Cop-watch hotline part of NARSOL Halloween Marathon

Reports have come in from several different states that the required Halloween “round-up” of paroled and probationary registrants has an even more sinister twist. In addition to these exercises diverting attention and resources away from where children are at actual risk of harm — both for sexual abuse and for injury or death on Halloween — some jurisdictions are requiring registrants to take off work early or to “make arrangements” to miss work altogether in order to submit to forced detention for up to five hours on Halloween evening.

This requirement will cost the registrant and family lost wages and income and has the potential to even cost a registrant his or her job.

These are the sorts of requirements that NARSOL is especially interested in hearing about during its second five-hour NARSOL in Action Halloween Marathon. Additionally, those who have any requirements or regulations that interfere with their lives are encouraged to call. Some jurisdictions have been known to enforce regulations which may not be permitted to them by law, and we will have attorneys on the call to evaluate those situations.

Our second Halloween press release gives a link to full contact information and the various ways to access this year’s Marathon call.

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      I’ll never forget the Halloween night when I was still on parole, and two very conspicuously uniformed parole officers came to my door in front of all my neighbors. It was a real treat. I’m out, but I’m still doing life.

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      Kimberly Dehart

      Just responding to the Cop-watch hotline part of NARSOL Halloween Marathon article. My son, Parole and Registered Citizen and all parole/probationers are required to report to the Wichita County Texas parole office from 5 pm to 8 pm and MUST take off of work, if needed, to report. All the while a sign hangs in the Parole Office that says “We will never make you take off of work for a Parole meeting”…or something. Just reporting that Wichita County, Texas and supposedly an 11 county area around Wichita County (North Central Texas on OK border). I’m a Texas Voices member and reported to Marysue and others as well. But I think it important for NARSOL to get as many of these reports documented as possible. My son will be trying to call in while at the parole office. I heard and met Guy at the Texas Voices Conference in Dallas a few weeks ago. FERVENT Prayers for favor in all that you Angels on Earth at Narsol and all Voices Members in our Country. Thank You and Praise God for you ALL.

      Kimberly Fuller Dehart.

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      In Duval County (Jacksonville) Floriduh, on Halloween Day registered citizens, not on probation, have to post a sign in our front yards (or apartment doors) from 6:00 A.M. to Midnight (18 hours), which reads “NO CANDY OR TREATS HERE.” We also have to turn all outside lights off, even if we are not home, and we are told not to answer the door, unless to law enforcement (which we can’t see since the lights are off).

      Even though the ordinance provides an exclusion to posting the sign and turning the lights off if you are not home, we were told by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the agency enforcing their interpretation of the ordinance, to put the sign up and turn out the lights, regardless if we are home or not, so that’s what we have to comply with.

      Here’s the ordinance:

      Having to put the sign up at 6:00 A.M., while it’s still dark, makes us targets of vigilantes that are familiar with the ordinance, just as much as taking it down at midnight does. Plus, the sign puts a bullseye on our residences, creating an instant 18-hour “open season” on “sex offenders,” exposing ourselves and our families to possible physical and verbal assaults as well as potential property damage, which we can’t even come outside to mitigate. The open season will continue for as long as those who see the sign, and those they tell about it, remember it. It’s totally unconstitutional and plain wrong to keep punishing us the rest of our lives!

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      raymond watts

      Hello NARSOL Family,
      I live in Rydal, Georgia (30171), a small city 9.5 miles NE of Cartersville, GA (30121). I was released from a low-low security federal prison in Jan 2017, and the Atlanta RRC in June 2017. I have lived here since that date. Last year there were NO conditions about Halloween. My lights were off, and no one came to my door for hand-outs. This year, though, I must place a notification sheet (8.5″ X 11″ paper) stating “STOP! No trick-or-treating at this address. I will forward it if I can determine how to attach it as a file. I do not know if the sheriff’s department will be sending cruisers around to check if the signs are applied to front doors.

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        Raymond, can you send a pic of the sign to please? I cannot find anything online about Bartow Co. or Rydal in connection with Halloween and sex offenders for this year.

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      Like I said before we need to say NO! Don’t go in. The whole problem is that we have always said OK I’ll come in and get my punishment and this is what they rely on. Wait for them to arrest you and sue them for false imprisonment. We need to totally inundate the faulty court system with law suites. They will never see that what they are doing is wrong and will never stop harassing until we take a stand by totally overpowering the legal system with law suites and court dates. We have been taught especially by our group counseling that we don’t matter. But we do.

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      Chris Larsen

      An absolute disgrace! This country is a joke and imbalanced.

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        You are absolutely right. I told my PO “no” many times while I was on parole, and he would just give a deer in the headlights look. There’s nothing they can do, when they try to make you accept illegal conditions and you say no. If they arrest you, they yes sue the hell out of them. If they prosecute, make them waste money on court cases that will be overturned and then sue them. The system is all about money, use that against them.

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      I’m still waiting for a LOGICAL answer to this question-
      What damn difference does it make if you’re on parole/probation that these slime bag “law enforcement” agents need to check up on you (us) but once we compete our term of “punishment” (no more probation, no more registry), we suddenly don’t need to be WATCHED anymore?
      Once a convicted felon (of any crime) is done with the punishment process, they’re STILL a convicted felon who once committed a crime. But just because you’re done with your sentence of parole/probation/registry you somehow don’t matter anymore? You’re no longer a threat?
      I’m trying to be devil’s advocate here. I’m not at all saying that anyone is STILL or ever was a “threat”. I’m just trying to point out how friggin lame it is to use the excuse of “Well, he’s on probation so he’s a high priority to be monitored”. They are justifying the wasting of tax payer money.

      I’m no longer on probation or the registry, but when I was, had this crap happened to me, I’d have fought it. Even if I had to fight it myself with no money for an attorney. I’d have said there’s no way I’m risking my job and income because of your mental disorder of fear mongering the public.
      I’m sure any judge would raise an eyebrow and ask the probation dept how the hell a person who is AT WORK is any risk to the safety of the public on Halloween night.
      There ARE ways to make these over paid idiots literally LOOK LIKE idiots in a court room.

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        I hear you Maestro. I’m no longer on probation either. My 2 years for a non-contact charge ended in 2004. But, here in western NC, when officers come to verify residence they are telling all registered citizens that they are required to come into their house and verify evidence of residence such as…registrants have clothes hanging in closets or in dressers, pictures of registrants are displayed in the home, etc…meaning that they come in look around in closets, and other areas. I’ve notified the ACLU and they are asking for other registrants to contact them and describe their similar experience with unconstitutional searches. The ACLU is preparing to draft- basicly- a warning letter to LE that they are risking potential litigation if these warrantless searches continue.

        If anyone here in NC has experienced what ive described above would like contact the ACLU, the attorneys name is Sneha Shah. They are willing to keep all complaints confidential.

        Sneha Shah
        American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina
        P.O. Box 28004, Raleigh, NC, 27611
        Phone: 919-834-3466 |

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          @ Glen:

          LE is lying to all registrants not on paper that they need to enter to do their stupid compliance checks. Simply tell them if they’re not satisfied with your presence at the door when they came by, then get a warrant for whatever proof they want. They cannot enter without your consent and they know it. Deny their entry and ignore the insinuations that will follow. Odds are, “compliance check” is LE code for “rearrest.”

          If it were me, I’d record the entire exchange on my cell phone.

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      erich raulfestone

      So what IS being done about this legally?

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      linda shedlock

      How crazy is this !! They notify where a registrant lives isn’t that enough . The state and law enforcement charge all types of fees on these poor people and then want them to take time off . Encouraging poor work ethics is what that looks like to me . All for Halloween .

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      I’m a SO. And seems the laws don’t protect us.

      I just watched the police video footage from my discovery and learned some very disturbing things.

      What started as a normal pull over for a head light turned into the officers voices turning filled with hate as soon as they learned I was a SO. On the phone for over an hour with their superiors trying to find a reason to arrest me. Searched me illegally. Harassed me and my fiancé.

      My fiancé be and a “suspect” simply because he’s my fiancé. And the Prosecution has seen this video. The police have seen it in Internal Affairs. The court is aware of it. And can see I got a ticket and almost arrested on false charges simply because I’m a SO!

      And no one cares. I can’t find a single solitary lawyer or support group to help. No one.

      Changing large scale laws are important. But we need help on these simple laws that are meant to protect every citizen that don’t include us.

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      cop watch hotline should be a permanent thing.

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