“Fearless” validated as important and valuable

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      Brenda Jones
      Brenda Jones

      By Brenda . . . We were excited to see our own evaluation and expectations of our Fearless support group project confirmed in a genuine academic study
      [See the full post at: “Fearless” validated as important and valuable]

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      Bill Shier

      Thank you for supporting Fearless and for recognizing the tremendous value Mary Sue Molnar has brought to this field.

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        You bet! Mary Sue is THE best!

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      George in Texas

      As a member of Texas Voices, and a member of the San Antonio group in particular, of which Mary Sue is our facilitator, I can personally testify to the tremendous amount of dedication and seemingly superhuman effort that she brings to our cause each and every day.

      She deserves every bit of recognition and gratitude for the sacrifices that she makes for our members on a daily basis. We still have a lot on the agenda to strive for in the coming 2019 Texas Legislative session for sure, and yet so much of the progress that we’ve made so far here in Texas can be directly attributed to Mary Sue.

      Mary Sue, as a fellow Texas Voices member, and a friend as well, thank you for all you do. You have an uncommon amount of pragmatism, courage and a heart as large as the state of Texas. All of us should feel honored to have you at the helm.

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      Tim Lawver

      Fearless registrants should demand trial by jury for registration violations. I have done it twice. I am wondering if this group would consider developing a tutorial titled: A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR DEFENDING ONESELF AGAINST THE SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY.?

      If so, feel free to post an outline (basic) in response.

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      I kinda of like this support group idea. Sure its good for some but not all. Just like AA, meetings and other groups. Sure I did AA back in the early 80’s. One has to remember one gets just as much out of a support group as they put into it. Its just like the theology. Mary Sue has some good idea’s and yea these groups are good for people all over the USA Even family members can’t at times fathom or understand what pressues this label has on the individual that goes thru this ordeal in this sex registry ordeal whether its a physical encounter or a conscience ordeal by those with their own truth.

      Sure we all can and should show some compassion and even support others that are going thru all this but I’m, afraid this is getting to be a cold, cold, world today. The probation officers are only doing what they are told to do. One could say they are the ” show shine boys” of today. but that would be a bit degrading on their mentality. Sure one should show respect when respect is due but who is poaching people today?

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      Tim, I like your example about the violation thing but today it takes money or talking to the right people that show a bit of faith and worth and value in mankind today. Today its about surival of the fittest if one wants to say that, but its is also about principals. Sure a fearless group should understand their situation with support of others plus they shouldn’t be doormats eithers.
      Example if someone tried to argue with you and gets made and angry has his gun out to shoot you should you turn the other cheek and let him shoot you or should you get him before he gets you.
      Who was presenting the opportunity in the first place to get you and him so mad that he slapped you, so by rights you have the opportunity to either turn the other cheek and let him step all over you or say wait a minute are you mad enought at me to kill me or should one just let him. Many people are taken advantaged of turning the other cheek if they don’t understand the principal around it. Or should everyone stand up for their human rights and principals.
      Now in this sex offender ordeal or registry its cunning 101 at its best. Those law enforcements with all their “supreme” authority or “high authority” of slapping you on the cheek with this opportunity and since we are all carnal by nature are they are using a vantage point on the weak, all in the name of public safety with the opportunity. What a cunning devilish type of ruse that was presented by them in the first place. Thats just one exaple in one type of this sex registry. A clearer example may be, How many 14 year old girls come up to you on the street and say mom’s away lets have sex or for that matter how many adult women say that point blank to you on a daily basis.

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        Tim L

        Ehhh, you’d likely get probation!

        Defending yourself via federal lawsuit, 140K+
        Defending yourself in a reg case, PRICELESS!

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      Sher Geno

      My son is currently in the middle of a 16.5 year sentence for child molestation & continuous child molestation. I’m trying to stay current with changes in the RSO world so I’ll be able to be as much help as I can when he is released.

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      Rich Burchfield

      Why is it that advocacy groups don’t seem to help individuals? They only want to file big lawsuits, hold conferences, banquets etc. They’ll happily take donations from those individuals they don’t help though. If I could get help to file a rule 32 (post conviction relief) petition, my verdict would be set aside and I’d be removed from the registry as a result of an Alabama appeals Court ruling.

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        Robin Vander Wall
        Robin Vander Wall

        Rich– It sounds like what you are arguing here is that advocacy organizations like NARSOL should abandon our efforts to help the entire community of registered people and take all the resources that have been contributed towards that effort in order to help you file a petition for relief. Is that right? I think the answer to your question is self-evident. There is no way we could ever justify that course of action as either useful for the entire community of registered people and their families or even ethical. But yeah, it would probably be a huge help to you–at great expense to others.

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        Tim L

        If ya need legal aid ask for it first before inquiring about group motive. Groups meet by definition!

        The aide is available find the link.

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