Former sex offender can remain as town’s fire chief **Update**

**Roger resigned his position as fire chief after negative publicity about his status emerged. See**

Associated Press . . . The mayor of a small Pennsylvania town is standing by its volunteer fire company’s re-election of a registered sex offender as its fire chief.

Mayor Ann Louise Wagner says she and firefighters have been aware that Gilbert, an unpaid volunteer with the department since 2010, is a sex offender. He was just elected to his second term.

Chief Roger Gilbert Jr. was convicted in 2001 of sexual intercourse with a 4-year-old girl and is listed in the state’s Megan’s Law database, The (Corry) Journal reported Saturday . Court records show Gilbert is a felon who completed a five- to 10-year sentence for “involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.”

“I support the fire department and their decision to have him as chief,” Wagner told the Journal. “The firemen have always elected their own officers and that’s how it’s always been done. We don’t question their decisions.”

The victim’s mother told the newspaper that she doesn’t believe he should be in a job where he could interact with children.

But Gilbert, now 43, told the Journal he has changed his life for the better since committing the crime in 2000 in the nearby city of Corry.

“That was 20 years ago,” Gilbert said. “You know, the story you are telling kids is once you make a mistake, you will be punished for the rest of your life. I’ve changed my life for the better. Every day I get up and try to do good.”

State police said it is up to each individual community to decide whether to allow sex offenders who have completed their sentences to serve in an office at the local level.

About 300 people live in Spartansburg, which is about 40 miles (65 kilometers) southeast of Erie, Pennsylvania.

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      “You know, the story you are telling kids is once you make a mistake, you will be punished for the rest of your life. I’ve changed my life for the better.”

      Because, you know, HUMANS.

      Good for him. May he serve his community with strength and integrity.

      May the survivors of abuse find healthy ways forward… and may the registry find a place to forever decompose.

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      “Sex offender resigns after re-election as fire chief of Pennsylvania town”. Unfortunatly according Philly Voice Feb 12 2018 he quit the day after the story came out. The article doesn’t say why, but I bet it was because of too many people being vicious and calling him to resign. This is exactly why SO’s can’t hold on to jobs, homes, and are parnoid about other people around them. Vigilantism rears it’s ugly head again.

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      I beg the difference. I am a tier 2 sex offender. I have upheald jobs, community services, baby sat kids, church services, heck even supported and went to community events firefighters events, voted, police events and even went to go to a public school for kids to watch plays and even up held a high standing community person. Everyone knows about my offence. It does not stop me from doing things that are great in life. Heck i even went on great vacations and even spent a week at the boy scout camp out as a volunteer scout master. I had found a great job opertunity and moved to pa. I will be teaching at a private class for kids to stay out of trouble and do community services kinda like a small team of adults with children to learn street smarts and great outdoor activities etc… once i get off the registery here shortly under the Muniz deal. So really s.o can be holding jobs etc… FYI!

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      The idea that all SOs are worthless people will most definitely be challenged by the very people who persecute us. “The registry is not punishment” they will bay like carnival barkers selling illusions of legitimacy of their games or shows, “it is merely a civil list so parents can be aware of potential dangers in their neighborhoods.” All the while they heap more and more restrictions onto those who get listed under the bogus guise of protecting children. We need to acknowledge that the anger that is felt by our fellow citizens in regards to sexual offenses, especially when the victim is a child, is indeed legitimate. What is not legitimate is when that emotional reaction is allowed to morph into unchecked retaliation. But as we all know that is exactly what is happening. Behind all the rhetoric driving these restrictions is pure hate and ignorance. I could go on and on about how the majority of sex crime convictions are not the result of a legitimate pleas or the finding of actual guilt but rather from surrendering to what is nothing shy of blackmail by prosecutors who threaten to levy the massive weight of the system upon you at sentencing and “warehouse you in prison until the day you die” as was specifically said to me.

      We all know the horror stories about the adverse effects the registry has on the families and those around the person scared by being on the list. What has happened by restricting us from returning to society as full productive members has ramifications that most people have never thought of such as preventing people like Chief Gilbert and others to be in the fire department. Allow me to give you a couple of examples;
      An SO is enjoying a day at the beach on Long Island. He witness’s a older man caught in the surf and calling for help. There is no lifeguard at this particular beach so the SO pushes past the onlookers and dives into the water and rescues the elderly man who was exhausted and on the verge of succumbing to the waves. He gets the man back onto the sand and aides him while his breathing settles down to normal. And then the SO has to fade off and leave the area before anyone asks his name so he doesn’t get turned into his probation officer for being at a beach.
      An SO is at a shopping mall and witness’ a person drop to the floor clutching her chest. The SO being a former paramedic assess’ the situation and starts CPR with no assistance from onlookers. It took no less than 7 mins for mall security to arrive with the automatic defibrillator and oxygen to take over her care. The SO fades into the background so he will not have to expose his name and start a fire storm about how the mall allows SOs to be on the property. The woman survived what would have been a fatal heart attack if she had been left to untrained onlookers and the SO was not there.
      While driving along a windy road in Ct one Sunday, an SO in confronted with a bunch of cars haphazardly pulled off to both sides of the road with their flashers on. As he gets closer he sees that a pickup truck had hit head-on into a tree. There were no less than 15 people surrounding the truck. As the SO was passing he saw that the driver was slumped back and no-one was actually doing anything for him so he stops, grabs hit kit and walks back to the truck. Once there the assessment is critical. The men at the doors of the truck were asking over and over “Are you okay” “hang in there help is coming” and all that. The SO had to push past one of these men to gain access into the truck, found the driver was not breathing as a result of the trauma. He correctly re-positions the drivers head applying traction and the driver starts to breath again. The first emergency responder to arrive was a local police officer who was shaken and the SO had to instruct him as to what to do to help. Unfortunately while awaiting the arrival of rescue services, the drivers breathing faded away and his pulse soon followed. As soon as the fire department had taken over the scene the SO faded away and left before he was asked his name.

      I know these examples are true because I was the ex-fire officer with 35 years experience as a firefighter-paramedic. Do we actually live in a society that would rather let these people die, so it can treat a person who has made a mistake as a leper? It seems we do and those people will most definitely answer to God at some point.

      Chief Gilbert, is the one doing God’s work. Not the fanatics who caused him to leave. I would hope that he reconsiders his resignation because we so desperately need heroes like him to show that we are people would can be good productive members of society.

      All these hysterical fanatics who want us put to death for our crimes need to take a long look in the mirror and realize, if there can not be redemption for everyone, then redemption can not be had by anyone including they themselves.

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      Daniel Silverman

      Yes, sex offenders can hold jobs, do things, etc. But it’s difficult. A lot of what can be done, and how easily or not, will depend on where you live as a sex offender. For example, I’ve lived in two places in Virginia, one in a smaller city and one in a much more populated area. So far, the larger city has a much more lenient attitude toward sex offenders. In the smaller town, finding a place to live was difficult. When I moved to the larger city, I was worried that it would take forever to find a place. However, the first place I applied to accepted me without an issue.

      But work has been a different story for me. I had my own thriving business and someone started emailing my clients that I was a sex offender. Long story short? I went out of business as contracts started to get canceled left and right and I had to close my business the end of last year. Now I am starting up again as a freelance artist, working from home.

      • #34504 Reply

        Sandy Rozek

        Daniel, it is so good to see you on here again. I am so proud of you. You have refused to be defeated and have kept your head high. Bless you.

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      Derek Logue of

      This is why i do not bother getting a job. Every registrant should collect ssi

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        Too bad single registrants with no children can’t qualify for SSI or disability or welfare. All I can get is food stamps. How do I qualify?

      • #37245 Reply

        Jerry P.

        In my county in North Carolina I was told I could get $19.00 in food stamps. I can’t find a job/nobody will hire me…

        I thank God for the friends and family I have!

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      Tammie Leigh Lawson

      I would like to say Sex Offenders have many hard challenges in life with work and school and various other things. I live in a small town in Virginia and it’s been impossible for me to gain entry to any school system here Ive been turned down for jobs with very goid companies so Ive seen the negative results of the registery can have on a persons life. I continue to push forward with the schools even now I will never stop because to stop is failure for me. I been on a register for 15 years and I’m listed as a violent offender because the code I’m charged under warrants that label! I’m a mother or three grandmother of six. My charge was Indecent Liberties with a child by supervision or custodial relationship, it was my son who was 14 now 29 who committed a sexual act with an adult female and that sexual encounter was consensual between both parties. I didnt have custody of my son at that time my sister did and I was the one who reported the crime to police!!! Yep that right I reported my son was sneaking out of my sister’s home and leaving with this adult female and I end up on a VIOLENT SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION!!! HOW ABSURD!! I never touched a child nor was there ever any violence! My attorney never told me about the conditions of the plea agreement I took fearing the worse I took a plea even tho I told her repeated times I wanted a jury trial. I can’t believe what punishment I have faced since my registration process started it’s been mentally and physically tiring to fight an uphill battle but I have never lost hope!! I will continue to fight an proclaim my innocence in this fight! There are positive things we can do and I have seen that side as well even tho limited as it may be any positive outlooks I have encountered keep me thriving.

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      The city change their mind and he was forced to resign has fire chief.

    • #34838 Reply

      Leslie B

      Kuddos to the mayor. Sad the community that once supported him caved in to the “peer pressure”.

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      Mods please, This article’s main headline may need to be updated!

      Registered Sex Offender Resigns As Fire Chief In Pa. Town Shortly After Re-Election

      Registered Sex Offender Resigns As Fire Chief In Pa. Town Shortly After Re-Election

      • #34903 Reply

        Sandy Rozek

        Done; thank you.

    • #34885 Reply

      Jim B

      The fact that someone volunteers for a position is moot. Besides we all should know that there is a high rate of sexual abusers that seek out positions in fire departments. This guy assuming there would not be ramifications from the public, outside the circle he was able to “influence” to vote him in, is a classic example of delusions of grander. I was being nice to say practical. The problem is people are confusing the constitutional and moral issues we have with the registry laws and the social consequences of our actions. Two separate issues. The crime this guy committed was at the same level as murder. Take a look at how society sees your employment options as a murderer, or better yet as someone who has been convicted of a much lesser offense of beating their wife, or arson. This guy should have accepted the median society has in place for offenses like his, somehow people think its only sex offenders that society puts this burden on, not true. This guy thinking he could stay in a position like this, regardless of his ability to influence people around him in order to get elected, is a delusional way of thinking, it just justifies the law makers passing unconstitutional laws like SORNA. So chikity check yourself before you wreck yourself. Mic Drop

      • #34904 Reply

        Sandy Rozek

        Really? A high rate of sexual abusers in the ranks of firefighters? I must have missed that study. Jim, I approved your comment in order to give you an opportunity to support what you have said. And also please explain the influence that he brought to bear in order to get elected by his peers — twice. You appear to have inside knowledge into his life that the rest of us are lacking.

        The response to crime needs to be appropriate punishment. The response to serious crime needs to be serious punishment. Policies and practices that continue punishment after a court-ordered sentence is satisfied and that make it impossible for a person to become a contributing member of his society are not appropriate. They are not in the best interest of society or public safety. They are not supported as effective by empirical evidence. They are not humane. They are no part of a civilized society.

        And if wanting to be a contributing member of society and provide an important service for one’s community are signs of having “delusions of grandeur” or being delusional, then the world would be better if we all suffered from those maladies.

        • #34906 Reply

          Jim B

          Yes pretty much everyone knows that I’m surprised you don’t. If you would like I could get your information on it.

          • #34919 Reply

            Sandy Rozek

            Yes, please do. Thank you. Please provide links to the studies.

      • #35292 Reply

        Mr. Tim Lawver

        There can be little doubt that most people seeking work in fire services are men. Men are far more likely to be sexually aggressive compared to females, Thus Jim may be correct in his statement concerning the high rate of sexual aggressive persons seeking work in the field of fire fighting. Fire fighting and rescue are adrenaline filled occupations. I can definitely see correlation between the emotional aspects of sexual offending, and the adrenaline rush involved in firefighting. I would also concur, without hesitation, with Jim that an unhealthy narcissism correlates to both groups. That concept certainly applies to our police forces and politicians as well. We have seen many documented cases in those fields too being occupied by sexual aggressors.

        For this registrants money the real question is…How to prevent sexual abuse from occurring in the first case. In other words, what environmental factors are at play in the creation of sexual oriented offenders. We are born sinners, but are we born sex offenders? No! It is completely a cultural dilemma as is the SORs. The same can be said for gun crimes. These are problems of our own doing, but our solutions are reactionary and unproductive if not counter productive. Some social problems cannot be resolved via law making….. period!
        Our founders knew that, thus they strictly prohibited certain govt action especially the Federal government, which in their minds eye had NO PLACE in the day to day lives of American citizens. In the recent Michigan decision concerning AWA the federal judge made that very pointed argument in HER conclusion. Yet, despite her conclusion, as well as the decision in the CO case pointed to cruel and unusual the trend continues. Politicians and potential judges are using the issue to gain votes for offices as it is if nothing else an effective strategy. I have witnessed the outcome of the last two supreme court elections here in Wisconsin. Each won by the candidate who claimed the other was weak or soft on sexual offenders. Each paid for TV and other state wide advertisements to make the claims. Effective indeed!

    • #34911 Reply

      Jim B

      I bei\live you’re not seeing the point here. This has nothing to do with punishment, and everything to do with how criminals not just SO have a place in society once they have completed their punishment. Would the public out side of his influence zone accept this guy as a day care worker? My point is the public are the ones who decided this not biased people like you or him. Somehow you seem to be pushing the point he should be able to do any job he wants and nobody can say anything about it. This is what causes the public and law makers to turn a blind eye to the unconstitutional laws for RCs and now more citizens and groups of people. It is widely know that there is a high rate of sex offenders in the firefighting field and you should know that. Somehow you think because you say I haven’t heard of that one negates that well known fact. There also is a higher rate in fields of government and law informant Dynamics is something you should understand before you comment on things like this. I suggest you take a step back and do some research before you offer your self less act of allowing me to have an opinion and do me a favor of allowing my post to be passed through by you. This is why it is important to allow SOs to have in put on things like this because they know the dynamics. We all have consequences for our actions. I think it is astounding that people are actually justifying this and it only hurts the cause. The public does not have a duty to go back over someones crime that they have went to jail and punched for to find out if he can be trusted in positions that could put them at risk. They are making a general assumption that this guy hurt a 4yr old with is a F1 in PA the same as murder so unless god him self comes down and oks this guy the general public has its say. People that commit crimes like this have the ability to manipulate people around them so your point on being elect has no bearing on this argument. The most important thing to learn from this is all heinous acts like this are considered by the general public before they are accepted into positions where there is potential exposure to the public not just SO so by trying to fight that fact all we are going to do is cause more problems. The general public has more say then the people that elected him. Some people want to force society to accept things based on their blind moral compass and it is causing havoc all over the place right now.

      • #34922 Reply

        Sandy Rozek

        Stay on topic, please. Day cares have not been mentioned. Thanks for your advice on research.

        Jim, be sure you understand our position. We do not justify sexual crime. We do not justify any crime. I have already said that crime should be punished.

        I am not negating your right to your opinion, and I apologize if I appeared to do that. Certainly you are entitled to your opinion, but you cannot express an opinion as a fact, e.g. there is a high rate of sexual offending in the firefighting field, without validation, and that is what I am asking you to do: validate.

        You are correct that the consequence of having committed a crime will often have a lifelong effect. But a lifelong effect that results in law-abiding citizens with a crime in their past being LEGALLY, through LAWS, marginalized and prohibited from reclaiming full societal participation is wrong. This is what public registration does, and it is not forced upon murderers or non-sexual violent offenders but sexual offenders only. It is counter-productive. It gives no incentive to such a person to remain law-abiding. And it is counter-indicated by all research — which I do read a lot of, by the way — as making society safer.

        • #34931 Reply

          Jim B

          Sandy I’m going to try and keep it simple for you. No one is going off topic the examples used were for your benefit to understand the big picture here. I am not sure what makes you think that someone needs to post studies of fact when they make a statement you are not aware of and in-turn automatically disagree with. No one is asking you to post studies when you speak. I think you have an issue with thinking your knowledge on this topic supersedes mine. When I have personally have been involved with these issues from 2000, and have studied them in great detail and have spoke with many professionals that specialize in these matters, in which on more than one occasion they have said that civic jobs such as fire fighting but not limited to, not mention chief fire fighters, that afford people power and prestige in communities see a high amount of people with narcissistic personality disorder and sex offenders. You not being aware of this is one thing, trying to pass the buck on to me is another. I decided to let you do the research and report it back to us. You may want to confer with robin on this I believe he is in the field. And to stay on topic we are not talking about public registration here as you have just noted we are talking about the public and their right to decide as a whole who to trust in positions that put the public at risk. Forcing your moral believes on the general public does nothing to help the public registration problem we both agree is unconstitutional it only makes it worse. Some how the minority has assumed they have the right to control the majority, not a good way to show the public where things are wrong with the registry laws. I thank you for having the courage to allow my posts. I look forwards to hearing how your research goes on this issue.

          • #34953 Reply

            Sandy Rozek

            You’re welcome.
            I have done it; I was unable to verify your claim.

          • #35045 Reply

            Prove it Jim

            @Jim B

            Please kindly provide any and all sources of data in full citation you have to prove your points made to the masses who read this blog, if you would not mind. It would be helpful to understand fully the delusions of grandeur had over the station voting, the firefighting ranks full of sex abusers, the government full of sex abusers and law informant, er, enforcement full of sex abusers. Would imagine in your 18 years of experience in dealing with this topic, you’d be well experienced to share data sources readily at a moment’s notice.


            One of many who is outside of everyone who should know or pretty much know, but does not know unfortunately

          • #35079 Reply

            Jim B

            Its funny how each response to my posts get more progressively distorted. Who ever the coward is that changed their name LOL My last response was deleted not sure if this will make it thru proves my point. As far as D.O.G. goes the want to be Chief has the D.O.G. for thinking his need for power and prestige in the community out weigh the obvious fact a normal society would not accept someone with a F1 on his recored be it murder or a SO. No one said sex offending I said sex offenders. No one said Full of SO. I said a higher rate meaning number of SO vs other jobs. I do not have to prove anything to you its your job to educate yourself on this. I think you should already know these things about positions like this and how they attract SO and narcissistic people. You are just being coy because I bring it to light. I have confidence in my knowledge about these matters and will not entertain request from a cowered that deletes my posts or hides behind a fake ID on here. But I will expect you to concede ones the facts are presented but I’m sure you’ll scurry away like you have shown you do already. The only people that have to provide proof or citations on here are you that not only play coy or delete post when they are called out on their BS but have limited knowledge or common sense in matters they pretend to know about and have the gull to act as someone who states something they do not know or understand somehow they need to prove it lol Prove to me you even deserve my time responding each time you change what I say because you’re embarrassed of your lack of knowledge and common sense in this matter. Its not my fault you put yourselves in such high regard. Its yours. What I stated are well known facts so let the distortion and squirming begin.

          • #35124 Reply

            He’s not gonna

            @Jim B won’t provide his sources. He just likes to stir up trouble as evident by going by another alias on a similar website and using the exact words there he used here.

    • #35130 Reply

      Sandy Rozek

      Gentlemen, let me remind all of you involved that this is not the place to go back and forth with each other. Jim has been asked to support his statements. He has not done that. That is his right. Others have the right to give it the weight you give anybody’s opinion; you may agree or disagree with him. Please do not pick at each other, make unfounded accusations toward each other, or make comments about each other. Remember that one of the forum rules is “Be polite and courteous.”

      Thank you.

    • #35146 Reply

      George In Texas

      @Jim B,

      Anyone can claim and write words on any subject but providing evidence to back it up is what makes it believable.

      You don’t have evidence to back up your comments because it simply doesn’t exist. For you to come on here and call anyone a coward is genuinely ludicrous. This site is dedicated to reforming the unjust laws that registered citizens are forced to live under. If you really had genuine statistical facts to share with us, it would be received and discussed, however all you’re attempting to do is muddy the waters.

      • #35156 Reply

        Sandy Rozek

        George, I have edited out the portion of your response that violates what I was talking about in my above comment. Insults directed at each other rather than responses to what one has said will not be allowed.

    • #36540 Reply

      Edward A Nightingale

      @ Jim
      I am unaware of these statistics about firefighters, police, and politicians. I don’t even know where I might find these studies, facts, and what not. As I would like to be more informed, please post these studies, etc. so that I can more informed.

    • #37144 Reply


      According to the article (I wasn’t there when it happened, I’m not his judge,etc) it says he forced himself on a 4 year old boy. Lets take this in. FORCED sex on a FOUR YEAR OLD….BOY…..means sodomy. On a small underage anus with a full sized mans penis using force of his body to do so. This is the extreme worst example of sexoffenders.
      This isn’t someone who was with a 17 year old who claimed to be 21 when he was 25. This isn’t someone dating a first cousin is a state that forbids it with a 5 year age gap. This isn’t parental kidnapping during a custody dispute that crossed a state line by 5 miles and no one got hurt. This isn’t two drunk coeds waking up and one not remembering things the same way as the other one. Heck this isn’t even the forced rape of an adult, or a teenager of the opposite gender, No…..this is the most extreme evil there is.

      If you had to say “only one offense can be required to register and that’s it, pick one and everyone else gets off of it if you pick one that is the worst to stay on it”, it would end up being what this guy did.

      And yet it appears that he did almost no time at all (most likely a heck of a plea deal-which isn’t that uncommon if you search the registries) Its messed up. I wont go into too much detail, but I work in a field where I have access to such information even more so than the average person. You see even what looks like lesser convictions be pleas from higher ones. And yet the consensual sex with an age gap gets FAR MORE TIME and higher listings often due to having less of a “factual basis” for a plea. Meaning the MORE you do the LOWER plea you can get in many cases. Since if all you did was date someone just beyond RJlaws, then there is nothing else to plea too. Have a prior for totally unrelated stuff (MIP, drugs, whatever) the sentence gets enhanced and you get a felont, half a decade or more in prison and life on the registry. While the dude who forced himself on his grankids gets a misdemeanor, probation, and off the registry in less than life.

      Heck, even if you disagree with the middle content I just wrote……….the dude ADMITS he forced himself on a FOUR YEAR OLD boy. He admits this while talking about his change and etc. He admits he did this. That I support. Good that he admits it. That should be commended. But no he shouldn’t be allowed in ANY public positions EVER. He should have a GPS on him for life. He should have to be on every restriction you can imagine.
      In my honest opinion if you FORCE YOURELF ON A FOUR YEAR OLD BOY, you should be mandatory life in prison, but I respect the idea of giving less for a plea (helps prevent people getting away with it but encouraging them to take a plea, I get it I do) Im glad that he didn’t kill anyone. I’m glad that it appears to not have been incest. I’m glad that he admits to what he did and wants to help society. That’s all worth noting in his favor.

      BUT……..he should be limited on what he can do. Should there be housing and jobs options? Yes. If society wont provide them should we help provide them? Yes, I do think so (it is an unpopular idea to those who want only pain on them, but they have families and stuff, and those with jobs/housing are less likely to reoffend, I get it, I see it from all angles) I say build EXTRA public housing for those with offenses like these. Build them outside zoning areas and make sure to have laws that grandfather them in even if stuff changes, make sure they have STEADY AND REALIABLE LONG TERM housing. Offer them public transit to jobs in factories out of town too. Heck REQUIRE them to work or go back to prison (unless they qualify for SSI). Heck, even require the state to give occasional reviews to see if they are no longer a threat, but have a litmus test for it. Like a parole board, but for the tier of offender.

      I worked in a few places over the years that were VAST majority felon. Many on parole. MANY sexoffenders. They were open about it. No one gave them a hard time. I was the odd one out for NOT being one. Many were decent enough dudes (and gals, there were more than a few actually attractive and young women offenders too) that I’d share share jokes, lend vending machine money, etc. But if they asked to see pics of my kids I’d say no and if they asked why, I’d straight up tell them why.


      Let him work in a place I just described. He sounds like a leader. Let him rise to foreman. But keep him in a place like THAT, not as a public trust worker. No way in hell. IMHO.

    • #37145 Reply


      As to the guy saying people are attracted to these jobs who are offenders, I agree. Doesn’t make the average firefighter more likely to do it, that is deliberate side ways logic to distort facts (sexoffender justification thinking-stop it)
      Its the same as those who want to work at kids camps or be pastors. Sexoffenders want to do that stuff. Doesn’t make the rest like that.

      If you think vegeterians wont shop at stores that sell vegetables than you are just a fool

      Doesn’t make everyone who shops there a vegetarian, that is you being a fool, stop it. Reality time. Done.

    • #35036 Reply

      Jonny everyman

      Still waiting for your facts about fire fighters being more likely to be a sex offender than anyone else

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