“Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”

By Sandy . . . Some of you will remember a story from a little over a year ago about a registrant named Daniel Silverman. Dan was convicted of a sex offense in 2009, served 13 months, and has been out in society since late 2010. Based on polygraphs and his probation officer’s recommendations, his probation was terminated early.

Knowing he would be virtually unemployable at any meaningful job, Dan did what many registrants do and created his own company. As an artist and a photographer, he created work traveling to comic and other similar conventions and creating green screen photos for people.

The company was successful and grew very popular, and Dan had a client load of approximately 40 conventions of all sizes each year, allowing him to earn a decent living and start saving for retirement.

Then it all came tumbling down. Someone started anonymously emailing the convention organizers, telling them that he was a registered sex offender, sending a link to his public registry listing.

We know where it went from there. Virtually all of his clients severed his contracts, but he managed to hang on, even adding a few new contracts. Then a year or more later, a self-styled defender of the people, Trae Dorn, at a blog called Nerd & Tie, saw fit to publish the entire story again, giving a “reminder,” he said, that a registered sex offender was actually daring to run a business and earn a living. He named conventions that had employed Daniel.

He gave Daniel’s full name and the name of his company, and he suggested that anyone who hired him was putting their clientele at risk of harm, a claim for which there is not a scintilla of evidence and is in fact contradicted by his former clients and the courts. Dorn even included a link to Daniel’s entry on the sex offender registry, something that the original, anonymous, vigilante e-mailer had also done. Within hours, Daniel had received cancellation notices from virtually all of the accounts he had left.

Again, suicidal and facing bankruptcy, Daniel hung on, slowly rebuilding his business. I have touched base with him a few times, and he was feeling more upbeat as time went on.

Now he has written me again, and nothing I could say would convey the situation as well as Daniel’s own words.

I’ve tried to carry on with my business as best I could. I recently got hired to do celebrity photo ops at a convention near Boston. The show owner asked me about my offense, and I gave him my information as well as an affidavit stating that I had passed my polygraph examination (showing I was truthful), that I am not a threat, etc. He agreed to have me at the show after reading my side of things and decided to stand by me. This was a welcome surprise. However, as a result, his convention came under attack by a few people who feel the need to track me, it seems, because they firmly believe that sex offenders are all predators attempting to find new ways to rape and assault people, particularly children.

It all ended up sprawled across the pages of Facebook. Dan continues:

There were other posts elsewhere. Some threatened me physically. One person was planning to create fliers about me to pass out to all attending the event. The convention owner decided to attempt to defend me as he has known me for several years. He may not have done the best with his choice of words, but people grew angrier. I became afraid to attend the event, fearing that something would happen to my property or me. I also wanted to help out Gary, the owner of the show, so I resigned from doing the photo ops. He posted my resignation email and even THAT made people mad.

As a result of having to back out of this show, I have lost much needed income that was meant to get me through the rest of this year and January. I am scrambling to make ends meet.

Sex offense is the new witch-hunt. We are not people … not in the eyes of others … but monsters who should be put to death. People do not care about the truth or circumstances surrounding the offender. And even when the offender has served his time for the crime he was convicted for, he is not allowed to move on with life. Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for, no matter what the justice system says. And this public registry is ensuring that people who have tried to move on, cannot. It’s that simple.

For once, I have nothing to add.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      NH Registrant

      This is sad on so many levels – and it’s also so familiar!

      I don’t dare try to re-establish my business again that I had prior to my fraudulent conviction. I’m on the registry for life because it generates money for states and cheap votes for politicians. So, we’re used as a resource. We don’t have ANY value in society other than money for liars and thieves. When my elderly parent – whom I live with now – passes, I will be homeless and will die on the streets due to my severe health issues. Does anyone in the general public care about that? Nope. Their ignorant point of view is : “Another evil predator bites the dust. No harm done.” – which is stupid since I never touched anyone and wasn’t even charged or convicted of that.

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        Lonna Romero

        You really need to file a lawsuit against the people who are harassing you! Please do that!

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          Justice is needed

          Yes, I agree. He needs to file a lawsuit against these people that are stalking and harassing him AND the guy Gary who hired him.

          They are stalking him. He needs to file a complaint with the police, even if they don’t give a shit, with an attorney present to protect himself from the police, to go on record and demand an investigation.

          These people need to be outed and held accountable. It’s time to FIGHT BACK. The media is adding fuel to the fire everyday seeking a new man to throw onto the fire. ENOUGH.

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          So, file a lawsuit. Just THROW that out there thinking thats going to just make it all better…. NOOOT!!!! I have been harrassed for the better part of FOUR months now and the city is JUST coming around to prosecute her!!! She has broken 3 of my windows, my door has had to be replaced twice. I have 6 police reports on her from me alone in the past 3 months. File a lawsuit……yeah right….

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            Then file a lawsuit against the city, the police dept and go after the state police as well. You know, the ones who maintain the SOR. Sue the shit out of them.
            Your situation is PROOF of the registry being “extra punishment” and completely unnecessary.

            We have to make a stink.

            We’re coming to a point in this country where scratching an itch on your ass could be a sexual offense of indecency. This has really done beyond sickening.

            I haven’t had any issues like yours where people have harassed me, broken windows or my door and I haven’t had any issues being a convention vendor at various fan conventions since my release from prison.
            But if I were to run into such issues, I’d go after the Kanka family with a lawsuit that would spin their heads into outter galaxies. They started this shit. And not all sex offenses are against 7 yr old little angels like THEY (the Kanka family) has made people think.

            I have no pity for them any longer. They started this war and we should revert it back to them and end it. Period.

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          Daniel Silverman

          I’ve never filed a lawsuit before. Doesn’t it take money? Money is the one thing I currently do not have. I had spent a little over five years building my company. The first few years were not very profitable as I was getting the name out there, etc., but I was growing each year. Year 4 was fantastic! And it was right after that when this crap started to happen and someone started to contact events about my status. At that point everything just crashed. For the past year I have been scrambling to stay afloat. I am about out of cash and cannot even pay all my bills this month, let alone rent next month.

          I am an artist and specialize in 3D computer graphics as well as drawing and digital painting. I am currently freelancing with a patent company creating 3D models and renders for them, but that work won’t start up until February. So, if I cannot even afford, at the moment, to pay my bills, how can I afford a lawsuit?

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            Look up all the attorneys in your area and start making calls. Get a few free consultations and inquire about prices based on your situation. It doesn’t hurt to ask.
            Maybe we can get a fund raiser for you, but doing nothing produces nothing and this shit has got to stop.
            I don’t know nor do I care what your offense was, but I’m sick of our human race making more of an issue out of sex than they do out of murder. It’s ridiculous already.

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          John Bacon

          Lawsuits don’t work I did such against a newsman who cost me my business in Atlanta the courts ruled in his favor. The courts will say it’s PUBLIC INFO so no laws are being broken which is BS!!! I do work in a small city and sadly use a pseudo name with clients hoping I’m not recognized. I have a business license but have to do what i can. I AM guilty of my offense sadly BUT I WAS 18 FRESH FROM PERSIAN GULF COMBAT with PTSD and on drugs. I AM responsible but did my time and paid my debt. I have not harmed anyone in over 30 years but people treat me like it was yesterday. I’m VERY sorry for what I did I even wrote books on it (Amazon.com under J. O’Hughes) and am a certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider.. but DOES SOCIETY CARE? NOPE!!!!! NO amount of change will stop the witch hunt BELIEVE ME. Just keep going forward and try to stay clean and do the best you can until hopefully ONE DAY the laws will change. Good luck

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          Mike smith

          10 years ago I had a job making six figures everything was good in the world until my wife developed cancer I had a pretty bad break down and turn to anti anxiety drugs because I couldn’t cope I was also sexually abused and physically abused as a child I carried that around my whole life until I met my beautiful wife who might have been married to for 30 years and who is stuck by me through everything she’s truly a miracle I will say I am treated like a social pariah I’ve been beaten by police I’ve been beaten by people in the street I’ve had my property damaged I did not even do the crime and the person who turned my computer in when I was getting help for my PTSD is now facing 76 years in prison his name is Christopher bathum and he runs a billion-dollar Empire of high-end homes on the beach in Malibu and in California and in Arizona and in Colorado he has been charged with drugging raping molesting sodomising women men boys girls I complain to him about something I heard from one of the female client who is staying at the beautiful beach house overlooking where they filmed Baywatch in Malibu mr. Bathum is also being charged for bilking hundreds of millions of dollars form insurance companies one of them being mine and the minute I lent on that I knew of some of his secrets he set me up illegally came into my room at the treatment center while I was on two Ambien and a whole string of drugs that they were feeding me a bomb could go off next to me and I would not wake so he came in illegally took my computer and did god-knows-what with it that night I was awoke buy California Troopers pulled out of the facility and thrown in jail I went into severe seizure mode my blood pressure was 190 over 160 my resting heart beat was 135 B p.m.

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        Ted Booker

        Please contact me. I am also a photographer. We should compare notes. I’m in North Carolina.

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          Jonathon Merritt

          Thank you so much for reaching out to this man.
          Sometimes I forget how blessed I have been and then I read about what happens to a fellow registrant and I feel so depressed for these people. If you get in contact with Mr Silverman, You let him know that I am keeping him in my thoughts and if he ever wants to get into truck driving,I can give him a road map to success,including anyone out there.

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            My husbad would love to know how to get into the truck driving. He is inside right now and won’t be home for about 9-12 years. It is his first time ever having a charge on him and he is 35. He used to have a CDL but let it expire a while back. He aced the truck driving school he went to but never got the chance to use the CDL. We are in Missouri and he wants to leave this state as soon as he can.

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            DIANA R EVANS

            Jonathan Merritt, will you message me how to reach you about truck driving, is it diving for you and where? My son is wondering what to do with his life when released. This may give him hope. Thank you.

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          Daniel Silverman

          Hi Ted. How do I contact you? Thanks.

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        Folks need to remember that it is illegal to interfere with a business, the statutes need to be looked up in every state. Harassment can be shown by the persons actions here. Stalking also plays a part. Follow that thought and build a case in all states where needed. Harassment/Stalking statutes can be used to get police involved (Often there are crimes). You would be surprised how helpful those statutes can be to defend/attack as needed.


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      Charles Durden

      As sad as this story is, nothing will change until the registry is abolished.

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      To paraphrase something that I heard the other night on a movie, “The longest distance in the world is between “how it should be” to “how it is.” That being said, we all have to figure out how to travel that distance as best we can. This law destroys businesses, relationships, lives… and not only ours, but those of the ones we care for and love. In reference to the “witch hunt”, another quote… “The one thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history.” Nothing but time and consistent effort will ever bring change, and I hope that we will all be around to see it when it happens,

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        totally against public registry

        Darrin, very well said….I hope my son sees that day of CHANGE before I’m gone

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      On my state’s online registry, there is this disclaimer:
      “Information on this site must not be used to unlawfully injure, harass, or commit a crime against any individual named in the registry or residing or working at any reported address. Any such action could result in civil or criminal penalties. ”

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        Rick from PA

        I’d be curious if anyone knows of an instance where a person who “threatened or harassed” someone who they found on the registry has ever been prosecuted. I know of no such prosecutions. That disclaimer is nothing more than the police covering their backsides.

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          That is why I am pointing out the hypocrisy.

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          Try Googling ‘Registerd sex offender killed in Doniphan Missouri’. My husband was in the Wayne County jail with these two killers. They both admitted to the police but they can’t find the body. That is why the case is still open.

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          John Bacon

          Nope!!! Had 3 men come to my HOME egged it and threatened to RAPE AND KILL ME but the police just told them to go home and that was it! If I DID THAT is be in jail!!!

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      Tyrus Young

      As a self employed businessman, I fully empathize with Dan and his predicament. We may need to start building a war chest of funds to pay for lawsuits against such attacks. Bringing attention to one’s past is spiteful, but to even hint that there is a continued danger is libelous/slanderous. Such attackers must be held accountable for their crimes. Maybe a few significant cases and $$ penalties will start waking some of these idiots up.

      However, there could be a sliver of hope with this type of situation. One of the hallmarks of justifying the registry is that it brings no harm to the registrant. This, as well as, like situations clearly demonstrate the fallacy of that argument.

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        I have posted this many times so I’m guessing no one agrees but I will profess my belief again because it’s appears so obvious and maybe someday someone will pick up on it. I accuse the states that have the registry of aiding and abetting in any crime that is the clear result of the information they supply in ANY crime to a registered citizen, whether it be harassment, physical harm or death. [example] If you call me and say you need a ride to the bank and I take you and you enter the bank, rob the bank,unbeknownst to me and you come out and we drive away. We get stopped for the bank robbery, who goes to jail? We both do! Me because I supplied the means for the robbery to take place. He might have not been able to rob the bank unless I drove him there. I aided and abetted in the crime. The law doesn’t see or believe i never knew. Same thing with the state supplying the info for a mad man {or woman] to attack by any means they deem justified and, unfortunately, many times is death. This is so cut and dry for me I will continue to print it until some attorney is willing to at least respond. I don’t have the money to hire an attorney to challenge this in a court. I’m old and on SS. The said crimes could not have happened in most cases without the state supplying the ALL the info for the perp to violate or take our lives. Who’s at fault here? I ask you? ‘Registerd sex offender killed in Doniphan Missouri” That’s where we need to make the stand. I served 13 years been out for 7 and will never be truly free. I’m free with shackles!

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          I certainly agree 100% with the analogy you’ve made. It IS the very same as aiding and abetting.

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      I really hope he is keeping/has kept the records of harassment. Its one thing to post a fact that he is on the registry(which is damning enough), but when conjecture takes center stage there is no saving yourself in the court of public opinion. Dan actually has one of the most clear cut cases showing how damning the registry is and why at minimum it needs to be reduced to law enforcement only. Maybe all his pain and suffering will lead to something positive in the future.

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        Daniel Silverman

        Hello all. I am, unfortunately, the person this article is about. As can be seen in this article and the one Sandy posted earlier this year, I’ve suffered a lot for simply attempting to make a living, doing something that, frankly, I am quite good at.

        Yes, I have kept evidence of what I’ve experienced. I have the emails of shows cancelling contracts with me in order to ensure their attendees are kept safe. I have the emails forbidding me from attending their shows. I have the documents demonstrating the severe financial loss I have suffered. What I don’t have is a means to do anything about any of this. It is, to say the least, frustrating as hell.

        I’ve worked upwards of 40 conventions a year over the past 5 years. These convention range in size from several hundred people (usually around 800 or more) to thousands (upwards of 50,000+). I’ve worked upwards of 200 photos an event. This means that I have literally worked with thousands and thousands of people over the past 5 years. And, you know what? Not one complaint. Not one issue. Nothing. Even so, once the news spread I lost everything. As of this week, as a result of the latest circulation of news about me being a sex offender, my company is no more.

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          I feel for you, you have greater resolve than I do when it comes to trying to work out in the open. I have a masters degree in a technical field and I dare not even try to do something with that. I have resorted to selling things online as a means to make ends meet. At least with that I dont have to worry about being outed in the wide world of anonymous online retailing.

          It seems with all the information you have gathered some lawyer somewhere could make a point of how harmful the registry is using your case or at least file a lawsuit against those who stated or suggested that you are dangerous based on a past conviction (not evaluation) If not, there has to be another legal avenue that would apply to your situation. I myself would be more than happy to donate if money is at issue. We need to show the courts and the people who drag us through the mud how damaging being on a public registry is especially when compared to the fact no empirical evidence exists that reinforces the need for such a registry.

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          Rick from PA

          Dan, I am so sorry. We all know this kind of stuff happens, but the stories still break my heart. Please know I will be praying for strength for you and your family and for whatever direction you decide to go in the aftermath of this persecution.

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          Jonathon Merritt

          Hello Daniel. If you are interested in a new career path where people won’t bother you and you can work in peace. Get in touch with me. My email is gor117@yahoo.com.

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          Hey Daniel…

          You said;

          “Yes, I have kept evidence of what I’ve experienced. I have the emails of shows cancelling contracts with me in order to ensure their attendees are kept safe. I have the emails forbidding me from attending their shows. I have the documents demonstrating the severe financial loss I have suffered”

          What you NEED is an attorney to subpoena to get the emails that were sent “anonymously” to these convention organizers, trace them back to the people who sent them and sue the people AND the state SOR for damages since it clearly states on ALL SOR listings that you cannot be harassed.
          You can also try to fight to be removed since your time of “punishment” has been completed and being registered is EXTRA punishment.

          Listen man, this is what I would at least try to do.
          Enough is enough.

          Oh, but I’d also send out fliers with a sex offender’s face on them. That face would be Elvis Presley and maybe even Tupac Shakur (he actually did time for a rape) and I’d tell the public in so many nice ways to go “F” themselves 7 ways to Saturday for being hypocrites.

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            Daniel Silverman

            It takes money, which I simply do not have at the moment. What a country we live in where one cannot attempt to get justice unless they have the financial means to do so.

          • #29055 Reply

            Hi Daniel,

            First of all, I am sorry for your situation. I am in pretty much the same situation, and a whole convention closed because I was the CEO, behind the scenes, and people started throwing around my status, and it proved too much for the convention to withstand.

            As far as an attorney, start going through the phone book, and calling every one of them and explain your situation. You may find one that will take your case on a contingency status, which means they only get paid when they win. With the law on your side, I believe you will find someone that will help.

            Good luck, and keep us posted.


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      Another example of why strong advocacy is absolutely necessary. Politicians who run on “tough on crime” must be called out to explicitly explain what they really know, i.e. cost of the registry, recidivism rates, their support of publicly shaming the 800,000+ on the registry, do they support changes to reform laws, etc. We spoke with an individual running for state office regarding his “tough on crime” campaign comments – he never again brought it up. He knew nothing except that he thought he could buy votes. He did not like the idea of a factual and informative newspaper editorial.

    • #28896 Reply

      How can this not be proof that the registry is punitive and unconstitutional? If we don’t all stand up somehow/somewhere and be heard then this BS will not stop. I am so sick, really physically ill thinking about the horror that goes on daily in peoples lives that I can hardly read these posts anymore. Not to disregard anyones’ tragic stories but there needs to be a positive rebuttal to this story or else too many people will lose hope and not keep trying. That is not an option, but how can we all find the strength to carry on? Can anyone out there please offer up a glimmer of hope on this, as I don’t know how to handle the grief?

      • #28900 Reply

        That is why Humans on the Registry was started. https://humans.narsol.org/

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        Chance R

        Nothing about this story, as sad as it is, would prove to a court that registration imposes punishment. Most of the horrible things that happen to people like Daniel, and to the rest of us, are consequences of our offenses (something I learned from Smith v Doe). It’s not right, it’s not fair, it’s not humane, …, but it’s not evidence of unconstitutional treatment.

        It is our misfortune that we are unique among transgressors in that the state chooses to broadcast information about our past crime(s), our current whereabouts, photo, employment, and other particulars, online to the entire world. If information about other classes of offenders were available online, with the attendant hype and hysteria from the media, it is likely that those who fall in those classes with fair as poorly as we do.

        But for now, we hold the distinction of being the most hated of the hated.

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      This a very sad and, certainly an ongoing story for too many people.
      I have one thing to say. All of what Dan has said needs to be published so all the public can read. Not sure it will make a differenc, but give it a try.
      Our neighborhood “watch” team is now sending out notifications when an SO moves into our neighborhood. Scares me to death. Our son will be released from prison in a few months. He will be living with us.

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      I have heard many times there’s power in numbers. Instead of sitting here complaining about what others have done and how they have her boss. Why don’t we been together and exclude them. There’s enough people on the registry legally or illegally. That are very very smart people a lot of them dealing with some sort of depression now. why don’t we get together and fight back with what they have given us. If we choose to do business only with ourselves. The chances are it would hurt many people other than ourselves. I have no problem in giving a registry 60 to 70% discount and my business. And overcharging Someone that would hurt me. If they say we must register. Then why don’t we use this registry to empower us. To band together. Helps the people that can’t find jobs work for those who are employers. And keep the people The ones that want to throw stones out.

    • #28915 Reply

      Just happened to look at that blog and individuals therein. What do you expect from a group of shallow ignorant people who thrive on dribble. Anyone in the Tampa area may remember an incident where a local “Shock Jock” harrassed and humiliated someone on the registry. It was supposed to be soooo funny, but as we all know he looked like a fool and anyone that thought it was funny needs serious mental help.

    • #28917 Reply
      Cocoa Bliss

      Josh I think it is a fantastic idea!! Actually impossible not be heard. So if someone makes let’s say a product in the market linke milk and labeled OWNED by SEX Offender and in the back you write the story and why to support the initiative !! Oh my god ! Would break it all ! .. so let’s create the sex offender line products to give jobs to sex offenders and tell stories in the back of the product. Is it too bad of an idea ? We would require investment probably from wealthy sex offenders.

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      Such a horrible story to hear. One has to wonder though, if your career as a big name star or politician is over because of an “accusation” from 20-40 years ago, no conviction, no evidence….How far is the hysteria going to go?
      I can sympathize though I lost a business being on the registry as well, but it was LAW ENFORCEMENT that went after my business! While a Probation or Parole office may desire a stable member of society that is not shared by those who operate the registry nor vigilantes or possible even the public at large. Makes no sense, its the crazy world we live in. This country has to learn how to FORGIVE.

    • #28923 Reply
      Mark S.

      The world today operates on three principles: 1. hate; 2.revenge; 3. unforgiveness – PERIOD.

    • #28926 Reply
      Tim L

      We have suffered from poor leadership for too long.

      I would like to point out that the SORs are swords and not shields. Mr. John J. Roberts successfully sold ” the regulatory scheme ” as a shield for the people.

      In reality, the registration program is a sword used to cut liberty from the lives of registrants. As a reward for Mr. Roberts’ successful attack upon liberty he was appointed to the top seat in the highest court in the land!

      In the end the electronic databases will be used for political security.

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      This is a very sad and disturbing story. These individuals who have to bring up other individuals past are mentally ill and probably have a past of their own they don’t want no one else to find out about. It is time this BS stops. These individuals not only hurt the offender, they hurt their family and friends in the process. The sex offender registry needs to be abolished it as done no one any good, only harm. We need to file law suits against these people who are harming innocent people for trying to make a living for themselves. What he was doing was an honorable business and harming no one. Lets look at the true facts, there is only one group that as been treated like the sex offenders are treated today, that is the Jews of world war two. The Nazis marked the Jews in order to know who they were and sex offenders are being treated the same way. Sex offenders are not free in this country, they are dictated to how they will live just has the Jews were. The only way this country will start to forgive to is allow God back into this country, which thin skinned people like these individuals have rejected. I don’t know how many of you are Christians in this forum but I am and we need to come together and pray in agreement on this issue. Have a great day everyone.

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      Sue Wearethepeople

      How do we open people eyes so that they can see the truth about Sex Offenders. For my grandson it was a mistake of age.The age happened to be over the 4 year cut off limit. When he took the plea agreement Tier 1 and 15 years on Megan’s Law. The court made arrangement for the SOAB for a evaluation. This is the Sex Offender Assessment Board next thing you know there were false claims made. Now my sweet grandson who had only been a little over 18 at the time is now a Tier 3 and Violent, which he is not. He wants to start his own business as well. I might help him to do it. The laws are not right, and I want them changed. So what can we do to change people perception? I think it should not be one big container of Alphabet Soup.

      • #28952 Reply

        Good afternoon Sue,
        I have empathy for you and your grandson. This should have never happened. The system is innocent until proven guilty, well it is quite the opposite. The research is there and was done by experts in the field. But, every time someone’s kid gets hurt they want to make a new law. I am not trying to down play some one’s kid being hurt, that is sad in itself. In turn these laws do nothing but destroy individuals, families and friends, such as the case of your grandson. The law makers don’t care, judges don’t care. People in general run around with blinders on and won’t listen to the facts which are there. When the facts are there and people still don’t listen they in turn become stupid. The fact is the experts need to come before the law makers and present the facts which there are many facts. This should not be a private session, it should be heard on national TV so everyone can hear. I will be praying for you and the situation among others. Because this is not only a problem it is an epidemic of dangerous proportions.

    • #28933 Reply

      This story is so sad, but so common. Even though I have been off paper for five years I still frequently attend the therapy group that was a required part of my probation requirements. I find it helps me focus on keeping myself in control. It also allows me a place where I can vend and express my frustrations since I have no one else to talk to. Over the years, I have seen more than a few RSOs fight a losing battle to get any kind of employment (let alone being able to earn decent wages). I see their frustrations and the hopelessness that they experience. It hits very close to home since I have worked at a dead-end, minimum wage since my release.

      Due to my advanced age and poor health conditions I have very little chance of finding anything else. As long as I was able to make enough to pay rent and the few bills I have I was fine. Suddenly, my old boss (who was extremely understanding and the only friend I have) had to take medical leave. His replacement is extremely paranoid of me since I was so close to the former manager and is cutting my hours severely, trying to get me to quit. He has expressed to other employees that he doesn’t want one of “those kind of people” working for him. I am hanging on by my fingernails working 10-14 hours a week. The only way I can survive is by selling things at the local flea market. Unfortunately, sales are way down lately and I constantly find myself in financial trouble. I’ve even started to go to the local plasma bank to help make ends meet.

      As has been said several times by other respondents, until the Registry is abolished there will never be a beginning to sex offenders being accepted into even the lowest level of society!

    • #28939 Reply
      John S

      Just a thought–is there any way for his harasser/s to be charged with stalking?

    • #28940 Reply
      Terry H.

      I am saddened by the ignorance of this story, these Laws and the people that think they are protected by them, however, all I am reading here is what the problems are, I am not hearing any solutions or suggestions to help…So I am offering one, get out there and start living your life and stop complaining about what you can’t do, or who you can’t be or where you can’t go. The situation is what it is so now what you MUST do is decide what’s next. Complaining about this situation changes nothing just like doing nothing changes nothing. Daniel did something and though it did not work at first, he did not quit or give up, his perseverance and persistence will pay off. I find it admirable what he has done and is doing. He has taken responsibility for his life and refuses to stop living. We have to change our lives and create a New Normal and just like anyone else, sometimes it doesn’t work out how we thought it would, but we can not quit and we can’t keep putting ourselves into some “Separate” box even though that is how the world see us. The only true barrier we have is ourselves. The only way to change that perception is to show them we are not what or who they think we are. So if we run and hide, stop living, isolate ourselves and become “UNSEEN” we give them exactly what they want, for us to be gone. You see, they want us to be OUT of Society, yet they want to know where we are at all times, it’s really contradictory if you think about it. So, if we want to live a NORMAL life, create a NORMAL life for yourself. .Just so you know, I have been on the registry for four years and have an awesome life, a supportive family, a great job, I travel all over the US and have re-created my life on my terms, not theirs and no one says a word to me and never has. It can be done, you just can’t quit, you have to do something. It is entirely up to you what’s next.

    • #28946 Reply
      Irene Rubio

      It is so sad,people are just ignorant and have a lot of hate. These men have done their time and have changed and want to move on. In Texas they even place them in Civil Commitment after they have done their time,it is Wrong and Unconstitutional, This needs to Stop starting with Politicians like Senator Whitmire….We must change those politicians!They are not the Judges.Only the Judge gives the sentence time. It is Unconstitutional to keep people locked up.Sex offenders are treated so different,then murders whom get less time and parole out of Tdcj.Us People need to look at that. Vote to make changes in politicians. Texas has these Secret Prisons,run by TCCO.

    • #28947 Reply
      Cocoa Bliss

      All is money in this world… so let’s solve . First is there any sex offender here that work or have access to free news paper advertising ? If so – what news paper or magazine and what state? .. now product producer or manufacturer . Is there any sex offender that manufacture any product ? … now Narsol would be willing to create a label for that SUPPORT SEX OFFENDERS and their children suffering … now we have a company an entity as well and everybody here can have a part and we buy and promote that product. If we do that not only we will make money, solve our problems, our aim would be to look for that product that manufacturer and advertiser. Money moves the world and that is what we need money, product as customers we already have plenty! Personally I would need an investor and a publisher to launch my product and maybe even here Narsol can create a product page like supermarket store online where can post products and Narsol make money and claim the address of sending so making some money for sending as well ( in order to protect private addresses) … I would be so willing with my husband to participate in that initiative. Also create a logo for sex offenders as Scarlatta Letter A ( adulterous) isn’t that what everybody is doing? Suddenly sex offender labeling may be cool and fashionable , not bad and offensive anymore. It is all up to us.

    • #28956 Reply
      Joseph McQuiston

      I’m in a position such as his. I’m a diesel mechanic and have been fired twice so far for reasons not quite truthfully revealed. Both times since I was released, the perpetrator has been motivated by my past. Now I have been without income for 34 days and am running low on money. I have applied at many multiple jobs and every reason has been because of my background. I’ve been putting in applications repeatedly but to no avail. My history from more than 10 years ago still influences my life. I have kids and a house. I am at my wits end with this situation. Whenever a fellow employee hears of my past, I always get the cold shoulder and then some. It’s been this way since I’ve been out. I have a feeling it will be like this until alot of ordinary Americans finally put forth their voices and say enough is enough. I’ve done my time. I’m a family man. I have a family to support. This background crap is for the birds. I’ve had fellow employees intentionally sabotage my work so I would get fired. But even the managers don’t care. What am I to do. I have responsibilities like anyone else in America now. Why do I need to be treated like I’m someone who’s constantly looking for victims? I’m trying to live the rest of my life like anyone else now. To all those that hold a grudge…it doesn’t help. The registry is a scam to make you feel safe. It hurts alot of reformed and prioritized people now wanting to get on with life. It hurts their wives, children and their relatives too. You don’t believe it, I know. But it does. Keep thinking the registry helps. It doesn’t.

    • #28970 Reply
      Gerald T. Hollingsworth

      When I hear of other registrant’s challenges my heart tears just a little more. Some of us did some terrible and terribly stupid things in the past. We do not shirk from our responsibility and are willing to make amends and attempt to restore whatever confidence was broken. Yes, there are some actions with irreversible consequences and it is those types of cases where a registry makes sense but only to a limited audience — Law Enforcement. The public registry cost me one job and then another. Fortunately, I am a veteran and have been classified as permanently disabled by the VA so I am able to make ends meet, barely. A few months ago I was diagnosed with a cancer that will take my life within the next 6-10 months. I’ve already outlived expectations but that is because He who is in me is greater than the disease that is trying to kill me. My point in mentioning this is that it is that same power that was allowing me to press forward in seeking employment or some other way to pay my way. Dedicating myself to serving God has been the key for me and I wouldn’t be able to stand were it not for His grace.

      What this all means is that I would be willing to stand before others and show them that we are not terminal offenders, not most of us anyway. More, when it comes to repentance and forgiveness that goes to and comes from God. The change we must demonstrate is one of faith and that is tough when it seems like God himself must be against us; we must get over that and get out of His way so HE can heal us. If victims choose to remain such remember that there is nothing we can do about that. We become willing to make what amends we can and seek His forgiveness then accept what has already been given and move forward. You’d be surprised by how effective He is at supporting that. Daniel, don’t give up hope — but then it is clear that you haven’t — may God continue to bless you. Our actions from the day we set foot out of incarceration will define who we are. We do not need society’s permission or validation, we do need God’s sustaining love else there is no hope and no peace.

      Jerry H.

    • #28978 Reply

      Don’t let them win! I agree with others’ post that you should file a lawsuit against those that have harmed you. We all need to fight for our rights and the unconstitutionality of the public registry.


    • #28980 Reply

      In today’s world its all about “ones past” and everyone has one. Mayne those screaming the loudest want everyone to look elsewhere, if folks know what I am saying.

    • #28981 Reply

      I am not an attorney but, if the ignorant lowlifes who have been stalking and harassing you have caused and are still causing you financial damage/harm, including across state lines (interferng with interstate commerce), there may be civil and, perhaps, criminal recourse one can take. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that your labor is your property, and the compensation you receive in exchange for your labor is your property. If someone is interfering with or depriving you of your property via harassment and stalking, there may be legal recourse. It may also constitute blackmail and extortion where property (labor, earnings) is involved:

      883: Butchers’ Union Co. v. Crescent City Co., 111 U.S. 746.
      Defines labor as property, and the most sacred kind of property.
      “Among these unalienable rights, as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence is the right of men to pursue their happiness, by which is meant, the right any lawful business or vocation, in any manner not inconsistent with the equal rights of others, which may increase their prosperity or develop their faculties, so as to give them their highest enjoyment…It has been well said that, THE PROPERTY WHICH EVERY MAN HAS IS HIS OWN LABOR, AS IT IS THE ORIGINAL FOUNDATION OF ALL OTHER PROPERTY SO IT IS THE MOST SACRED AND INVIOLABLE…”



    • #28991 Reply

      Sandy you did it again, I never much liked Spiderman, maybe underdog or superman but Spideeeee. I really liked this article as it somewhat relates to my business I do. As far as this sex offender thing. Sure I was scared for the first four years. Each event I did which was being a craft vendor as wine festivals. See I make ceramic tiles and do graphic imprinting on them of the various wine labels of my state which is Virginia. Many events I did but had to report after each event in that county to the local authorities of that county.
      I think I missed one reporting and got a little hell from that. Sure my business went down a bit and I lost some winery customers but it doesn’t matter as how many wineries in the whole USA. I try not to go overboard as I also do personalization and photo type items and imprinting them on custom tiles. They say communication is the key and while I feel sorry for Mr. Silverman, I to myself do get down.
      I know we all have different sex offenses but an offense one has to have someone to offend. Now people are going to gossip. Who can tame the tongue…… I guess you could say that’s like ” Taming of the shrewd” if you want to say that.. Got to be strong and get back in the game and stand up for justice.
      Folks actually James Madison said; We base the nation government on Christian Principals. Now is setting up someone basing some of this sex issues on Christian principals. Cannot one deal and reconcile with each other without getting law authorities involved? Sometimes we all miss the part of Hosea in the bible that tells him to go marry a whore I wonder what that principal was all about? even roman’s would be a good refresher.

      • #29008 Reply
        obvious answers

        Unfortunately you will find the rules of law almost never apply when it is involving people on the registry..
        Here is a true story for you that we took all the way to Lansing and to the state police police affairs and the courts.

        During a stormy night my daughters were preparing for bed in their bedroom. they came running out screaming that a man was staring in their window at them while they undressed.
        I live in the country and it was a heavy thunderstorm so naturally I thought their imaginations were getting the best of them. I told them to go back in their room and get ready for bed and stop playing games.
        After about 10 minutes they came out screaming again. Their bedroom was located to the back of the house so this time I went out the front door and snuck around the house to investigate…
        Much to my surprise a state policeman in uniform and rain poncho was pressed with his ugly face up against my daughters window to busy enjoying the view to notice me behind him..

        I took pictures and forced him off which later involved more police coming out and drama..We went to Lansing, we spoke with the ACLU ect…
        We went all the way threw the system and not once did he even deny it!! The tribunal and courts findings were that he was well with in his rights to stalk naked preteen girls because it was the home of someone on the registry so the laws dont apply..There was much more to it and it was much worse but that is just a peek at how the laws do not apply to protect people on the registry or the family’s of people on the registry.. Do not expect justice.

    • #29013 Reply
      Daniel Silverman

      Thanks, everyone, for your comments here. After reading all the negative posts on other sites and seeing, yet again, my face being posted, my name besmirched, and my company dragged through the dirt, it is good to read something sympathetic, understanding, and supportive for a change.

      I loved the work I did and people loved what I created for them, too. I had developed a reputation of being the best at what I did, beating out others for contracts, and even being invited into events to do my work while others had to pay a premium just to be there. I went from not only creating artistic photos for cosplayers and fans, but to working with TV and movie celebrities doing photo ops.

      Now all that’s gone. It hurts to have put so much love and effort into something only to have it ripped from you.

      However, I refuse to give up. My original photo/art company may be dead, but I have skills I can draw upon. I am primarily an artist. I draw and digitally paint. I’ve created book covers for novels, designed websites, and more. But I also create 3D models and renders. In times past I used to work creating real-time 3D content for small games and real-time training simulations for companies. I recently contacted a company I had worked for in the past creating 3D models for inventors to help them obtain their patents. They are interested in using me as a freelancer, but the work does not start up until about February. So, until then I just need to find a way to make ends meet. The good news is that I can work from home.

      Once I get back on my feet, I can press forward and build something else. I refuse to give up and will continue to press forward and pursue my dreams.

      • #29159 Reply


        I need my website revamped because I haven’t a damn clue what I’m doing and I’ve made such an ‘elementary’ site.
        How can we get in touch? I’d like to know your prices.
        My site is a retail site so it contains many pages.

        • #29309 Reply
          Daniel Silverman

          @Maestro – Thanks. I appreciate it and could certainly use the work. Feel free to email me at dsilverman1221 at gmail dot com. I can create fully responsive websites for computer, tablet, phone, etc. How much will depend on your needs. It’s not so much on a page by page basis any more as website design has changed in the past few years. In any case, feel free to get in touch and we can see if I can be a help to you. In any case, thanks for offering, no matter the outcome. I appreciate it.

    • #29007 Reply
      obvious answers

      It has been the story of my life for 20 years…People are not good creatures by nature and anything said otherwise is a fabrication. If you give people the opportunity to do evil and tell them it is acceptable and there is no repercussions 99% of hem will leap to the opportunity..The registry is just anouther government funded social experiment in evil. . Every time I earn my way out of the gutter some jealous slime ball claiming to be a better person that has never earned anything in their lives comes along with the registry to steal everything I have fought for….
      I moved out of the country into a 3rd world hole to start over and was able to succeed where I was told it was impossible…. and now the same congressmen who are hitting the news as molesters and rapists are stalking me here and trying to destroy my life thousands of miles away… what is wrong with those people I dont know..
      They say we are criminals.. huh… I have never thought about being as criminal as the government that is stalking my family and myself.. I mad mistakes but I took accountability and I paid the price.. It is time they learn to follow their own laws.. Even people who dont speak English as a native language understand what penal and retro active means.. I find it unacceptable ignorance and stupidity that our highest courts claim so much ignorance..

    • #29023 Reply
      Darrel Hoffman

      Daniel, if that person has publicly identified himself, you need to sue him in Federal Court for harassment. The law makes it very clear that persons using the registry are NOT to use it to harass or endanger a registrant. Sue the socks off that bastard, and make a public example of him that we will NOT allow people to do such things to us. Now, it is hard when they’re anonymous (or cowardly, is a better word), because you can’t prove who did it and companies like Google (who recently kicked me off from YouTube due to some anonymous complain, so I don’t use them now) will not identify them. The law needs to change on that point that if a person is using the registry to harass and humiliate a registrant, then the registrant will have the right to see who is accessing the information, trace it back to the douchebag, and sue the socks off from them. That’s where this needs to go and if that happens, you’ll see how fast such nonsense will end. Hit them in the pocket book. That’s the answer.

    • #29038 Reply

      I imagine you can sue him for lost income due to his harrassment?

    • #29039 Reply

      Apparently the convention owner tired of “Trae Dorn’s”. robust unethical vigilante tactics and took nerd and tie aka Eric T Dorn and Christopher Sturz to court. Dorn was begging for money on gofundme, in 2016 and happily did not meet his financial goal for lawyers fees. I’m not sure if the outcome.
      What a despicable person to knowingly make it his agenda to try and ruin someone.

      Dan, I’m sorry that you had to go through what you have.

    • #29035 Reply

      Keep in mind that the legal systems in many states have already made the mistake of wrongfully convicting people of sex offenses and these people are also entrapped into this system. Some of these people are still fighting and will win their case because of obvious mistakes made by over zealous prosecutors and biased judges “wink”. There are some things that cannot be denied in the court of law at the end of the day they have to admit were mistakes of the reversible kind. When one of these people in particular get his freedom back he will go on an offensive against the legal system that they have never seen before and make the state in which he resides hate the sex offender registry because they will have lost so much tax payer money because of it since this is all people really care about anymore. He will then donate a giant amount of this money to NARSOL to further the destruction of this unconstitutional nightmare to the entire USA. The registry will be a smoldering cinder in my day!

    • #29047 Reply

      Its great to see this outcry and support for Daniel. Yes, these creepy slobs should be sued and their blog/business destroyed. God willing it will and how I don’t know, but lets all keep commenting on this problem and keep it fresh in our minds. Too many things are smouldering now that cannot be ignored and because we are a family of people that really don’t know each other we are nonetheless connected in a very powerful way. It will be known that we are done with cowering down to the people who do harm to us and our families. My husband and I are hoping to see as many of you at the conference in Ohio as possible. It will surely be the biggest and best yet.

    • #29051 Reply

      i remember your story Dan.

      Trae Dorn is just another hack using the sex offender registry as a way to mitigate his own complete lack of talent and imagination at another person’s expense. It doesn’t take a brainiac to do a google search. When second-rate journalists, bloggers and politicians have nothing productive to offer they end up harassing RSO’s.

      It would be great to fight back. Maybe start a crowdfund type thing? (Is suing even a good idea? I’m not a lawyer).

      Hang in there…”cream always rises”.

    • #29063 Reply
      Dan O

      I, as many other posters here, both sympathize and empathize with you. I have lost 2 careers and several jobs because of being on the registry.
      First and foremost I am a christian and operate my life as best I can by biblical principles and I can tell you from personal experience, if you can’t yourself forgive, you will never find peace. That being said, forgiving another does not entail laying down and letting others trample you. God does expect you to care for and protect what He has entrusted you with and He is a defender of those who do it in the right frame of mind. I will be praying for you as well as those that hurt you that your life may go on as God would have it, and that their life will change for the betterment of all as well.
      I took responsibility for my crime (and deeds of utter stupidity) in 1996. For the next 18 years my life floundered as careers and jobs came and went. I had the opportunity to preach for a small congregation in a little town part time some 50 miles from my home which turned into a life changing event. I have since taken the position as a full time minister with every member aware of my past. We bought a home in the town and feel very secure. 2 years ago I started a small engine business which has taken off beyond my wildest expectations. Most of the town knows about my past because one of our local dope dealers doesn’t like me and when he fond out he did his level best to ruin me but there is a verse in the bible that describes what actually happened
      Isaiah 54:17 (ASV)
      No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of Jehovah, and their righteousness which is of me, saith Jehovah.
      the worst response I got was “So what”.
      This is almost embarrassing to admit but by the providence of God; The city chief of police is my next door neighbor and a friend. The county sheriff is one of my very best friends and I do trust him because among other things I baptized him this past summer and the city mayor is a regular customer of my business, all being aware of my past.
      God can change things but he only helps those who help themselves so get and stay busy, and always remember
      Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)
      I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

    • #29071 Reply

      @Dan O, I am impressed. Actually Sandy has a good topic and I’m sure your words of becoming a preacher or minister is commendible. Sure not everybody is called to be a preacher but helping others is what its all about.
      Now we all can rant and rave about all this sex shenanigans. Me with my potty mouth or someone taking or over abusing sexual liberties, I believe now today its called sexual misconduct in certain social circles, same thing its all sexual in content, whether physical encounter or verbal encounter.
      I’m sure Dan would agree with me on this who can judge another man’s thoughts, his demeanor, or his emotional status. I’m sure we have all lost jobs and such from these offenses that are more alarming as Deliah deceiving Samson. And yes we are all sinners, but here’s one big key to this deliemna, trying is not the way its trusting.
      Sure we are all human but did you ever ponder why Paul was used in the bible, He was a chief sinner. It hurts me to see everybody sort of down in the dumps over this sex offender stuff and losing jobs is no good, In fact I had two good demo store companies I worked for and enjoyed setting up in’store demo’s. Those all faded away with this little sex ordeal I am under.
      Now I do a bit of personalization and had to create my own business and build it up from scratch but I get by. As far as friends’ go there is only one and He is spiritual and he will never leave you unless you leave him. So lets all make a mission this coming to getting raid of a lot of this sex offender stuff and voice it out. Why do you think the book says Judge not or you be judged or maybe I should of been a bank robber or a soul robber. People can take a piece of your soul if you let them. Remember two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • #29082 Reply
      Wayne N.

      Daniel Silverman’s situation is heartbreaking and unacceptable. His account is a very loud echo of not only his experience but that of others as well. My opinion – Legal action (civil and possibly criminal) should be promptly taken. This is a situation that I would contribute to financially to help hire legal council. I encourage Dan to check online with the legitimate attorney resource/review sites to assist in contacting attorneys, many who may work on a contingency basis. With current events such as they are in entertainment, politics, the media, and elsewhere, this is a unique time for action – for Dan and for all of us.

    • #29146 Reply

      obvious anwers where the eck are you? if you are out of the Country, they should never bother you! You are not subject to U.S. laws!!! Are you still a citizen? even so, if you finished your registration on whatever state you were convicted you are done. am I wrong?

      dan 0 not everyone can help themselves! and that is how they want it…

      Wayne sure the are lots of lawyers pouring in line to work for free on consignment spending their money to help do the right thing. Yeap

      how did Muniz even challenge anything? Is he rich, powerful, thru rich powerful family? frinds? Free state counsel…yeah right!

      • #29167 Reply

        Making it out of the country doesn’t guarantee anything. NY, WI, and Florida keep you in the registry regardless where you move.

        Right now I’m still waiting for NY to reply to the lawyer because unlike Doe v O’Donnell my offense didn’t originate in NY and I have no ties or intention of returning to the US.

        These three states will have you lost your address and be registered even though the registries are supposed to only apply to you if you live in that state. Which puts people like myself in a weird predicament with IML as passports may be revoked while we are living overseas and we won’t even know about it. So the next time we cross a border or renew a visa it would get us arrested and deported.

        Somehow due to a lack of wording these states have international jurisdiction and can issue warrants for not continuing to register. If that’s not over stepping I’m not sure what is.

    • #29327 Reply
      Harold “Chris’ Reynolds

      After spending 8 years and 9 months of a 121 month sentence for possession and distribution, I was fortunate enough to escape any real violence and never suffered bodily harm. We all know that the system is 100% broke and offers no rehabilitation at all. Until the country as a whole rids itself of the “Jim Crow” mentality, I am afraid that we are in for a very long battle.
      I am personally seeking to “humanize” the current situation from soups to nuts so to speak, but do not know how. If I had felt more comfortable talking about my sexual addiction BEFORE it twisted down the path to an offense, my life would be totally different now (don’t let any “educated” clinical psychologists hear that) . Those of us who committed these offenses, and their families, do not deserve to have their whole lives DESTROYED by a system that is doing nothing more than sacrificing us on the altar of “public safety.”
      Our government is misguided and corrupt, not stupid. It learned a great deal about public panic from the stock market crash in 1929. The law makers and politicians have learned how to control public concerns before it reaches a peak. By offering “solutions to the SO problem” in the U.S., they do nothing more than place an opiate filled pacifier in the mouths of all the unsuspecting citizens of the U.S. In turn this justifies their over-inflated budget and makes them look like heroes in the eyes of their constituents. Numerous other factors play a role as well – I lack space to further my argument. Feel free to email me at HCReynolds1969@gmail.com.
      I’m sick of sitting down. David killed Goliath with one smooth stone.

    • #29404 Reply

      I wonder if we have an American council of Justice today. All this these doings are getting a bit out of hand even with women coming front 20 yrs. later and wanting to make accusations that seem to want to downgrade others. I believe its time for American’s to stand up and use their bible studies that one learns in Sunday school or are we all not guilty of something other than bearing false witness.

      Does this American government or council direct peoples thought?. Are the sex schemes some type of vain offering or are these schemes some type of catch-22 as one mentioned on here. Playing the devils’ deciple isn’t too cool. I believe a lot of this if not all needs to be abolished. I believe we must remember we are all made of good and evil. Each person believes he is in the right and that persons enemy believes the same thing but when all of this is over true Justice, which is God’s justice will prevail. Are a lot of these sex texting schemes more of a political challenge or a reliegous challange. Are they more orthodoxy as it was in the time of moses, or are they a mockery to true justice both Gods Justice and man’s Justice?
      The bible says a person can’t serve two masters. Are these sex sting operations God made or man mad?. Are those in authority abusining God’s ordainship since Government is ordained by God. Are they themselves breaking the 10 commandments in a certain way by this deception. Are ministers of God for good first and formost? Should ministers of God entice someone or pursuade another by some callous nature by a deception of some sort? Is not God and his law the 10 commandments still in effect? and are they loving thy neighbor when they do wrong to thy neighbor? Do we all parish by lack of knowledge or should we understand that love covers a multiple of sins. These are all serious questions to ponder on.
      Now after a person has done his probation or prison time of whatever time and your up for parole one goes in front of a prole board and they say something like you have spent 10 years of a thirty year time and they say something to the fact “do you feel rehiblitated” and you say well let me see, rehiblitated, I don’thave any idea of what that means but if i feel sorry I feel sorry each day for what has happened. How the state can set a person up for no reason at all sort of a political play of power of playing the devil’s advocate. Rehiblitation is a made up word a politician’s word so some can wear a suit and tie and get some vain glory to say they are protecting society with this safty measure that was all crafted by man.

    • #30514 Reply

      It is sad but true that the registry is destroying honest hard working people. My husband was previously married and had a step daughter that was out of control. Because he was strict with her and his marriage was almost completely in the toilet his step daughter drove the final nail and said he touched her. She admitted in an interview that she lied, but they prosecuted him anyway. His life, and livelihood ruined. He served time was on probation and received an early release. When we were married he moved thinking fresh start..nope…can’t find work..started his own business……gets squashed when a background check is ran. He was however able to earn 12,000 in 2 months. Recently his mom had a stroke and he has been working with lawyer for curatorship because that’s what a son does…takes care of his mom..someone mom barely knows went and got emergency curatorship along with his uncle basing it on that fact. Said he has been astranged..not the case. Blocked him from any information on his moms well being. Every time we try to do anything she uses this against him, and the judge we go before next week has already made his decision, so I and his sister are going to request it in order for him to be allowed in his moms life. I have been disowned by my family for marrying him. Their loss not mine. I stand by him and know he is a great man…but the registry has made life hell! I have had to block out my windows from nosey neighbors!

    • #56182 Reply

      I feel for this man whole heartedly. As a fellow registrant I know how hard it is to live. I am 25 yes, I was guilty but, I owned up to what I did and I also wrote my own affidavit. She compounded what I said by saying it was forced when it wasn’t. If anyone needs an ear to listen feel free to vent to me. My man is also a registrant. We hold each other up when the world tries to beat us down.

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