Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders

By Sandy . . . In September, as Hurricanes Irma and Juan raced across the Gulf Coast states dumping tons of water and destroying homes and lives, advocates geared up for what they knew would be a major battle, and they did not gear up in vain. The treatment of those on the sex offender registry seeking shelter proved as discriminating, as inhumane, and as horrific as feared.

Four months later, another natural disaster spells danger and death for the homeless, and once again those whose names appear on a sex offender registry face the same unfounded and myth-driven discrimination in seeking shelter.

It is winter. Our eastern and northern states, preparing for snow, ice, and plummeting temperatures, also prepare their ready-made speeches: “Sex offenders will not be allowed.”

Some show great duplicity in saying this. A Christian ministry in Alabama, not often a state that must prepare for sub-freezing weather, says that it “wants to make sure no one is without shelter Sunday” when the temperatures are expected to drop drastically. A spokesman said, ” ‘We’ll be removing the pews and stuff and bring in cots and just anybody that needs to come in for the cold weather will be able to.’ ”

The article stresses that “The ministry will be taking in anyone who wants to escape the cold,” and the spokesman continues, “ ‘People need the shelter. I don’t really know too many in this area to take in any and everybody that needs shelter,’ ”

It is not until the last paragraph that we are told, “…sex offenders will not be allowed to stay because of children,” and this is immediately followed with the statement that the ministry “wants people to know that anyone in need is always welcome.”

Well, no, not anyone. Not “sex offenders” – because of the children. What about “sex offenders” who have children? What about “sex offenders” who ARE children?

Once again, advocates who feel that one life has as much value as the next and that those whose past crimes include murder, violence, arson, and drugs may well be more of a risk to children than those whose past crimes were of a sexual nature are gearing up in protest. This is seen in Rhode Island, where discriminatory rules regarding registrants in shelters are being fought.

It will be seen more and more as temperatures drop and the homeless, of whom those on the registry are a disproportionate number due to residency restrictions — another discriminatory and useless practice — try to find shelter from ice and frigid temperatures.

And it will be seen here every time a shelter announces over and over that “anyone” is welcome and then turns their charity into a cruel lie by saying, “Well, no, we don’t mean you.”

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Charles Durden

      If you don’t forgive and call yourself a Christian, you are a liar.

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        I just called the number listed and the polite man representing the ministry that answered told me that it is not their ministry that is prohibiting RSO’s from being allowed at the shelter, but it is Alabama state law that is prohibiting them. He told me that the ministry wants to accept everyone but they would be shut down if any RSOs were allowed. It is the state of Alabama, not the ministry itself, that is prohibiting RSOs. Be mad at Alabama, not this ministry.
        So, this is the sort of story that makes this ministry look bad by NARSOL when if fact it is the state of Alabama that needs to be exposed for lack of compassion. Perhaps I am wrong, but sometimes it seems as though NARSOL, and many of the people that post here, sometimes jump to conclusions without the facts in an attempt to push an agenda saying “everyone here is against RSOs” when, in fact, not everyone is. I personally have had people help me, people assist me, and people speak out against the crazy RSO laws on my behalf. Let’s not paint every Christian as “anti-RSO” or a hater, including the ministry mentioned in this article. Shame on NARSOL for not digging just a bit deeper into this story and looking up the Alabama laws. It seems as though NARSOL has only repeated the mainstream media that aired this story and is just as guilty of contributing to “fake news”.

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          I get your point but actually – shame on the ministry for not making a public statement that they would like to allow anyone in but they can’t because the state of Alabama would rather see RSO’s freeze to death.
          If the ministry rep as well as lots of other people in the country would SPEAK THE HELL UP instead of cowering to the “standard formula” of a news interview, then we’d possibly see an entire state made such a mockery of that they’d feel embarrassed enough to start making changes to their laws.
          They want votes? Well, I’m an RSO and I’m also a registered voter, and so are the members of my family.. Imagine how many RSO’s and their relatives are registered voters who will NOT be going to the polls for any of these state officials.

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            Robin Vander Wall
            Robin Vander Wall

            Agreed. The very idea that these ministries accept the state’s blatant abuse without hardly a murmur of contempt is telling to me (imagine were the state of Alabama telling ministries that they couldn’t provide shelter to Koreans or to food stamp recipients or to people who’ve been convicted of shoplifting). The most of them are perfectly happy with the law and even happier that they get to blame the state of Alabama instead of recognizing the grave dangers of letting governments dictate who is (and who is not) allowed to benefit from the charitable work of a sectarian organization.

            In North Carolina, the prohibition extends to houses of worship themselves. And any pastor, priest, or clerical leader who knowingly assists a registered citizen in violating ANY aspect of the state’s restrictions on registered citizens is guilt of a felony offense. In sum, the state of North Carolina (which many would perceive as part of the “Bible Belt”) is, by law, telling pastors, priests, and clerical leaders who they can and cannot allow into their houses of worship. So, a nation founded on the very principle of religious freedom for those who seek to worship according to their consciences (as well as those who serve as sectarian leaders) has abandoned one of its most fundamental tenants for the sake of presumed safety and on the basis of prejudice against a particularized class of American citizens.

            Many of these religious leaders are approving of these policies by murmuring in their polite little voices disapproval while silently saying in their wretched little hearts, “Amen.” They’re vermin. And their tongues are the tools of serpents.

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            Tim L.

            Good point. Silence in the face of plain slavery is not so golden.

            Data, some biometric, is a key aspect of gathering individual’s information on government computers. Some legislators are squawking about the necessity of mass collection, including those not convicted of crimes. DNA samples are demanded in some government jobs, and so forth. There maybe no end to the amounts of data deemed necessitated.

            To be sure registrants have lost the right to remain silent. This is a basic right. Instead, data(commodity) is demanded under threat of imprisonment.

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            Doesn’t this smack in the face of separation of Church and State. The State cannot, I repeat CANNOT tell a church how to run it’s business, and if they do, then again it is a violation and the State can be held guilty of constitutional violations, especially if it is the church’s belief that all men should be helped.

            The Bible tells the story of the goats and the lambs, and the only difference being in what they did and did not do. Well, this Church has now moved into the realm of goats, because they denied help to those that needed, and therefore denied help to Jesus himself.

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            During my call earlier this evening to this ministry, I actually told the man that I was an RSO and he said that they would pay for a local motel room, plus meals, for me if I needed somewhere to stay and something to eat. He was very nice and not at all condescending or judgmental in any way. He genuinely wanted to help. He said that the sheriff’s department would shut them down if they allowed an RSO to stay at their shelter and then no one would be helped. He said he did not like the law, nor agree with it. All they want to do, he said, is help people during this cold weather.

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            Jonny everyman

            These anti registrant politicians don’t need your votes. They get plenty from others based on their fears.

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          I am a messianic jew. I don’t believe in the doctrine of the church. But i do believe in yahshua messiah. The biggest problem with the churches today is that women run the churches. Even though there is a man preacher, women run the church and the pastors go along with what women say. It’s the women at the churches that don’t want sex offenders there, because they bring their kids there. Just like places of employment. That is why its so hard to get a job, if you’re on the registry. Because the secretaries bring their children there.

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          Nowhere in this article does it say this church is acting on its own. The article merely says that contrary to what the church claims, not everyone is being offered a warm shelter. Try to not jump to conclusions. This article is just highlighting a fact that the spokesperson for the church overlooked, in an effort to expose the cruel policy. Isn’t that what you said you wanted?

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            There are a few churches that call themselves “Christian churches” which are run by woman, but not all of them. I don’t go to church anymore because of the way Christians treat one another and others but I had a long history of churches in various places where I lived and I never attended a church that was run by a woman. Women are important but they do usually cling to the idea that God appoints men as leaders and care-takers of women.
            That said, one of the most beloved Jewish women I have ever known was always listened to by anyone who knew her, she was very influential. Her husband was a Jewish Rabbi, very well known in the area, but he was her most beloved leader.

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          How about opening one shelter for just SO’s, or is there another excuse as to why that can’t be done too.

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          Michael Rieder

          Very well said, Mig. Thank you for doing the footwork of clearing out this fake news by calling the church yourself.

          I too am also bothered that sometimes NARSOL make these broad stroke declarations without researching clearly. You have done a very good service by making the call you did and speaking with the ministry leader. I am glad to hear that this ministry does have compassion for the registered citizen who is homeless.

          Certainly, I wish that church of Jesus Christ would be more proactive by setting up safety plans for those who might overnight in their churches, as well as speak out for better laws.

          Then again, perhaps that’s what we’re here for. to stand in the gap for those voices that aren’t heard.

          Through the caring interest of a church in my town, I am able to attend Sunday services. This is because the pastor and church leadership took the time to hear my story, see my safety plan, and embrace me with the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ.

          Now, why isn’t that story being told?

          I’m all for a church want to make sure that their children and members are safe from someone who’s done a sexual crime (albeit, how about a murderer and an arsonist and a domestic violence perpetrator?).

          But when we present our story of how we have made our self safe and made amends for our wrongs, there will be those pastors and church leaders who will embrace us with acceptance.

          Thanks again, Mig!

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            Sandy Rozek
            Sandy Rozek

            Michael, I am constantly on the lookout for positive stories. Sometimes they are hard to come by, but they are definitely out there. If you have one, first, please send it to me at, and secondly, visit our Registered Humans project here on the website and consider signing up for that. The entire purpose of that project is to show the positive and good things that registrants have accomplished.

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            Michael Rieder

            Thank you for your reply! Yes, I have an employment search story to tell that I believe will be a benefit to all interested. Thank you for your patience and willingness to go the extra mile in following up around this Alabama church story. I think I came across a wee too strong. You handled it well. Glad we can be safe and sane about it.
            I will note this convo and when I get a moment I will write of the positive outcome of job discrimination I experienced as the result of my record and being a registered citizen. Thanks for suggesting it.
            I will look into the other resource you suggested as well. His best regards to you.

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            Sandy Rozek
            Sandy Rozek

            You’re welcome.
            You may send your story to Include your name the way you would want it to appear should I write about it or post it.

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        You’re dog-gone right that anyone who won’t forgive isn’t a Christian at all. They’re a self-righteous hypocrite!!

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        Lynn Rogers Harbison

        I am the owner and director of the above mentioned Ministry.
        In your above article, you put quotation marks around the phrase sex offender like it was a quote from us, we can not help the way an article was written or an interview portrayed.
        I have received numerous hate messages calling us all kinds of names because of your article. We did make a public statement on our pages stating that we will help as best as we can, but we have to obey the law.

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          Sandy Rozek
          Sandy Rozek

          Hi, thank you for writing. First, I deeply regret any hate messages you received. Our organization fights the use of hate language constantly as those on the registry are often recipients of it. That was never, ever my intention in writing the article.

          Yes, you have to obey the law. My issue with your announcement of your shelter’s accommodations as reported in the media article had to do with your frequent insistence that anyone and everyone was welcome when that was not actually the case. Regardless of the reason for your not being able to shelter those on the registry, they are not welcome, and the effect of your insisting that everyone would be creates an impression of hypocrisy. That is what I was pointing out.

          I do not believe that my quotation marks around “sex offender” in the paragraph you reference will be seen as quotes from you. That is clearly a paragraph of my own opinion, not one quoting your or your ministry. I use the quotes because the vast, vast majority of those on the registry are not sex offenders. They were, once upon a time. They are no longer, and the ones who were actually innocent never were.

          Now. Let’s talk about what we agree on and what can be done to help this situation. If I am reading your sub-text correctly, you are not happy about turning away anyone. I put several suggestions in other comments that I have made on this thread. There is strength in numbers. A significant number of clergy putting out the word to the public and to legislators that you feel like the separation of church and state is being violated when state laws dictate that you must behave in a manner that contradicts your religious beliefs of mercy to all might get some needed conversation going. I have no idea of the tendency of the ACLU there to involve themselves in such matters, but the ACLU has been very proactive in Rhode Island in a very similar case. Some of the details are here:

          Again, I am deeply sorry to have occasioned hostility toward you or your ministry. And sometimes people who are in positions to do so need to stand up and defy what is wrong in our society. And the treatment of American citizens who are listed on a sex offender registry is wrong. I do believe that you know that.

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          Nowhere in this article is your Ministry even mentioned by name.

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      Helene Eschete

      This is just heart breaking. How can a country as large as this be so blind and heartless. I know God would never turn away any of his children. This registry is so cruel and inhumane! There are weather men and women telling you to protect vegetation, animals and the elderly from this freeze coming, but sad those on the registry are below animals and plants.

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        Jim Oc

        What we’re dealing with here is a large country that is built on Bullying. The people of the united states have always needed people to persecute in order to try to make themselves feel better about themselves and “Safe” in their lives. Starting with the Native Americans then the “Witches”, to the African Americans, the Japanese, the Koreans, the Arab world, and the list will sadly never end for the people who “they” decide are not equal to what “they” expect. Right now sex offenders are in the scope of people who don’t achieve what “they” except. “They” are the under educated over paid people who make the laws in our country. “They” are the people “Bullies” that are destroying the country that could have been the best country in the world to live in. How do you stop bullying if it’s in the heart of the majority? Just my rambling thoughts. God Bless all of us equally!

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          In the previous article, I made this same statement…”The United States of America has always had to have some group to HATE.) We (the RSO’s and our families) are the current group the USA is focusing on. The LGBT community is now off limits, the African American community is now off limits and the Native American community is now off limits, because the Supreme Court handed down a decision the prevents discrimination against these groups.

          The problem we now face is getting that same decision handed down to our group…..but wait… was the Supreme Court that helped create our group in the first place with the “Smith v. Doe 2013 decision”.

          How the hell is the SCOTUS going to correct this problem???

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        I am just curious. What broad stroke declaration did NARSOL make?

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          Michael Rieder

          Thanks, Fred, for your questions. It seemed to me a broad stroke of stereotyping the church mentioned (that would not house registered citizens in their church), without first inquiring further—-as Mig did. There is always more to the story. It sounded more like this church would have been willing to consider housing a registered citizen-IF the law did not prohibit it, and yes, if this church had a safety plan in place for this. We all must remember that churches do have to obey the laws of the land-which by the way is clearly spelled out in the Bible.

          Speaking for myself, I would like to see NARSOL make sure to give full and unbiased reporting, and to make sure to know WHY the church was taking this position. And, then we can be the respectful ambassadors to the churches that have no clue what to do about this moral discrepancy/discrimination of registered citizens.

          Happy New Year to all-one more day and one more year moving toward more freedom,less oppression for registered citizens!

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            I am reading over this article again, and I am still not sure how you got the impression that this church is being stereotyped in any way. The only reason this church appears to be mentioned is because the spokesperson for this church gave a statement claiming that all people are welcome, when in fact not all people are welcome. This means the writer was stating a fact and exercising journalistic integrity, and the person Mig spoke to actually confirmed what she reported.  Further more, from the writer’s comment below showing where she did her research, it appears that the person Mig spoke to either was being dishonest, or was misinformed, as according to Sandy’s sources, only registrants on some form of community supervision are barred from emergency shelters.
            Can you show us specifically what lines in the article you consider to be biased?

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            Sandy Rozek
            Sandy Rozek

            Michael, thank you, and Mig too, for keeping me on my toes. Please don’t ever stop.

            I have read and re-read what I wrote, and I do not see that I have done any stereotyping in the piece, and I definitely have not created “fake” news as you have suggested.

            I understand, and understood when I wrote it, that the policy of excluding those on the registry is largely due to the laws of the state of Alabama. No, I would not want the church being shut down, unable to help anyone. I was not criticizing them for the policy nearly as much as I was criticizing them for what I perceived as, and still perceive as, their hypocrisy. Regardless of why they were unable to take in registrants, they gave statements to the press saying, not once or twice but apparently multiple times, that anybody who needed help and shelter would find it with them. They even came close to bragging a little by saying that they don’t know many others in the area who will take in any and everybody who needs help. That is a direct quote from a church spokesman. He did not speak the truth. Whatever the reason, they will not take in any and everybody who needs help. If they explained the situation and said they did not agree with the policy, and the media outlet did not print that, then that is something I would be very interested in knowing. I NEVER want to show a Christian church in a bad light regarding this topic.

            What would I like to see come from this? How about a little active civil disobedience? How about the pastor of this church enlisting other area or state pastors who feel as he feels? Maybe they can contact their legislature and ask for a meeting with some key legislators? It seems to me that there might even be a separation of church and state issue: state laws are forbidding their churches from practicing the Word of God as He has directed them to. I believe that something good can come from anything. Why not this?

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      A mom

      Discrimination at its best, and from a “house of God.” This needs to stop. Guess they do not follow what they preach. This needs to stop.

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      Gary George

      None of this would be necessary if they didn’t make it so difficult for registrants to find work or housing. It’s one thing to pay for your crime, but to pay and pay and pay?

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      angel c

      I wonder if it would be discriminating, if it was the other way around. Only sex offenders allowed!

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        If an organization actually had a place to give safe harbor to sex offenders only, the law, and the entire world of every type of media known to man would show up; in other words, the news would go viral! I don’t think I can even begin to imagine what kinds of things would follow, but I’m pretty sure that we would be hearing about mass hysteria outlined in international headlines, the national guard would be deployed, we would hear about group hangings, mob violence, swat teams, and visitors from Mars. Okay, I stole the idea of visitors from Mars from someone who is a great writer! But, it’s a good one!
        The world would be changed forever!

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      To agree or disagree that is the question. Now we can all agree or disagree on here with some of these comments. Just like the election of President but actually the election of president surprised everyone. Yes we will have Trump as president. We will always have offenders in our mist. Is one offender better than the other?
      Whether its drug offender, an alcohol offender, or what. Anyone can be an offender but human nature and those that “think” better than others seem to label the sex offender as the worst of the worst offenders. Is man killing man with some of these cold weather restrictions? Is there no compassion today in America?
      Notice I’m trying not to use any Bible wording or anything like that as I want this to be as humanistic as I can with this comment, but you see you can’t have one without the other.
      Sure we can read stories about Noah’s ark, feeding the poor and hungry, or even listen to a pop song like ” Give me shelter, course that wasn’t one of my favorite songs, but that doesn’t even compare to this disgraceful situation as this sex offender registry has caused to some. Law enforcement get on the internet each night to see who they can snare or trap in all this crap and as Fred and others have said its a Money Pit.
      A warning would be more acceptable instead of those keeping those on the lifetime registry and that is predicting and giving a false impression of protecting and serving after one has spent their time in jail, prison, or on probation.
      If man could figure out man, than man would say I’m the man. Is this sex offender ordeal. A twilight zone episode “To serve man” or is it to “Control man”.

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        Tim L.

        Mr. Trump election was not surprising to me. We are tired of the political correctness! While I personally think he is an arrogant dolt, his approach to the untenable nature of the two dominating political parties won him the office. Sure the guys a pig, but at least he is more honest about the fact that America is falling behind is many areas.

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      RC in MO

      So, people with domestic violence histories, child abuse, murderers, thieves, etc. are all wonderful, but alas, no sex offenders. Gotcha. It may blow their minds to realize how many child registered citizens there are. I believe getting the church community on board with advocacy could really help our cause.

      I emailed the church with some enlightening information to hopefully spread some awareness. I feel so powerless sometimes, but even a simple educational email can make a change.

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        The sad truth is that the public DOES NOT CARE what the legitimate data says. All they know is an offender raped a woman or molested a child and that to them makes all of us sub-human trash. Hanging or shooting is too good for the likes of us on the registry. They don’t care that we have he lowest recidivism rate among all other classes of felons save murderers. They don’t care that proper treatment COUPLED WITH STEADY DECENT EMPLOYMENT, STABLE HOUSING, AND POSITIVE, NON-ENABLING SUPPORT FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS REDUCES RECIDIVISM DRASTICALLY. Giving us a dog’s chance to rebuild after serving our time is not an option in most people’s minds. We deserve the most painful, grotesque death one human can possibly inflict upon another in their self-righteous minds. The courts, when they rule honestly, are our only hope for even the slimmest chance of a fair shake and even the courts are not 100% judicially honest. Many still used the flimsiest, most tortured reasoning to leave unconstitutional and inhumane sex offender laws, supervision rules, and ordinances in place. Even judges let their personal bias play into their rulings. I guarantee you whenever a judge looks at a rapist or a child molester he probably thinks, “If I wasn’t a judge, I’d kill this sub-human P.O.S. myself!”

        This is the reality of what we are up against in America.

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          “The sad truth is that the public DOES NOT CARE what the legitimate data says. All they know is an offender raped a woman or molested a child…”


          You mean “all they THINK”. Because they DON’T know if anyone raped or molested someone. Since sexual “offenses” includes a broad range of things, the public doesn’t know sh*t.

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        Michael Rieder

        RC in MO. SUPER idea. That is the kind of proactive action I think will win the war! I’d like to know what kind of material you were able to offer. If you can offer any links that would be helpful, that would be appreciated. Many of here on the board want positive solutions, not a string of bitching and whining like we heard on the inside. We can become BITTER or we can become BETTER! I opt for the latter.

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      I certainly hope someone is documenting all this “double jeopardy” and “punitive” behavior. The Supreme Court justices got just what they wanted….states, cities, towns, villages and even so called Christian churches to forever punish those who have to register. So much for the 501c-3 churches. They have left Jesus Christ and His principles of love, mercy and forgiveness. They are now the “Mother of harlots, or whores (as quoted in the Holy Bible). Sorry but I tell the truth.

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      While we can all try to reason all this out about being left out in the cold, homeless, distorted by government issues one has to come to common sense. Just image if one couldn’t go see someone in a nursing home or even enter a prison after they had served prison time to see a loved on because they had a sex offender record? or just image if one could not speak up at a town council meeting because they were a sex offender.
      I believe we all still have free will and I mean free well to do something about all this discrimination and all this “scarlet digital” blackmail if one would like to call it that.
      Sure Fred’s got a point just the same as Robin but actually the point is Principal. Why do you think we wanted to get away from England? I have a picture of me when I was 7 in one of those stock’s when we vacationed in the Jamestown area. Are we all in stocks or chained with this man made registry?
      To say someone can’t find some shelter or get out of the cold is cold in itself and a disgrace to the whole Principal’s of our constitution that men fought for. Should the old saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas be the norm of today or should we all just come together and try not to figure out each person’s human mind. If people want to speak up about this issue than my hats off to them. Isn’t NARSOL and other groups speaking up. So remember another old saying.. can’t start a fire without a spark. oops I think that was a song.

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      Capt Charles Munsey Jr. USN (Ret)

      If the church goes against the wishes of the state of Alabama is the state going to shut down the church? I don’t think so. This is just another example of church leaders who are either too cowardly to do what is right by God’s Word or are not educated on the protections guaranteed by the US Constitution. The mess our country is in today is because of church leadership afraid to stand up to government bureaucrats. They need to know and practice the founding principles for this nation. If they would just take time to study the situation they would find that RSO’s are the least likely to reoffend and that in some cases they are letting in those who are a real danger. But, nonetheless, any human, regardless of his/her past, should be afforded shelter when life/death is in question. Shame on churches that choose not to do this.

    • #30614 Reply

      Until registered citizens become a protected class, we are SOL!!!!

    • #30622 Reply

      Capt. Its almost like teorrorism with a harlot slant under the disguise of public safety by an internet measure’s. Now only someone in a rubber room could “think” that one up. Remember I don’t think I like to use knowledge & understanding. We are a tax commodiy for them. Go back to history to the Massachutte Bay Colony day and see how they treated those people, banisment, burned the witches, even told the Quakers to get out, don’t bring any more of those people over here, any captain caught bringing them over here would be fined.
      Now today those wrapped up in all this still try to figure all this kayos out. Even accused witches were stripped searched daily before being hanged or whatever and I’m sure those dungon’s were very cold back in those days. One get to the point where they don’t even care anymore but isn’t helping others better than not helping at all. So never give up as things always look brighter with a new year on the rise.

      • #30673 Reply

        To Saddles:
        WOW, I’m going to have to do the research, your message on ousting people and the insane way that people were treated and comparing it to today is a good post. Thanks!

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      Dr. Michael Christianson, LUD

      I am NOT a sex offender! I am a registered citizen. I am an American. I am a brother. I am a volunteer. I am a worker. I am a voter. I am an activist. But I am NOT a sex offender. I do not respond very well to the title of sex offender, as if we are continuing to practice the very act that put us in prison and stripped us of our civil liberties. We are not offending. We are not having illegal sex. We are citizens! Registered citizens, fighting daily to regain what is rightfully ours as a human right – dignity and respect!

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      Mary Davye Devoy

      In Virginia, right now.
      3 2018 Bills HB157-Delegate Cliff Hayes, SB24-Senator Lionell Spruill and SB49-Senator John Cosgrove.
      • Allows for banishment.
      • Promotes segregation.
      • Could risk lives.
      • Reinforces public humiliation.
      • Wastes $, time and resources.

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      Theresa Dail

      My 36 year old son is on the registry for a girlfriend related incident in 2005. THIRTEEN YEARS ago, and even though he has filed to be taken off the list, NO ONE at the clerk of court office has ever called him back about a court date.
      He and his wife of 4 years are living in a shed behind my house, and he is not allowed to attend church, or go to his 8 year old son’s school for any reason, nor can he take his son to a park or any other event for children.
      His father is a disabled Army Veteran, and I am the person who had to put him ON the registry when I worked at the local Sheriffs Office.
      I only pray that one day we will be able to afford a lawyer to help him get off of this horrible list.
      We are praying for everyone on the list who is enduring all this hatred……

      • #30674 Reply

        Theresa Dail: If I were you, (and others who have the same problems), I’d be looking to move to a state that does not have those restrictions. If you research it, you will find a few of them. I wish for you the best. Join organizations such as Offender’s Wives, Sosen, WAR, and NARSOL, make posts, ask questions, read, research and learn – there are many web sites and posts out there that can help your family find a better life.

        • #30782 Reply
          Theresa Dail

          I appreciate your suggestions, but we are unable to move.
          All my family lives here, including my 79 year old mother. I bought my house next door to hers when my husband died in 2012, and since I am now 60 years old, the very thought of packing up and moving is overwhelming.
          My prayer is that NC law will one day see this registry for the witch hunt it has become, or we will be able to save up enough money to hire a lawyer to help get my son off this registry.

    • #30646 Reply
      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      As the writer of the article, I would like to make a few additional comments on the subject of whether or not I was being unfair to the church involved.

      I did do research before writing this. I did not call the church, which admittedly would have given me yet another perspective among others, but I researched the state laws. I found conflicting information, so I called the Alabama Registry Office, and after my questions and being put on hold and talking to several different people was told that only those registrants on some form of community supervision would be excluded under emergency situations. It was clear from the article that the exclusions were being applied to everyone with “sex offender” attached to their name.

      I by no means intended to indicate an indictment of Christianity. I am the first to defend those of the Christian faith, myself included, as being most vocal and pro-active in fighting the public sex offender registry and all that it has spawned.

      Thanks to those who are concerned that what NARSOL prints is factual and honest. No one is more concerned that that is true than those of us at NARSOL. I am most definitely taking to heart the concerns and comments. Thank you all for your support.

      P.S. And my contention is still that if the facility in question was not able to offer totally unrestricted shelter to everyone who came that they should not have made such statements to the press.

      • #30689 Reply

        “was told that only those registrants on some form of community supervision would be excluded under emergency situations.”

        People LOVE to argue with me regarding my feelings about probation/supervision and they all say the same thing – “It’s part of your punishment”.
        Oh really? So part of my “punishment” is putting my life at risk in an emergency situation such as hurricanes and freezing temperatures? I had no idea!!
        Good heavens, forgive me for wanting SHELTER while I still have a probation officer sniffing up my ass! Holy crap! My bad! How dare I.

        (Not *me* personally but I think you get my point here)

        “Sex offender” style probation needs to end along with the registry. Period.

    • #30647 Reply

      If we ever had volunteers, this would be a great issue to take on. Reaching out to religious and non-profit organizations to educate them and encourage them to speak out about this travesty. If you don’t like something, volunteer to take on the issue with NARSOL or your local affiliate. You can help make a difference.

      • #30650 Reply

        I agree. NARSOL does have volunteer positions available for informing the public, including churches. I encourage anyone interested to review the positions and fill out the application.

    • #30687 Reply

      Seems like now everybody wants to get out of the cold now since Sandy brought this article up. Its of the better topics I have seen but their have been a lot of good ones. Sure I like truth and understanding who doesn’t. At times we all don’t use our brains we “think” with our hindsight instead of foresight.
      I wonder why I didn’t say one condition no sex when going down to meet that gal? I wonder why we can’t attend church, have to have a chaperone to be approved by those that wronged us in some of this situation.. Can we say who’s causing one to stumble. Sure we can all stay in the cold for the rest of our lives and just suffer through all this.
      We can even walk into church and introduce ourselves and see how things go. in other words if one stands up for others that is a blessing in itself.
      Isn’t the world cold today and getting colder, but one has to remember we are talking about sex offender issues, nor gay issues, or abortion issues, so should we all stand up for the truth. Now can the truth set you free. Well that’s up to one’s judgment so how cold is that or should we all seek the truth or speak up for the truth.

    • #30688 Reply

      Why has this article been removed from the homepage?
      The only way I can access it is from the email notification I received about it.

      • #30693 Reply
        Robin Vander Wall
        Robin Vander Wall

        Still on the homepage for me, Maestro.

    • #30698 Reply
      Logan Stone

      I’ll say this one more time -I hope this board is listening.
      This hatred towards so-called “Sex Offenders” is the same mental and emotional pathetic false legal justification and foundation for Sex Registration laws themselves.
      This same ruse was used to discriminate against Gays and every other sexual minority-it’s the :
      [“You Have a Different Sexuality Than Mine –so You Must Be Ready on A Seconds Notice To RAPE In Broad Daylight At The Drop Of a Hat-So WE Have to Watch You Every SECOND The Ruse is –You Can’t Control Your Sex Urge- BECAUSE You MUST Be Over-Sexed-Or You Would Be Like Me Taunt]
      The people spouting this nonsense –Know it’s Nonsense–Its used to harass under trumped up nonsensical justification –using the propaganda terms of “ Danger and Safety”-two words repeatedly taken completely out of all context to demonize sex offenders-when what is really being objected to is alternate sexual values.
      The number of sex registrants who were convicted of true stranger danger Forced Rape I would guess to be fewer than 2 %.
      The puritanical purpose of the Scarlet Letter wasn’t because adulterers were a “Danger” to anyone-but to punish for not following religious mandated sex values, and the current Sex Reg laws are NO Different!

    • #30715 Reply
      obvious answers

      You will never win your battles because you dont even know what your war is!..You were destroyed the minute you accepted the title you were given!! Stop and start battling smart for a change. The English language and psychology need to be employed here. The fact no one has told anyone this shows how little your supposed supporters really care about you!!
      As long as you allow others to define what you are you have lost every battle and are just fighting for scraps!…
      How about start by asking some simple questions and look inside yourself for some simple answers?
      Are you a sex offender? Or did you commit a sexual based crime?
      Why is a prostitute NOT on the sex registry even thou their ” crime” is pretty obviously a sex crime??.
      Why are these questions important??
      If you are a “sex offender” That is a title.Much like a king,or president, or ceo, but with out the glamour.. That is something you wear and in English it states a current and future status NOT a past action..You will never win your battle as a “sex offender” because Sub-consciously even those fighting on your side will register you as currently subhuman and so will always limit their stand for you and will always be a bit ashamed to be associated with you..Including spouse’s and parents.. That is a fact!! Real fact is if you keep defining yourself as a sex offender you will be ashamed of yourself and wont even be able to properly stand yup to or for yourself! you will be your own worst enemy!
      NOW if you are a human who was charged with a sex crime THAT IS different. That denotes a past mistake and something that no matter how heinous can be over come. You can feasibly win now because you have learned to define yourself which gives you courage and it will give others courage to stand boldly beside you.

      Last why are prostitutes not “sex offenders”? Interesting to note when they were removed from the registry’s they were termed “as sex trade workers” not prostitutes..hmmm.. power of psychology and the English language!!!
      sex registry’s never were about registering sex crimes as much as they were about weakening peoples resistance to an eroding of personal constitutional liberty’s and freedoms.
      If you want your freedoms restored STOP accepting that you are a lesser person deserving of loosing your freedoms in the first place!!! If you accept the titles given you and if you accept you are deserving of loosing your freedoms then why on earth will anyone else feel you should have your freedoms? sympathy? yea dont count on that one..

      • #30941 Reply

        I have read and re-read your post for 2 days now. I can wrap my head around what you have explained and agree with it. Problem is that “society” does not look at us on the registry as human. Your thinking is correct and I think an article should be written about your suggestion. I like it and agree with it.

    • #30714 Reply

      It is -4 DEG F at noon here in Indiana I can not imagine being left out in this cold it is a death sentence. We supply the worst criminals, and terrorists with food and shelter in this country during their punishment, but not the homeless ex-criminals why does this make sense to anyone? Any state who turns away anyone and the die because of it should be held accountable. Just my two cents.

      • #31055 Reply
        obvious answers

        Henry and anyone else~
        You ask a very good question….. And surprisingly enough a very easy question to answer because the answer is in history and you are not the first ones to pave the path.So lets hit it first and we will stray to a side topic later.

        first some questions..
        Q. How did gays get the rights and freedoms as equals?
        A. The gay community for many years gained no leverage.When they finally started forcing people to recognize them under the LGBT heading and refused to answer to anything else they started gaining traction. LGBT doesnt have the gay or homosexual stigma..remove the stigma gain the support.
        Q How did black people start to win their rights in the 70’s?
        A. A large part of the battle for acceptance was in the refusing to accept the “stigma titles ” given to them. By forcing people to accept them as people and not as stigmatic words they were able to gain leverage for sympathy.
        Q. How did government and women get to murder the unborn?
        A. When they stopped admitting they were murdering a baby and started calling it a fetus it was no longer associated with humanity and therefor had its God rights stripped away to the point of being ripped apart limb from limb.. Think about that next time the government tells you they are protecting the children eh?

        To win this fight the start needs to be in education. Educate yourself and your allys and your family and your loved ones to reality and as you do refuse to accept being a sex offender. They wont stop the label until you refuse to accept it… As long as you accept the sex offender title by not opposing it directly, you accept in your soul the stigma that comes with it. You will never defend yourself properly because deep inside you have been conditioned to believe you deserve it and that you are subhuman. Dont rant to me and tell me are only lying to yourself because everyone around you can see the answer clearly. When you can see the truth and remember you are a human then it is time to actively remove the lie everyone else has been fed. Then people will stand for you.

        Side topic: Start holding the Witch doctors and quacks accountable

        99% of the supposed counselors/psychiatrists are nothing more then hypocritical brain washer charlatans insuring you are mentally broken to the lowest points and will never rise again and getting rich doing it and helping to create the hysteria the public lives on to insure their fame and wealth.. If they are not exposed they will forever keep you down because you my friend are a golden goose and help them hold God complexes much like the witch doctors of old..

        need proof? Think on this.. All of them you ever hear or who have ever written “help books” have all approached “sex offender” crimes as an alcoholics anonymous style crime where all sex offences are because you are horribly addicted and its a mental affliction you can win but must fight every day of your life like heroin addiction ect…
        The problem with that? Their is no one size fits all sex crime so how do you have a one size fits all answer? You dont.. (while some may have serious mental considerations,so do some thieves,murderers,embezzlers).. can you say the young man who met the girl in the bar has the same addiction? or the school boy friend?Is it possible a young man in one state with an age of consent law that is 18 is a sex addicted demonic fiend but if he steps 5 feet across an imaginary border where the statute is 17 he is now white as the driven snow and cured?, or the man that rented the prostitute? A million different scenarios and a million different answers..And if everyone was this sex fiend why is it sex crimes have some of lowest repeat offences? .Pretty easy and obvious to see isn’t it?But only if you are looking.. So why dont the psychiatrists and counselors who are supposedly “professionals” confess to that? How long would they look like shining Gods if they admitted they have been telling lies the whole time and pandering fear while pretending empathy? How much money could they make if they had to admit not everyone, maybe not even most, they diagnosed as an sex fiends really were so incurable after all?
        1st first get your self respect by washing yourself of the stigma and accepting yea you did something wrong, maybe horribly is something you did and not something you are thou..tomorrows anouther day.
        2nd. start speaking truth to power..starting with the liars pretending to be ally like the counselors and fake psychiatrists doing more harm then good by creating blanket diagnosis with blanket guilt ..

    • #30724 Reply
      Lynn Rogers Harbison

      Please see the following statement from the Director of Christ N Us Ministry .
      PSA- in lieu of the recent private messages and public comments I ( we) have received regarding the story about our opening the shelter during the freezing temperatures. The accusations are calling us hypocrites and worse because we can not allow registered sex offenders to reside in our facility. Please note that the statements portrayed were not quotes from our associate Pastor. It was the reporter adding in a fact at the end of the story.
      Our response is as follows:
      We do not make the law, but we do have to abide by it. We will give them a hot meal, a hot shower, warm clothes, coats and blankets, they can even attend our services and Bible studies. (This is all of the time- our services and resources are open to EVERYONE. ) We will also find them somewhere they can go. There are numerous other shelters available. They simply cannot RESIDE in our facility, we are a family shelter, a great deal of our clients and children are under safety plans through DHR and the court system. Jesus would not kick them out into the cold and neither do we. We do the very best we can do within the limits of the law that we must abide by. We are a family shelter/ Transitional home who simply offered to open our doors to others in need who are not in our program. We do not have to, we are not required to, we want to.
      Perhaps if more people would get involved something could be done to rectify the situation and open a facility that will allow these individuals more help and resources. God Bless you and Happy New Year!

      • #30726 Reply

        Thank you for the statement, but you continue to miss several points.
        First: It is not against the law for you to accept all registrants into your shelter, only registrants on supervision are barred, according to sources familiar with the law. (And no I don’t agree with that either).
        Second: Did you give a statement saying that all people are welcome to stay in your shelter? Yes you did. Are all people welcome to stay in your shelter? No they are not, unless you consider registrants to not be people? And therein lies the hypocrisy of your statement. You could easily remedy this by issuing an apology and setting it straight that not all people are welcome to stay in your shelter. Just those who do not have a sex offense conviction in their past are welcome.

        Would Jesus say “But it’s the law”?

        You are receiving hate mail? I am not sure you know what hate mail is compared to some of the people who participate in here who can’t even get a basic thing like shelter without jumping through hoops when it’s freezing outside.

        They will be sure to have a Happy New Year as soon as they find a warm place to sleep.

        • #30850 Reply
          RC in MO

          I sent the ministry a very logical, fact based email with no hate involved. If pointing out hypocrisy or telling them they are not in line with Jesus’ teachings is “hate,” then so be it. I wish just once a church would speak out on this unconstitutional laws we face.

      • #30758 Reply

        Do they, or “Jesus” know that not all sex offenses are hands on against children or adults? Are they (or “Jesus”) aware that some people get convicted of a sexual “offense” for getting caught having sex on the beach or teens sending nudes to each other?

        Of course they (and “Jesus”) don’t know that. Nor do they care. If you are lucky enough to carry the title “Sex Offender”, you must SURELY have harmed a poor little child. *rolls eyes*

        I’m so sick of all this. If people aren’t going to respect us and only define us by some stupid thing we did years ago, then I will have no respect for ANY ONE of any organization and I will define them by what they CURRENTLY do and CONTINUE to do against other human beings.

    • #30749 Reply

      Fred you commit on here from time to time and you do make a lot of good commits. When I first got involved with giving some commits on NARSOL I e-mailed Mary Sue, I believed she is with Texas Voices and I guess she forward my e-mail to Brenda Jones that was about 3 or 4 yrs. ago Folks NARSOL has a specific purpose.
      Sure NARSOL is here to help but you have to help yourself. Sure NARSOL is a support group and even NARSOL can do just so much.. They have chapters that have sprung up all over some of the states. Compassion, yes they have compassion, now view’s might be different but the main goal of any organization is to help others make their sex offender dilemma a bit easier. Some should update themselves on some of the conference video’s. Listen to Paul Shannon and some of the group. Mary Sue is a strong person for getting some to listen. NARSOL has a good structured form where one can share opinions. This form is not all about disagreements its about coming together and helping others.
      People like Janice in California and Linda Carpenter and a lot of others are in there fighting for the sex offenders rights, and also I have to mention a lot of us have to be patient. There is a lot of protocol involved in all this issue that one need’s to know and if one really wants to know sometimes man can upset the apple cart. Basically some of us were just caught up in this hoopla label status.

    • #30765 Reply
      Arie Van Der Weide

      The topic of discussion brings my memory back to January of 2009 when there was an article in the Grand Rapids Press
      ( Grand Rapids MI ) by Tom Rademacher, a columnist that was known for writing articles on people of interest in the area,
      wrote a column about a homeless man that froze to death on the streets after being turned away from a local shelter in GR MI (” God’s Kitchen” was the name of the shelter I believe…….or else Mel Trotter ministries ). The man was a registered sex offender and by policy was excluded from staying there…..I believe because of a Catholic school located close by. The temperatures were near zero degrees. The next day in the paper there was an editorial from a man whose kid attended the nearby parochial school who essentially said “good riddance”.
      The article was memorable to me as I was reading the article from my jail cell, wondering what life was going to be like
      when I got out as a RSO. I’ve met a lot of good people that are registered citizens…….people like me who have made some very selfish and foolish decisions in the past……but now are some of the best people you can meet……and whom I would welcome as neighbors any day.
      Arie Van Der Weide DO

      • #31060 Reply
        obvious answers

        It was Grand Rapids Mel Trotter Ministry’s. I am very familiar with the situation.
        I know one of the pastors that was managing the shelter at the time. (He was not the one that turned the man away)
        That story is very true and very sad. I even remember hearing a speal from the pulpit actually bragging about Mel Trotters turning the man away before they realized later he died. Before I continue please understand the pastor (I will not name)was and is a very good man.Like many of us horrible decisions were made. He was making judgment calls based on the fever that grips people when ever the “sex offender” stigma is mentioned.
        I also remember the look on the pastors face when I confronted him polity after his service. Up till that point I had been a very respected member of the church and had been instrumental in helping many family’s, of course know one knew me, because I have worked very hard to avoid the stereotype and avoided letting anyone know me personally.. I mentioned to him that while he wasn’t aware of it I was on the registry as well and would he feel the same about my death. We spent many hours and days after talking.Educating.
        I will say that pastor is now a very close friend of mine and he works very hard to not only include but reach out to people on the registry and their family’s.

        A good example of why the stigma needs to be challenged inside and outside. How will you have the confidence to stand up to others if you cant stand up to yourself?

    • #30764 Reply

      Maestro there is an old saying , there’s is more than one way to skin a cat, some seem to want to take it as a protest of each disadvantage or punishment one deserves. NARSOL and their chapters and organizations are working on a lot of these issues to inform and to help better those and comfort those involved in a lot of these sex situations.. Someone on here said “once a sex offender always a sex offender”

      Now Fred’s comments are good and most of all this sex offender are sort of scare tactics and at times scare tactic’s go to far in the name of “public safety” when a lot of us were on social sites’ anyway… we were no where near the public. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. So can one judge a book by its cover. I can’t even judge any of you all on here.
      I guarantee you if it gets cold enough and I don’t have anyplace to go to get out of the cold. I will go to the first mission or shelter or a church and one can and worry about the recourse later. If we all worry about pre-emotions than we are the victims of our own selves. As far as the comment on Jesus, I’m not going to touch that as Sandy has already told us to sort of politely take a chill pill.

      Seems like you people are going back to the days of Dusty Springfield. or is paranoia striking some. We are all still human and we hold the stripes of a sex offender, I wonder what other offender issues we all have and we all have issues that come up at times. Sure all this is a human issue thing but one also has to go about the issues in the right way and thats called civil government, right or wrong.

    • #30788 Reply

      I contacted the ministry and had an email exchange with Lynn Harbison, she said that sex offenders should obey the law. She obviously has no idea of what the laws are herself and apparently has no desire to even understand them, easier just to paint them all with a broad brush and cast them out like lepers. Also apparent, she may not understand or have even read the Bible or she would not be pointing and the speck in someones eye with massive plank in her own. Her explanation was quite different from what others are reporting here, and according to her, SO are welcome to food and services, but are not allowed to spend the night because it is a transitional shelter for families, not sure why that matters, however she did go on to also convey in a very negative attitude that they do not really even have to offer any services to SO’s if they do not want to. I really think by why I understood that she may not be the brightest person or the most worldly and aware and probably feels safe this way with no need to know better, which would lead me to believe she may be of limited capacity. I do not like to put it that way but some people never get the memo and feel safer not knowing the truth, another case of a lazy person casting their laziness onto someone else for the burden. I think its just a case of small town attitude with a small mind at the helm, and as we know, education is in a dire situation in this country, we keep replicating this mindset,

      • #30794 Reply

        Thank you for sharing. That is pretty much the impression I got from her comments on their Facebook page. She shouldn’t get so defensive and bent out of shape over Sandy’s article that doesn’t even mention their organization by name. If she was truly getting hate messages, it was more likely coming from readers of the original article than from this one. Our readers are good decent people.

    • #30795 Reply
      Wisdom of Solomon

      I agree with Dr. Christianson above. This I have said on many occasions but in a different way. It was something about the label “sex offender”. And after considering it a few times it jumped out at me like a snake hidden in the bushes. Allow me to explain what I found. First the “sex”. In and of itself doesn’t really mean anything drastic, a word used probably every day by just about all people; however, when you combine the word sex which is a NOUN with the word “Offend” [(to violate or transgress (a criminal, religious, or moral law).] which is an “ACTION VERB” and then attach the “ER” suffix which in parts of speech means “Present Future Tense” meaning, the object of this label is who they are and what they do on a “CONTINUING” basis like a Fire Fight(er) or Police Offic(er). Therefore, when John Q Public, being feed this misinformation in the tractor trailer loads by the media, they naturally think/believe that the person so labeled is a present threat because sex offending is what they do and who they are on a “CONTINUING” basis, not what they may have done, or sex offend (ED)—-past tense. Does anybody NOT understand this concept? Therefore people, the Government/media/criminal justice system lying to John Q Public about who people with sex crimes are—big time. And John Q Public has not a clue, actually they are pretty stupid because it appears that they cannot discern the break-down of the label. In other words, John Q Public either cannot see or do not understand that if a person is an actual sex offender, meaning this is who they are and what they do on a “CONTINUING” basis then this person should be being sought by the police at ALL times, and not be allowed to be posted on some website or job restricted or banished/relegated to the poorest neighborhood where maybe 1 out of 5 house holds has a computer to look for RSOs their neighborhood. NO! Those who are labeled sex offender should be the object of police “All Points Bulletins” and heir faces on “Wanted” posters. Doesn’t this make sense to you? If it were me my question to law enforcement, my state and local law makers would be “if this person or these people are sex offend(ER)s then why are they allowed to walk the streets? Hope this makes sense, if not then some please tell me that this sounds mentally retarded and to shut my mouth.

      • #30799 Reply

        Absolutely correct. That is why NARSOL changed the name from Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL) to National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL). We need to distant ourselves from the label sex offender, and start using the term registrant.

      • #30990 Reply

        Wisdom of Solom,

        100% dead on!
        I smoke. I am a smok(er). Every 15-20 mins I’m pulling another cigarette out of the pack to smoke it.

        I committed a sexual offense. But I am not a sex offend(er).

        So, as many of us in our youths may have TRIED a cigarette at one time due to peer pressure or trying to look “cool” but never touched the things again, does that one time inhale make you a smoke(er)?
        No. It doesn’t. So therefore I am not a sex offend(er).
        But the lawmakers know exactly what they’re doing and they all went to school and they know English, grammar and sentence structure so trust me when I tell you – They WANT the public to see us as offend-ers. It helps them to continue to feed the bs of making “tougher laws for sex offenders”.

    • #30810 Reply

      Give me your cold and homeless—- but not your cold and homeless sex offender. Actually this has been a good article that NARSOL has presented. Fred is right we are just offenders like any other person. Actually all of this is not really about sex. One can’t even have a crime without someone stealing something or harming someone. Oh sure we can have crimes all the time with our thoughts if we use our minds in the wrong way. Actually one can stop a lot of this cold sex offender issue if one uses their stand up to John Q Public that hide’s themselves under the Government.
      Sure one’s PO is gone to give false scenario’s to the one on probation person.
      Did they not give some of you that when they set you up? We can all be an avenger or an offender and that’s a decision that one has to make.
      Police can tell a person that you made a choice to come down here when actually it was a decision but law just passes that over one’s head as if some don’t pick up on that. We can all either chose or make choices about all this cold bondage that one is in. Sure its all about protecting and serving but lets say if they were going to drop the nuclear bomb and they said everybody can go to a shelter except the sex offender, who are they protect and who are they serving when we are all carnal by nature? Are we all in the cold over this sex offender dilemma?

    • #31033 Reply

      You know this topic is really interesting when one really understands the underlying workings of this sex offender plight. Just who are we fighting this worthy cause for. Sure we are fighting it for just for all. What commandments are we breaking and what commandments are they breaking. When it comes down to it who is the actually authority in this cold war saga. Who will judge man’s wisdom over his creator’s wisdom when the last trumpet blows.
      I believe everybody knows two wrongs don’t make a right. Sure there is emotional damage in all of us that got involved or wrapped up in this type of ordeal.
      Is going against the grain gone a bit to far? If someone was protecting a real person I could understand a bit more but when one makes a charade out of this, especially those that are ordained than one has to stand up. Either you stand up for one considering the circumstances involved or you just let it ride for the next generation.
      Its actually time to stop a lot of this barbaric endeavor. Man in his human wisdom seems to know how to solve things but at the same time who is keeping who in bondage.
      Now we can go to the bible for the answer or we can just use man’s super wisdom that doesn’t have a leg to stand on in a lot of this internet espionage if you want to call it that. Sin is Sin and believe me we all have it or is one no different from another. A lot of us shouldn’t suffer like this as there is enough suffering as it is.

    • #31098 Reply

      Maybe my comment on the blurred separation of church and state for sheltering belongs over here instead, but point still being: Where, Why and How does the faith based charity, e.g. Salvation Army and Gospel Rescue Missions, providing shelter draw lines and really start to discriminate against those who need shelter based upon their history?

    • #31688 Reply
      wes gray

      we need to stop being afraid and stop giving in to these abuses, we are human beings, we need to fight for that. We need to start addressing these issues directly with governors, senators, etc. and to challenge in courts, and to return with law suits for discrimination, etc. Denial should be backed up with actual proof of risk, applies to jobs and residence as well. Together we can win, more action less talk.

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