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Wrapping up Halloween for another year — and looking forward

By Sandy . . . This has been an amazing Halloween season.

Overall, I sent emails to 73 Patch writers and editors in 25 states.

I sent emails to 27 other media outlets and/or journalists.

We sent out two press releases, here and here.

I engaged in conversation on several Facebook pages, most notably in regard to this piece about a little town in Georgia whose mayor had declared that “all” on the sex offender registry would be required to spend the hours between 6 and 9 p.m. “housed” in the city council chambers and “accompanied” by three probation officers and one law officer.

The Mayor’s statement was made on his Facebook page, and I wrote a factual comment there. Imagine my surprise when I very quickly received a private response from the mayor! He told me that what was happening was a joint effort with the Georgia Probation Dept. I wrote back asking if it involved only those under community supervision, or if, as he was quoted, all on the registry would be detained.

I received no reply. After about thirty minutes I asked him for an answer and then again a while later. In the meantime, two different reporters called me. They were writing stories about that little Georgia town and wanted information about the facts I put on the Facebook page. While the mayor never responded to me again, one of the journalists talked with him. The mayor clarified that it was only persons on supervision who would be required guests of the city on Halloween. The stories by those two journalists can be seen here and here.

A TV reporter in Macon, Georgia called and interviewed me, and while the video he and his station aired was erroneously focused on registered sex offenders as a threat to trick-or-treaters, they did show our website and quoted me accurately about the lack of effectiveness in that strategy.

A TV reporter in Augusta called, and I referred her to Brenda who did this interview with her.

I interviewed with a TV reporter in Alexandria, Louisiana; this is video of her report.

Two reporters from Missouri called, one with KRMS radio, and the other with KY3 News TV.

A media outlet in Beaumont, Texas printed our second press release.

After that, it is almost a blur. Brenda interviewed with a reporter in Boise, Idaho. Robin interviewed with an AP reporter about a Tennessee situation and with a station in his hometown Raleigh, North Carolina. I interviewed with a TV station in Wichita, Kansas and a radio station in Georgia.

When sheriffs in two adjacent Georgia counties, Butts and Spalding, decided to place “no candy” yard signs and flyers at the residences of all registered offenders in their counties, NARSOL wrote and hand-delivered formal letters of protest and appeals for them to refrain from their actions. We have had verified that, to no surprise, Sheriff Long in Butts Co. proceeded with his signs and will be very surprised if Spalding’s Sheriff Dix did any differently.

We have taken our first step in addressing these actions targeting registrants who have totally completed their sentences.

Our five-hour NARSOL in Action Halloween Marathon and “Cop-Watch” Hotline was a huge success. Our wonderful attorney guests King Alexander, Janice Bellucci, Paul Dubbeling, and Guy Hamilton Smith, along with RTAG’s Paul Rigney, discussed U.S. v. Gundy, blanket internet restrictions, and International Megan’s Law and passport issues as well as helped host Larry field questions and concerns from numerous call-in guests around the country. The audio will be posted on the website very soon.

It was an overwhelming Halloween, but it was wonderful. Pressure is being put more and more on Patch to stop their “red-dot” maps. The waste of resources is being deplored in journalistic efforts from shore to shore. Law enforcement entities that initiate actions toward registered citizens who are no longer under supervision have been put on notice. NARSOL is both humbled and proud to be such an integral part of these efforts and looks forward to the day when the myth of the dangerous sex offender who comes out at Halloween and must be carefully guarded against takes its place along with the “stranger-danger” predator who haunts school yards and parks.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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    Al D.

    Two famous quotes…

    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

    “Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.” W. Clement Stone

    Keep up the good work!

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    Richard Earl

    Sandy, The word amazing falls short of the professionalism and responses you have accomplished. The way you attack the entire country would make any General take pause. I hold you in high esteem.

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    Pip Sheppard

    Sandy, you are to be commended for ALL of your efforts. As always, they are truly appreciated.

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    You guys are doing a fine job. Before your intervention I remember buying a house in a small town in Texas. The wife and I were elated to finally be at a place in our life where we could own home. As it has seemed to be for me more often than not my best moments quickly turn into my worst. I was told by the local law enforcemwnt that if I tried to live in my house I would be thrown in jail. There was nothing close to my house but a senior living facility meeting hall that some times had underage visitors. Now mind you I’ve been on the registry since I was about 19 or 20. Most of my adult life has been spent under the yoke of hate and intolerance and subject to a daily dose of media which mirrors the same sentiment. I even researched or tried to find perhaps even another country to live in but quickly realized that the united states of prison has made it so you couldnt even,leave if you wanted to. (Unless you are wealthy which is unlikely for many of us)
    Its good to see somebody well equipped and able to take a stance for a group of people that nobody seems to be willing to be humane to. People used to understand that certain rights can never be alienated for any citizen no matter how much you despise them. (Hence enalienable rights are quite alienable) Its a slippery slope and eventually others will join us there. Thanks for your hard work.

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    Dr. Robert J. Paradise, Ph.D.

    Thank you for all you did to try and expose the stereotypical myths and draconian practices that continue to punish, shame and harass former offenders and their families. Keep up the good work.

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    Art B

    Thanks for all you do! Maybe one day soon “Sex Offender Harassment Day – Oct 31st” will return to “Halloween Day – Oct 31st” due to your efforts.

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    Matthew S.

    Has any information been gathered on any possible vigilantism stemming from the posting of signs in these people’s yards?

    All the comments I read on FB stating things like how we deserve horrible deaths, and I feel police feel the same way sometimes, makes me worry for those that were or are required to have the signs.

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    Capt Charles Munsey Jr. USN (Ret)

    In the Navy I learned to not ask a question if I did not already know the answer. Sandy knew the answer to her question proposed to the sheriff. He knew that she knew and he did not want to be quoted by stating a lie as to his intentions. A non-response is as good as a response. I ask constitutional questions as to an ordinance here in Brevard County Florida, and none of the county commissioners respond. They know that I know they are in violation of the constitution and don’t want their violation brought out into the light. This is how cowardly bureaucrats respond.

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    Thank you so much for all that each one of you at NARSOL is and has been doing, and special thanks to Brenda Jones and Sandy Rozek who went out to the front lines and fought against this horrible hysteria brought out by the media and public officials.
    I feel condemned everywhere I go and helpless, and I am a danger to no one at all.
    There was no violence whatsoever, but getting involved with an underage girl was completely wrong and I alone am to blame.
    It has been over 20 years and I have never re-offended and would never re-offend again, but yet I am treated by society as a bomb that is ready to go off any moment, and thought of as a heinous monster ready to devour someone’s child, and it is just so hard living with this, and trying to live a normal life, which is almost impossible because society just keeps punishing me even though I served the sentence required by the law.
    God bless all of you at NARSOL for fighting for truth, justice, and liberty.

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    Thank you Sandy for all your hard work, much appreciated. So great to hear that you did so many interviews.

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