Candidate for judgeship defends choice of SO assistant

By Sandy . . . This is good news of the very best kind, the kind that shows people actually living out what they profess to believe.

For those who remember To Kill a Mockingbird, the character of attorney Atticus Finch embodies this characteristic. In the novel a family friend tells Atticus’ little daughter, when she complains that her father is too old to do anything, that he is someone to be proud of, that he has the rare quality of being the same at home as he is in public.

Thankfully, there are actual people to whom this also applies.

In Travis County, Texas, a judicial race between a real-life defense attorney and the incumbent, a longtime judge, is turning interesting. The challenger, Chantal Eldridge, in 2016 hired a sex offender registrant as her legal assistant and, if elected, intends to keep him as her judicial assistant unless “there is some legal reason” he cannot serve in that capacity.

When challenged on this, she has said that refusing employment to a past felon – his case was thirty years ago — would run counter to her faith in criminal justice rehabilitation.

“ ‘I just don’t think a criminal history — after somebody has successfully completed their punishment — should bar someone from getting a job, or at least being considered,’ she said.”

Her campaign website bears this statement: “True to her belief in criminal justice reform, Chantal knows that if she were not willing to offer an ex-felon a second chance, an opportunity to show he was rehabilitated, then she would be a hypocrite.”

This Texas attorney should get our nomination for hero of the month, possibly the year.


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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Actually amazing stories do happen. Just because one is a felon or even a typed casted as a sex offender a lot of people don’t know the background of themselves at times. Even the Old Testament will give you lifetime stories. Today it seems biblical principals are out of the question. We the people run this world and Christianity has no value in it.
      It is a sad state of affairs when one takes Christianity out of America. I guess the examples in the bible for all those pseudo-Christians do not mean much today especially for police officers. Its as if the police officer is even over its maker
      We should all have second or did we all skip that in Sunday school. Human’s are not some throw away tin can’s are they. A good government should be a good government or can one with a record still run for government. Do we all leave it for man to judge another or should we all be two faced with challenges of this sex offender ordeal or second chance ordeal.

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      Thank God. Maybe times are changing. What a wonderful human being in law.

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      Thank you for giving a second chance. It’s been eleven years and my son can not get a job. He would be great working for a good and fair attorney as he attended the polic academy.

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      Mr. Tim Lawver

      This is quite a story. In particular I agree with her justification for her choice.
      She believes in rehabilitation via our justice system. In other words, people learn from their mistakes. Most humans do!

      So her position runs counter to the justification for SORs, which makes the case that most sexual oriented offenders do not, thus must be diligently supervised. That distorted reasoning’s is based in visceral fear, wives tales and spurred on by sensationalized cases.

      Furthermore, this lady has a measure of fortitude in defending her selection in a public way. Only time will tell is she gets office, because I am cautiously, optimistic about her chances of winning. Even if she loses, she is most certainly a winner!

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      John Smith

      Dear all ,

      That is a Judge who deserves the title Honorable .
      On another note any other Veterans who happen to have a required obligation publicize oneself.
      You all have Honor higher then most who belittle us, always remember we took an oath to defend the Constitution . you are all in a precaruous position to where we have to defend our Constitution al right’s more personally.


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      kind of living

      She is a hero to say the least , since even some RC’s are so willing to bash those that have done their time and are trying to better them self’s . I mean how dare us think we are humans after we were already judged in court you know “the people ” only to be judged again for years after the alleged crime by yet our own RC community , and I my self outed for standing up for an RC that dared to rise above his past , its sad really that no matter how long many of us have been part of this movement I myself have well over 30 years in this fight pushed to the limit not only by foolish witch hunters right along with my family , only to feel attacked by internet thug on an internet RC site , a them against us attitude , So this attorney is very brave and should get medal of honor , it shows that not all attorney’s are two faced fabricators , I love people like this . let the spirt of the Lord shine on her

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      Jonny everyman

      Most politicians would distance themselves from such a person. Glad she stuck to her guns.

    • #35903 Reply
      Leslie B

      Hopefully, more people will follow in her footsteps.

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      totally against public registry

      She sounds like a real fair judge already! She should receive an award for her forward-thinking approach to rehabilitation. Wonderful

    • #37244 Reply
      Jerry P.

      If she ran in North Carolina; I would vote for her!

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