made 3 more trips from Ft.Myers FL, to bring supplies, including food, toiletries, tents, clothing, and generators all donated from FAC members. My last trip was to watch the film Untouchable, sponsored by FAC.

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            Yes, I have donated. But not anymore.

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      Seti IIII

      I call RSOs the “Real Walking Dead”. As an RSO I attend FORCED treatment classes, that I am required to pay for or else, which amounts to state sponsored extortion; but that’s another conversation. Anyway, In my so called treatment classes we discuss a wide variety of topics, politics, religion, but the majority of our discussions are about the 1) the legal aspect or the unconstitutionality of sex offender laws, and 2) (a) how being subject to registry/residency laws is a SOCIAL DEATH penalty, 2) (b) how being subject to registry/residency laws “EMASCULATES” a man. Yes, emasculates a man. But to discuss the first aspect, i.e., the unconstitutionality of SO laws. Specifically, these laws violate: a) Ex Post Facto or Article 1 Sec 10 Clause 1 of the US Constitution. Ex Post Facto is where the state/government pass laws and apply them retrospectively or backward. A simple example. You leave work to go home but on the way you run a red light, a cop pulls you over, gives you ticket, you go the court house on a Monday and pay a $50 fine and go home. But on Wednesday the city counsel meets and decides to increase traffic fines from $50 to $300 and guess what? This ordinance is back dated a year meaning everyone who has gotten a traffic ticket from that day back one year now has to come in and pay additional monies. So that $50 you paid is now $250 short. Get it? This new traffic fine law is an Ex Post Facto law my friend. And this is exactly what SO laws are when applied to someone who’s conviction and sentence predate the law. You are only subject to the law in effect at the time of your conviction. Just like that traffic ticket you got, the law at the time you got it called for all a $50 fine, but to extort more money out of you they moved the goal post, or changed the rules in the middle of the game. Same with SO laws. Myself as an example, my conviction came a full “13” years BEFORE the passage of any such laws here in TX; but that did not matter. I was still made subject to these laws once released from prison. And get this, TX has in it’s own state constitution a provision against Ex Post Facto laws but yet when it comes to people with sex crimes they pretend there is no such law. But this is because the US Supreme Court in “Smith v Doe” 538 u.s. 84 (2003) basically held that people with sex crimes have no constitutional rights and that states can do anything to them. This is why you see all these crazy, mentally retarded laws being proposed, and in a lot of cases passed by state legislators. Look at OK and AL for example with their castration of SOs proposals. Castration—WTF!!! So to me, the next iteration of sex offender laws will be Nazi style Concentration Camps, watch and see what tell you. Where else can they go with these laws? Now, as to the emasculation of male SOs, well, do I really need to explain this one? Think about it a minute. On the SO registry, men can’t be men. For example, head of your own house, the psychological debilitation, e.g., try standing at the head of the dinner table at Thanksgiving—get it? Trying planning a vacation or second honeymoon with travel restrictions. Try moving to another home with residency restrictions—get it? How do you think a man looks in the eyes of his spouse and his children under these circumstances? That my friend is EMASCULATION! But then proponents will try to counter with this stupid, juvenile and uninformed justification; “…will, you brought it all on yourself…” What??? These laws are post incarceration punishment plain and simple. Thank you…

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        There are concentration camps for sex offenders already. Look at states that have civil commitment laws. Look at Washington state and their “sex offender island”. Look at the Minnesota sex offender civil commitment facilities These civil commitment facilities, which are prisons in every respect of the term, are roach motels for sex offenders. You check in, but never check out.

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      Daniel Silverman

      The sad thing is that people will believe what they want to believe regardless of facts. Statistically speaking, it is a fact that sex offender recidivism rates are among the lowest of the low (less than 5% according to some reports, such as a document released by the Virginia DOC) and only get lower the longer a sex offender goes without re-offending. Even so, people continue to believe that ALL sex offenders re-offend. You show them the facts and they reject them outright. In general, it seems that people just want sex offenders to continue to suffer and then just die. So, no, people in general (here in the USA) don’t believe in rehabilitation. They believe in a constant state of retribution. They don’t necessarily want to dirty their own hands, so they want to the government to do the work for them … or drive the sex offender to a place where they will take their own life. It is virtually impossible to have a reasoned and logical discussion on this topic with people who are not involved themselves (i.e. are not sex offenders and/or do not have loved ones that are sex offenders).

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        Jonny everyman

        You’re so right david. Everyone hates sex offenders until they befriend one

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        Daniel Silverman, these facts are true, and as a matter of fact, most comments posted here are valid and true grievances. It seems like the best thing we can all do is educate the public, call the justice system out for it espousing the aim of its jail framework as intending to punish offenders of all categories and types and rehabilitate them as well. Even the process of sentencing should embed within, a pathway to restoration of full citizenship rights, esp. for nonviolent and less ‘heinous’ crimes.
        In practice, none of these things are the outcomes, except lifetime punishment, and perpetual repunishment. Would we continue to traumatize? With empathy towards victims, real or incidental, do we not believe in the potential for humans, even those who err, to change their lives and improve? Once an offender, always an offender? If so then, regarding this country’s past, ‘once a racist, always a racist’?
        Do we not allow room for change? Ever? A lifetime of registry is ridiculous especially 1st time offenders, or low level classifications. If not, then what does that say about the so-called progress we have made as a nation? People’s personal beliefs and perspectives are just that, in terms of policy, for if no majority aligns with these beliefs, but for evidence and data informed decisions, no personal opinion should shape actions or laws.
        There are narrow-minded people everywhere, but policy should be shaped by data and consensus. And if consensus conflicts with data, we must inform and enlighten others until they both make sense. Power in the hands of a few is potentially or perhaps inherently dangerous. Policy is public, perspectives are personal.

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      Je Vizzusi

      The problem is reformists talk a good talk and nothing happens. Here in Florida as mentioned RSOs have been given death sentences no matter the severity of the crime. I’m a filmmaker with a small video company and my case is 26 years old. I too was harassed by unknowns first through a trade school outlet and then thrown off of facebook years ago. There are trolls on the web that will find your flyer and hurt you. The Artist has a strong case of defamation and can prove the lost of revenue. In my case, I tell my clients what happened in my case which was nicknamed Entrapped in Florida. We the citizens must rise above these insane laws and ordinances. We must fight on and never lose hope. My registry deletion is in sight and Florida Board of Clemency also has my case in investigation. We can’t just sit around until we are thrown out of our home’s and lives destroyed because some City says they don’t want us living in their neighborhood. I hope the article writer sees my testimonial here. I’m known through Florida Action Committee as JEV True Confessions. My case is the most bizarre ever. And I have no felony record! Contact
      Centralhsd at

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      Tyrus Young

      Jesus is quoted as saying “He who is without sin, cast the first stone” in reference to (essentially) a sex offender.
      The media should be held liable for any reports from “anonymous” sources where personal harm is done. If the tattletale isn’t brave enough to stand up for their comments, then one must assume they have something to hide.

      If society wishes to broaden sex abuse laws… consider charging accusers and the media responsible for publishing “facts” that are totally irrelevant to a person’s current situation. They are demeaning an individual through the repetition of “facts” for the purpose of using sex to gain profits. That is sexual abuse.

      I, for one, am tired of being labeled a “sex offender”. It is true that 20 years ago I committed an act that was deemed to be a sex offense, however, that is not the life I lead today. Saying one is a sex offender implies a current condition. Words mean things and the usage of inaccurate nomenclature of an individual is as much a crime as anything I ever did.

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      …and of course, there will be those that would scream at top of their lungs “but, but, what about the victims” “what about the victims’ rights” “what about the victims’ need to feel safe since they are scarred for life” (as you know, all “victims” are scarred for life! *sarcasm*) or “those offenders/criminals can not/will not be rehabilitated” and many people’s favorite “think of the children!”.

      -I am not interested in legal advice, but just a simple question to be answered by someone that knows an accurate answer to my question-
      Does anyone know if I would qualify for SSD/SSI? I have tried for so many years to be a productive citizen and for a time I was. Until of course, someone anonymously decided to bring up bogus accusations because of my past as sell it to the media which picked it right up for days and in several languages. Never have harmed anyone and I would not ever by choice unless it was self-defense. It has been years and have not been able to pick up the pieces in full financially, mentally since. Now I am marred by physical health problems that have shown about and living with family members that want me out, but have not thrown me out, yet (even though I have and do contribute with laborious task around their home).

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        T lewis

        The simple truth is, if you can work a job, even one that you would not be hired for, then you are not eligible for ssd/ssi.
        The only exception to this is if you can find a doctor willing to risk his medical license to write a letter to the effect that you are not competent to take care of yourself or not able due to a provable medical condition.
        The lack of finding work is not anything any gov’t agency typically compensate anyone for.
        You asked and this was my experience, and I do have disabilities. Good luck.

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          Go apply for Disability if you get denied then you can hire a lawyer.

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      patricia winchild

      This insanity has got to stop ! I blame the media as well but also the moral (sic) crusaders/witch hunters…this gives us an idea of what it was like back in the day of old with women being treated as witches. Maybe they’d be happy if they could burn these men at the stake?
      And it’s based on so much ignorance. Please share the video of this recent debate where people actually Learned something, and changed their minds.

      This hasn’t been happening enough for too long in our country. Thanks to unscrupulous politicians who use this to perpetuate ignorance and hate. It’s appalling in what many call a “religious” country.

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      Larry Stephen Evans

      I saw an actress comment in an article the other day talking about the #me too movement stating the sometimes poeple rush to judgement on these men and women who are accessed of assault and sexual harrassment and differed them as different than sex offenders #1 point

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      totally against public registry

      We should have a “kindness” letter writing campaign, where we all write to big corporation heads, including the media.
      We encourage positive and kinder messages of love, caring and hope in their daily output of be it commercials, print adds, or their company mottoes. We need to urge them the urgency of saving humans from themselves. I know you’re all saying “that’s not what corporations care about, they care about the bottom line and that’s all” but I think we have to start somewhere. We owe it to ourselves to reach out to as many rich and powerful people as we can to appeal to their humanity.
      Oh, I can be just like obvious answers above and be ashamed of the human race but what else is there left to do? We got to pull our strengths together and hope for that someone somewhere with power can change things……

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      Larry Stephen Evans

      We see, hear, experience all this BS put on us after we have servered the legal punishment but all of us talk we need to get behind NARSOL contribute to their work their actions and others are our “VOICE ” help them give what you can.

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      Jim B

      When I am allowed to hold a PE license or join the military Ill entertain the fire fighters plight Until then I think we should stick with the registration problems like in FL and let the public have its opinion on who should be the one to rescue their cat. Forcing a minorities opinion is only going to be counter perductive in fighting the unconstitutionality of the reg laws.

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      mother of a sex offender

      So this is the irony of our legal system… Someone in Miami calls the FBI and gives them information about a disturbed 19 year old who own guns and rifles and wants to kill people, and absolutely nothing was done by the FBI to followed up on it, and you know what happened …. and then you have the call to the cops about a 21 year old Florida resident, gymnastics teacher and very accomplished young man who had CP in his lap top ( he did not distributed or filmed himself) and immediately he gets arrested and charged… is it just me or is our legal system some how messed up?

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        Not just our legal system, but also the society that created it. After all, society brought “Prison morality” into itself. SO’s are much worse than murderers.

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        Jim B

        I hear you we need to get away with blaming guns for these problems and focus on mental health and early warning signs to mitigate this stuff. Unfortunately the police have to investigate reports of CP the good thing is the guy can get help now before things escalated. It is a shame the FBI didn’t follow up on this good point.

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        Jack J

        During my time on probation, FBI and even the Secret Service came once to my house knocking just to check up on me…. I was so bewildered and in disbelief. I asked the FBI agent why he was here and not local police or corrections. His answer was ” just checking on you “. I asked the Secret Service agent why she was here, don’t you guys circle around the president ? The President is not here you know !
        ( she laughed of course ) but gave me the same answer and just left. That was very odd and only happened once. You would think there are other pressing issues those two agencies can be doing than checking up on someone that already two other agencies(corrections and county police) were doing already. I just thought it was a bit overkill and just plain weird.

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      The goal of society is to keep SO’s powerless, poor, and disenfranchised. The myth continues that by keeping a person in a precarious state he or she will kept too busy trying to survive rather than committing another crime.

      The few advocates that exist are verbally attacked and marginalized themselves.

      I agree, lawsuits are likely the only answer to affect change. I call and write state representatives and human rights activists to the point that they know me by voice. It seems like a dead-end. I’d much rather be able to afford to help in the legal fight. If not for my parent, I would be homeless and have no access to the internet, which is what many of us are in the same situation. I’m one step away from being “just another homeless, disabled, veteran who is also an SO”. Many of us live in fear of being sent to jail (for any reason), so we keep our mouths shut.

      I commend those who have the mental strength and financial means to offer measurable support. However, ripping on those of us who for various reasons have little to give will get us nowhere. We DO NOT need to be like crabs in a bucket. Attacking one another is just that.

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        Jim B

        SW Good points what gives us power is to focus on the unconstitutional laws they are passing Getting caught up in SJW schemes only makes things worse Most of the moral problems are due to or justified by way of the unconstitutional laws allowing the government to own us or contain us. Once we put a stop to the reg laws the other things will fall without us trying to push an agenda on them. If everyone pooled the resources into the effort to bring down these laws it can work because the info is false and the laws are unconstitutional. Working to bring these facts to the public via wins in the court is the only thing that gets reporters and politicians to acknowledge the truth. Look at the recent articles about Muniz and the comments from PA senator Greenleaf to prove this point without the Muniz decision that would not have happened. We are trying to put the cart way infant of the horse. Lets win some more cases in every state.

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      Lee C

      The government is no stranger to using propaganda to manipulate the masses. Whether it is using patriotism or emotions. What better way than to exploit the natural instinct to protect your child! By praying on parent’s innate drive to “protect” their offspring at ALL costs (including denial of reality) the government created a “boogeyman.” These dangerous individuals are lurking everywhere…the problem is that it is all a lie told NOT to protect children BUT to create diversion from what is really going on! By keeping parents in a constant state of fear and then making and claiming that the sex offender registry will show where these monsters are and you just avoid them. Sounds logical perhaps but it doesn’t work and it gets worse…it actually creates diverts attention from those most likely to victimize a child – Someone the child or family already knows – NOT a stranger!

      Parent are told to check a map covered with little red dots – and their offspring will be fine. Doesn’t that seem a little too easy? Well that’s because it doesn’t work!

      Actually by failing for this lie and checking your state’s online registry you will see dots all around you (oh look at all those scary red dots) and you will assume that these are the people who need watching and that there are thousands of them! Those dots can indicate anything from a 18 year old who had an 15 year old girlfriend or a guy who was set up in an online sting and entrapped yet convicted with no victim! Perhaps it’s a college guy who had to go and peed in the alley, better monitor those guys for life right! Dangerous criminals right! Wrong

      You see the registry listing is useless for many reasons but the most insidious is the lie that your government is telling you and that is that it will help keep your child safe. It will only give you a false sense of security and you will let your guard down. The overwhelming majority of child abuse cases are done by someone you know and not a stranger. Must less a poor soul who has already been “caught” and entered a nightmare system…the last thing they want is trouble!

      But why would the government do that – what do they get out of it. A LOT!

      1. Makes the public easier to control with fear they are surrounded by danger that only the government can stop
      2. Gives politicians the appearance that they are being “tough on crime.”
      3. Tack on a new punishment to sex offender punishment and get other bills passed along with it!
      4. Handy diversion for politicians when they want to hide something or divert attention from something else!
      5. Provides law enforcement easy work to do and steady work (monitor and ever growing list for life)
      6. Police have “low hanging fruit” to watch instead of having to work and find real criminals!
      7. Helps the USA at #1 place for the country with the most citizens locked up in the world!

      Visit the site to find out more about the real reasons that sex offender registries exist and why these un-American registries must be stopped!

    • #34988 Reply
      Capt Charles Munsey Jr. USN (Ret)

      I went through 5 years of forced counselling and enjoyed most of the weekly stories and was able to interject some of my thoughts on the various subjects brought up. However, the counselling was a waste of my time and money as I had long before recognized my failure and due to my upbringing, on my own, took corrective action. The last chapter of my rehabilitation happened in 2001 when I was afforded the opportunity to attend a Kairos weekend. It was there that I realized that my deceased wife would not want me to stay in the state of depression that had lead to my failure. It was up to me to get back into the ‘game of life’. On the last day of the weekend I was able to forgive myself…not easy…and ask for and receive God’s forgiveness. In front of a group of inmates I broke down and cried. I regretted that I had so squandered the gifts God had given me and made a pledge to myself and God to get on with life. It has not always been easy but it has been uphill ever since. I wake up each day looking forward to the challenges of the day. My victim and I have reconciled and we have restored the father-daughter relationship we once had. My family is coming back together and we can once again look forward to the future. Once the restrictions that still restrain me are removed I plan to get even more active in speaking for those who may feel they have no voice. NARSOL and FAC are one of the best things that have happened to me during this time and I consider them a God-sent answer for many. Support of these organizations are well worth any sacrifice it may entail. There is a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and it’s not a locomotive…it’s restored citizenship and it will mean ever so much when it happens.

      • #35069 Reply
        Jonny everyman

        Well said, thank you for sharing

      • #35280 Reply
        G. Web

        I am not a Christian, but very educated with the Bible. All these so-called “Christians” in office who are passing these ” Stalin/Draconian ” laws should take a little time out and read the Bible. You know, the verse where Jesus told the crowd, ” LET HIM WHO IS WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE.” Then maybe they can accept all of The Creators people. We have all paid our debt, forgiven ourselves, and the majority of us are older, wiser and see the pain not only to our victim, but to all the victims out there, and vowed with a death oath to not do it again. We are better people for it, and society needs to open there eyes and see it rather than their shepard’s (politicians), telling them what to think, do, say, or how to feel, like lambs going to slaughter.

    • #34991 Reply
      Veronica Williams

      The Dialogue must continue and we must continue it, I have a loved one on the registry, and we have started conversations on the issues, in our local community to address the systematic ways the registry is used to keep persons in prisom. This is a tactic to be used as a method of fear, the registry is harsh and is a barrier to civil rights all the way. It’s impact on emerging adults is horrific. Our children face major setbacks if we continue with this.

      The registry does not keep anyone safe as statistic and data has shown, So for those of us who are willing to use our voices for the voiceless, we must do so. For those of us corageous enough to raise awareness and know the consequences, as Dr. King said I may not get there with you, but mine eyes have seen the glory, we must continue the fight. We have our dignity and our right to stand up for our loved ones and ourselves, to be striped of the right to live and have a job, to be married and have children is not a privelidge its a right to life.

      I will not lay down my torch and sit silently by, by letting another human being suffer in silence.Where is the dignity in that. It is wrong..Many children are suffering from the registry, Young emerging adults on the registry, it will not stop unitl we make some noise, we must save ourselves to save our children. We must be heard.


    • #35011 Reply

      Who knows what evil lerks in the hearts of man, only the shadow knows.or who knows the evil mysteries of men? You know I am glad this sex debate is opening up and even those people in Nabraska are uptight about a lot of this ordeal. News’ articles should let the public know about this dilemma.
      Me when I got started with this and wanting to seek help I knew that a lot of this ordeal was all wrong. Sure I sought out Derek’s site and he gave me some words about Janice I would not rather not want to mention but you see are we all confused. Now here I come on to NARSOL with my little bit of Gospel talk at times and at times nobody wanted to hear that. Its as if it was going against this whole ordeal that NARSOL and others were trying to fight. Oh yes some were nice and read the comments and some even judged in certain ways.
      But here’s the thing about these internet encounters and these sting operations. Do they justify man, Do they justify man’s law, or can man justify him or herself? I know these are things nobody wants to hear about or should we all have learned these principals in church.
      Sure there is going to be pro’s and con’s about all this registry ordeal but in the end who win’s? Now we can go about man wanting to win, but its not about man wanting to win. Its really about principals. Sure sometimes we all have to take the bitter with the sweet in life but with some of this ordeal, punishment, and wrong doing who is right. I don’t want to be right myself and I believe we all want justice. Sometimes I wonder if God still loves how bad we all can be at times. I wonder how corrupt governments can sleep at nights and I wonder fi we are just walking dead or zombies as someone said on here.
      Is this the shadow of death we are walking in. The bible says fear no evil, so yes we all should stand up to this work to help others get back to the love thy neighbor and God aspect.

    • #35021 Reply

      These registry laws are touted to protect children, but look at how the children of registrants are treated; threatened, ridiculed, bullied, and ostracized. I suppose the totally innocent child of an offender doesn’t matter.

      • #35047 Reply
        Jim B

        Not to them ether do the victims outside of votes how else do you explain they are only addressing 10% of the offence problem and ignoring the rest Where is the millions and new laws going into ways for help for kids when they act out early before they offend or ways a person offending to get help without the only focus on prosecution and separation from their family. All it does is propitiate the problem the drug trade is the same way more mention funds and overtime bigger jails and more votes.

        • #58792 Reply

          I think there should be levels to what crime was committed. I think in some categories punishment and restrictions should come to a eventual end. I think the most violent and horrendous crimes should remain.

    • #35044 Reply
      Another Offender

      What I am now trembling in fear of is the International Megan’s Law. I live outside the U.S. and am a professor at a university. Since I have been released from prison 25 years ago I have earned three degrees including a doctorate, traveled the world, and gotten married. Very soon my passport will be marked “sex offender”. I also have to worry every time I go to a country whether or not I will be allowed entry due to the notification by the United States. I worry that the country I live in, where I have permanent residency, will find out and I will be deported.

      I honestly have gotten to the point where I have given up hope this awful law will be overturned. The political will is not there and the courts are tainted. I have applied for a pardon from my governor, but it has been 3 years since I’ve applied and I’ve heard nothing.

      While I agree that things have to change, I don’t see it happening in the near future.

    • #35051 Reply

      Wow talk about a political law or man made just laws. Isn’t this whole as people have said on here “witch hunts” thats motivated by collision. Are these sex sting operations not fear based in one’s underatanding. One can’t do this and one can’t do that. One has to let others know about all this for the public’s safety.
      I guess governemt doesn’t learn and read the bible and seem to be the God of this world and at the same time breaking commandments, causing lifes to be in confusion, and doing unjustice to others. Is the Government for the people and of the people or by the people as they say. Is this the Government people wanted? I’m in Virgina and I am willing to go to the capital with anyone to show support. I am also aware that people not even associated with sex offendders, knowing the real story behind a lot of these ordeals would be willing also.
      I agree with a lot of these comments on here. The protests and violence I don’t agree with as that never solved anything. Man has always wanted to be right… haven’t they. Sure we can talk about constution and laws but who is the true law.. isn’t that principal. Did the Vietnam war open anybody’s eyes. Now 30 years latter we have this sex dilemma. I still believe people need to work out this sex situation with biblical insight. So can we all join forces and speak up about this even in the mist of man’s philosophical wisdom or judgement. We can all use this opportunity to help mankind in these ordeals. I’m not proud of sex sting ordeals. Ask yourself this would God give on an opportunity to sin as in these sex ordeals, to lie, cheat, bear false wittness. a little bit of the gospel goes a long way.

    • #35048 Reply
      Jim B

      If they want to bend the constitution they should start with taking down the newsgroup servers that house all the CP millions of people view everyday They won’t stop that though will they thats what feeds their task force and AG web posts . Who cares if the people viewing CP escalate and offend or for the victims in the pics it keeps the cycle going. They even leave websites up and host them their selves. The victims in those pictures and vids should sue but they can’t because they get LEA from Australia to do the dirty work and they all log in. Don’t hear anything about that though do you.

    • #35068 Reply

      I left USA!
      WHY? After I had a non violent lewd act with female minor & put on probation in Iowa in the year 1978 and forgot about some probation agent that was suppose to contact me, since I was from another state traveling through in a rock band
      a arrest warrant was issue,
      Until 1998
      when Calif parole found out,
      they illegally made me register sex offender in 98, had a good job, good wife a than 5 yr son also became a successful artist after getting clean and sober, while on parole, had jobs, housing etc,
      HEY>lost everything. and still haven’t seen my wife (ex now) and son who is now 18 thanks to CALF parole destroying another family and making money off me by violating my parole many times for relapsing back to drugs after they destroyed my family by keeping me away from my son, they loved keeping me their corrupt system 10 more years for a one year non violent offense back in 97!
      RECOMMEND leave USA as I did once off parole, best decision of my life, NO WAY can anyone live a decent life as a register sex offender in USA, now retired, my life clean and sober, successful as a yoga teacher/artist living in a 2 bedroom condo for only $250.00 a month,and happy as a very good citizen in my new country, AMERICA love it or leave it. Its has become a police state and any label on you is to keep you under police control and be treated like a criminal the rest of your life, destroying any chance of a normal life or relationships.

      • #35145 Reply


        You make it sound so easy to just LEAVE the USA but to where? Where did you move to? What country is still left on this planet that hasn’t been tainted and brainwashed by the American system which loves to FORCE itself (like a rapist) down every other country’s throat?
        And WHEN did you leave to where you are now? Things have changed over the last few years. You may not have had a difficult time leaving when YOU did, but let any of us try it now and we’d most likely be rejected.

        A little more info please. Thanks.

        • #35172 Reply
          Jim B

          Yea I hear you most of us would have been beat to death by a mob or shot in the head by police if we were in other countries and did the things we did here. The best thing to do is help to fight the bad laws and fight the haters by living a strong life showing the reg has not beat us.

      • #35170 Reply
        Jim B

        Man thats a lot to have hang over your head since 78 bro Did you forget you did it or did it haunt you the whole time?

    • #35138 Reply

      Last night on the local news here in Connecticut, a 25 yr old security guard (hired from the high school from an outside guard company) was arrested and charged with 2nd degree sexual assault for having….

      A CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH AN OVER LEGAL AGE STUDENT!! The student is 17 (legal age in CT is 16).

      I’m sick of this nonsensical excuse about jobs being “positions of power”. IRRELEVANT!!!!
      Two human beings (of legal age) are attracted to each other and that’s called HUMAN NATURE!!! All of the religious people of society encourage a MAN and a WOMAN to find each other and fall in love and procreate, right? RIIIIIGHT? But now it’s more important as to HOW or WHERE they meet than the importance that 2 people took a liking to each other in a NATURAL WAY?
      So this man was a SECURITY GUARD…. HELLO! SECURITY GUARD!! How much “power” is there in doing a job that simply helps to stop hallway fights or trespassers onto the grounds? They don’t have the “power” to arrest anyone….they’re SECURITY GUARDS. No different than a BOUNCER at a bar!!!

      The argument of “position of power” means NOTHING to me, so let’s not even go there. How about the school ask that he be sent somewhere else to work if he and the student are going to be involved romantically? Or the company he works for asks him to resign from his “authoritarian” position in order to continue with his relationship?


      17 and 25. 25 yr old is no perfect human being and can be just as “immature” as a teenager. Unless perhaps none of YOU have ever been out in the REAL WORLD to see it for yourselves!
      If Elvis Presley can be 24 and court a 14 yr old and then end up marrying her a couple of years later, who is to say these ‘May-December’ relationships wouldn’t end up the same way if law enforcement kept the f**k out of it!!???

      This man’s life is now going to be RUINED forever!! He is going to be considered a “threat to public SAFETY” for a g*ddamn CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH AN ABOVE AGE TEEN!!! WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F**K ARE WE DOING IN THIS COUNTRY??????

      ENOUGH!!! NARSOL, please get on this case the same as you’re doing for the 22 yr old track coach here in CT who is romantically involved with an 18 yr old!!!

      • #35198 Reply

        I agree. If you think this is bad I’m a registrant for a single Snapchat to a 17 year old for saying I have a large (male extremity), no pictures just those 5 words. I was 24 at the time.

    • #35173 Reply

      LGBT activism, which is neither L or G , destroyed my efforts to put my life back together and become a advocate for personal responsibility. For several years that bothered me greatly, groveling at strangers. I’ve since moved on, convinced my community is one that doesn’t believe in consequences or taking personal responsibility.

      I won’t dwell further. I’m at risk of inciting the manipulators and sociopaths of the LGBT establishment.

      • #35197 Reply
        Jim B

        ngblog Don’t let the SJW scare you Speak up you’re the majority not the minority. Hypocrites stifle free speech and call the ones they stifle fascists thats crazy.

    • #35168 Reply

      homeless camps need to go, yes, but only when there are other options.
      For registered sex offenders that can’t live or work near any school, church (and do you realize how many “churches” are created in otherwise-vacant commercial and retail spaces, so the owners don’t have to pay property taxes on that real estate?), daycare, park, pool, or playground, THAT is the real problem. The root of the homelessness.

      I say repeal all the offender-free zones and replace them with some laws that simply say it is an offense for a convicted sex offender to I(1) attempt to communicate with a minor or to (2) knowingly enter a facility (actually on the property, not just within 1000 feet of it) whose primary use and purpose is for the care, education (including spiritual) or entertainment of children, subject to a few common-sense exceptions that are necessary and don’t increase the risk of any new crime or “grooming” of future victims. Exceptions can be made for transacting business at fast food restaurants where 15-17 year olds work, or the HVAC serviceman being dispatched to repair the air conditioning system at a school or church when the building is empty and no kids are present.

    • #35193 Reply

      We cannot continue. excuse me Sandy but don’t you think that statment is a bit overstated. Haven’t we the people continue to listen to government since government or big brother has had their say to the little people. Now believe it or not this sex offender ordeal with these ordiances, such such as curfews, even the halloween hysteria rules, where to live and where to not live or even the “public notifications” are a bit much. Being around kids when some were never even around kids in the first place has no merit in a true government. Who’s deceiving who in all this deception.

      Now as you mentioned Sandy, We cannot continue. Yes we do need changes in all area of this sex ordeal or registry ordeal. People can talk about this shadow thing that seems to grip and stigmatize or put a hold on those who are weak in all this sex registry. Is this just a shadow and the imigination of us being carried away. We could also say this shadow is a spirit force but in the end we all know its bad for all when government seems to dish out this type of ordeal. Call it governmental control, brainwashing, or call it vanity or greed or fraudlent inducement

      I did forget to mention that the government are ministers of God so just what does that mean. does that mean setting up people with fake things wanting them to commit to their standards, wanting to prostitute themselves in order to save some. That would be against Gods law. So you tell me is government inducing one in a lot of this sex sting operations over the internet for public safety or getting their brownie points for bringing someone down. Are they the one’s making a mockery of Justice or twisting it to suit their pockets?

    • #35214 Reply

      @obvious answers, Ok i have to comment on a few things here. Some sex offenders do not have a way to get anywhere to get to work each morning. Some live in areas where buses do not run and if so by the time you get their your late each day by an hour or even by half hour. Walking to work will take hours and by the time you get there your feet is killing you. Try asking for car pulls is getting to the point where your pulling teeth now days. Getting a loan to buy a car your credit is crap. Finding a co-pay good luck on that. Family is across the country. Cant afford to just move into another apartment. So finding money for a few weeks to get a bus your bills are barely being paid so all you have is $10 to your name each month and yet you got to use that for to get an application for work or go to check in with the registery. But, how do you get around do anything without the means to pay for attorney of any kind. Your statement you make it sound 2 way road where the 3rd road is left out. Your thinking is pretty much saying get off your @ss or your looking for a free handout. Attorney like you people laugh at and think your a joke. No wonder why you dont get busy with all the 1 percentage of sex offenders to shell out a buck. I think your looking for a handout too. Asking everyone in the United States to shell out a buck. Yeah, it will make you rich and hell no it does not cost that much money to get things done. Do you think that the poor homless looking for handouts? Hell no. Reason i use to be homless for 6 months in cold dead winter and went threw hurricane super storm Sandy. So trying to rebuild with little budget is pretty hard. Plus, others that do have good homes, cars, jobs etc… is not going to shell out a buck for you to just hardly put a foot note into the registery. They are too busy worring about kids that they have or other obligations that need to be fullfilled. Your better off asking Trump to support your handout in cash. Reason why i say that is cause you failed to mention that their would be an account set up to where it is a legal binding in bank that only the funds go towards your parhitic proposal. Your saying you are just only a Paralegal. You stated you only work with 2 other law firms. Its going to take every law firm in the united states to get involved to even change for each state. So in your dream world its not going to happen. I doubt anything you say. I dont even think you are really any Paralegal. I think your just talking out of your @ass and think your an Paralegal etc… besides your statement if anything does not support true facts or you never produced any true facts. I think your a fraud. A fake. A unicorn.

    • #35237 Reply

      If you want to protect civil liberties then you need to take a lesson from the individuals in our past that have fought for them. Why is the million man march so effective? Because there are a million or more people marching for the same cause (Civil liberties protections for African American people.). Why is San Francisco such a hub of strength for gays and Lesbians? Because of congregation and affirmative action.
      We need people willing to fight the good fight and make the sacrifice that it would require. Harvey Milk, and Dr. King were both murdered for their cause. Should we assume that the hate for them, was any less strong than the hate for us? There will be no relent as long as we allow despicable people to commit despicable acts against us. As long as we hold on to the past and refuse to look at the future.
      The only solution here is to congregate and take civil action with numbers and strength. Damn the laws, damn the opinions. God bless Liberty!
      Imagine what we could do together. There are over 1 million registered citizens today. The number is growing stronger and bigger by the day. Include sympathetic family members and friends that number almost triples. Imagine if we all lived in the same area. What could we accomplish?

    • #35278 Reply
      G. Web

      ” Civilization/Society should not be judged on who it includes, but how well it accepts the excluded”. G.W.
      “Blowing out someone else’s candle does not make yours any brighter”. ANONYMOUS

      • #35372 Reply

        Somehow, I miss where your comment does not fall in line with my own. And, I would like to know what accomplishments H.G. Wells has made toward Civil liberties. Maybe you have a quote from Gandi, or Mandela?

        Action gets results. If we simply do nothing and ask the enemy to love us, then we will all end up with a knife in our backs. When it comes to these people who have nothing but the clothes on their backs and less than a dollar to their name, then it’s clear that the quote form Mr. Wells is not applied in our society. (most people would just ignore it with the same distrust that we here give to all educated individuals.)
        What needs to happen is people on the registry getting together along with family and friends, and doing what it takes to stop an egregious claim on our rights and liberties. This is USA people… The land of the free and the brave. Who are you?

        • #35399 Reply

          @G. Web:
          Please disregard this last reply to you. I misread that you were responding to me. In addition, I like the line of thought you are promoting with your quotes. I wish that our society would take a lesson from the words of these quotes.

    • #35310 Reply

      There should be an irresponsible parent registry.
      John Walsh and his wife are irresponsible parents that neglected their core duties as parents. Adam Walsh their 6-year-old son who was abducted from a Sears department store would not have been abducted in the first place if they were responsible parents. Like if the sex offender registry was up and running at the time it would of saved Adam. It was in fact Adams mothers fault for not knowing the basics of being a parent, never ever let your children out of your site,and her husbands fault for not teaching his wife to never ever lose site of our son, never ever forget that your son is with you where ever you go. But no she forgot her son was with her for how long?5-10-15 minuets?
      And what about Megan’s parents? Three sex offenders lived across the street from them for how long? And they claim they had no idea they were there? Please, all the neighborhood gossip that women spit out of their mouth multiple times per day? Please. Her parents let her run free as long as she wanted.Again,even if the registry was up and running at the time their daughter still would have been running around/riding bicycles unattended. And they too blame others for their irresponsible parenting. All parents that have children that were abducted/molested blame everyone but themselves.But,in the back of their minds they are saying to themselves,[I shouldn’t of takin my eyes off of her/him for that long.I should have been thinking of what if.I should have known better]
      Even animals know not to leave their young unattended for Christ sakes. They should be put in jail where they can have all the time in the world to think of how irresponsible they were and the consequences of thier actions.
      And when they get out they should have to register as a irresponsible parent on a irresponsible parent registry that says at the top in capital/bold letters.[THESE PARENTS ARE RESPOSIPLE FOR THE MUDER/RAPE/MOLESTASION/ OF THIER CHILDREN]John Walsh and his wife should be the 1st on the list with Megan’s parents 2nd.They should have any remaining children taken away and put in a more safe place and never ever allowed to have more children and be resricted from adopting.The irresponsible parent is a dangerous breed.
      You folks may think i am just kidding.Make no mistake,i am serious.
      Oh and lets not forget , Rayne Perrywinkle, In a dollar store playing a complete stranger that she needs money for she has fallen on hard times?Really?Please,she’s been playing men her whole stripper life, how many complete strangers has she brought home? Left alone with these complete strangers? They were probably baby sitting while she was out playing other johns.
      I could go on and on, countless cases of irresponsible parents. The high profile irresponsible parents are responsible for the destruction of many registered SO family’s and should be punished for their misdeeds.

      • #35364 Reply

        FACT: No one knows who killed Adam Walsh. John Walsh just said it was a sex offender. Now we have SORNA because Walsh decided to pin his son’s murder on our group.

    • #35347 Reply

      I have to thank NARSOL and its staff for bringing this article up. Yes we all need decisions and we all as people need to understand the pro’s and con’s. Do we all just react and leave it up to police and Government. Some people didn’t even like Donald Trump but I believe that bringing back America is good. We all might not like personality of others but thats not the case.
      Does war make hero’s. Does one say I have a penis mean they are on the registry the rest of their life. Does one talking to one on the internet mean that person is a real teenage person they induce one to believe. I believe bruce has the right answer to some of this as well as most others on here. Now their is one thing about human nature, nobody wants to show their weakness. Even Archie Bunker didn’t want to show his weakness. I doubt is Sammy Davis junior knew where he was coming from or Edith lol. but the whole thing is we all need human compassion and true decision making, if we left it up to Archie Bunker’s, I wonder were this USA would be.

      • #35363 Reply
        Facts should matter

        Both Reve Walsh and Maureen Kanka should’ve been charged with contributory negligence in the kidnapping and subsequent murder of their children. Their carelessness and complacency set up the environment that contributed to their deaths. Neither society or the system failed Adam and Megan – their parents ultimately did.

        They both (along with their husbands) decided to witch hunt and vilify ALL sex offenders in an attempt to purge their own guilt and failings as parents. Yet somehow they’re heroes for making the world a safer place for children?!

        When you elect to have a child, it’s 100% your responsibility to take ownership for their safety, and not transfer that burden to an individual that has already paid their debt to society by creating and illusory safety gimmick that is subsidized at the expense of the American taxpayer.

    • #35367 Reply
      Tammie Leigh Lawson

      Okay ones of you who want to support the cause and take action even with a one dollar donation let’s get it rolling. I have information to an attorney who is willing to file suit now we need funds I’ll contribute my fair share what about you.

    • #35466 Reply

      Hey Henry……. The kid’s supposed killer was not even a “sex offender” which has been subject of conversation and argument for many RSO’s for years due to the hypocrisy of the Walshes (and irresponsibility as parents to begin with) …….”The more you know….”

      Murder of Adam Walsh
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Adam John Walsh (November 14, 1974 – July 27, 1981) was an American boy who was abducted from a Sears department store at the Hollywood Mall in Hollywood, Florida, on July 27, 1981. His severed head was found two weeks later in a drainage canal alongside Florida’s Turnpike in rural St. Lucie County, Florida. His death earned national publicity. His story was made into the 1983 television film Adam, seen by 38 million people in its original airing.[2] His father, John Walsh, became an advocate for victims of violent crimes and was the host of the television program America’s Most Wanted and currently, The Hunt with John Walsh.[3]

      Convicted serial killer Ottis Toole confessed to Adam’s murder, but was never convicted for this specific crime due to loss of evidence and a recanted confession. Toole died in prison of liver failure on September 15, 1996.[4] Although no new evidence has come forth, on December 16, 2008, police announced that the Walsh case was closed as they were satisfied that Toole was the murderer.

      • #35545 Reply

        Your right. Ottis recanted and there was NO EVIDENCE that he killed Adam Wash. Therefore……”No one knows who killed Adam Wash”. It was just blamed on our group by his father John Walsh.

    • #35532 Reply

      Now that’s a decision hoot… Blowing out someone’s candle, almost like that phrase from ” NETWORK”. Now actually a lot of this sex ordeal doesn’t fit the ways and mean’s and a lot of it is questionable. We all make decisions everyday. Their decision ( the men in blue) either put you on probation or send you to prison, whether they conned you over the internet or one got caught up in a physical circumstance. A lot of this ordeal doesn’t sound right when you get the real picture. Even my lawyer didn’t know what to do and my sister he just gave up and dropped out of it.
      The investigator was dumb founded when I said you didn’t even know what my intent was. Sometimes I think we’re just another “brick in the wall”.

    • #35546 Reply

      Yes it is sad when kids kill kids but even worse when parents let them have access to these guns to kill with. Murder is worse than sexual offenses in many ways. The truth is society wants sex offenses to be the worst offence of any other crime committed that defies logic or rationale. The laws on the books are in fact punishment and does not protect society and the so called experts are self appointed from the programs used or whom is more likely or not to commit another sex offense.

    • #35578 Reply

      For many years I have read other peoples problem’s, their thoughts on how to solve the registration laws and have like clockwork donated to the various organizations over the years, but as I sit here and write one thing is very clear only small changes have occurred. We are still a beaten down class of people who are unable to get the desired numbers that are registered to help with the cause. Sometimes I think what needs to be done instead of trying to run out of America is move into areas in great numbers, run for city council, mayor, control the votes in smaller communities with vast numbers, change the laws, be productive members of the areas you move into. Though out history there have been groups who have moved to places to avoid persecution for them and their families, we as a second-class citizen are no different, many states will allow you to run for some type of office, whether it is city, county etc. We have enough people on the registries to populate a small state or large city. I am still one that does not buy into to the I cannot find a job since I myself know that most of the RCs in my area that want a job have one, yes maybe not the best job but it helps pay the bills. In my state I vote every election, no matter if its national or local, sure lawsuits work in some places but most of the time it is just the attorneys who come out ahead, I am not talking about living in a commune setting because that would never be for me or mine but a town, city or state where we could really make a difference and also prove we are not monsters. My family has paid in full for my actions, it is really time to have our life back, but the million-dollar question is how? How to control the rage that many live with because of our lawmakers who continue to stomp on us after the facts and long after we paid our debt to society as they have stated many times over the years. What I have seen over the many years is a group of people that just do not know how to fight, so many RCs that if they would just join forces could probably make the journey go a lot faster.

    • #35590 Reply

      While Mary Devoy does her thing by going to the capital listening to bills about sex offender issues and others want to fight these things in court with defendants in certain circumstances . One would have to address all this as biblical as it is going against thieir code of ethics and the oath one takes to be a police officer. Internet sting operations are satanic by those pseduo christian police that practice these pertending encounters engaged to snare otherwise citizens. So therefore they are moral don’t register up to morality . Man going against man is not what the police is all about. A true christian doesn’t give and opportunity like this. Its time for people to put their head’s together and understand and get others involved for this effort we all face
      Asuming that one is going to offend is like assuming that the whole USA is going to offend at one point which is evil. If anything it is using a sin/transgression to catch a sin. Call them the sin squad by presenting an opportunity such as this., Actually does government appears to have no value in even presenting these opportunities unless it is for greed or self rightous glory to safegard a ficititous person by presenting a fictitous opportunity and using sex as a common demonator. Asking for pictures of if one is going to bring rubbers when the motive is to snare by these deceptive means. If I were NARSOL I would get the American Civil Liberties Union involved in all this hardship that is unbiblical as I’m sure we all have principals in life. They are suppose to be the ministers of justice for good but in this instance they are going a bit above a lot of issues and that be for their financial gain or who know’s, A lot of this is a “gray issue” line that those have came up with to induce others in an unbiblical way. Is it a learning for both involved, sure it is as their are proper ways of doing things. Wow talk about a Harper Valley PTA Society. I guess the police officers have been wearing their skirts too high.

      • #35762 Reply

        Many of these Sex offenders live in areas that would never restore their voting rights, or allow them the use of a computer. Many are on probation for life. When you couple this with the overbearing weight of societies judgement and marginalization, i will admit it’s hard to even find a recourse like NARSOL.
        However, I believe there are things that can be done about this. Most SO’s at least use the library for internet use, and putting ourselves in the public eye by using flyers and other ways of advertisement for our cause can spur peoples interests to find this site and organization. Also, filing law suits and petitioning states to restore voting rights to all felons once their sentence is satisfied will give more SO’s the inspiration to do better for themselves and fight for the liberties that we all deserve.
        I think it’s a great idea to congregate in a single state or city and change things from a position of concentrated power. But, we also need to think about how our opposition would react to this phenomenon.
        Your attitude and way of thinking though, seem to mirror The Harvey Milk movement in San Francisco. An honorable movement that helped establish civil liberties for another marginalized group of outcasts.

    • #35653 Reply

      We need someone to urgently sue in Federal Court to achieve the following:
      As to Disabled Persons – If a person that is permanently or temporarily disabled, or medically compromised, does not have the ability to register given said disability – including weather-related hardships and/or additional illness to said disability, whether in-person at a law enforcement agency or online, law enforcement should go to the individual to register them. Law enforcement, the registrant, or the registrant’s legal representative should have the ability to petition the court to discontinue registration for individuals that are disabled. This includes persons with learning or physical disabilities (including, but not limited to conditions such as autism, cognitive impairment, cancer, Alzheimer/dementia, debilitating illness, severe physical disability injury, etc.)

      • #35712 Reply
        Facts should matter

        Disabled individuals should be immune, insulated and exempt from Megan’s Law!! Agree 100%

        I suffer from Autism and my privacy was my owning coping mechanism for dealing with this cruel world and the only thing keeping what’s left of my sanity glued together. Needless to say, I’m beyond pissed. (non-contact, non-violent “offense”).

    • #36194 Reply

      Decisions Needed: You know we can all talk about gun control and this person doing this and that and other crime and so forth but decision making is an art in itself. I know I talk about the bible on here at times but it seems that we all appear to make our own decision and with a lot of this sex offender ordeal we all need to speak up.
      Even the bible says there is not a just person on the face of the earth that doeth good and sinnith not. Just because police officers are ordained doesn’t mean they still dont’ have sin does it?. While a lot of people were caught up in all this we should all address this as discernment and be discrete about this. Remember – those who didicate their profession to God and have an oath to go by.

      Now to be rational about a lot of this sex offender ordeal one has to understand the true nature of all this. Who is deceiving in all this? Who is one protecting in this? Who is going against the Ten Commandments. While police have authority in a lot of these operations they are going above authority with these internet sex sting operations. Just like the woman caught in adultry she could have been 16 but the point is. Jesus said Go sin no more.
      See those in authority at the time were trying to “trick” Jesus and his authority. See in these sex sting operations over the internet they “trick” one into thinking and use excessive bait to get you to talk to them. Under aged Girls shouldn’t be on adult chat sites. Even a lot of adults shouldn’t be on adult chat sites but who has the bigger load on their conscious. Sure sin is always going to be their but with authorities they need to obey God’s rules.
      So tell me people what was Jesus trying to teach the Pharisee’ and the town’s people and the men that set up this trickery?

      Now Sandy says she needs decisions and what better example than from the bible. Government authorities are not always understandible about these matters but if one uses biblical knowledge they should understand that we are all sinners.

      So tell me how can you protect an iminagary person that one assumes they are talking to? Are all these tricks of a devilish nature? Yes we all can talk about hard core things but being unjust and in a law enforcement capiacity it is totally unjust in many of these cases. In other words people are “we not all sinners ” or is the Government Immune to all this? and I’m talking about true Government. Protecting and serving is one thing but when one goes against God’s principals than we all need to speak up on this. Remember we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood. NARSOL is doing a good job but still Sandy needed some more decisions and input about these operations which are devilish by nature. Seems man control over the weak and oppressed in these scheme’s. Giving them the opportunity and creating the allusion that they are portarying.

    • #36451 Reply
      Jack J
    • #36531 Reply

      Power to the people right on, and I do really appreciate Bobby and Jack for this good news as those were some difficult years. Yes, I hate to say this but my dad was a banker during the depression years, sure nobody much liked bankers during those years but anyway he uses to tell me story’s about those years and those was some dark hours.

      We also had Churchill and trying to understand the II World war but Roosevelt was a great president during those years of this depression era. Today we all have sort of a depression with this sex offender issue. Sure we all face things we don’t like and NARSOL and all of us can help out with this endeavor we all are under. Now justice is a good cause but truth is even a better factor I’m sure Sandy and all the advocates for this issue have to commend positive decisions and results to help thers. My hat’s really off to all you guys on here.

    • #36566 Reply

      Actually if all of us use our brain power a lot of these sex ordeals would be desolved. Its pretty tought on those ones that are a bit disable or are frighten of this “boogy man” industry if one would want to call it that. Sure law and order has its purpose but “questions” always arise.

      Its like a prank with some authority attached to it, but in actuallity who are they protecting at the time or are they some phantom of the opera to enforce something that one assumes . Anyone can induce a person with a mind inducment if thats the case but nobody can force one to come down to their level. When that detective said to me, if you weren’t gonna come down here we wree gonna come and get you, even after I got a phone call saying are you still coming and wanted to back down and they reinduced me as why we are meeting at the park what could happen. Yes there is situations like this and thats when decisions come in and than the biblecal law need to come into play. Of course today I doubt if enfocement even regard biblical law and yet they are ordained, go figure.

      We all can look at how much this has cost us in dollars but thats sometimes not really the point. Yes I feel sorry for those that are homeless because of this have lost jobs, self-worth and a bit of there diginty so yes we all need decision making and also others to write letters and sound the word. I think a lot of us have said on here ” I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it”. Never give up your freedom and fight for true Justice.

    • #39144 Reply

      I feel drawn to this issue. I will be supporting this cause whole heartedly. What is going on with these registries is completely unacceptable and needs to be called out and labeled for what it is! When we stand by and let EVIL continue then we are complicit. This includes YOU CPS,DHR! Your time is nearing.

    • #55183 Reply

      Every year they place more laws out there to limit where a rso can go what they can’t do .in tennesee they had a law for restricting rso from 1000 feet Now 2000 feet it is and Now rso can’t have even an over night visit , I was listening to these laws and the mr Hensley was stating how in Giles county a sheriff was mentioning how sex offenders was coming to tenn to stay with their bio children and he wanted to keep them out and not coming to tenn , so in essence they passed it cause of that , it made me so mad ;( didn’t make sence , it’s just like when they made pocket parks so rso can’t live there ,?What they want is rso banished ;( they don’t think about how our children will be affected , how they hurt and suffer not haveing daddy home or momma etc , they get bullied and harassed and we live in fear wondering what’s Next , they passed 2000 foot rule and always trying to pass more , I’m so tired of it and want to fight for our families , yes my hub had a past but he took responsibility for it and his past should not dictate his future , but the registry does not give us a future until the registry is abolished , I’m willing to go to Washington if anyone else is ready and tired and will speak their voice too , do it for your families before worst happens to us All , everyone should have a voice everyone should be protected and be able to live !!

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