LBJ to New Mexico sheriffs: No, you can’t do that

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . Liberty and Justice Coalition, NARSOL’s affiliate organization in New Mexico, is blanketing the state by sending a “cease and desist” l
      [See the full post at: LBJ to New Mexico sheriffs: No, you can’t do that]

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      Great to see the LJC calling out these sheriffs on their unlawful “laws”.
      I have a question for NARSOL… I am a registered citizen in Louisiana (tier 1, no probation) and my local sheriff’s office has told me that anytime I leave Louisiana for more than 7 days I MUST report to their office at least three days prior to my departure and provide them where I am going, how long I will be there, etc. They cite the following from the Louisiana State Police website which states… “The offender shall register and provide all of the following information to the appropriate law enforcement agencies: Any temporary lodging information regarding any place where the offender plans to stay for seven or more days. This information shall be provided at least three days prior to the date of departure unless an emergency situation has prevented the timely disclosure of the information.”

      I see that the second point made in LJC’s letter to NM sheriffs informs that there is not requirement by SORNA requiring this travel information to be provided by the SO. Does this apply to all states?
      I travel out of state about 6 times a year for more than 7 days and each time I have to go to the sheriff’s office and tell them where I am going, how I am getting there, and when I get back. They also want me to contact them after I actually get back home. Again I ask… can Louisiana actually require me to provide this info? (This is also posted on the Louisiana legislative website and is RS 15:542(C)(n)(i).)

      I support NARSOL, have posted here in the past, and I really appreciate all the work that NARSOL does for all of us. Thank you.

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      John Rackman

      Action instead of empty words… THIS is what needs to happen more and more. Reporting on what is happening as opposed to editorializing on what could or should be is a great approach, Sandy. I hate to say it, but we are not going to stir up sympathy for us by whining about ‘how unfair’ the registry is (even if it is unfair) – stick to the facts and the illegality/unconstitutionality of the whole affair and make an appeal to logic and reason instead of emotionalism, because we won’t win with the latter, only the former.

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      You are awesome! Love it. THANK YOU NARSOL!!!!

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      Thank you can not be said enough for the work ya all do. I have been encouraging everyone ik to plz join Marsol in their state. It is pretty awe inspiring to think that if all registrants in California alone just gave $10 a month it would be over 1 million a.month. imagine what we could do.

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      I live in WV and just received a letter from WV state police. It told me if I had any intentions of leaving the country by land, sea, or air I had to give them 21 days notice ahead of time with proper address I would be visiting along with an itinerary. I had 10 days from the date I received the letter to sign and put back in the mail with the self addressed stamped envelope or I would be in violation and face another felony of failure to register. Funny thing is that it was not even sent certified. What happens if it was lost in the mail or if I didn’t get the letter in time? I have been on the registry for over 15 years and never had a problem. I was involved in a car accident almost 2 years ago and revived a concussion. Got a new vehicle and forgot to register it. Was arrested and received a 5 year prison sentence suspended. The judge acted like he did me a favor. I just received a degree from a technical school and now no one wants to hire me due to my fresh felony. When will this stop? Sometimes I wish I just won’t wake up in the morning. They have to control all aspects of your life till they can find you dead or back in a prison cell.

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      I wonder how many of these sheriffs are going to be arrogant enough to throw the ‘cease and desist’ letter in the trash.
      It seems that the Georgia ‘halloween signs in the front yard’ has sparked other sheriffs to see just how far they can go and get away with it.
      Hopefully, sooner better than later, the Justice system is going to get tired of all this and abolish the registry because of all the problems it is causing in the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary branches of the government.
      It is deeply refreshing to know that there are those who are willing to stand up against law enforcement who make their own rules and laws.
      United we stand.

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      Ed C

      The answer to your question is in Louisiana law. The New Mexico NARSOL affiliate based its letter on the law in that state. Your legislature may well have instituted travel requirements. I suggest you read the statutes carefully.

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      James Coghill

      Law enforcement was never supposed to be composed of bullies. Law enforcement was intended to protect the weak from people like that.

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      Tim in WI

      They can’t but did. They can’t open lawyer mail in jail neither but do. They can’t indenture but did. I see and appreciate NARSOL effort but the bunch they really fight aren’t even in the open……..yet! The actions by leo here are a symptom of a much broader project. New Mexico has Wisconsin’s poster child for murderous kidnapper locked up in their prison. Wisconsin found it necessary to traffic him there to be warehoused for now and perhaps for life.

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      Stephen H

      Great going NARSOL and LJC. Professional legal pushback is right in line and I suspect most sheriffs will comply once it runs thru their county legal department. No one wants to lose more money for county projects to fighting off an obvious losing argument in court. Once they know LJC means business and has some teeth, they will comply or have to get their wallets out.

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      Well done! Let’s hope this is just the start of us baring our teeth and using our claws!

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      The state of Ohio says you cannot live more than 1000 feet from a school or daycare. Try finding a place to live in Franklin County (Columbus.) Virtually impossible! And you cant leave the county to find housing either.
      The 1000 foot law needs abolished. You would literally need to buy 81 acres and plant a house right in the middle of it to insure you would never have to move again.
      No wonder more and more registrants are homeless and living on the streets. And they claim the registey isn’t punitive?

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      Thank you Sandy for keeping us posted. If there is anything that I am aware of I will let you know! Saddles, just wanted to let you know that I look forward to everything that you write on the NARSOL post, as well as several other.

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      I’ve said it before; and, I’ll say it again. Until The Registry is entirely eradicated, NONE OF US will ever be safe. Congress MUST do one of two things: 1. Either create a Registry FOR ALL CRIME, MISDEMEANORS AND FELONIES and include ALL Citizens including All Government Segments: Legislative, Judicial and Executive. Or 2.
      Eradicate the Registry ENTIRELY!! This is Jim Crow all over again. Only now, it’s targeting ONLY US. The Congress-every Representative and Senator-MUST be made aware, that to Legislate Hardship and eventual Early Death on us, is not only Inhumane, but downright Criminal in and of itself. Law Enforcement MUST be held to the exact same standards as we are. We all know how much THEY get away with Sex Crimes, and most if not nearly all STILL keep their jobs!! Now, we know Registry Funding costs money right? A LOT. So what do you think Congress would do, if given the choice: Either Repeal and Eradicate The Registry altogether, or create one FOR EVERYONE REGARDLESS OF RACE, CLASS OR INCOME?? We all know what they’d do then. Nuff said!

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      Paul Hanley

      Hi John,
      As a professional writer and registrant whose actions ARE often my words, I still love your statement, “Actions instead of empty words.” As I see it, evil flourishes mainly because so little is actually done to stop it. THANK YOU, NARSOL – So proud to be a member after reading this!

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      Can many of us remember the times we skipped school, got sent to the principals office, had to stay in detention hall when growing up or got expelled from school for disciplinary reasons. Sure a principal is only doing their job and yes NARSOL is only doing their job in this to help others and to strive to abolish,radify much of these irrational laws many of these ordeals we face so you are the ones that are making a difference. Each and ever one of you.

      Here I am sixty five but yes we all can share and care a lot, isn’t that what love is all about for one’s fellow man. So either one presses on or looks for the dark side of things and the emotional trama that many of these ordeals can cause is very unethical in many ways. Even Paul Harvey commemted on legislation gone bad.

      Sure studying behavioral sicence or political science is good if used constructively but much of this sex registry is not used in that manner. Yes I studied penology and I’m sure Robin did also. Offending rates, etc but this ordeal we all are facing is a bit touchy and devesting and callous in many area’s. Yes I have spent a little time in jail but working to help others is always good. So if I have to give any thumbs up its to each and every one of you the people on here.

      We all have a job to do in this historical moment in time with this sex registry ordeal to abolish it or to radify much if not many of these issues. Someone talked about Abe Lincoln on here, did he really free the slaves? So who is rape’ing who? Sure I am glad about these stop and decist letters as no one likes fear factors.

      Sure I’m glad I went to Marshall for a while finished high school, and strightened my life up. Yes John Marshall Chief justice of the Supreme Court. While these are wrong in many unconstitual area’s one face seem it is a biit out of line in true justice.

      As Charles one of the modators on here said on here about police, they are only doing their job in many ways but standing up and making a difference in the right way is beneficial to all and biblical understanding and yes honesty is the best policy in any ordeal or who is going against the grain with this Benedict Arnold feascal. Much or many of these ordeals are unjust and scandlous at best and some on her would like to say ” Give me liberty or give me death.

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      As some say on here they can do anything they want. Sure a legal letter of stop and desist is always good in many issues we all face on here. Its considered a legal document and I have written several. I’m in the process of sending a letter but its how one’s wording and constructs it that has to be taken into consideration.

      Sure I would suggest anyone on here to take some time. Use a dictionary if necessary and write letters. One never know’s how much confidence that letter will bring to both parties if it is constructed right. Whether you write in pen or type it. Sure it has to convey meaning and the purpose of the letter whether its to help a group in your area, yourself or what, the body of the letter is whats important.

      Even some of these Articles on here are eye-openers and yes we are going into the holiday season and one never know’s just how effective one can be. Sure I’ve written several letters and even a response from the White House.
      Sure the salutation is there and a bit of a form letter thanking me for the thoughtful suggestion on how to address this important issue facing the Nation and yada, yada yours truely Donald Trump. Together we will prosper when America is united.

      All I am saying its never to hard to try and try again. It is very important in this issue we all face in much of this correctional ordeal that is a bit to much for any citizen to face.

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      If you are not on probation, or parole no government body can ask you for information with the threat of punishment if you do not comply this is compelled speech and totally illegal under the constitution in the USA. Next time someone messes up and forgets or misses their deadline try this it has to work.

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      d – I have to agree with your thoughts on this compelled speech. Sure speaking out is good even if its in the form of a letter or a verbal speech in person in real time actions. Yes we all have had some great Orators down thru the ages. While all of us can look at much of this registry as a ” To kill a mockingbird ” type of seneiro we all still have a job to do to help not just us involved but mankind that get mixed up in many or much of this devious ordeal.

      Sure Actions speak louder than words or who sees the writings on the wall today in a lot of this callous internet ordeal with all the pitfalls. And yes mankind can ssay well I was just doing my job but d there is a right way and a wrong for everything. but getting the job done is most important . Whats that pharse if you first dont’ succeed try and try again.

      I guess one can trust their car to Allstate but who can trust others in this computer type act we all go thru in many ways or should mankind never make a mistake. Mich of this registry is man made and many of these ordeals are a bit much.

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      Hi Saddles,

      My point is the next time someone gets in trouble for not registering on time or failing to have the proper weight on their drivers license (Yes this is a requirement in IN). They can have their public defender try the compelled free speech argument stating it was unconstitutional for the state to punish someone for not providing information. This has to work if they follow the word of law.

      This message is not legal advise I am not a lawyer.

      Best Regards

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        I’m curious. Is there any leeway in “failing to have the proper weight on their drivers license”? 1 lb, 0.1 lb… what’s the law say?

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      Richard If one had to use reasoning one would say reasoning or measure of doubt that’s why I enjoy all thee viewpoints on here.

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      I think it is 20 LBS

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      i am from Italy hello. Can you help me translate? /rardor

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      Tim in WI

      The presumption of benevolence in database impact upon liberty. Free man can owe no duty to database maintenance – save volition. We’re we founded as a re:publica or re:machina? Some prefer the latter.

      Indenture to property maintenance is not a new trick in the King tyrant’s book.

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      This is what New Mexico needs sheriff’s being called out for misusing the uniform to scare people into the will get want. Laws are to be inforced as set on the books not as officers see fit. Laws are to help people not hurt them. New Mexico thanks you so much for what you do everyday.

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