How one lawyer proves her faith in criminal rehabilitation

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . Any criminal justice system has two purposes. The first is to punish those who have broken the law. The second is to bring about rehabi
      [See the full post at: How one lawyer proves her faith in criminal rehabilitation]

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      Our justice system has nothing to do with rehabilitation any more. They are simply punitive. This is not only for sex offenders but everyone that gets caught up in the system.

      I both love and hate this story. I love it because there is someone out there that sees a sex offender for what he really is, and is willing to give him a new chance at life. I hate it because it is just one person. What about the other 899,999 of us. Where is our person to give us that chance.

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      As the mother of a registered offender I am sure there will be those who question how factual any statement I make is regarding my son. However, he is a good person. He will help you out, is big hearted and good. He is a good worker and was a loving father. But the fact that he has made a mistake which he has paid for will forever be out there for his neighbors, family members and fellow workers to see. I think Chantel Eldridge is a good, decent human being who is willing to put the position she is running for on the line. We don’t see too many people with this kind of integrity. I pray she will be elected. She is just the type of public official we all need. Good luck Ms Eldridge.

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      James Godsey

      Sex offender registration is a forced contract with the State. In most cases the defendant has no idea that he must register until he or she is being released from prison.

      In most cases the defendant does not have to be arrested because legislature has given the discretionary right to the State Police to arrest or apply administrative rules to extend registration by 10 additional years.

      A good lawyer should seek to have charges dropped when their client is in compliance. The law violates pain and penalty of law or disproportionate penalties. There is a lot more to say but that is for another day. Thank you!

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        How can a person have an idea that they will have to register if there was no such thing as a sex offender registry when they were convicted?

        (This was not a comment to the poster, as much as a general observation)

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      Sue Wearethepeople

      I love this Lady! Thank you for giving an ex-felon a chance. I just pray everyday, that this will happen in everyone’s faith.

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      Read the comments on the newspaper’s website. Voices are heard when they articulate in return counterarguments to the typical hysteria displayed by one person. Quite interesting.

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        I took you advice and read the comments. You are right, quite interesting indeed. In particular this comment struck me, “Do they (victims) get to just forget about it and start over and go on with thier lives after something so horrible has happened to them? I don’t see how everyone can defend these sort of people, people who would do something like that to a child.”

        To just forget? As though offenders simply go from point A to point B without consequence is juvenile thinking. Not excusing or negating actions of the offender, simply recognizing that a large number undergo extreme life altering events ranging from court proceedings, alienation from both friends & family, loss of income, living restrictions, public registration, etc. My point, offenders don’t just forget and move on. Second, the notion that all offenses involve children shows ignorance, leading to labeling a;ll offenders as pedophiles.

        Finally, any offender that has not repented, has not learned from their experience, has not committed to never offending again, then I say you should never be released. Then there is NO need for a registry. But let the rest move forward and have life, liberty, and ability to pursue happiness.

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          Tyrus Young

          The comment you quote is the epitome of the stupidity of the general populace. She assumes that (1) the person was horrible, and (2) children were the victims. Oh were it so that only demented, evil persons be subjected to the registry and ONLY if their victims were children.

          She, and many like her, have no clue who is on the registry or the vast range of crimes that can land you there. That my friends, is sex abuse.

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      linda shedlock

      Keep up the good work !!! People will follow as they learn the true facts . The more the facts come out the better things will get . Some people will not change yet others will . We all want our children to be safe . Not everyone who has to register has committed an actual contact crime . There is a big difference . Good luck!

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      We need more people not afraid to do things like this lady has done for her employee, these politicians are to scared and trying to get to the top and stay there as long as they can to rack up cash and get rich while throwing as many registered citizens under the bus as they can and put as many restrictions on us as illegally possible, it’s about time for someone to stand up for us. MalloryPark Is a perfect example of how disgustingly ignorant our society is about registered citizens, who would of thought that we’re just like them, who would think we’re allowed to raise kids and a family, own a car, home or even a business….

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      Sticks and stones can breck my bones but manes will never hurt me. I like linda’s answer – True Facts Now what if I started calling every woman a b****? – Why. Sandy you’ve have asked a million dollar queation. I suppose their is always going to be a why question. To me why is like probing in a way. such as why are you doing this and why are you doing that. Nobody is a human robot or programed like others. Would one want to be like some would like those under this sex offender law to be? And all this time I thought we were all off to see the wizzard looking for a brain. Questions such as why do we want to go to the moon. Why do we want to shoot someone.

      A why question has two answer. Either one doesnt’ think they are good enough to stand up by themselves or that they think they are better than the other because they didn’t geet drunk, come home drunk stole something. and so forth.
      In these sex ordeals it is a question of why? Why would people overthrow another? Why do people purchase guns or look at porno or even look think they are better than someone else.. Man in his or her human wisdom has always wanted to throw down on other. Its the conquor and divide theory, its part of human nature. Why do we all argue with each other. Sure they can tell you its for public safety but in reality thats man’s or police and governments way of justifying themselves and keeping the america public controlled by this. Are we not all carnal by nature?

      Hey my school days are gone and I never took a psychology course if I remember that far back. Sometimes one could say a lot of this “why” is bull @hit but its standing up for the truth is whatreally counts or standing up for that other person. Should others they say why me when this could be me. Can you all say why me for being stupid and getting on the internet or doing a hoochie couchie dance with some teenager because that person is inducing this opportunity to trap you with this devlish device. Man has always wanted to control man. Even thinking that that one blew it and the whole world is coming down on them. Folks stand up for justice and truth.

      Just like a prison door, it opens and closes the same way and thats reality does and when one’s mind shuts off to that reality than were is caring come in. So if anyone wants to give up on oneself than no one’s to blame but yourself. If the good Lord can give second and third chances than I’m sure each one of you all can say redress of grivance and take this negative experience and make it a positive opportunity and speak up about all this in todays society.

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      Now if I can get all my writing underhand and learn to proof read some of my comments I would have to say this lady is right about rehabilitation. I have to give this lady true merit for hiring a past sex offender and giving one a chance to get back some self worth and to enjoy the liberty that we seek under this blanket of sex registry that seems wrong in a lot of ways.
      While I can’t understand some of this sex offender internet ordeal such as having to have a chaperone to attend church or being discriminated from just getting a job to help him or her to gain some means of support I have to stand up for this lady and for those that want to help others.
      Yes faith in helping others when they are down is a God send. While we all still have a long road to go this is an inspiring article of one lady’s faith shine’s thru to help others… this should inspire others to help others when they are down in any situation as it appears the law at times takes advantage of others.

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        And what is even better is that she won the election.

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