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Support efforts to reform oppressive sexual offense laws

It is extremely important that registrants and their family members, as well as all members of society who believe in constructive and fair laws, come together in the fight to change the oppressive sexual offense laws. By donating, you are helping to support NARSOL's efforts to fight harmful legislation and to educate our lawmakers and the public with fact-based evidence and statistics.

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Support NARSOL's Legal and Education Efforts

Your donation will go towards the printing of educational material with fact based evidence, maintain this and other websites, and the creation of other educational resources to be presented to members of our state and federal legislative branches, as well as the public.

Donations to NARSOL's foundation Vivante Espero are tax deductible.

Donate to NARSOL's Legal Fund

Help bring change to the oppressive sexual offense laws by supporting ongoing legal actions and upcoming lawsuits.  Your donation will go directly towards these efforts.  

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Donations to NARSOL's foundation Vivante Espero are tax deductible.