NARSOL’s vice-chair attends AFP conference in San Antonio

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . At NARSOL, each of us wears many hats. Robin Vander Wall is the organization’s vice-chair, president of its foundation (Vivante Espero)
      [See the full post at: NARSOL’s vice-chair attends AFP conference in San Antonio]

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      Peter Marana

      Robin, thanks for taking the time to attend the AFP. Making contacts at the conference, joining the AFP and attending their workshops will all help NARSOL’s growth. Obviously much of what you learned can be passed along to the board and state affiliates. NARSOL’s mission of education and advocacy will be fueled by greater resources. So, successfully reaching the registrant population, their families, friends and supporters is step one. Thanks again for attending the AFP.

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        Robin Vander Wall
        Robin Vander Wall

        Thanks, Peter. Was really great to be there! I look forward to sharing what I learned with the boards. Hope all is well with you and yours.

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      WTG Robin!

      This, like the state of Michigan, is hard up against the big data brokers and Federal Surveillance Saints collusion. No man can doubt the connection between Big Brother and big data! The databases far more a threat to National Security and plain liberty than any single man could be. The sex offender was the tool used to advance big data firms agenda. The state of Wisconsin law used to discourage law enforcement sharing information to unauthorized persons. That a fiat to SOR broadcast. That constitutional position was obliterated by big data and Byrne Grant cash and I’m certain politicos profited extraordinarily. There will be no aid in the track backward to Alaska V. Doe with undoubtedly unfettered and unconstitutional USES OF DATABASE. It will take a huge effort to expose the profiteering & Plain indenture.

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      Larry Warnack

      I have a question if anyone can help. I don’t know where else to go. I took a best interest plea of 1 yr 3 months to statutory rape in TN in 2006. to a 13 year old victim. I did 8 months got out . Victim told the truth recanted her story and I got a probation violation and finished 5& more months. When I got out I moved to IN to do. 10 year SOR . I finished the 10 years in August 2016. I was off of register for 2 years . I was living in a new county for over a year. And I fired to thief’s and drug dealers from my shop they started some crap about me. And next thing I knew 2 Black Ford Co Deputy showed up demanding I show up and register or go to jail. For failure to register as a sex offender.I have been reclassified as a SVP and for life due to probable cause because in her police report she said she was 9 when it started . How is this possible. I never admitted guilt to anything. She was 13 at the time she accused me and what I plead to. Help please

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      Mark Goodenow

      I’m glad to see that fundraising is both professional and taken seriously! As well as tapping private donations, I hope NARSOL & it’s state affiliates take full advantage of Grant-writing and that those opportunities are still abundant in the current political landscape!

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      I am glad to see some action here in san antonio. The set backs are still hard to deal with seeing as we cannot go to the river walk or any public parks. This should be a ban only on offense based actions. Living restrictions are also very hard to find housing with the restrictions.

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      NARSOL may find funding in a much faster way by utilizing the SOR databases to enlist the aid of offenders themselves. That form of outreach is a way to provide notice to same about this .org’s intent. Like taxpayers, folks want to know about approach taken so their money is used for good purpose AND effective outcome. I believe offenders can be compelled to gather and\or lend cash easily IF they understood it would be effective. State governments compels treatment group attendance, and I’m willing to bet the same 5$ or 10$ fed paid to provider instead could find it’s way to this group’s coffers. If such an opportunity had presented itself when I was in group session, I would have been the first to tell the treatment providers “Sorry bro”.

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      Hello Larry,

      Get out of Indiana while you still can. They are trying to drive you out and if you stay they could do a lot with this giant government over reach program. One of the guys you fired has friends in the police department IMHO.

      Good Luck!

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