NARSOL, Vivante Espero directors gather for annual planning retreat

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      Robin Vander Wall
      Robin Vander Wall

      By Robin . . . The combined boards of NARSOL and Vivante Espero gathered together in Houston, Texas, for their fifth annual board retreat planning ses
      [See the full post at: NARSOL, Vivante Espero directors gather for annual planning retreat]

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      Tony Lesko

      I am writing to the group for 2 reasons: 1: are there any laws that I should be aware of that could change my status , it involves my health situation – I was diagnosed with cancer in 2017 and had surgery in April 2018 to remove a 32 pound tumor from my pelvic area, as a result, the S1 nerve was lost and this ended up impacting my ability to go to the bathroom (catheter for urine & colostomy bag for bowel movements. Since completing rehab at the VA, I have had a couple of UTI’s and two of them sent me to the hospital. I also lost the ability to walk, as I have no feeling in both feet and diagnosed as a paraplegic, so I am wheelchair bound. So physically and mentally, I don’t have the urge for sex, nor look for sex. Is there a scenario whereupon a person on the registry, had a health situation that change his behavior and was no longer a threat to commit a sex offense. Can someone please advise? I am just curious to see if something can be done. I appreciate your time and assistance in fighting on behalf of the RSO’s, Hope you have a nice day.

      Tony Lesko

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        You really should talk to an attorney in your state about that. I doubt there is a law that would mandate your release from the registry, but if you go before a judge who can witness your condition firsthand, I think there is a fair chance the case will be decided in your favor.

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        Tony, some states do have laws in place for your situation (Ga for one). As Fred said, it depends on where you live.

        Fred, “I doubt there is a law that would mandate your release from the registry…”, you can doubt it, but at least one state does have laws regarding this (O.C.G.A. § 42-1-19). Will a judge in a state without such laws rule in his faver, maybe, I doubt it.

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      Imagine if they had the burden of proof in proving you were a danger to society before they could take your rights away. The law is supposed to work this way so i say go for it after talking to a lawyer of course! You have medical proof that you are not a danger. If they follow the constitution you should win your freedom from this giant government supported defamation of character campaign.

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      Tim in WI

      Best regards NARSOL,
      May 2020 be the year human liberty again outweighs machine database.
      Can there be any doubt at all the intent of it’s development was a foundation for the imposition of vindictive and retributive affirmative disabilities restraints? Why it is nothing less than plain indenture but something more, slavery repackaged in the sanctuary of a nations most vulnerable. New world order indeed for human knd.

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      Sex, Sex, and the underdog. Now I don’t know anybody that doesn’t like to play poker. A lot of this whole sex thing is like some correct jepordy answer is…… So who needs a lawyer today or who dares go to court un front of the unjust. Seems like calling a S.O.B. is ok in certain circles but use a potty mouth and a descriptive sexual text and its like ” Their coming to take you away ha ha! So sorry sometimes doesn’t get it. Its the money that talks. Think about it.

      Sex ia a personal issue for any individual. Law enforcement are duping each and every one of us that doesn’t stand up and voice out on a lot of this issue that is all man made to trap one. Sure they say you can’t use entraptment so where does reason and logic and a bit of ” True” understanding.

      Sure opinions are good and a good board of directors is always good. While we all have responsiblities and business is business the main focus is to do away with much of this Sex Registry. Even Robin said once on here “Its a shame I can’t go to church” Well there’s nothing to fear but fear itself and church is a decision for all. Nothing wrong with church except they have kids… still its not right.

      Yes we all have grivances and this ordeal only compounds a person that is caught up in this web. Law enforcement is just as much the blame in a lot of these masquarade’s. And I do thank NARSOL for helping torid a lot of this registry as well as other orgizations. I have had my depressions for 3 years or more but “Feeling stronger every day” is a big plus and I like Chicago too.

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