International travel re-visited

By Sandy . . . Before the passage of  IML, NARSOL (at the time, RSOL) published a blog post offering a resource to information about international travel. Paul Rigney, founder of RTAG, was interested in gathering as much anecdotal material as possible from registrants about what they encountered in their travels or their attempts to travel. This post has garnered more comments than any other single post and continues to get comments today, long after the post was originally published.

NARSOL has had several questions since our new website was launched about this post and the information contained in all of the comments. It is found here, under the “Advocacy” topic, and all of the comments are included. They are in chronological order with the most recent on top. Replies to comments are not under the comment where they were originally but are in chronological order within the total grouping. Comments made now, however, will show up in their appropriate places.

The issue of being able to travel internationally continues to be high up in the areas of concern for those on the registry. NARSOL is totally committed to the fight against restrictions on travel at every level. Restrictions are driven by the unsupported belief that those on the registry, being labeled “sex offenders,” desire to travel abroad in order to engage in sexual activity with children or to actively participate in sex trafficking for the purposes of child pornography and child prostitution.

The complete lack of evidence to this supposition has not deterred those driving these laws, and the legislation known as International Megan’s Law was finally passed in 2016 after several years of unsuccessful attempts.

Of related and equally compelling concern is the threat of a “unique identifier” to be placed in some manner on every passport held by a registered citizen. Upon the passage of IML, information was released that the use of this identifier would become effective in 2017. We are now more than halfway through that year and no closer to knowing any specifics at all about this mark that has been much written about and is still not understood.

Reports about the difficulties registrants have had in attempting to travel abroad, however, abound. Seldom a day passes when NARSOL does not receive a query in some form or another about this topic and where the registered citizen and his family may or may not safely travel.

To that end, we have a section entitled “Travel,” which encompasses both domestic and international, in the Resources menu of our website. The material there was timely when we published it, but the lack of any formal governmental action in this area has resulted in little to nothing being written currently.

We will continue to monitor this situation and keep you informed with the latest information about foreign travel, International Megan’s Law, and passport markings as soon as it becomes known.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Huge waste of resources

      The problem with trying to overturn or loosen the grip of IML is that the USA federal govournment is not restricting the international travel of those on the sex offender registry, & their notification scheme is regulatory not punitive. Now the burdens encountered by registered citizens traveling throughout our country is a clearer violation of the constitution. I’m wondering if the government should implement “Public Registries” for all felony convictions or only those “groups of felons” with an “average” re-offense rate above 10%.

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      This issue with international travel for those of us on the registry is null and void since the majority of men (mostly) who travel abroad for such sexual purposes are NOT on the registry and usually are upper middle class/upper class high end jobs (and politicians). This needs to be thrown in their faces.

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      One thing I don’t understand, 16 or 17 years old sex offenders being treated like pedophiles even though they are not being label as pedophiles in their record but the laws are still apply to them? 16 years old is just a young person who doesn’t know the real world and the laws out there. When they grow up, they can change to be a responsible adult. The laws are getting worst and this doesn’t help them to have a better life. People treated them like garbage and they now are not the same teenager anymore. It is like torturing an innocent person. Laws suppose to be fair and not to be made to torture. We should not treat everyone the same or put them all in one same category. Young sex offenders and non pedophile sex offendors, specially those who have been a good citizen without any other criminal records should be waived from getting this stamp because they are not endanger any minor and they have change to be a great responsible person. Everyone deserves a second chance specially young offenders who have grown up to be a good citizen.

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      Leaving for good. Have long term stay Visa. Passport has not been revoked or stamped. Must have it stamped at consulate before leaving country. Should I get new passport before I leave,? Any thoughts appreciated.


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