Reasonable shelter denied to registrants facing horrific storms

By Sandy . . . With hurricane season upon us, and some especially dangerous ones already sweeping through Texas, Louisiana, and now Florida, we are beginning to hear of bad situations and civil rights violations.

From Texas, the reports are fairly consistent that registrant evacuees on parole or probation were required to report to police or sheriff headquarters and be sheltered in jails.

Derek Logue, in his “Riders of the Storm” essay wrote that, in Texas, “ KXAN of Austin, TX reported a screening process was in place to weed out registered persons, adding they would be placed in ‘appropriate shelters’ without elaborating further.”

This report, edited some for length, was received just today by the director of Texas Voices and was forwarded to NARSOL.

[This is] to inform you what the TDCJ parole division did to some of us in the (City name redacted) area.  On Friday, Aug 25 at 1:30 a.m. I received a call that I was required to report to the parole office at 8:00 a.m. to board a bus to be evacuated. I informed them I would have to leave my 90-year-old mother alone to do that. They told me if I didn’t report a blue warrant would be issued for my arrest. With less than 24 hours before the storm hit they put us on a bus to the Ben Reed Transition center in Houston. The local parole officers could offer no explanations or reasons for the decision to evacuate us from our city to a place that was predicted to be in the direct path of the storm and receive record-breaking rainfall…the facility began to flood Friday night and Saturday night. By Sunday night we had to evacuate the building and wade through knee deep, diesel oil and sewage polluted water to another building at 3am. By 9 am that building we moved to was flooding and we moved to an upstairs hallway where we spent 2 days sitting in a hallway with no place to lie down or sleep, no staff supervision, and no food…Finally after several calls to Austin TDC (both the parole and institutional division) some TDCJ personnel showed up Tuesday afternoon.  We were served a half of an egg sandwich and told we were going to be moved to 2 different TDCJ prison units. That included the 38 of us evacuated from our city area as well as the 500 residents of Ben Reed.

 …[W]e boarded a bus which left Houston at midnight. By 8:30 am we were checked into the Holiday unit and given a mat on the gym floor.  We were lied to every step of the way by everyone involved. We were told that we would stay in our street clothes and get to take our hygiene items into Holiday, but that turned out to be incorrect. We were stripped out, dressed in prison whites, and our property was taken as we were re-incarcerated without the right of due process.  

The 38 of us were finally sent back to our city on Thursday afternoon.  I [want] to make sure that TDCJ looks at where they fell short in this situation… 

I am mostly curious as to what right TDCJ parole division had to put us back in prison without due process! 

This is just a brief overview of what went on, and I know that we were more fortunate than a vast number of people who suffered catastrophic losses due to the storm.  I in no way mean to diminish their loss.

In “Riders of the Storm,” Derek Logue also writes, “KSLA reported shelters open in Louisiana were also going to screen for ‘sex offenders.’ ”  

Other sources in Louisiana have sent this:

Louisiana Law: RS 29.726 E (14) 9c (i) requires that registered sex offenders that seek public sheltering must be housed separate and apart from the general population. The state’s plan is to have a “unique population” shelter at a state prison in northern Louisiana, with capacity for 120—in a state with over 12,000 registrants!

That means separation of families.  Single parents will be directed to give custody to other family members, or the state will take custody.  “This includes … ensuring that sheltering needs are met for special needs persons (… children separated from single parents designated as registered sex offenders, etc). [LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES ESF-6 EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT OPERATIONS PLAN]

Apparently, registrants who have special medical needs will not be allowed in the medical shelters.  None of the plans address this possibility.

It is a huge issue that registered citizens are expected to abandon their family (most significantly, their children) just to go to these “special” shelters.

In Florida, a posting on the Polk County Sheriff’s Twitter page says, “If you go to a shelter for #Irma, be advised: sworn LEOs will be at every shelter, checking IDs. Sex offenders/predators will not be allowed.”

To the credit of many of the respondents to the Tweet, criticism about Sheriff Grady Judd’s posting was heavy.

The Florida Action Committee posted advice and suggestions for registrant evacuees on their website. One bit of helpful advice is that if a registrant is not on parole or probation, he can spend the night anywhere away from his registered address for up to four nights without being in violation.

Those on the registry are the most vulnerable of all citizens in regard to their personal safety. Disasters that threaten lives capriciously, such as hurricanes and their accompanying flooding, increase the risk manifold. As much as is in the power of all registrants, work out a safe plan of evacuation and sheltering if it becomes necessary. Be strong and stay safe. And God be with us all.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Sounds like a civil war over natural disaster’s. I wonder what would happen if a volcano erupted say at two in the morning. The good ole boys have time to react to the sex offender. Talk about divisions. I think one of our presidents said ” We are all created equal” isn’t that right. You know we all can police ourselves I’m sure but this thing about a disaster is a bit out of line.
      I could commit with Pride goeth before the fall but that would do no good I’m sure. Law and government need to come to reason. So everybody’s welcome to come to a shelter except the sex offender. Sounds a bit prudent to me but than again the registry is not on the top of my list either but I’m going thru it like everybody else. Also one thing to keep in mind is that probation officers are only servants. I never liked this whole sex registry thing anyway. Do your crime some jail time and it should be over if that’s the case.

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      Such articles as this give very clear evidence that so many in law enforcement who are “sworn” to defend and protect all citizens, could care less about what is right and lawful as it regards registered citizens. The Sheriff in Polk County, FL, is a disgrace, and clearly just another political grandstander. If those in law enforcement do not serve all the people, then they serve none of them. They simply become puppets of politics who have no moral foundations except to serve what is personally expedient. Not only are the majority of them utterly ignorant of the constitutional rights of all citizens, they have no problem ignoring what they do know. Truly it is the “hurricane” within that is destroying the fabric of our nation. For the moment the Polk County, FL, Sheriff is its Poster Boy.

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      This is absurd!! Shame on you!! What if it were one of your loved ones being turned away from safety?! Every human has the right to be safe during a possible storm. I don’t think “offenders” have the thought, “Hey, I’m going to moleste someone while I’m here”. I think they are more concerned about their safety as well. Have any of you looked, I mean really looked at the registry? Most are or were young kids at the time of their offense. As they get older their age updates yet the victim’s age does not. Some look as though a 36 year old,for example, molested a 15 year old. Many at the time of the offense were young. They are your brothers, sisters, dad’s, your family. They do deserve to be protected. Yes, there are true pedophiles but nevertheless they’re human and they must be included to the right of being protected. I’m sure they can be monitored if many are concerned. But, it’s a time that we all come together not further separate. I’m sure they have families, too. Someone loves them and yes they would be lost without them offender or not.

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        Tammy Jackson
        Tammy J

        Excellent point about the number of years that have passed since conviction. In the eyes of the public, and due to the public register, it appears as if a crime occurred only recently. When in fact, many of those convicted of an offense have led law-abiding, healthy lifestyles for years, and some even for decades. Yet there are many ‘active’ behaviorally negative offenders convicted of other types of crimes, aside from sex crimes, who remain seemingly less dangerous or at less risk of harming another person during natural disasters. Apparently it is easier to use a list of registered citizens to appear tough on crime instead of promoting the idea of prevention utilizing actuarial data to measure risk.

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      Every registered citizen should give a sworn deposition regarding how they were placed directly and intentionally in harm’s way where the heaviest rainfall was predicted to occur and how they had to risk life and limb not once but twice to evacuate to different locations. They need to give sworn statements about the inhumane conditions they were subject to for the two days they had no food and no place to sleep and NO SUPERVISION for their safety. They were left to drown like so many rats. If this doesn’t prove they did all they could to exterminate those people, then I don’t know what would prove the true hatred and ill intent behind these sex offender laws. This should be taken to court. This is beyond the pale of discrimination and arbitrary government action. The same goes for the state of Florida. Registrants will be treated no better there. I don’t see how any honest judge or decent, civilized human being could see this as anything that could be legitimately upheld in any way once gotten into a court of law. This angers me to the point of stripping me of ALL RESPECT for our government. They are the sorriest of scum for treating people and families in this manner. Having to give up a child? Having to leave a disabled mother? A citizen who has already served their time and only needs safe shelter from a deadly storm being put into prison and treated like an inmate? That shocks the conscience. If that is not sufficient to shock the conscience, then this nation of people are so morally depraved and heartless that nothing can shock their conscience.

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      Everything they have for rules makes life impossible. This goes against our rights.

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      I had posted this disregard for the safety of registrants on our WARof FL site yesterday. Even though Florida Gov. Rick Scott said in a speech yesterday that all those that need help will be assisted, Sheriff Grady Judd turns around and makes this inhumane statement.

      One good thing: Last night on WTSP, a Tampa Bay CBS affiliate, the news team had brought this matter up and how, not just here in Florida, but nationally have heard about this. Florida ACLU responded quickly to the Polk county sheriffs office regarding this and their opinion was quoted. WTSP also quoted some positive opinions of those on Facebook. Exposure like this is a plus and lets hope it spreads like wildfire as well.

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      Sheriff Grady Judd of Florida is no sheriff. He needs to be investigated rigorously. What a loathsome and vile individual. He needs to be stripped of his badge and position effective immediately.

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      A mom

      These stories are heartbreaking. As a mom whose son is due to be released from prison in a couple of weeks, in Florida, I am sick to think that this will be how he will be treated. These civil right violations can not be tolerated in any state. All SO have to band together and fight to get their rights back. This is America!

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      But if you are a convicted drug dealer, armed robber or murderer, come on in. We welcome you.
      Are there any realistic grounds for a lawsuit here?

      • #20698 Reply

        Yes, but the ACLU of Louisiana will not touch it as “their donor base will not fund it.” SAFERLA wants to fight the law but they are just forming and do not have funds or an establish base to fund the suit.

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      Someone should save all the comments under Polk County Sheriff Judd Grady’s twitter as they support the findings from 2 major judiciary victories for registered citizens.

      His Twitter fiasco even made international news and hopefully it reaches Washington DC and the attention of SCOTUS somehow.

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        Even if it does, it won’t make any difference unless someone at ground level files a suit that manages to make it through the state and federal courts and is brought for consideration before SCOTUS.

        • #20707 Reply

          I think what Grace meant about getting the attention of SCOTUS and Washington is that hopefully they read this in the news as well since this man’s Twitter statement and the comments has landed in many media outlets both national and international. Maybe if they read it they can see how despicable this was as many people do also.

          • #20710 Reply

            I am sure they agree it is despicable. But then what?

          • #20715 Reply

            You dont think it would add or fuel in the minds of justices with pending cases ? Enough is enough ? The reverse prejudices certainly has for the past 20 years. Who knows. We’ll see.

      • #20718 Reply

        ACLU has replied, on Twitter, to his ridiculousness, I’m quite sure they have it archived already. 🙂

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      This needs to be taken all the way to the supreme Court. Hopefully someone can find a way to get it there. A favorable decision could have a huge impact on the laws throughout all of the US.

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      Jonathan Merritt

      I have little to say about this issue I am restrained from saying what I think and speaking my mind on this issue. Something that Sheriff had no limitations in regard to voicing his opinion on the matter.

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      Any holocaust survivor may find an eerie similarity with these new “holocaust laws” in the USA.

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      no hope

      As residents of Florida are bracing down to prepare for Hurricane Irma, what is expected to be the strongest natural disaster to hit the Atlantic coast this century, Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, takes the time to post the following message to his Twitter account:

      “If you go to a shelter for #irma, be advised:sworn LEOs will be at every shelter, checking ID’s Sex offenders/predators will not be allowed”

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      you know i used to live in Texas i am a SO myself i know the laws i was in prison for four years for falure to register. i know from experience that the rgistration act is only a snare to get SO’s back in prison not to help anyone out. sex offenders have the lowest re-offend rate out of all crimes commited. so serve your time and be done should apply to all. i live on my own but everyday i wake up there is either toilet paper in my tree, eggs thrown at my house, and hateful ntoes in my mail box. i live with this everyday for a crime i commited when i was 20 i am now 28 years old and have a daughter of my own. what about the saftey of my family? the laws do not care about my saftey and is cruel punishment to have all my information on a site plus it violates my right to privacy. i have served my time paid my fee’s but now i have a whole new punishment to go through. i dont eve know what to tell my daughter when thigns like this happen. and i am now living in Minnesota with this. i had friends who went through that storm that ended up back in prison. not just a violation of due process but a violation of there rights as citizens who have done there time. someone please we need to fix this everyone needs to shout out at this outrage.

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        Robert Arens

        You’re house gets egged and toilet papered in Minnesota? Wow! Unless there was some sort of paper trail or you are a level 3, Minnesota is a pretty sweet place to go to and disappear. They don’t publicly post info on sex offenders but they will do community notifications on tier 3’s and 3’s show up as a dot on a map. I’m just surprised that up there, ya got it so bad. Thinking about non public registry makes me homesick.

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      This is so inhuman! Sex offenders are human beings that are treated so unfairly, to the point of blatant uncaring of putting them in harms way. This literally makes me ill and angry! Haven’t they been punished enough? Maybe John Walsh him self should have joined them, after all, he was dating his now wife, when she was a minor. Just an example of many that should have to experience the continued worse than Nazi treatment sex offenders have to endure! For the love of God, there was a huge campaign for savings animals, how is it now, they have just proven that they have put sex offenders less than four legged and feathered animals. God defends them ALL! What is wrong with Country? What is wrong with humanity? Why will people not see the truth and unfairness of this treatment?

    • #20727 Reply

      Something smells quite foul with This particular sheriff. He is obsessed with sex offenders and his precious infamous sex stings. Im from Florida and I remember a news segment a while back where he was glorifying himself on the news in catching about close to 100 citizens in these stings. Most or real close to all of them were dismissed in court – but he still called them all criminals on TV. As a matter of fact, 2 or 3 other Sheriffs in other FL counties where also interviewed separately as part of the topic and stated that because of those majoral court dismissals, these sex stings are a waste of Police resources, time and energy. So they don’t focus on them in the way that Grady does.

    • #20732 Reply

      Under these dire circumstances compliance is out the window. Trust ? Trust only yourself and above all else care for the ones you love first and foremost.

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      You know good things come out of bad. Yes this is a disgrace. I’m sure all law enforce will see their day in court. It just amazes me that it takes a disaster for people to understand that we are all equal with equal rights. It makes one reason that those people that need shelter are no better than the others seeking shelter.
      I think some of these comments speak right to the core of human behavior. Does a murderer have more rights than a sex offender when something like a hurricane approaches and he can go to a shelter but the sex offender has to have a different way to go because human society has deemed all to a greater or lesser degree a threat to others.
      Sometimes it takes a disaster like this to pull people together and have more respect for their fellow human being. As far as dignity goes and pride and law enforcement trying to show that this whole event is showing how they treat one type of people, than again I wonder if Indian’s couldn’t go to a shelter. Who knows they might scalp someone.. now I wonder who’s scalping who?

    • #20750 Reply

      Sheriff Judd also tweeted in order to strengthen his point: “We cannot and we will not have innocent children in a shelter with sexual offenders; predators. Period. If you’re a sexual predator and a sexual offender, we’re not going to let you sleep next to any 5- or 6- or 7-year-old babies, period,” Judd said.

      WOW! This guy is a character for a future cartoon show waiting to happen. Can’t imagine anyone hoping that a major catastrophic natural occurrence happen in order to sleep next to “7” year old “babies”. I also wonder up to what age babies are babies in Grady’s special mind.

      Children as young as 9 year old are subject to registration laws too.
      From the “raised on the registery” report by human rights watch:

      ” Throughout the United States, children as young as nine years old who are adjudicated delinquent may be subject to sex offender registration laws. For example, in Delaware in 2011, there were approximately 639 children on the sex offender registry, 55 of whom were under the age of 12. . . . A 2009 Department of Justice study, which focused only on sex crimes committed by children in which other children were the victims, found that one out of eight youth sex offenders committing crimes against other children was younger than 12.”

      I would love to see what this sanctimonious moron who calls him Sheriff, would say if asked if he would deny ” baby registered citizens ” from shelter as well. Or how would he screened them since I’m sure babies don’t have a DL or ID.

      • #20753 Reply

        Perhaps his projections are merely revealing something dark about himself.

        • #20760 Reply


          Perhaps indeed.

    • #20756 Reply

      All these laws are unconstitutional and that Polk County Sheriff threatening to evict sex offenders and ” predators” from shelters is actually sentencing people to death. Where does he get the authority to judge anyone a “predator” or to death? What needs to happen those who are threatened as such is to resist and defy these “laws” and fight these bums wherever and whenever they try to enforce them.

    • #20757 Reply

      The latest:
      LAKELAND, Fla., Sept. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Nexus Services Inc. has dispatched disaster recovery teams to Florida to assist their clients who may be evacuating due to the potential devastation of Hurricane Irma. Additionally, Nexus is concerned that Sheriff Grady Judd in Polk County Florida has recklessly and irresponsibly spread fear throughout his most disadvantaged communities by threatening to have law enforcement officers use lifesaving shelters to investigate his citizens. Nexus has established a hotline for victims who may be afraid of Sheriff Judd and his office’s politicization of a potential natural disaster of epic proportions.

      Nexus will assist individuals evacuating who may fear that their civil rights could be violated after Sheriff Grady Judd’s tweets, which threatened to utilize life sustaining shelters as a tool to investigate citizens and make arrests.

    • #20766 Reply
      Don Gury

      Remind me not to move to Texas or Florida. I wonder what would happen to us in southern eastern shore of Maryland if a cat 4 or 5 storm hit us. I’ve been off the registry for three years (but I notice the school bus drivers still checking my address out with their lists). I wonder if I’d be picked up and required to “evacuate” with the local sheriffs office?

    • #20769 Reply

      This is from the Business insider on Sheriff Grady Judd.

      “This guy has been abusing people’s constitutional rights for 15, 20 years,” first Amendment attorney Larry Walters told the Tampa Bay Times in 2011 of Judd. “He has a real hostility toward sexual expression. Anything erotic he assumes to be illegal.”

      Man! What a hypocritical self righteous little prick. He is probably a Gold level VIP member of a secret sexual cult, dresses up in tight black leather and gets whipped by a dominatrix, and most likely right after he gives those Sunday church sermons that he does.

      • #20782 Reply

        And this from that very same article:

        ” He has garnered a reputation for his focus on combating pedophilia and what he believes are other illegal sexually deviant acts, sparking criticism for bringing cases that have been easily dismissed. ”

        This is reminiscent of former Florida congressman Mark Foley where he was combatting child pornography and other online sexually deviant acts. He vigorously championed Federal sex offender laws as well as co-authored the 2006 Adam Walsh Act. Then fell from grace with allegations of sexting to a couple of underage boys online.

    • #20788 Reply

      “if a registrant is not on parole or probation, he can spend the night anywhere away from his registered address for up to four nights without being in violation.”

      You all know what I say about probation conditions.
      I’m gonna spare you all my bickering since so many of you seem to be in favor of probation as “part of your punishment”

      • #20820 Reply

        Your probation is part of your sentence that was handed down by the judge. It is not being applied retroactively. It is not in violation of Ex Post Facto laws. If you are still on probation, you simply haven’t completed your sentence yet.
        Your best option is to hire an attorney and file a motion to have your sentence reduced. I recommend you save your money though.

        • #20837 Reply


          You really have a way of getting under someone’s skin. To hell with “probation is part of your sentence”. Why don’t you do some RESEARCH on how probation actually STARTED? Like I did. In no way, shape or form should probation be a “punishment”. There should be no “conditions/restrictions” OTHER THAN – STAY OUT OF TROUBLE WITH THE LAW. Not STAY OUT OF SHOPPING MALLS, MOVIE THEATERS, HOMELESS SHELTERS, DON’T LOOK AT NAKED PHOTOS OF GROWN ADULTS LIKE ANYONE ELSE CAN, etc, etc.

          Now, let’s see you try to have a damn good comeback for this:

          When your “probation” is over, you can own a computer, go shopping at malls, go see a movie, buy an issue of Playboy, etc, etc, etc. Does the end of your probation mean you’re suddenly not capable of committing another crime?
          All of humanity is on “probation”. You’re free to move about and do as you please UNTIL you break the law in doing so. What LAW are we breaking by shopping at a mall?

          Probation Officer: “You can’t go to a mall because there are kids and teenagers there.”

          Sex Offender: “You say that as if I’ve never been to a mall in my entire life and I came out of my mother’s womb committing sex offenses”

          P.O.: “Well, it’s not only for the public’s safety but for your own as well.”

          S.O: “And who’s going to save me and the public when I’m off probation and can shop anywhere I want?”

          P.O.: “……………………………….”

          S.O: “Exactly”.

          So you see, dear Fred, the way probation is executed is BULLSH*T. Plain and simple. Nothing to try to counter-argue me about on that one.
          Furthermore, Fred, I don’t live in a “fantasy” where 800,000 sex offenders march on Washington. See, that could be a reality. The offenders, their friends, their relations, their employers. But you’re too chicken.
          Also, you seemed to miss the point; I was counterattacking someone else’s comment about how the “fags” got their rights. As if they….we….don’t deserve rights just because of our sexual orientation.
          You can’t condemn one group of people and then claim YOU’RE the condemned group that needs more relaxed laws and arguing trying to tell people that as a sex offender, you’re not really all that bad. Same can be said for the gay folks. How does MY romantic involvement with another male have ANYTHING to do with YOUR daily life? It doesn’t. And that’s pretty much the bottom line of what the LGBT community was saying (even though they did so in a cry-baby manner which made even myself lose much respect for them).

          So, Fred, sit back, relax, breathe and next time before you try to counterattack my ideas or comments, try to THINK about what I’m saying then THINK about all the complaining that goes on in these comments about how we’re treated as RSO’s. Then, most of all – THINK before you reply.

          Thank you,

          • #20840 Reply

            I don’t have time to read all that, but I will answer the first part.
            I don’t care how probation started, or what your specific terms are, it is still part of your sentence and you have not completed your sentence. If you want to reduce your sentence, hire a lawyer and file a motion.
            Sandy addressed the other part. I would had edited that out myself, so quit your whining.

          • #20872 Reply
            Robin Vander Wall
            Robin Vander Wall


            All Fred was trying to say is that today, as things exist right now, the present understanding and administration of probation is (whether wrongly or rightly; whether intended from inception to be that way or not) that it’s a continuation of punishment. You’re not going to find a judge in the nation who sees it any differently no matter how many policy arguments you make. Your argument is, I believe, a valid one. But it needs to be directed at legislators. Legislators have transformed probation from what it was intended to be into what it has become. There is very little we can do about that. And the courts are NOT going to provide us with any relief in this area.

            I do not believe Fred would disagree with your basic premise here: that people on probation should not be treated as though they are undeserving of human dignity during a time of extreme crisis (such as a natural disaster). All I’ve heard on the radio today are stories about how concerned FEMA is about providing shelter to illegal immigrants and making certain that they aren’t afraid of seeking shelter on account of their status. It’s a reasonable concern. The fact that there is not the same concern for probationers is really unfortunate. And we, at NARSOL, stand together with those individuals notwithstanding the fact that there is very little we can do to alter their circumstances.

            This is a policy argument (for legislators and media). It is not a legal argument because it will go absolutely no where in a court of law. It would actually be laughed clear out of the courtroom. That’s reality. That’s just the way it is.

          • #20926 Reply


            I know it’s a legislative issue, and I wish someone who’s well versed in law and a good speaker would take it there.
            But also, no judge is required by the law to add probation to a sentence. Because, if you really think about it, it IS “added” punishment.
            If the crime you commit can get you 10 yrs and the court offers you 2 yrs followed by 10 suspended on probation, you can say “Give me 5 or 6 yrs with NO probation” and chances are they’ll grant it.

            So probation is really NOT forced on the courts to force on to us. I’ve heard judges ask the prosecutor “Will there be probation requested for this sentence?”
            In my case when the judge called my attorney and the prosecutor to a side bar at the bench, I heard the judge as the prosecutor; “Will there be sex offender registry for this case?” Like what?! The D.A. actually had an option???

            As for the immigrants, I don’t see how anyone would know.

            In a time of crises, to HELL with probation and their ludicrous conditions. Save your own ass from death or harm and worry about those idiots later.
            If enough people on probation were to get violated for simply seeking shelter, do you realize how many of those people and their families might actually get attorneys to fight back at probation and the courts would most likely overturn the violations as well as the state lawmakers seeing what they’ve caused? It can happen and it can bring about major changes.

    • #20790 Reply

      Ok….so let me get see if I understand something here…

      I’ve literally been under attack by some folks on this site (and a few of its admins) for criticism of religious beliefs and FALSELY ACCUSED of being anti-American but Darrel gets to say this with NO BACKLASH…

      “That’s how the fags got their rights”

      Hey Darrel, I’m one of those “fags” (a happily bisexual male) and I am not one bit offended by your comment. Just a little pissed off that no one put YOU in YOUR PLACE for it. So allow me…

      Us “fags” have more balls than most of you. I certainly do as I have challenged the probation dept on a few occasions. But since both paid attorneys as well as civil rights attorneys also lack a pair of testicles, I was shut down and told to just “follow the conditions of the probation you agreed to”. How about “NO!”

      So, where are all the balls of the other sex offenders who didn’t seem to be so chicken shit when they committed their crime? Why won’t any of you stand up and march? Protest? Scream at the top of your damn lungs?
      Oh yeah, because you seem to think that 800,000 pairs of handcuff and 800,000 prison beds will be ready and waiting for you – that’s why!

      STFU and deal with the reprocussions of your life choices , just as I was told to deal with MY probation conditions.

      • #20807 Reply
        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        Maestro, when you are right, you are right, and I apologize. That post should not have been approved with the derogatory name-calling in it, and that portion has been removed.

      • #20818 Reply

        What is protesting and screaming at the top of our lungs supposed to accomplish?
        Many registrants are struggling just to put food on the table, or even find a nice bridge to live under in some cases, how do you propose to get 800,000 of them to D.C. to participate in your civil uprising fantasy?

    • #20789 Reply

      Alex you make a good point when you said ” This guy has been abusing peoples’ constitutional rights” In one sense your right. To be honest I never wanted to take my plea deal in the first place for my little potty mouth with these internet sex sting operations, but like a lot I was intimidated like a lot of folks. And yes law enforcement are crafty, so is a lot of government.
      Your hypocritical self-righteous can also be right on the money just like most politicians but to deprive those under these circumstances in Florida and under these circumstances is a bit out of character. I am sure this Judd fellow will have a few people coming down on him for his out of line character in Polk County. Now, after all this hurricane thing is over, and I pray that all those people will be helped, but than think about it…how much more public safety can one predict than a hurricane breathing down your neck. I believe Fred got it right the first time its all about money. cheers.

      • #20800 Reply
        William Gratchic

        What we are witnessing is the Nazi-type ghettoization of our population. We need to look at what happened in Hitler’s Germany and reflect on the big picture what is happening in this country. After denigration of Jews, there came confiscation of their property, ghettoization, deportation to concentration camps, forced labor then extermination.
        Today, we are witnessing the demonization and repeated media hysteria of sex offenders, with no reasonable discussion of the problem and the facts. The course of litigation has financially and mentally shook people down. Now in Florida, people on the sex offender list are ordered to county jail for shelter. This is socially accepted based on the past culling of hatred towards this group and double sentencing for the same crime in violation of constitutional rights. What’s next? R.F.I.D. tattooing? Penal colonies with forced labor for those people to pay their “fair share”? Euthanasia as the final solution to rid society of this “plague”?

        The people who did this to the Jews and their mechanisms and tactics are still in place in this country. May I humbly suggest read Edwin Black’s books on Nazi tactics and the U.S. companies that supported them. Just a few were I.B.M., the Ford Motor company, Remington-Rand, General Motors and Standard Oil. We must take a stand and vigorously fight this prejudicial thinking and action before our country is completely lost. The sex offender list is just the beginning. We need to make a strenuous fight against what is transpiring in Florida and in this country. It’s not just personal. It’s patriotic.

        Finally on a personal note, I as a retired RN of 30 years was going to volunteer in Florida to aide in disaster relief. Due to being a whistleblower against the Commonwealth of PA regarding the department of corrections and state police and Governor Tom Corbett, my p.c. was seeded with three child porn photos: two of the same kind. Unknown to me, it was found when taken in for service. I now am on the sex offender list. If I went to Florida to help, I would have been thrown into jail.

    • #20809 Reply

      Meanwhile in Pasco county, in a neighboring county to Sheriff Judd’s county.

      ” They need someplace to go just like any other citizen,” sheriff’s spokesman Kevin Doll said.

      But then this:

      ” Doll added that offenders would be “segregated away” from other citizens who might seek refuge at the high school ”

      And then this:

      ” If an offender is found in another Pasco shelter where there are children present, Doll said, that offender could be arrested “.

      Maybe I’m missing something here, but It doesn’t sound like being treated like any other citizen.

    • #20843 Reply

      I still see my friends Fred and maestro at it again. Talk about the odd couple woo? Actually all things happen for a reason. Now we are suppose to be talking about a hurricane and how it effects the sex offender and people’s view’s that are in this sex offender issue.
      Now I grant you maestro adds color to this site with some of his comments but we all have to stop and think also. I hear they are still looking for vollunitares in florids. Lets just see how many sex offenders sign up if they can. That right their would be a hurricane explosion in itself.
      Believe it or not we all have equal rights. Sure I can fight my battles with the word of the lord and I am not ashamed of the gospel. This hurricane, could we all say was sent by law enforcment, or could we say Mother nature know’s what she is doing. You know punishment comes in many different forms. We as human’s don’t have all the answers. Was this hurricane planned? or was it some force to tell the nation that cool your jets. Now God is no respector of person and we all should get along with our fellow friends.
      Now we all know that a lot of this hype of this sex offender issue is a mis-carrriage of justice. Maybe we all need to watch reruns of Ben Madlock and get to the heart of the truth instead of the eye of the torrnado or hurricane or whatever man says it is. Winds can shift anyway at anytime and I’m sure everybody know’s who controls the wind or is the master of the wind.

      • #20853 Reply


        ” we are suppose to be talking about a hurricane and how it effects the sex offender and people’s view’s that are in this sex offender issue”

        I’m actually staying on topic, just veering slightly.
        The topic is that while we’re on “probation” we’re not human enough to help or be helped.
        And somehow Fred is in agreement with this inhumane bullsh*t as he contributes to probation treating us like trash by saying “it’s part of your sentence”.

        We’re already treated as inhuman just because of the sexual offense. Probation adds insult to injury by threatening “violation” for simply taking shelter.

        Screw probation. It can be done away with for EVERYone. If you were only sentenced to serve 2 yrs in lockup, then that’s all the court felt you deserved. Probation period (if needed) should be how it was meant originally; Show us that you can function in society and good luck. Not “stay out of malls, movie theatres, don’t spend the night at your relatives house if you’re stuck in a snowstorm, don’t own a smartphone , etc, etc”

        • #20912 Reply

          Maestro you have a good point and believe it or not you are right about probation. In fact we are all under probation to do the right thing. I’m sure nobody can say they know anyone that did the right thing at all times. Whether it was with a person of age or someone underage that is not the point. You know what impressed me about these articles that NARSOL brings to us is the one about witches. You see back in Salem they would have a red Scarlet letter tied to them so everyone would know that they were branded as a witch.
          Hey I admit that a lot of these internet sex offense are deceptive and evil practices. Even the practice of being with an under aged gal but as you say. Pay the time and it should be over.
          Law enforcement look at it entirely different and like that Trish person said someone needs to step up to the plate and NARSOL is doing the best they can. Its also up to us also.
          This hurricane may even be a message to those that this is all wrong. or should we all take the baker act and go along quietly to the mental wards.
          Police are to enforce the law not the biblical principles so this hurricane just may be a reminder of who has more authority. Yes protecting is good but being overzealous isn’t good in a lot of situations. Someone once said, Man is killing Man and I think we all should govern our own selves at times. I would rather think of others than be overzealous of self or actions anyone can make a mistake. I would say something about government but I will let that one go.

      • #20868 Reply

        Can someone please stop these idiot and unlawful acts by the authorities.
        Are we the people going to be idle while ex offenders are sh:ttttt on?
        Where are all the real heroes?
        Let’s talk about something…… let’s say a parole/probation officer just lets the law pile on more rules, regulations, laws and on and on! What person in their right mind would say to the oppressed….well just be compliant while the world enjoys their life at your expense! Just be a quite little slave or we will beat you….(jail, fines, and whatever the powers that be want) you have nothing….you are nothing!
        So, does the citizens of this country allow corrupt law run over ex offender and we the people are not to expose the very fact idleness and condoning misuse and abuse of power is to be a part of evil and participate willingly in wrong doing… we the people want to see a war over bad and overzealous laws?
        A police officer pulled an ex offender over and he was driving with family and friends and the officer demanded that all passengers including kids show I’d……officer claimed it is their policy! What the he// is wrong with this country?

    • #20927 Reply

      Not only sex offenders are being denied their rights in Florida. Just being homeless and refusing to go to a shelter to escape the hurricane will get you forcibly held by authorities for a minimum of 72 hours. I do not believe refusing a shelter is wise, however, I do maintain that an adult has every right to choose for him/herself what they want to do. It is not a crime to refuse shelter! Am I reading too much into this? It seems to me there is a real problem protecting human rights in Florida…and sadly it is a growing problem Nationwide.

    • #20975 Reply
      • #20986 Reply

        Psst…. here’s a hint, I think that’s called saving face. Remember police don’t want any bad publicity.. Hurricanes can bring out the worst and best in some things but the damage is done.

    • #21424 Reply
      Wes gray

      Four decades now of the “sex offender” witch hunt. It will only end when we stop it. We need to band together now Nationwide. It is affecting our own children in adverse ways, even suicide. Join the groups, start a group, get involved, speak your voice, do not be afraid any longer. We are humans , not animals. Go to court, start sueing, demand changes from your “government officials”. Protect your families . Power in numbers, together we can succeed. May God bless us all.
      Seattle registrant

    • #21841 Reply

      @Wes gray
      Banding together is a wonderful and common sense approach, but with very little politicians (for obvious political reasons) to represent us at a Nationwide level the bold move would be destroyed. People on a registry are often scared from all the retaliation to them I their loved ones (much more than anything we have already endured) by law enforcement & vigilantes and individual States’ awakening seems to be working. Just like you posted, I am concerned by the effects on us (suicide rates going thru the roof, which is what the power that be want), but our families/loved ones exposure to all this is concerning most. Yes, we are after all, Human.

      Sorry buddy, but as I posted in another article, there is no much better place for updated information in one place that I have found other than NARSOL. You will find info at a local level, but you will need to visit or search every locality in every Town/City in a State to get updates on what is going on in those places. This issue is a sickness (the mental kind) of misinformation that is deeply rooted into every cranny of just about every community in the U.S. (even the Amish after what happened in Lancaster, PA years ago, but the difference being they actually/genuinely forgave) and abroad.

      What I would like to know, in all honesty of course, is where are the ethical people, Constitution believing/quoting folks, the individuals of faith, understanding, compassion & forgiveness and last but not least the legal scholars at?

      I am still waiting to be contacted by any groups or attorneys to offer their “help” to seek relieve from this violation of Human Rights (mine and others) and to get the ball rolling to sue the living ghost out of this States & Federal Government. (not going to happen, of course, except by those with the right people & money in the right places, which it is how the justice system often works, sadly and yes, I do not have confidence in how our U.S. justice system operates)

      I have yet to see any post from any entity, (i.e. ACLU, NARSOL, Human Rights Watch, Politicians [yeah…like that would ever happen!] or Lawyers) actually providing direct useful details or recommendations as to whom to seek for legal recourse affordable to all (read my thinking…No money needed to do what is right & lawful!) and without fear of ridicule or retaliation by authorities. As far as I have observed/experienced with attorneys, we are profit and business is good.
      May you and all be blessed to! -PA Registrant-

    • #22777 Reply

      @Don Gury
      …according to your post #20766 on September 7, 2017 at 8:00 pm, you have been off the registry for 3 years so, how do the bus drivers or anyone knows that you were on a registry (outside of law enforcement or people that already knew)?

      If you would have moved to a new address to start a new beginning (which I would), no one should have further access to your past without a warrant unless you were to commit another crime. (or unless they use those background search sites, but they would need your full name “technically”, but not only way)

      I am interested in your answer & experience because, I as many should be due relief under the Muñiz ruling in PA Supreme Court and want to make sure I or loved ones am/are never threaten or bother ever again by vigilantes.

      I also want to know if I will have to sue in court hundreds of businesses that compile information and store or sell said information including and not limited to the Credit Bureaus in order to get them to remove my RSO information and be compensated for damages that arise after relief or even before relief (retroactively, let’s see how they like it…); Which, how would I or anyone afford that unless they are rich which, if that were the case they would most likely not have been made a RSO for they could buy the law (Anthony Weiner is an exception now). Or whether I will have to find a Pro Bono lawyer which, good luck with that one).

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