NARSOL to monitor Halloween hysteria

There are some indications that the facts about Halloween and registered sex offenders are being heard by some. The amount of fear-mongering, Halloween-hysteria media pieces is marginally less, but far too much still exists. Some of the situations are egregious, with registrants in one area being required to take off work if need be in order to be locked up for five hours on Halloween night. Law enforcement and “Halloween safety” information still are focused on the non-existent risk posed by those on the registry. In response to these irresponsible, wasteful, and futile policies, NARSOL issued this press release to major media across the nation.

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      Ed from Mars

      Another reason that’s makes it difficult to maintain a real, and real paying, job.
      SOs have to lose time for probation or parole, therapy, and registering. Now some are going lose hours, or their jobs, for this program of persecution.
      Hey! Where’s my scarlet “S”!

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      I along with Tn4Change coordinator Harold Rector have been looking into this 11-day curfew to which registrants who are subject to Community Supervision for Life have to abide by. We have both read articles that claim TN is one of several states that has a “no candy” law on the books, however, neither one of us have been able to locate this alleged statute. Harold is leaning toward an impermissible delegation of legislative powers.

      I am cautiously leaning toward the 11-day curfew only applying to those of us who are still subject to TN Dept. of Corrections supervision pursuant to the community supervision statute TCA 39-13-524. I can’t see the state imposing an 11-day curfew on offenders over whom they have no supervisory authority.

      I have reached out to Alex Friedmann of Prison Legal News and he suggested that I file an open records request from the T.B.I. and the T.D.O.C. and request all records, memos, emails, etc. related to the establishment of that policy or rule.

      If it turns out that this rule came about as a result of the TN legislature delegating their authority to either the TN Dept of Corrections or the TN Bureau of Investigation AND IF GUNDY IS DECIDED IN HIS FAVOR, there will be strong grounds on which to attack some if not all of this 11-day curfew madness.

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      Sex offender label

      Anyone with a S.O. label , Good Luck, things will just get worse, too many things in place to keep that money machine happening (lots of money made off us)
      I’d really tried to live a normal life after CALIF parole made me register in 1998 due to a non violent probation violation from 1978
      “lewd Act of a minor (female)”
      that they found before releasing me.

      1st thing that overpaid P.O. did was NOT allow me to see my 5 yr son
      & making me homeless (sleeping in a cardboard box most nights until I brought a RV)
      Parole gather us up every Halloween to put us in a some rehab center with hot dogs so they could watch us.
      I had lost jobs, housing and couldn’t even do Art shows at my local SF galleries with this label.
      Wife divorcing me later due to P.O. violating me so many times for B.S. that I’d ended up 10 years in that corrupt parole/prison system
      (after being sentence for 2 years to prison 1997 for burglary due to a drug relapsed).

      I still haven’t seen my son since, pure evil breaking up your family, plain and simple.

      Finally, I got the hell out of that police state and country once off parole.

      My advice,
      get a new life outside USA.
      I DID and love my freedom living as a human being which you really can NOT do with a S.O. label broadcasting us like we are all dangerous predators.

      Passport expires in 2025, hopefully you all will start a revolution and I can return back home and look for my son
      (when I’m in my 70’s).
      Hey, keep up the good work NARSOL. Happy Halloween!

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      I want to eliminate my front door! No one uses it anyway, oh except the Parole Officer that came to our house. I am sorry, we did have someone trying to sell us insurance, and an a aerial picture of our house. We either come into our home via the garage or come in down in the basement which is real nice. So if I eliminate the front door I guess I can eliminate trick or treaters. But I do like to have a light so that we can see where we are going. We never got a trick or treater here anyway, so I would think that would be ok!@!!

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