The bad, the worse, and the despicable

11/21 UPDATE:

They now have an addendum at the beginning of the story. This is a step in the right direction, but it still contains misleading and irrelevant material, which I wrote to Ms. Umphress at Amberly Place yesterday and will write Ms. Day and her news editor about. This is what they put. What they wrote is in bold print here. The parenthetical part is what I will write them.
According to the Department of Justice, the recidivism rate for sex offenders hovers around five percent after three years and 24 percent after 15 years.  
[ These numbers come from a specific study. Studies are done on specific groups of individuals, and anytime there is a reoffense, it increases the total for the group. So if the number of reoffenses for the group at year three is ten and by year five there are fourteen, the GROUP reoffense rate is higher at year five than it was at year three.
But for individuals, it is the opposite. For every individual who does not reoffend, each year he remains offense-free lowers his risk of reoffense. One study showed that even the very highest risk individuals, somewhere between their tenth and fifteenth year of living offense free in the community, had a risk level equal to someone in the general population. And that is the case for those who started out low risk from the beginning.]
According to SMART – The office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering and Tracking, for pedophiles – it shows the highest rate for boy molesters after 15 years was 35 percent and for girls molesters, 16 percent.  A study conducted by Harvard Medical School shows recidivism rates between ten and 50 percent for pedophiles.
[I presume they mean those with male victims and those with female victims, not boys and girls who molest. I don’t know if those figures are accurate, nor if the ones for the Harvard study with pedophiles are accurately reported.]
News 11 first reported that 99 percent of child sex offenders reoffend, after an interview with Diane Umphress, of Amberly’s Place. Umphress clarified her comment by stating that  99 percent of pedophiles cannot be cured, meaning they will not lose their urge for children. Umphress says this number comes from a recent training done by National Children’s Advocacy Center in Washington D.C.
[They are using a very narrow definition of ‘cured’ and ignoring the fact that many with pedophilia have never molested a child.]
Exact re-arrest rates are not known, because these sex crimes against children often go unreported. Amberly’s Place reports only one in nine children ever report abuse. 
[This is totally irrelevant. Since approximately 95% of new sexual crime [p.15] is committed by those with no previous sexual crime convictions, unreported offenses have little to no impact on reoffense rates. Indeed, if every sexual crime were reported, there is no evidence that the rate of reoffense would alter in the slightest. The very reason that so much sexual assault goes unreported is that it is committed by those with family or other close connections to the victims, those who have most likely never entered the criminal justice system at all. Simply put, it has no bearing.]



By Sandy . . . On November 14, 2019, Jenny Day, a young reporter with Channel 11, KYMA, in Yuma, Arizona, assisted by a victims’ advocacy center in Yuma called Amberly’s Place, chose to write and have published a piece called, “Released to Reoffend: News 11 investigates the sex offender next door.”

The reaction was swift. Comments were posted, every single one protesting the fake statistics and blatantly false and highly generalized statements the article contained. One of those who commented has created a petition on asking that Ms. Day correct her false reporting. NARSOL normally does not promote petitions but is making an exception in this case.

The first letter emailed to Ms. Day, as far as we know, was written by Fred, a longtime NARSOL volunteer and our webmaster. It is also, as far as we know, the only one to receive a response, pleasant and congenial, from Ms. Day.

Fred’s was followed by others, and not all from the NARSOL family of advocates.

According to Twitter, where this became a prominent topic, advocates across the country took offense at Ms. Day’s article and tweeted out their indignation and their responses to her and to her bosses.

NARSOL’s letter to Ms. Day focused on the need for accurate information and the responsibility of the journalist in today’s society as a purveyor of that information. It offered its resources to her should she choose to write another more fact-based piece on the topic.

NARSOL’s affiliate organization in Arizona, Arizonians for Rational Sexual Offense Laws, took special exception to Ms. Day’s piece. They were motivated not only by the fact that this is taking place in their state but also by a piece of information about a legislator quoted in Ms. Day’s article. According to the piece, this legislator said that he does not support those with sexual crime convictions being included in criminal justice reform, but this same Arizona representative has spoken at AZRSOL meetings and is showing interest in why registrants should not be excluded, and AZRSOL’s directors have been invited to present at the representative’s ad hoc committee on why registrants should be included in reform initiatives.

The letter that they wrote is not to Ms. Day but to Mr. Ernesto Romero, the news director at KYMA and is focused on providing sources to help correct the statistical errors that the article contains.

We are accustomed to flamboyant and sensationalist headlines designed as click-bait; we are accustomed to one-sided pieces, containing only whatever negative can be printed about those on sexual offense registries; we have become used to inflated and incorrect statistics and claims against those on the registry. Seldom, however, if ever, have we seen a piece so filled with inaccuracies and misrepresentations and out-and-out fabrications such as this one is.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Once again; excellent work, and Thank You as always, you shone a light on the ‘ Selective Media. Remember that you heard it first from me: The Politicians are REALLY out to enact future ‘Sanctioned Murder Legislation’ on us Registrants.

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      First off lets investigate Yuma, Arizona. Unemployment is 30% higher than the National average. Immigration and undocumented hispanic citizens is out of control. Armed Robberies is the highest in the nation. Its mostly poor people ripping each other off. Yuma, Arizona is most likely the most unsafe area to live in the United States today. Once a great dessert valley old west community delivering goods to the west, its now a poverty stricken city of migrants.

      Now with Arizona’s tough sex crime laws violent perpetrators are most highly unlikely to re-offend. Again, over the top reporting by local news during September sweeps in order to get better ratings. Yuma has far worse problems than your neighborhood sex offender!

      JEV – True Confessions

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      Thank you for keeping on these creeps. They use stats that dont exist to sensationalize and sell articles. I’m so sick.of we being the whipping boys for every politician and reporter trying to make a name for themselves. This is why we cant crawl in a hole and hope people dont notice us. Even on.personal.levels. I had a friend publish a snippet on her FB page about protecting our kids from being kidnapped by sex offenders. I swiftly put an article up that correctly gave the statistics on kidnaping being like 99 percent done by non-custodial parents not by sex offenders. Nothing more got said and hopefully people saw the real statistic and didnt deed into it. She didnt put anything further either.

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      Good post.

      Those behind the news must work to continue the cycle of ignorance, fear, bitterness, and hatred towards SOs. The ignorance, fear, bitterness, and hatred is ingrained in them as well as their viewers/readers. Both those behind the news and those who watch the news or read news articles online, have been conditioned with ignorance, fear, bitterness, and hatred towards SOs and their minds are made up. That conditioning goes back many decades(mostly through the media). As a majority of minors grow up, they will see such negative, ignorant, and misleading things on TV or online or hear such things from relatives(only about men of course, while victimization by teen females and women remain rampant and under the radar) and the cycle in this machine of death called America, continues. The same cycle that has led to the false incarcerations of innocent men who were falsely accused of victimizing minors or women. One man who spent nearly 29 years over a false ra#e allegation, had gotten released a couple of months ago. Part of the reason he was falsely convicted was thanks to that same blinding ignorance, fear, bitterness, and hatred that most Americans have. Two small minors had been victimized and according to the victims, he had resembled the perpetrator. No actual evidence and prosecutors still ate him up. Just because he looked like the perpetrator at the time. Such men have not only been falsely accused by women and/or their children but by prosecutors and everyday citizens as jury members.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if news organizations made extra money over those negative articles and defaming the image of SOs to viewers out in the community. Defaming them through showing their mugshot on the TV screen and putting heavy emphasis on them(or their name). The sort of thing that had me verbally attacked both in jail and some treatment place out in the community. Law enforcement and some “task force” gave a news company info about my arrest. They themselves would never have shot an SO though. But they will use the news and the law to do heavy damage to SOs.

      The inaccuracies, misrepresentations, and fabrications on the part of that news organization and many others are no accident or mistake. They are very deliberate in their work against SOs and the organization you mentioned in your post might “change their minds” and say “Whoops!.. our mistake,” because of the messages they received from NARSOL.

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      Ms. Day should get an Emmy for best fiction in a news broadcast series (if you view her Twitter page, you’d guess that was the aspiration behind the piece.)

      REAL BREAKING NEWS: The report appears to have been pulled off the station website!

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      Sandy, with due respect today One doesn’t know which is bad, the song “Honesty” or the phrase fron Network..I’m as mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it. I’m sure many would agree with that statement.

      Now all of this deplorable situation has two sides’ to every coining. One can be just or unjust in these understandings of this deplorable situation that entraps or induces on mankind with this sex registry endeavor. An ordeal such as this would go against any 5th amendment governmental status.

      I believe we all grew up with the honesty is the best policy but these ordeals or scheme’s are a bit vain. Sure fightening for justice is good in every endeavor but this one “one trick” pony is a bit too much. Sure prevention is good but inducing to prevent how does that work or is the one doing the enticing just as guilty and leading one astray. Moral values to defend justice are good but a situation such as this is deplorable. So who is leading one astray. Where is the true value in all or many of these ordeals. Now defending justice is good but vain justice is not.

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      David Higham

      This is a shame but as everyone of knows the media is constantly reporting fabricated statistics to get support from their followers this is just the way society protrays sex offenders because the media will not stop reporting with false statistics they way that azrsol handled the situation was excellent and I commend you

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      I just checked the link and the post is taken down-Praise God!!!!

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      While I know many people want to rid this sex offender trama or ordeal in many ways that afflicts many via this internet device one has to understand the principles involved. Now I’m sure no one is perfect in every way but there is one thing about government. They wil not admit many or much of their faults. While we can all get understanding who looks for true value in many or much of these sex offender ordeals.
      Is a lot of this “leading one astray” in many ot muvh of these ordeals. Man’s justice cannot compair to God’s justice and many, if not much of these ordeals speak volume about these ordeals and also says a lot about government instilling this type of masquerade

      Sure I’m impressed with NARSOL and many of the other advocates that have taken on this informative challange/issue. Defending Justice by instilling injustice are a black list on any society or American government, and yes in the home of the free and the brave but injustice is still injustice. So where is truth in American government today or in a lot of this deceptive internet ordeal.

      Sure Correction is good and and yes I even studied it, I believe I mentioned that to Robin a while back on here but being enslaved in these sex registry schemes are not true one wonders do law enforcements bear the sword in vain, asking for pictures and yes they would like nude pictures which they don’t tell you , giving fake pics of themself or disquising their voice, etc.

      Folks we all need to get a lot of this sex offender stuff over with. When Robin said I can’t go to church that says a lot. While beliving and trusting is also good so is truth or is this some catcher in the rye type of ordeal in much of this callous sex offender ensnare or trap or induce on others.

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      This shows just how a unified, National organization can can make a difference on public opinion. Think about how many people will not see this miss-information now. Also think about how this would not have happened only a few years ago. The growth of this civil rights movement under-whelmed me for a very long time, now I am starting to feel over whelmed by the progress.

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      Jarrett Vann

      I don’t entirely blame Jenny Day, I have no doubt that she wants to report accurate news. My thoughts is that she obtained her statistics from Amberly’s Place. They no doubt want to see harsher laws and punishments. It would be in there best interests to give fake statistics and facts. Amberly’s Place needs to be informed about how their facts are incorrect.

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      I missed it!! It seems the article was removed. Wonder why? I really wanted to read it – why? I don’t know, but usually inaccurate reporting like this gets me going. I was really curious to read it.

    • #62010 Reply

      Sandy, The article must have been written bad we can no longer see it! Thanks to NARSOL

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      It’s back; see note and link at the top of this piece.

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      Sadly there is no incentive for our LAME-STREAM media to print fact-based articles when it comes to this topic. If law has no legally binding reqirement to be based on evidence and research, why would there be any drive for the media to stick to evidence-based facts?

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      WC you brought up a very good point. Talk about the one caught in adultry in much of this abomination of many and much of this sex offender registry. While one can abuse any profession they go into even many of us being abused by this registry ordeal. Who is without sin?

      I’m sure there is a very good reason NARSOL took this down. While I have not read It and don’t wish to, I’m sure its a bit confusing and one sided instead of two sided if one wants to use the term. Brenda Jones and NARSOL understand the pitfalls that many face in this type of ordeal. Yes much of this I’m sure will be over soon or who is squating on who in this right to Judge or justice for all by these unusual intimidating.

      One wonders who was really caught up in this adulterated scheme of blind justice. Pressing on for the truth is always good in this ordeal we all face.

    • #62041 Reply


      If you can’t be bothered to read the material or even understand the purpose of the post why do you bother posting here? There are many who care about this cause.

      You comments are incoherent and don’t seem to be relevant or even logical.

    • #62053 Reply

      Well Clark their you have me, and yes you made a good point. While I know this ordeal is painful on many involved, myself included in this situation, we should all look for brighter things. Now I guess I have to spill my guts a bit if NARSOL doesn’t mind me doing so.

      One of the main reasons I got involved in this was I’ve always been a trooper, sure I was a boy scout and also in cub scouts, went to summer camp had my share of run in’s in high school. Even with drinking on weekends. Got kicked out of school before graduation went to two other schools before I graduated but I made that promise to my grandmother to graduate and yes Clark all this ordeal with this registry we are going thru takes determination .

      I even felt that some of the comments on NARSOL at the time wasn’t really going anywhere when I first got involved 7 yrs. ago. Call it my mistake. So why does a teen go on an adult site put on a disquise. I still to this day wonder when their are signs posted , but I am impressed with NARSOL and this much information one can gleen from this site.

      Sure I took criminal Justice Classes when I went to a community college, most all the officers knew me even my weekend jailer. But all or much of this sex offender registry ordeal is a bit sorted and a bit much in many ways. Sure we can all use knowledge or wisdom but were is the logic and reasoning come in, Sure much of these ordeals are wrong. It can boggle ones’mind at times.

      Yes I have made many mistakes in my life. So who has true wisdom or understanding today. Sure we can all probablly understand why they took this comment down.

      While I can’t understand many or much of this sex offender issue as many on here wonder also, we all still press on. Sure its painful in many ways but who sticks a swash sticker on someone’s back without really understanding the whole ordeal. Now if I have offended anyone on here I apologize to you and everyone else on here but we all still have a battle to win.
      Better to fight for something than live for nothing. Did Gen. Patton say that or was it blood and guts Patton. All I am saying Clark is there’s a right way and a wrong way to use the sword of justice.

      • #62057 Reply

        I think it’s nice that you are involved, but please be careful to not give the impression that you are working with NARSOL in an official capacity. I am sure that is not what you intended to convey.

    • #62048 Reply

      If you type in ‘Amberly’s Place’, it will bring up their website with the ability to contact them through email.
      I think we should ALL send them an email not to promote and spread such blatantly misleading information.

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      Citizen with Vision

      It is always the same old refrain and dogma – the ‘authorities’ are duty bound to keep our communities safe, and to always be making everything in every way safer and safer…..and safer and safer….ad nauseam….
      But, wait, where is it that anyone’s safety is the responsibility of the ‘authorities?’ If the ‘authorities’ are responsible for my safety, and I am injured in any way, can I not sue the ‘authorities’ for dereliction of duty or neglect of duty for failure to ‘protect’ me from harm?
      I see the slogan and meme of ‘to protect and serve’ commonly on police propaganda – yet I’ve heard if you ask an officer directly if his duty is to ‘protect’ me, I’ve heard his answer is always a simple ‘no.’

      I’ve never actually asked, plainly because I don’t give a rip about being protected by anyone from anything. Everyone should learn how to ‘protect’ him or her self with his or her own devices and abilities, be it cunning, intelligence, athleticism, fighting skill, or weaponry.

      Each and every person has a basic human right to be able to protect him or her self from harm from others. This goes for all potential victims in all scenarios. We should never be placing such stupid ‘responsibility’ on the ‘authorities’ to protect any of us from anything. Any authority figure that goes around spouting off about how they are doing this of that to ‘protect’ the public and make the community safe, is not fit to hold their position. They are power hungry rats seeking to expand their power influence under the guise of do-goodism. They just want to control and monitor everyone at all times and will seek to accomplish that despite the plain inhumane evil that sort of oppression inherently is .

      I say the ‘authorities’ are guilty of aiding and abetting when a self-proclaimed ‘vigilantee’ takes upon him or herself the location information provided by the registry along with the ‘authorities’ making the registered persons unable to effectively-self-defend by not being allowed to possess a firearm (if a prior felony conviction). The ‘authorities’ are as guilty of the crimes done to registered persons just as much as the ones perpetrating the crime. Man’s evil courts here and now don’t see it this way, but there is a higher court and Judge they will answer to after they leave this world. That is a day I look forward to. The tables will be completely turned. Those who call evil good and good evil will get their just reward.

      Sad that we have to wait so long before seeing that wonderful day when today’s ‘hoiler-than-thou’ oppressors will be cast into outer darkness, all while I and many others endure almost non-stop affliction and oppression on this earth. Day after day. These day after day oppressions that you ‘authorities’ spill on our heads will bite you all very hard when you find out your reward isn’t heaven at all, but another place which you have rightly earned. For eternity…..surprise.., surprise…

    • #62064 Reply

      Fred I appreciate that I also like the viewpoint of “Citizen with a vision” on responsiblity. One of the things I remember from my Criminal Justice courses was doing an internship at the local jail, learning booking procudures, the same one I had spent several weekends in. Sure we had our Otis Campbells if you want to call them that but I already knew them from spending time with them. This sex offender registry or issue is a whole different ballgame and should be stopped in many ways. Even school segration wasn’t a good idea.

      One person even said to me when I went to jail in my teens, back to visit us again. They would get the keys and lock me up again for the weekend or 24hrs. Sure I am glad that NARSOL is here to help inform and instruct those caught up in all this type of ordeal and yes responsibly and helpingothers is always good in any situations one gets into. Even the ACLU is good in many ways and yes we all have a job to do to help others and future generations even the teens that get in a lot of these ordeals not just the mid age adults so we all learn and I’m thankful that Narsol is here and the other advocates.

    • #62068 Reply

      I hope I wasn’t too harsh. I wasn’t offended, I just didn’t see the point in your posts. It sounds like, just like the rest of us are struggling with what has come to be this huge complex registry.

      I was once a police officer. I don’t like to tell that story because it just garners me hatred from ALL sides. My offense wasn’t related to my time as an officer. I quit it years before, but it doesn’t change the fact that cops hate me because I broke the law. Many others hate me because I should have been better since I was once a police officer, and then there are those who just don’t like law enforcement and hate me because I was part of it.

      I am the first to say we need criminal justice reform at every level. We have some great cops, and we have some terrible cops. I’d say it’s much bleaker though when it comes to the prosecutors prosecute and the legislators who make our laws. Politics has a way of corrupting and it becomes about gaining the most points. These laws have always had huge support because of the fear factor. That is why this news story was done. They knew they would have more people support them rather than be upset because we as offenders are a minority and in the eyes of most, we are a minority with no voice, no rights, and no hope so we are an easy target. NARSOL and other organizations do a great job of helping that cause.

      The media has always been about sensationalism. Whatever gains clicks, likes, sells ads, etc. We just happen to be the ones getting the short end of the stick this time.

      There is hope though. I believe the tide is beginning to turn. The more conservative states take more time, but I am seeing states make VERY slow changes. Years ago, my probation officer who was quite wise, shared an observation to me. She told me that soon, EVERY person will be in some way associated with a sex offender. Whether a victim, offender or loved one of either it will affect so many people that society will realize that we must use common sense about registries, laws, and penalties. This coming from someone who enforces gives me hope. Until society comes around though we must remain vigilant educating ALL to the truths about sex offenses. Fear benefits no one. Spreading false statistics and information only contributes to that fear.

      Best wishes to you my friend, and to all who take the time to read NARSOL publications and engage in these discussions.

    • #62074 Reply

      I guess they just don’t care since it’s about sexual offenses. But, if it was an article that said “Overweight People Don’t Care About Their Health” we’d have seen an apology from that news station. And we all know why.

    • #62076 Reply

      I’m sorry too Clark but you still have a good point. While correction goes two ways its listening and understanding but in much of this sex registry stuff people can label you so wrong in this wisdom of understanding and true value. I didn’t take any offense.

      I guess why I’m so indulgent with this whole sex offender ordeal is I was borned in Logan County and yes a lot of corruption of policitians in that county. Sure its right next door to “Bloody Mingo” county in WVA, or home of the Hatfield and McCoy feud. Even the coal “Mine Wars” were badand the scandles My dad told me about it as he was living up there in the 20’s and yes these coal mine wars were something else. Yes he told me about a lot of corruption at that time. Even about the Mammie Thrumand Trail.

      Sure its nothing like a lot of this today but the principal is there. While getting a handle on all this registry thing is a must and the many methods they go about it in a lot of this vainty of justice or vain justice if you would like to call it doesn’t seem the norm.

      Sure I’m not affilated with NARSOL, but if one can help out in any ways and mean’s than it is all good as it has a good platform. One can just imagine about those Coal Mine Wars back in the depression days. Now I live over in Virginia and it is a bit different and am not far from Thomas Jeffersons’ home but understand true value for America is understanding about wisdom and opportunity and we all have an opportunity to speak up in this sexual situation that many face.

      No Clark I can’t get upset., but I can say Damn the torpedo’s and full spead ahead for NARSOL and many other groups that are helping in this ordeal that is Dreadful the way one looks at the nation today. And yes I’m all for Justice, honesty, & true values and yes we can all speak up on that one.

    • #62080 Reply

      Clark actually your point was well takened. Whats the topic of this article. The good, the bad, and the deplorable and yes you just solved the problem in a lot of this ordeal we all face. You said you use to be a police officer. While we can all be constructive in many ways did you ever think of being a motivation speaker. I’d talk this over with Brenda Jones and see what she and her team have to day.

      While you said in your comments its all, or much of it, is based on a fear factor. Well is their nothing to fear but fear itself. Sure marketing is good. I believe I even sent Robin some of the movioninal magnets I make and yes doesn’t the D.A.R.E program have motiovation speakers or do they still do the dare programs. Who seduces one’s brain in this ordeal law enforcement I believe you are missing out on a golden opportunity.

      Helping rid much or many of these issues and trying ordeals of this sex offender registry in a constructive way is very important to this nation today. Taking another look at your post and this wording of fear factor was the thing that stuck out. I’m impressed.

      Sure we can all stay in the fear factor mode but one has to understand the factors, pitfalls and dangers just the same as drugs. Yes motovational speaking is good for any teen or adult that is mixed up in this. You have a unique opportunity to inform of the pitfalls of this registry even the power struture of all this man made dubious methods. While protecting and searving are good who is leading one astray in these ordeals. This is just an idea and yes it does build character to help others. Even my dad was a motivational speaker so who’s afraid of the big bad wolf in this plight we all are going thru.

    • #62081 Reply

      The story is back up and STILL with grossly outrageous recidivism rates.
      These rates don’t even come from government funded studies-they come from a place in Huntsville, Alabama which THEY said is in Washington D.C.!!!
      That is outlandishly deceiving! Making it seem like it’s coming from a government ran corporation!!
      They need emailed AGAIN to correct this false lead to what seems to be something ran by our government!
      They also need corrected again as to the statistics from that place that is in Huntsville, Alabama NOT Washington D.C.
      How shrewd and ruthless of a reporter to falsely attempt to link those statistics as coming from Washington D.C.!!!!
      Disinformation at its lowest!!!!!!
      They should be sued!!!!!

    • #62082 Reply

      Sex offenders as a group are very far from homogeneous. Some (a small percentage, actually) have serious problems that require supervision. Some are ordinary people who have made a once-in-a-lifetime bad decision. The courts get expert testimony from mental health professionals and know who is likely to re-offend and who is not. Unfortunately the law bases registration on the abstract classification of the crime, and not on the individual. You cannot know from the fact of registration whether a person is a danger to the community. Nonetheless, various groups whip up fear of all registered offenders for their own advantage. Politicians campaign on being tough on sex offenders to capitalize on public fear. Websites offer maps of their locations to generate traffic. News outlets run sensational scare stories to generate views. None of these have a vested interest in providing an accurate and balanced picture. The system is badly broken and the public is being needlessly and repetitively alarmed by misinformation.

    • #62090 Reply

      Hi Clark, police officers are simply people with a job to do. Most I have encountered, pre and post conviction, have treated me fairly and with respect. Some of that may be because I treat them likewise. But I suspect it has more to do with the fact that they are decent people.
      As people, cops are also subject to thinking errors and failures of good judgement and may fall into bad acts. If someone despises you because you were once a cop, and especially if because you were a cop who is now a registered person, remember that it is their own set of issues that are driving their hate, not yours. Projection and displacement of anger, shame, or self loathing often causes people to act hateful towards people they do not know. Hurting people hurt other people. It’s a human flaw we all must fight. I want to say thank you for your service, and keep your head up. We are not defined by the worst thing we’ve ever done, but by the aggregate performance of a life well lived. I tell the men in my group to embrace that they are not their behavior, but merely men managing their behavior. That applies to every human, offender or not, sins revealed or hidden. All are despicable at one time or another. Charlie

    • #62092 Reply

      Ernie you are right even with many situations of this registry it is not well balanced. Government power can run amuck or anything. Sure I was getting out of line with drinking a bit in jr. high and a bit in high school , less in college and I wanted to make a difference somehow and yes helping others is good.

      Dad lectured me in my teen years and yes I had counclers strive and guide me to rehabilitate my problem at that young teen age period. Sure I had some good growing up measures, went to church with some in high school at various times even getting view’s from various high schools I went to graduate from.

      Than deciding to take criminal Justice courses helped stear me right. Made a change decison as something didn’t feel right, got a bit disilluioned, took travel and tourism at a career college, worked in three National Parks. I’m sure I couldn’t do that now with this label but the principals still are there even in government or biblical government and a lot if not much of this is very wrong in this sex registry jargon fear factor.

      Oh yes the religion was there from the early teachings, but the thing is one can stumble in unpredicited stages in life. Nothing wrong with a religious background and some well educated understanding. I got interested in government and making a difference but its making a difference in the right way and yes its true there is always a silver lining to ever dark cloud. Course I would hate to be a parent and have any one of my kids go thru this divorce’s and abortion are bad enough and now this ordeal.

    • #62104 Reply

      You know Ernie you do have something with your comment and I’m glad I am on this post and bumped into you and Clark. Even my dad wanted me to get interested in movational speaking which is very understanding in reading and readiness of any field one goes into. Public speaking is very worth wild.

      Growing up in my area of Appalicha had its hard times or any area can be hard on many. And yes even things can get a bit corrupt even with police corruption. One of the mayor’s of my area I lived in I knew well, Went to school with his daughter and to some of the parties she had at that time. Their was even a Logan County five investigation going on at the time about corruption and yes scaming comes in all forms so I’m glad that much of this is being opened up about many on the registry and all these types of adultrous errors in many of these encounters. Why do you think the bible says try the spirit. Even governments are at times blind at times and error.

      In many cases the good outweights the bad. I can’t say anything against Charles, Ernie or Clark or any others on here but a bit of truth and understanding in much of this episode we all face is commendable. Even episode’s of Perry Mason were a bit challenging at times.

    • #62113 Reply


      Your response was on point. A very small amount of SOs do have serious problems and would require supervision. But of course, all SOs are pooled together. They will always be, till the end of the world. Regardless of the specific crime and the details attached to it(for example a minor female lying about her age to a man, a man having relations with a 17 year girl that agreed with the relationship, or law enforcement entraping men with fake online profiles), the state of mind of the individual and whether or not there is an underlying brain condition(like r’tardation, aspergers, autism etc), and whether they pose a danger or not. In the minds of the people, “safety” comes 1st and in a way, I do understand where they’re coming from. Despite the fact that most of them would want me dead.

      It’s not just the laws(with the strict or harsh punishments that follow them) that pool all SOs together but the mentality of the people. Many people fool themselves by thinking all SOs are dangerous and are seeking minors to do them harm. They fail to realize that a number of SOs were arrested for being naked in public, having sexual relations with another adult in public, urinating in public, or were arrested for things involving adult women(which includes putting hidden cameras in women’s bathrooms or lockerooms). Most of them don’t even know that there is another label that has been attached to certain criminals under the law. Not just “s@@ o@@@@er” but a similar label for those that are considered worse.

      That being said, the law cannot differentiate between those that would commit crimes again and those that wouldn’t. Most people refuse to differentiate and just want destruction for SOs altogether. That is part of what makes the justice system so dangerous. Especially for the innocent who are caught up for SO charges involving minors. Many SOs certainly would commit such crimes again if they had a chance. I have encountered some homosexual ones who had creeped up on me while I was locked up. It pains me that that’s what society thought of me as. Pains me to this day.

      The sort of things that occured with some SOs in jail had occurred with a homosexual man just weeks before my arrest. He had tried to use my state of mind against me, by propositioning me more than once about giving me money to let him do things to me. Even insinuating one time that he was going to grab me “down there” after I declined his propositions once more. He thought I had no brains and wanted to prey upon me and get sick/twisted pleasure. Thankfully nothing ever happened. Even as far as me severely assaulting him with a weapon or something. Mind you, the experiences I had with that man was way before the day of my arrest, and no one would have ever looked at him twice. An everday citizen who probably has a good number of friends who go to those parades with the rainbow flags. I was an adult in my 20s when he came after me, and it also pains me that society thought of me as being like him, as well.

      Hey mods, what happened to one of my previous replies? I sent two of them around the same time but only one of them came up. I sent them the same day the post was brought up.

    • #62198 Reply

      Clark, one more bit of good constructive advice you might ponder on, speaking out on this issue, even its for true justice is good. Yea I grew up in Logan County W,VA and than we moved to Huntington, WV which was a bit rough at my time at times but TV anouncements with dope and drinking and other varous crimes I would always hear announcements on TV about taking action in yoru community.

      Yes police had a hard time controling a college town but still there were people taking action’s and speaking up for others. Clark prevention is good if used the right way to help better a community.

      Yes you did mention about the hate factor which has came about in the last few years but hating someone means one doesn’t even understand their owns elf at times. so get the chip off your shoulders and help resach others. There has been a time I have written to Governor’s about this issue that and have wanted to appeal on Christian grounds and yes one person can make a difference.

      Sure I’m still working on my own battle but its battling for others and helping that makes a difference. This is an opportunity for you to help others but its your calland many times we can be scared but having faith is what matters.

    • #62286 Reply

      Misinformation is a business. This all comes from the need to make a dramatic statement to prove a point and further the agenda. They feel the need to keep trying to justify the system instead of finding and fixing its faults. As long as nobody puts the system in check it continues to roll on silently, only coming to light when a heinous story can catch the media’s attention and stir up emotions.

    • #62461 Reply
      Old offender

      The media loves sensational stories and they will do extreme things to make a story as sensational as possible. When my crime (a non-contact crime, possession of child pornography) hit the evening news it started with “Our lead story is about a very bad man”. The fact that later in the story an interview revealed that in spite of being in a job that had contact with children, there was no accusation or evidence that I had ever had inappropriate contact with any children. This fact was, or course, downplayed. Don’t get me wrong, what I did was wrong and is a crime, but the media did everything possible to make it look worse.

    • #66978 Reply

      Old offender I always wondered who chopped down the cherry tree. Even my newspaper write up was traveling down to meet a teenage girl which wasn’t. One wonder who tells the truth today or is Carnal knowledge the thing of the past.

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