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International Travel

If you or someone you know was denied entry into another country as a consequence of registration, we want to hear from you.

A new group, supported by RSOL National, is examining the issues related to registered citizens traveling, including the practice of the US Government notifying receiving countries that a registrant is traveling there.

A representative of FAC will serve on the board of this new group. We want to make sure that your experiences are included in our efforts to enable registrants to travel freely and unmolested.

Please send any information you have concerning yourself, another registrant or yourself (if you were traveling with a registrant) with details including dates, where you traveled to, whether you were detained, whether you were denied entry, and other information to Paul Rigney,, who is based out of Dallas, TX and chairs the group.

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    Does anyone have experience entering Mexico as an ex-sex offender? I was taken off the registry last year after successfully deregistering in Texas. I am wondering if I will be allowed in now that I am technically no longer a RSO.

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    Were you able to re-enter after deregistering?

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    Just to let people know I called Holland Cruise Line and they said it is against their policy to let RSO on their ships. I have checked all over the Internet and cannot find one instance where Holland has turned anyone away, however why take a chance? I called Princess Cruise Line the lady checked for me and she said they have absolutely no problem with it and would I like to make my reservation right now. So I am booking a cruise for March and I will let everyone know how it goes, thank you for all the information on here.

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      So what ended up happening with the cruise experience?

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      Did you go on the Princess Cruise in March? Any problems? Where did the cruise go? Did you go ashore for excursions? Any issues? Did you require a passport for boarding and for shore excursions. I am book on Princess in January and hopeful.

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    How did the trip go?

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    I just received this from the Haiti Consular’s office:

    Our institution has not received any notice that prevents U.S. citizens with a record of non-violent crimes from traveling to the island.
    Haiti remains open for business and tourism. We hope you enjoy your stay.

    We encourage you to carry the proper documents with you in the case of questioning.

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    Hi José, did you notify your local police department about your traveling to Mexico?

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    Hi Matt,
    I am filipina my American boyfriend is also RSOL. We try to see each other in Palau part of u.s territory last march. No problem with him to travel in palau.But I was offloaded because will never see each other since and it was my first time to travel abroad. Getting married to Hong Kong has no problem to RSOL?

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    alberto walters

    can you send me a copy of that list

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    kaye peddy

    I have traveled to Mexico on several occasions both by flight (though that was back in 2003, but more recently by car three times. Most recently in 2015. I crossed over and back several times with no incidents (with a passport) regarding my registered sex offender status and I have a deferred Adjudication for 2nd degree felony sexual assault of a child (he was 16 and I was 26 and I initially was unaware of his minor status. The ONLY trouble I had was the fact that I had an Egypt Visa in my passport and that caused a bit of an issue. (Lot’s of question about what I was doing there and where else had I been in the ME) but it’s on the return to US that I’ve ever had ANY problems both with the Egyptian Visa and the Sex Offender status. Just a lot of questions on my return to the states. That being said however, I traveled to Egypt with no issues what-so-ever in Egypt or upon my return to states. Am preparing to Travel to Dubai soon and hopefully marry my Egyptian fiance and live there. Will update. Good luck.

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    Hi Im Mel from Phil I have a fiancee in the US who wants to come here in the Philippines for vacation however he was charge of sex offender and now hesitant if the Philippines will allow him to travel. Do you know from where we can ask if he is allowed to travel here? we tried searching his name on the US list of sex offender and he ia not there. He had been on probation for 3 years and they did not put him to jail. Thanks and godbless

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    Hi tell me your story im interested to know you 🙂

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    Janice Campbell

    Did you do anything special to prepare for the trip? (paperwork, phone calls….??)

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    You filed for duel citizenship? Where? I don’t want duel, I want the hell away from the USA. Just another 10_1/2yrs and I will hopefully be out of prison.

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    John Clack

    hello im from uk got a caution from police and 2 years on the s o r have got flight/holiday booked to Philippines in 2 weeks have checked im not blacklisted no derogatory report
    is it likely I will get returned or allowed in ?
    bad enough loosing air fare don’t need being grilled for hours and if u get returned home who pays ?

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    Larry Evans

    I am visiting Colombia now I gave a one day notice I was leaving the state of Texas and the country to travel every Don’s needs to read the law you don’t have to give notice your leaving your state only when your return because you report to the local police where you visit we’ve done the punishment so we don’t owe explanations to anyone but until everyone comes together behind the people who are trying to help these idiots that can’t do any real work but they boast about they are protecting women and children which has always been bull shit but when did women get to be part of the mix this is why everybody needs to wake up because your record is never expunged where its not going to show up on a background check

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      This is not all true. It is the opposite of what you are saying. Have to let the local office where register at know 21 days before you go (which I would not do, but I would if on probation ). Nobody in the United States would even know you are in out of the country until you get back. I have gone on 2 trips since they started the 21 day requirement and both time they never said a single word about if I informed the local law enforcement or not, and this was at San Francisco airport. The thing about informing the any agency in the country you are visiting. That is the stupidest thing I have ever hear. Why tell anybody anything when there is no way for them to know about it before you told them. If you get through immigration and you are allowed to enter then you are clear for that visit.

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    Larry Evans

    I am visiting Colombia now I gave a one day notice I was leaving the state of Texas and the country to travel everyone needs to read the law you don’t have to give notice you’re leaving your state only when you return because you report to the local police where you visit we’ve done the punishment so we don’t owe explanations to anyone but until everyone comes together behind the people who are trying to help these idiots that can’t do any real work but they boast about they are protecting women and children which has always been bull shit but when did women get to be part of the mix this is why everybody needs to wake up because your record is never expunged where its not going to show up on a background check

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    Larry Evens

    Your completely right I’m doing the same thing filing for dual residence I’ve served the penalty stage so I don’t any explanations to anyone of these idiots on city councils and state legislators are moron’s they keep passing these laws because their not challenged enough in court so we better wake up now that they have made us a group and start fighting back.

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    Larry Evans

    I am visiting Colombia now I gave a one day notice I was leaving the state of Texas and the country to travel everyone needs to read the law you don’t have to give notice your leaving your state only when your return because you report to the local police where you visit we’ve done the punishment so we don’t owe explanations to anyone but until everyone comes together behind the people who are trying to help these idiots that can’t do any real work but they boast about they are protecting women and children which has always been bull shit but when did women get to be part of the mix this is why everybody needs to wake up because your record is never expunged where its not going to show up on a background check

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    Gaspar Clubb

    Thanks for this. Same situation for me.

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    Gaspar Clubb

    I’m an rso AND I guess I could be labelled a Christian conservative. Just like rso’s are painted with a broad stroke, you did that to me. If you will notice, liberals vote for these laws and policies, too. That said, I am apparently doomed to not be able to visit countries of my heritage (history major and genealogist, they go together sometimes. 🙂 ). Would have loved to visit England and Scotland again after 35 years. Sounds like it is the Dept of State that is pushing these issues against us, but I’ve read about a treaty between the UK and the US that addressed this. Like I said, doomed!

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    Tom Hamley
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    Which law?

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    Michael hinojosa

    I’m trying to deregister in Texas. I’ve done my interview and was given permission to petition the court. I can’t find the proper documents to do so. I’m doing it on my own. Any recommendations. I was 17 and the victim was 13. It has been 17 years since it occured.

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    George Howe

    I propose that all RSO’s in the US unite and coordinate a focused series of high profile cruises including air travel, hotels and related excursions. The destinations should be selected for maximum attention to our plight and maximum exposure of their (governments, companies, politicians) hostile or symbiotic policies. ALL media should be invited to accompany and cover all events and all processes that RSO’s are required to endure. We should procure maximum sponsorship, organize the best public relations. All information should be consolidated on the appropriate websites. A reasonable portion of the gross proceeds should be distributed to victims support organizations. ALL pro and con politicians and agencies should be highlighted, detailed and held to account.
    Janice Belushi would be an excellent resource to help bring this to fruition.

    Additionally, the data from all of these stories needs to be collated into a database that makes the information easily available, as accurate as possible and targeted to results. I am grateful and empathetic to all who have contributed and whose lives have been so severely impacted. Never to be forgotten are the victims of sexual assault. They must always be placed first, regardless of circumstances.

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    Paul Brown

    I went to costa rica for 7 days no problem in 2012. No issues on the way out of the country, or getting into CR. i called my local sheriff here in ohio and he said have a nice trip. I did have an hour and a half stop in customs on the way back, but they were decent enough.

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    Hi Jon, can anyone tell me what Guatemala’s restrictions are if any?

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    Matt G

    You will be denied a visa because of the Adam Walsh Act of 2006. I petitioned my fiance and they sent it to Vermont, where all petitions from sex offenders go. They sit on it for about three years and then deny it. I finally cancelled mine after 1-1/2 years and we went to Hong Kong to get married.

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      You do not know for sure that it would have been denied. Every single case is different.

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    Am I understanding this correctly. Even after you do your time on the list and are removed, you still get notification sent to destination country?

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    Sarah M.

    Roatan, Honduras as of a 3 months ago allowed sex offenders, but you will probably get questioned at customs

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    I just got back from Colombia didn’t have any issue in Colombia but Mexico denied my entry they wanted to deport me back to the USA I convince them to do my transfer and later on they did but they escorted me to the plane, I would advise don’t do a lay over o transfer in Mexico City you will have a lot of problems , go direct or go through another country Mexico is being hard on us..I’m planning on going to Colombia for my Wedding on Christmas and I won’t be going through Mexico …

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    You can’t…. They tag your first, last name, DOB and country of residence. So if you change your name and get a new passport then you may have a chance. But at this point f*ck Mexico…

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    Registered User

    Reply to RLK, mike, and Sr:

    In my case, I am no longer required to register and so did not provide 21 days notice. Short summary, I received a deferred sentence in 1995 in TX, was on probation for 5 years and case was dismissed in 1999. I was placed on the registry, but moved to CO in 2000. In 2003, I petitioned the CO courts to no longer register, however, I was still on the registry because of TX DPS. Just this year, I sent a letter to TX DPS notifying them of no longer being required to register and request that they remove my name from the registry. I was polite, but referenced Art. 62.251 of the TX CCP. They never responded to my letter, but my name was removed after a few weeks. No attorney required.

    The problem now is after having been denied entry to Mexico, I cannot find any way to determine if I can go back or not. No one seems to have an answer to this. I really don’t feel like just showing up and hoping for the best and risking hearing “you were already denied entry, why are you trying to come back?” in a small, rather unfriendly customs office in Cancun.

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      Do you have any update about it? I live in California and can drive right into Mexico with the other 2 vehicle that are going in too, no gate, no nothing.

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    Can anyone suggest what countries in the caribeean allow entry to vacation? I was denied entry to Cancun after my 4th trip in 2013. Escorted off the plane and denied entry. Don’t want to make that mistake again.

    Any help will be greatly appricated.

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    Can you share how you deregistered?

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    Hello. I am an RSO and I have been thinking about this alot lately. What would they do if all RSOs nationwide just didn’t register. They have us under unenforceable laws due to out constitutional rights as supposedly “free” citizens. We need to stand up and take these rights back. They cannot hold 800,000 people in jails. The jails are already overcrowded so they would not be able to do anything.

    Just a thought.

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    Same thing happened to us….eight of us from one family. Kids from N.Y. and California. All paid for on same cruise line…escape to the Mediterranean for Ten nights……we lost a bundle in shows, hotels before and after, not to mention our once in a life time family vacation was taken minus one of us.

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    Other sites have a list. Please reply, I am in the process of getting an updated and accurate list.

    Seeking to study with one (1) freedom-minded individual. Served 8 years in prison. Want to begin a fresh start. I hope to exist and spend the remaining days of my life in peace. Collaborative legal review of jurisdictional remedies to exit the USA. If interested, please reply to this post.

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    Did you have to notify 21 days prior? In the updated bill it says if you knowingly do not notify authorities of your travels you are subject to fine prison or both.
    No where on the yearly registration form is there somewhere it mentions it
    Did you get in trouble for not notifying?

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    Joshua Mouton

    I have been able to vote sence I got on probation. On that note I it has been over 12 years sence I committed the crime and 2 years since I have completed probation. Now I would like to know if I can go to Dubai UAE?

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    Hi did you hire a attorney to file the papers with DPS??? thanks

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    did you have to notify before travelling?
    I dont think many RSO are aware of that

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    you’re offense was in the US or the UK? you were on the US list or the UK list. Im both UK and US citizen, however I’ve only lived in the US; had my case been in the UK I’m sure it would have never gotten to court. The US is nuts.

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    MRN what are we going to do about it.. I mean we can’t seem to fight this alone? We all know its cruel and unusual punishment and that its an extension of punishment outside of the initial sentence; yet it seems that SO’s are exempt from civil rights and Constitutional law, so it really doesn’t matter.

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    Had the same experience two days ago. I contacted Intropol and the mexican authorities, and let my local police know of my travels; they all gave me the green light to go. WTF.

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    Exactly. I just experienced this as I was denied entry to Cancun, leaving my wife and three young children crying as I was forced back into the airplane. My “accusation” occurred in 2004; never was a trouble maker before, then or after. This is ridiculous.

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    Did you notify police 21 days before of your travel plans?
    can you get in trouble for that now too?

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    Were you allowed in?

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    I renewed my U.S. passport last year and had no problems at all. (My felony conviction was 20+ years ago in Florida.)

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    Have u been able to return to Japan and meet your Filipina there???

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    I went to colombia in April and when I arrived to Mexico they did hold me and took me to my connection flight to colombia, when I made it to colombia I didn’t have any issues everything was fine. Mexico will hold you until your connection and make sure to let them know of your luggages otherwise they will end up leaving them, I’m going next week I will keep you guys posted of this trip to colombia …

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    Registered User

    I tried to travel to Cancun in July 2016 and was denied entry. I was listed on the national registry.

    Since then, I petitioned Texas DPS to remove my name from the RSOL and they did. (Yeah, I guess I’m one of the lucky 58 people who managed to do that.) Now my name does not show up on the national or Texas registry.

    My question now is, will I be able to travel to Mexico, or is there a permanent mark against my name/passport? I’ve tried contacting the Mexican Consulate and US Embassy in Mexico, but cannot seem to get any definitive answer. Customs in Cancun apparently do not have a telephone. I hate to just show up in Cancun with them angry because they already denied me entry previously.

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    I’m a Level 2 RSO and travelled to India this past June. Followed all the rules and notified the State Deparment of NY 2 days in advance. No issues, declarations, or questions on arrival in New Delhi. Spent 3 weeks there and came back with no questions asked at JFK.

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    John Lester

    In December 2016 my cruise stopped in Victoria. I didn’t try to visit but stayed on the ship. I think I could have gone on the city tour but I am not sure

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    John Lester

    In 2015 I was on cruises to Canada, Mexico, Belize, Honduras. For whatever reason there was no checking of passports of ship passengers. In fact, Belize refused to stamp your passport unless you went to another office.In my case once the cruise line accepts you that was the end of that….NCL, Celebrity. I don’t know if this is generally the case or just lucky

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    John Lester

    Belgium and Germany are Schengen countries so you should have no problems

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    Sandy, that’s odd. I thought new rule requires that everyone notifies 21 days in advanced. Could that your friend is NOT part of the RSO folks that are required to do that?

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    I am a RSO in California. The charge is sexual battery and a misdemeanor. My offense is one that means I could some day not have to register any longer. In Aug 2015 I went to the Philippines and then to Dubai and then back to the Philippines, all of this with no problem. I went to the Philippines again in Nov 2015 to see my girlfriend and this time I was not allowed to enter.
    I petitioned for a visa for her as soon as I got back in Nov. now I am waiting to see if it gets approved. The date that USCIS has listed that they got it was 12/1/15. I called and asked why is it taking so long and got a letter saying that “…security checks remain pending”. So now I am worried that it wont get approved.
    In the mean time I would like to go see her. I would like to have her meet me in Hong Kong or Thailand. I am thinking that we should plan on Thailand because Hong Kong is more likely to do the some thing as the Philippines. If anybody can give me any answers it would be appreciated. Thany you

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    No, we did not give any notice before our trip; but the airlines and other travel sites will refer you to for guidelines of different countries.

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    I’m interested to know too, thx

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    did you have to notify your local, including that 21 days in advanced new rule?

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    My friend and I just got back from Punta Cana (Dominican Republic). We had no issues, but my friend will always be subjected to a secondary screening coming back into the U.S. (even after 25 years of a clean record).

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    If you are able to get onto a cruise, can you please tell me if you would be allowed to get off and gain entry into another country like Mexico or Grand Cayman?

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    Does anyone know about Roatan, Honduras?

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    I am a level one rso which is low risk here in new york. This pass January I traveled to Egypt and had 1 and 2 day layovers in Belguim. I had a 1 day layover going to Beelguim and a 2 day layover coming back. I was also traveling with an individual who has dual citizenship in both the U.S. and Belgium and stayed in her mothers house.I had no issues getting into either country. The customs officers though never scanned my passport and just asked to see my flight itennary and where I was staying in which I replied that I was with a Belgium citizen and they said I was good. Anyway hope this helps.

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    So hi everyone, I just got back from my trip to Mexico and I had no issues at all. Just so that you all know I’m a level 1 sex offender which is low risk here in the great state of NY. I was there for a month and on my way to Mexic I had a seven hour lay over in Mexico city. While there I decided to kill time and leave the airport and explore. I went through customs with no issues. After I was done visiting the historical district I returned to the airport to continue to my final destimation which was Merida city and which I had no issues since I did not need to go through customs because I had already done so in Mexico city so my flight from Mexico city to Merida was by that time considered a domestic flight. Just wanted to let everyone know about my experience and if you want more details feel free to email me!

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    International travel restrictions:
    Just a thought, wouldn’t it make sense for this site to list areas where they RSO’s are not allowed to enter? It is difficult to get countries, travel agents or others to tell in advance where we would not be permitted, so why not develop a list here?
    I’ve lost considerable money traveling to areas, only to be turned back.

    For instance, all of the
    UK is off limits: England, Ireland, Canada..
    Mexico is out
    Costa Rica is out.
    Taiwan ?

    Any others???

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    Celebrity Cruise, owned by Royal Caribbean, did fully refund my payments when they rejected me in 2015. Also note, that Caravan Travel has a full refund policy for their trips. I got a full refund (less airfare) for my planned trip to Costa Rica.

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    Greg Pochinski

    However, I did notice on my passport that I was allowed to stay in Japan for 21 days. So, we are currently trying to get married in Japan. In accordance to Philippine’s law of NO FOREIGN SEX OFFENDERS – If the Filipino is married to a Foreign Sex Offender, they may apply for an exception to this policy 🙂

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    I just got the same call from Nikki telling me the same thing my cruise was due to leave August 13th. THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN MY 3RD CRUISE the first cruise I had to provide a letter to a panel.

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    Can I travel to Nassau Bahamas as a RSO? I was just denied by RCI for a cruise I paid for 1 yr. Ago. Please advise of traveling restrictions to the Bahamas ??

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    We need to start suing for money lost on trips.. I know i have seen lawsuits but then just change the law and no money is awarded that aint going to do anything. U are getting denied because that notice says u are criminal likely commit another crime in foreign country.. They use flawed data there is an actuall study from the department of justice on every sex offender released from prison and i cant remember 5 or 10 ears only like 10 percent got another sex crime.. WE have the lowest recidism rate of all crimes except murder.. The other studies are lies and flawed data.. The justice studies everyone one not just picked a few that needs to get out there. I just found it This thing came out in 2003 before any of this bullshit really got serious

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    Another ideal i put these out there because I dont see anyone doing or talking about actually changing the system. Maybe my military past or just way i am but its not going to change until we fight back. Ok another ideal these cruises have to give refund if they cancel u or at least what people posted. they dont know until u do the notice thats why i think most people get told right before they leave they cant go. Well if we unite and book that cruise full make them lose money when they have to cancel all the requst.. I dont know but they made a system thats retarded and they dont fully understand it just pass a new law like lets me them do that too.. I think we just need to make it a pain in the ass for them and cost them so much money thats when it will change. They are making are life hell time to dish it back. Or we all tell 21 one days we going then u have the right and legal to change ur mind and not go.. could u imagine green notices going out by the thousands around the world every

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    These countries would let us in or not know except a few that have acces to are data base like canada and japan. The reason is the green notice sent by interpol definition of green notice a criminal likely to commit crimes in a foreign country. This is why they wont let us in because communist usa sending that shit.

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    I dont know why or how Japan would know and im amazed Japan let u in they are one of the most strict on fellons. I have read that taiwan wont let us in, there are countries that dont care u just have to find them or away around this green notice.

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    Yes i’m sorry to hear that but we need to make a stand and unite I read online 800000 of us I know the california group online sons most active in organizing. Being in the Military it disgust me that America of all countries will do this and violate unconstitutional rights and people and politicians find it ok and say its not. Depending on the state they do some really messed up shit to RSO’s you can not look me in the eye and tell me this is not cruel and unusual. I am a fighter by nature and we could bring this system down if we united. First Money thats how u defeat the beast.. imagine around the country if we started making changes everyday or hell where i live we got to call in a email in 5 min with one state trooper to update.. imagine calling him all day long thousands of calls. I think if we overloaded the system and made it cost so much they would reconsider. Just putting some ideals out there or i mentioned this before get like 5,000 or more rso’s fly to mexico at the same day hell 50000 would be awesome. The gays did it its time we protest and make a stand. For now i am lucky to no longer need to work and can live where i want and I do not yet see this in my fellow RSO’s so i have decided to leave the us and file for dual citizenship as a way to escape. I hope some day I see us stand up and demand are constitutional rights to be restored and for this cruel and inhumane treatment to stop.

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    We also have just been contacted and denied a cruise on RCC. There is no such panel. They hire an independent security firm who turns down anyone on the Sex Offender Registry. I asked the woman rep how many passengers in the history of RCC have been assaulted by registered sex offenders in the past, and the answer was none. My question was why are they putting laws in effect for problems that don’t exist. We are getting a refund, but I still also have airfare and hotels that are paid in full. I told them if that is the case, they should state this restriction up front and clearly in all their brochures in on their websites. I am beyond pissed. My friends’ sex crime was an inappropriate touch with a 17 year old – not some child rape or distribution of child porn. I’m sick to death of these registries and their restrictions. It is against our rights as Americans.

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    I’m so sick right now! We had no idea about these new policies and booked a cruise on Royal Caribbean back in September of 2015. Our cruise is set to leave on August 7th and we were just contacted that my husband’s information will have to be reviewed by a panel. I have not told our kids yet and I am completely lost! I get one week of vacation a year and that was it not to mention that we prepaid for excursions, hotels and flights. Everything was paid for in full.

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    My husband is an RSO and we took a Holland America cruise in late Dec & had no problems at all.

  • #11276 Reply


    Husband RSO no conviction adjudication withheld did not involve minor not a felon. Prior to 2016 had travel to England, Italy, France, Costa Rica with no problems on entry any of those countries. On return always set aside upon US return luggage search phone search lots of questions. Has not travelled since new law. Had to give 21 day notice for Costa Rica and France no problems but that was pre-2016.

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    Jerry Garza

    I am a RSO and have Mexican citizenship as well as USA citizenship. I traveled to Puerta Vallarta and of course gave notice here in the USA, but I was pulled out of line and detained with questions concerning my detailed felony history. I was only allowed entry because I am a Mexican citizen and I had to sign Interpol documents stating that because I was a RSO but a Mexican citizen I could enter to Mexico otherwise I would be denied. The custom officers verified this to me because I asked them as well as reading the document. I plan on traveling to Belgium and Germany in fall of 2016 does anybody no for sure if I will be denied entry or I will have no issues entering the country?

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    hello if anyone here wants to fight this law. actually this is not a law here USA just want our government to implement their law here bout RSO. if someone here that afftected with this rule pls let us do something we must tell our government that this rule violating our civil right and family code many family are broke now many wife cant b with her husband many children cant b with thier father this is stupidity i mean lets fight this here in the Philippines maybe our new President will listen if u r with me pls email me

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    I’m so pissed off too with the USA in dealing with RSOs in this country, telling the world that they can’t forgive. It shows that the rich can abuse anyone. Praying usa will go back into the arms of God and be compassionate and forgiving that’s what God wants us to spread not to give everlasting punishment. Like what God said what u do to others i will do it to you. Don’t forget our body will last til 70 up but not forever, but our soul will. I will tell u evil will use situation to confuse us what god really telling us. Evil wants many mates in hell. I just think bout this do u think if one of your family killed do u think his or her soul want your soul in hell cause u feel so much hate of what happen to him or her. No it make them sad because evil uses their death to put our soul in hell. God said he will make revenge to those who hurt us he not said we personally make revenge. We must fight evil. Dont make him use bad situation to put our soul to hell.

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    Did you notify the U.S. government ahead of time that you would be traveling to Cabo Sam Lucas or has the government just published a list of all sex offenders and given it to these countries to deny RSO entry?

  • #11271 Reply

    Bill Arthur

    I have read that Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruises ban registered sex offenders. What about Holland America cruises? The line is registered in the Netherlands, but the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carnival Corp. Would the restriction extend to all Carnival owned ships? Does anyone have any recent experience. Needless to say there’s nothing about this on the Holland America website. It would be helpful if RTAG posted cruise ship info.

  • #11270 Reply

    brandon huebner

    please let me know if you find out this info me and my wife want to travel to south america and im a rso

  • #11269 Reply


    do u still report and what state do you live in? and what level offender are you? 1, 2 or 3?

  • #11268 Reply


    US government is crazy. How dare them to notify the country you want to visit and send you back after landing? They should say it beforehand so that the registered will not waste money and time anymore. They still want you to feel harassed first so you would realized that you need to suffer the rest of your lives.

  • #11267 Reply


    I think Thailand

  • #11266 Reply


    I was allowed in 2010 so we wanted to go back booked the flight in 2014. Don’t go they treated my like shit and denied me entry.

  • #11265 Reply


    yes Steven, I agree with you 100%. The ex post facto law has been violated severely. If I was previously convicted of a sex offense prior to 2007 when the Adam Walsh Act was enacted, which I was, and was convicted under the Megan Law, I should not have to be required to be upgraded to register under the Adam Walsh Act where I would have to be required to register for the rest of my life, RIGHT? Right! Because if you read about the ex post facto law in Blacks Law Dictionary Abridged 6th edition, it reads in whole; A law passed after the occurrence of a fact or commission of an act, which retrospectively changes the legal consequences or relations of such fact or deed. A law is unconstitutionally “ex post facto” if it deprives the defendant of a defense to criminal liability that he had prior to enactment of the law. Art. I, Section 10 of U.S. Const. prohibit both congress and the states from passing any ex post facto law. Most state constitutions contain similar prohibitions against ex post facto laws. A law which provides for the infliction of punishment upon a person for an act done which, when it was committed, was innocent; a law which aggravates a crime or makes it greater than when it was committed; a law that changes the punishment or inflicts a greater punishment than the law annexed to the crime when it was committed; a law that changes the rules of evidence and receives less or different testimony than was required at the time of the commission of the offense in order to convict the offender; a law which, assuming to regulate civil rights and remedies only, in effect imposes a penalty of the deprivation of a right which, when done, was unlawful; a law which deprives persons accused of crime of some lawful protection to which they have become entitled, such as the protection of a former conviction or acquittal, or of the proclamation of amnesty; every law which, in relation to the offense of it’s consequences, alters the situation of a person to his disadvantage.

    Also, read Section [9] Clause (3) of the constitution, it states in whole or in part; No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed. Also, by law, no agency can enhance the stipulations of yours or my crime or sentence without first acquiring a court order that is signed by a judge. This means that no police agency can cause you to re register to be upgraded to the Adam Walsh Act, making you register for the rest of your life, if your sex offense was committed and you were convicted prior to sept. 9th 2007 when the AWA was enacted. Myself, I was just as dumb as the next person when I got the letter in the mail in 2010 to come into the local police station to re register. I have since then been convicted of another crime in AZ that was in the realm of a sex offense but plea offer was to an offense that was not a registerable offense but it turns out that my attorney said that upon sentencing it was in the discretion of the judge as to whether or not he would make me register. Now I am court ordered to register for life under the Adam Walsh Act (AWA) because the judge was pressured by the prosecutor to make me register when the agreement was that I would plea to the offer only if the prosecutor didn’t press the issue to make me register. As it was the prosecutor pressed the issue anyway and my PAID attorney said there was nothing she could do. 16 months in county jail and 15,000$ later I was sentenced to a term of 20 months prison time with 16 months served credit. I did 4 months in pen, 3 months parole and register for life. Before I would have been able to be released from the s o registry at age 62 under the Megans Law Act until I was upgraded to the AWA. where I didn’t even know about that Act being passed and me being frivolously summonsed to re register in 2010 until I went to jail for the newest crime in 2014 and learned from my peers and other legal literature, like PLN Prison Legal News, which I think everybody on this site should look into reading. That is where I learned about how some guys have fought to be removed out from under the AWA because they were never convicted under that law. By the same token, some men, old men now, have been caused to register for crimes committed before there were any sex offender laws, just rape laws, nor were there any Megans law or AWA law or even a sex offender registry.

  • #11264 Reply


    Are there any restrictions travelling to Colombia?
    Also, I have a lay over in Mexico. Would I be barred from sitting in the airport for layover with the new Mexican laws?

  • #11263 Reply


    My friend got denied entry to Mexico on June 21, 2016. The airlines sent over a copy of the flight manifest sometime either before or during flight because he was escorted off the plane when he arrived in Cancun. The airlines should have never allowed him to board the plane knowing the policy.

  • #11262 Reply


    I am an RSO here in California. My family and I want to go to Italy in which I have duel citizenship. Besides letting my local law enforcement know my intentions and calling the embassy is there anything else I should do?

    We are also planning a trip to the Bahamas by the end of this year. Will I be able to go?

  • #11261 Reply

    John Canino

    I flew 19 family and friends to Acapulco Mexico on June 17th, to get married to my beautiful best friend of 5 years, we have 2 babies. When i got to Mexico city they refused me entry and treated me like a criminal and put me in a holding room for 12 hours then flew me back to Orlando, they wouldn’t let me see or speak to my family.
    I was out $15,000 and my wonderful wife missed out on her incredible day. I plead out as a RSO in 2004. only did probation, no victim nor children involved.
    They need to reclassify RSOs instead of making everyone think we are monsters.

  • #11260 Reply

    michael Burks

    i went to mexico 2013 stay three months with my girlfriend there

  • #11259 Reply

    Pat H Lambert

    Puerto Rico is part of the US. All you need is your state DL to travel to US territory

  • #11258 Reply


    I am an RSO, but never served any time; just 1 year probation. In March 2016 I traveled to Ireland by way of England (Heathrow). Custom guard there detained me for several hours, and escorted me to the next plane home. So, the 1 year or more served is not accurate. I lost the full cost of the tour (trip insurance did not cover my reason for not completing the trip).

  • #11257 Reply



    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I started my own companies. Got my own customers. I have been a founder in 3 tech startups.

  • #11256 Reply


    Edward Jury… you can marry a foreigner that is here in the US… you just cannot petition for her and make her legal.

  • #11255 Reply


    Jeff… I am sorry to tell you that you cannot petition for anyone to come here or if they are already here in the US. Since you are an RSO, USCIS (Inmigration Dept.) will tell you that you are a potential danger to anyone… they will ask you to provide proof that you have changed, regenerated or whatever the heck they mean by that. This is my case exactly… My husband is a RSO and cannot petition for me. We paid thousands of dollars to get this done and they just flat out told us twice… Your petition is DENIED!!

  • #11254 Reply


    Jeff… I am sorry to tell you that you cannot petition for anyone to come here or if they are already here in the US. Since you are an RSO, USCIS (Inmigration Dept.) will tell you that you are a potential danger to anyone… they will ask you to provide proof that you have changed, regenerated or whatever the heck they mean by that. This is my case exactly… My husband is a RSO and cannot petition for me. We paid thousands of dollars to get this done and they just flat out told us twice… Your petition is DENIED!!

  • #11253 Reply


    Just wanted to comment on this. We arrived with another couple. My husband and I were pulled out of line and put in a room. Told he could not enter. He was sent back approx. 30 minutes after we arrived on a flight. My spouse insisted I stay and see our guest to the resort and stay. Had no clue this would happen.

  • #11252 Reply



  • #11251 Reply


    I have the same situation, I didn’t know about the law and I’m leaving in 8 days to go to Jamaica. My trip is paid in full and it’s too late to get a refund. If you happen to check this thread please let me know what happened. I’m terrified and I don’t know what to do.

  • #11250 Reply

    Sad Puppy

    I’m a Level 1 in NY. While in Texas where my crime took place (over 20 years ago) I’m not considered to have been “convicted” (successfully completed 10 years of deferred adjudication), that doesn’t matter anywhere else. Even though there is case law saying a deferral in another state doesn’t count for the (e.g. 3 strikes laws), they count it as a conviction for SORA purposes.

  • #11249 Reply


    Bd. I was planning on going to cancun july 2, 2016….what happened when you tried to enter mexico?

  • #11248 Reply


    I am a RSO in Ok, have been since 2004. Itraveled to Cabo the first week of June in 2014 and had absolutely no problem. Stayed 4 days and 3 nights in Los Cobos. Then last year my GF’s and I planned our second trip, the first week of June again 2015, and just before I walked into customs I was asked for my I.D. In doing so I was then escorted to their security office. Moments later they boarded me back to the same plane I just walked off of with an escort of 4 guards. I am a L1 offender, and received a deferred sentence. This year makes 12yrs for me. They said the law was new as of last year in denying RSO but in my studies they lied. Here is the only thing I think happened. In 2014 we flew into Cabo on the last flight of the day on a Sunday night When we walked to customs there was no Security guards to be found just the three custom ladies, rental car people and all the taxis outside. In 2015 when I flew there it was a Monday or Tuesday morning and the first flight in. There was security everywhere and the place was packed. Sooooo Im curious to see if anyone else has had similar experiences. Sunday night last flight in just might let you pass.

  • #11247 Reply


    brendo, have you returned to the Phils yet? did you have any problems?

  • #11246 Reply


    I got a passport 2015 no problem
    Planned a tip to Taipei, Taiwan to see my girlfriend
    1400 dollars – plane ticket round trip – 185 dollars shots – Hotel reservations

    Followed the new laws – reported I was going outside the US 21 days in advance – doing the right thing. Gave them my itinerary, hotel I was staying at – the whole nine yards.

    Got to Narita, Japan (layover) and was told there- I would not be allowed into Taiwan. 972 dollars to change and rebook ticket back to the US.

    I did stay in Japan for five days and four nights so the trip was not a total loss, but had that been my final destination, pretty sure the US would have stopped that from happening too.

    Don’t plan on going anywhere if you are going to comply with the new laws. Not saying not too comply, just giving you a heads up.

  • #11245 Reply


    Hello everyone. I attempted to go to Cancun earlier this month but was denied entry. Mexico will not allow sex offenders. Apparently most places won’t. I’m really hoping that The Bahams will. That will be the next trip b

  • #11244 Reply


    Did you notify thiland before you arrived

  • #11243 Reply


    No you can not ….. Not as an RSO

  • #11242 Reply


    Hi mates..Would like to know if anyone here, a RSO have travelled to India and the middle east? If yes, were there any conditions upon arrival or any declarations or detentions? Please advice.

  • #11241 Reply


    Technically you have fulfilled your requirement if you plan to move out of the country if you five them the 21 dqys even if you ditch them by telling them you are headed elaewhere right? (meaning they should not be looking)

  • #11240 Reply


    Any luck since then?
    You would think that once you leave their jurisdiction it is literally not their business.
    You could just drop the de reg letter in the mail right before you get on the plane right?( If you dont plan on coming back?)

  • #11239 Reply


    I would like to hear success/failure stories of people who have entered or tried to enter countries indirectly (not from the US). As I am out and not planning to go back this is helpful and others how the shows how the system works. Thanks

  • #11238 Reply


    I flew to Thailand in 2015 and they were notified by the US embassy (probably because of the TSA web form that collected name, birth date when booking ticket)….I was rejected admission. They suggested I return home but I went to HK instead and was admitted (test). Then I returned to the states and sold everything (my breaking point). Got ticket to island nation and jumped off the plan at the connecting point. Then bought new ticket and traveled around asia (Phi, Indo, Viet, Camb, Sing, Hk) and brasil without any problem in 2014, 2015 and 2016. I would like to hear other success stories and alternative residency and passport options that are available. I would also like to hear the experiences of long distance sailors.Thanks

  • #11237 Reply


    Hi Jon, I appreciate your comment but I think the system is more of a notification system and not a data base that everyone checks at immigration. I believe notices are sent to the intended country by the US. So once you are out….you may be mostly free…..unless you return.
    The US does not know where you are going so no notices are sent.

  • #11236 Reply

    Alan M

    Under the new IML passed in 2-2016 they will be marked. If you are a RSO and your passport isn’t marked, they will void yours and force you to get a new one that is marked.

  • #11235 Reply

    Alan M.

    Registered since 2006 in FL for poss. of photos of my gf. At the time we were old enough to have a consensual sexual relationship but having a photo of a young woman I could legally have sex with made me a Rso. Under Florida law I’m eligible to get off the list after 25 years.

    I’ve traveled to Germany 2x in the last 5 years (2011, 2014) and France (2014) with no problems. I was however, detained by ICE upon return and given the terrorist treatment.

    If traveling to Europe, I’ve heard flying into Germany or France and going through customs there, and connecting from there works. Once you’ve passed passport control into the EU it’s possible to travel anywhere else in the EU by car, train, or plane without further inspection. You will not get through passport control in the UK, Ireland, and some others.

  • #11234 Reply

    J Biddle

    I was denied entry into S Korea as a result of being an RSO so I highly doubt you will be allowed to visit. Sorry.

  • #11233 Reply


    1. Destination Country: Singapore
    1a.Does this country require a Visa?: no

    2. Date of Travel: April 2016

    3. Issues: denied entry
    3a.If denied, was there a reason given?: no

    4. Currently registered: yes
    4a.If yes, on public web site: yes

    5. Offense child related: NO

    6. Offense Level: Felony

    7. Conviction expunged or dismissed: no

    8. State of registration (current or former): FL

    My purpose of travel was for business. Now my job is sending me to Mexico though were I am likely to be denied entry as well from what I’ve read online.

  • #11232 Reply


    we have gone on several carnival cruises. However the last one we booked in January and the cruise line called and refunded our money and said we could not go. So Carnival is now checking

  • #11231 Reply


    It would be beneficially for RSO’s to know what country they CAN go to now as most WILL NOT let RSO’s in . These countries treat RSO’s like terrorists. And the US Gov does not give a damn. But they continue to allow real terrorists into this country! Recently I read Carnival wasn’t allowing RSO’s to Cruise. Sorry bastards, but they allow Murderer’s and thieves…but really what’s they point if you can’t even get off the ship in port! I have no desire to go to these third world piece of shit countries to begin with . There are plenty of places in the United States to see…….So here is a big F U to the sorry 3rd world countries, Carnival and the gov for not caring about all citizens!

  • #11230 Reply

    Edward Jury

    Sorry, it cannot be done. Any RSO are not allowed to petition to come here in the US under the Adam Walsh Law. You will get a denial and you will not get your money back. Even if your gf is here in the US without legal document as a US resident, it will be denied as well. You will pass through the Biometric test.
    Sorry to disappoint you, I did tried that too, it was denied. WE don’t have the right to marry a foreigner in other words.

  • #11229 Reply



    Did you end up making the trip to Paris once you returned to US soil?, if not do you still plan on going to Paris and do you anticipate problems enterering the country.

  • #11228 Reply


    yes they kill children every day and live in abomination according to the word of God yet we are the criminals that are ostricised? Where is the justice in the world?

  • #11227 Reply


    That sounds like a discrimination suit to me.

  • #11226 Reply


    what level offender are you? i am married to a girl there and was just there in january for a month, i didnt get questioned till i came back to the usa i just learned about this law the other day. i can be taken off the register list in 2019. i am a tier 1 and if they dont notifiy the schools around me what business is it for them to notify foriegn lands

  • #11225 Reply


    i was just there in january and was not stopped except when i returned to new york, i can quit registering in 2019, will that take me off the banned list? my wife is in manila and cant immigrate to the usa what country can we meet in?

  • #11224 Reply


    Addendum to this story. Even when you are not on criminal supervision, all sex offenders are required by United States law to inform the U.S. Marshals Service of any intended travel outside the United States, at least 30 days prior. You have to go to your local law enforcement agency, and that agency fills out a form online, the “Notification of International Travel” of a sex offender. If you don’t submit the information, it’s a federal felony offense. The Marshals Service then sends that information to whatever country you have said you plan on traveling to. The U.S. government CLAIMS that it’s just for notification purposes, but we all know in reality that it’s just another way to continue the witch hunt.

  • #11223 Reply


    I traveled to Dublin, Ireland in January 2016. I did my homework beforehand, contacted the Irish Consulate, and they told me that because my S.O. conviction was from over 15 years ago, there would be no problem with me getting into Ireland, as long as I didn’t cause any trouble there. So, I bought the ticket, planned the trip, etc. No problem getting on the plane, nor any problem with transferring to the Dublin flight in Newark. However, when I landed and went through Immigration in Dublin, I was pulled to the side, asked about my trip, and then informed I would NOT be allowed into Ireland. They gave me official paperwork which says that any person convicted of a sex offense which results in a sentence of more than 1 year cannot be permitted into Ireland — permanently. Specifically, “the non-national has been convicted (whether in the State or elsewhere) of an offence that may be punished under the law of the place of conviction by imprisonment for a period of one year or by a more severe penalty.” I received a second piece of paper which informed me that according to the Immigration Act 2004, “the non-national’s entry into, or presence in, the State could pose a threat to national security or be contrary to public policy.” I had originally planned on spending two months in Ireland, and then hopping on a plane to Paris for the rest of the summer, but they wouldn’t even allow me to do that. They forced me to return to the United States, where I breezed through immigration in less than 15 minutes, no questions asked.

  • #11222 Reply


    I am going next year for my wedding and I am nervous about them not letting me in. My offense happned in 03 and i have not been in trouble since. I was 18 she was 15. I got a email from thier embassy saying i will be allowed in but i have been hearing some horror stories but not heard of anyone bieng denied to jamaica. Did they threaten to not let u in?

  • #11221 Reply


    from the research I have done, even if you don’t get off the cruise and it ports in Canada you can be refused.

  • #11220 Reply


    I was planning a trip to the Caribbean, but with the recent changes in the law a few months back I decided to cancel, which is a good thing because it was set to port in Mexico, which I have been reading they no longer allow sex offenders to enter :-/

    I would imagine if you stay on the ship at the Canadian port you should be okay. From what I have read Canada absolutely does not allow sex offenders to enter. You will also want to look and see what country the ship sales under, because it won’t be the US, there’s only one of those and it stay in Hawaii, and cruises those islands…… But upon boarding the ship you will be technically entering another country, just something to keep in mind.

  • #11219 Reply

    weldon dunkin

    Creative commentary – I am thankful for the information – Does anyone know if I would be able to acquire a sample a form document to type on ?

  • #11218 Reply


    I can tell you that I am a RSO in Texas. I have been traveling back and forth to my property in Cabo San Lucas Mexico for years without any hassels. That was up until last year 2015. I was able to board my flight here in Texas but upon my arrival in Mexico as I was going through their customs I was detained for several hours by the Mexican Customs and told I was no longer allowed in their country then deported back to the USA. I questioned how could this be all of a sudden when I own property there in Mexico and have been traveling back and forth for years without incident. They informed me that the US Government had issued some kind of list recently that made me out to be some kind of felony convicted monster so I was no longer allowed into their country. It’s insane and crazy how our USA American Government continue to punish us RSO for our crimes even after justice was already served upon us by the court and WE have served all of our time for the crime we were convicted and deny their own American citizen’s who wish to travel abroad access to them countries. This is truly double jeopardy and a violation of a RSO constitutional rights. This has to be challenged by ALL RSO who wish to travel abroad to see their families and loved ones. But yet the USA will accept umpteen thousands of undocumented foreign refugees from countries abroad that don’t even like Americans and want to destroy us and our beautiful nation. Go figure.

  • #11217 Reply


    I am a rso trying to take a tip to south korea. Will I be allowed in? I am going to meet my wifes family and would hate to be refused entry while with my wife and kids… Any info is greatly appreciated

  • #11216 Reply


    I am a rso trying to take a tip to south korea. Will I be allowed in? I am going to meet my wifes family and would hate to be refused entry while with my wife and kids… Any info is greatly appreciated

  • #11215 Reply

    Phil Sims

    I am a RSO (level I in NY State, just moved to MA, awaiting classification) and my wife and I want to travel to France. Does anyone know of any restrictions visiting France? We both have valid passports.

  • #11214 Reply

    Bruce Kay

    Dear “unforgiveable one”,
    I can personally relate to what you wrote here, and have much compassion for your suffering.
    As a sincere bible believing, born again christian who became a RSO (plea agree, no contest, 2nd degree, rather than risk going to trial), I became condemned by nearly everyone I knew, including many who professed to be fellow christians (some of whom never even heard my side of the story!).
    But regardless of whatever they believed about me and what I was accused of, I know that their attitude of condemnation is UNGODLY, SELF RIGHTEOUS and contrary to the grace of God which is revealed by the gospel of Christ!
    Anybody who is truly saved, is saved by grace through faith and that not of ourselves, and NOT of works lest any man should boast.
    Coming to the knowledge of the truth and being saved means “John Doe” has come to the knowledge of truth that ALL have sinned, including himself and come short of the glory of God.
    Therefore that means compared to GODS RIGHTEOUSNESS, that John’s own righteousness is DUNG, and since Christ died in John’s stead for his sins, that testifies that John deserves to be crucified and suffer condemnation for his sins, just like ANYBODY else does!
    So if John gets saved, he knows that it is ONLY by the grace and mercy and forgiveness of God through Jesus Christ, and that he did not WORK for it (aka: did not EARN or DESERVE it!).
    Therefore, knowing these things, he has no right to and should NEVER condemn anybody else for their sins!
    In fact, any christian who walks according to the sound doctrine of the new testament word of God, will NOT manifest such an ungodly and self righteous attitude!

    Ephesians 4:32 KJV
    And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.

    Also consider the example of Jesus rebuking those self righteous Pharisees who were about to stone to death the woman who was caught in adultery:

    John 8:7 KJV
    So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

    For several years after my “conviction” while on probation I found myself condemned by nearly all my relatives, fellow christians, and “friends” and realized my career and estate were ruined and worst of all because my reputation was condemned, it spoiled my ministry as a bible teacher.
    It surely seemed that the devil had succeeded in destroying me and my life.
    I was in a deep and dark pit, and it seemed as though there was no way out.
    During those first several years I honestly just wanted to die, and often prayed that the Lord would just stop my heart from beating.
    If it had not been for love of my immediate family, especially my spouse, who always stood by me, and above all if it had not been for my faith in Jesus Christ, I am sure that I would have taken my own life.
    But no matter how deep and dark in the pit it seemed I was, I could always see even a glimmer of the ever present glorious light of Jesus Christ within and around me.
    Therefore, I always kept the faith, and had hope that there must be some God ordained purpose for what I was suffering through.
    I often considered the testimony of Joseph’s life and what he had endured through for the glory of God (read from Genesis chapter 37 forward).
    So here I am eight years later and I can look back and see how God has used this otherwise horrible circumstance and things to direct my path and surely as a result of all this many wonderful and godly things have happened, including most importantly, certain people whom I eventually were able to witness to and see them come to the knowledge of the truth and get saved!

    Romans 8:28 KJV
    And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

    So dear “unforgiveable one” no matter what your circumstances, and regardless if everybody around you condemns you, please always know that God does love you, and gave his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die for your sins, and raised him from the dead for your justification!
    Therefore, consider the following verses.
    They are such that I live by, no matter what, and hope that you will also!

    Romans 8:31-39 KJV
    [31] What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?
    [32] He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?
    [33] Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth.
    [34] Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us.
    [35] Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?
    [36] As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.
    [37] Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.
    [38] For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
    [39] Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  • #11213 Reply


    I have been to Punta Cana twice in the last year with no issues. Last visit April 2016.

  • #11212 Reply


    It would depend almost entirely on the country in which an RSO wishes to study or teach. It’s important to remember that each nation has total discretion in its decisions about whom to admit and whom to reject. As Americans, we’re used to going wherever we want to. But, there isn’t a nation on Earth that is bound to allow us entrance. There is no “global” citizenship. No “fundamental” right to travel internationally.

  • #11211 Reply


    Could an RSO study abroad or possibly teach English abroad?

  • #11210 Reply


    Another reason to boycot carnival!!!

  • #11209 Reply


    David – so nice to read this, I’m traveling with my SO boyfriend from USA to Austria, with one plane change in Paris, destination Austria for 9 days, Do you think we’ll have a problem with that plane change in Paris ? Our return flight is directly Munich to USA. thank you

  • #11208 Reply


    passports are not marked with anything referring to SO

  • #11207 Reply


    Oregon: Oregon has several programs for granting relief from registration. HB 2333 is one of several bills passed to help facilitate this process.

  • #11206 Reply


    Hawaii is a state of the union. Therefore, travel to Hawaii is not considered “international” for IML purposes.

  • #11205 Reply


    I’ve traveled to Maui, Hawaii twice this past year. Once in August of 15′ and again in March of 16′. I’m a level one RSO. Not a single problem at any of the airports. If your stay in Hawaii is less than 10 days you don’t have to register there.

  • #11204 Reply


    Royal Caribbean is ok. Went on 4 cruises. The first in March of 2013. Then oct 2013 no problem. Then booked a cruise in 2014. They called me prior to sailing and wanted an explanation of my charges and they would make the determination if they would let me go or not. After receiving my letter and paperwork they let me go with my gf. They just told me to stay out of the playground and babysitting areas.
    Heard carnival won’t even let you so I only travel with RC.

  • #11203 Reply


    You only have to let your state know you’re leaving if you’re on probation or parole.

  • #11202 Reply


    From everything I’ve been reading, it’s most likely not going to happen until the newly passed laws are rescinded or repealed. That could take years if it ever happens.

    I’ve just given up the lease on my apartment only to discover I can’t even enter Mexico (where I have unbelievable opportunities, friends, and family) as a SO even though they don’t have a registry. They have just begun marking Passports of Sex Offenders. Now I’m very likely to become homeless at 64 because I can’t leave this forsaken country. A prisoner again. The is ex post facto incarceration at its ugliest.

  • #11201 Reply


    sad to say none.
    Canada a lot like Australia will not allow any felons or rso’s in their country for any reason also see japan/phillipines/mexico all of this is because of pressure from the united states

  • #11200 Reply


    germany will not give you a hard time about the rso situation its getting a student visa that may be the hard part. if you can get past the american goverment and get a visa to study abroad then my suggestion is to go as fast as you can because outside of this country no one is as super insane about registered rso’s as we are

  • #11199 Reply


    ok i have been on a cruise and the one in alaska you will have no problems all you need on a domestic cruise is an original birth certificate and a drivers license once on the cruise no one bothers you as long as you keep your license with you. most cruises are like that there are 1 or 2 cruise lines that wont allow r.s.o’s at all. Disney of course and i think royal carribean i’m not sure on that last one. but if you say you have no passport they will ask for original birth certificate(no copy) and drivers license

  • #11198 Reply


    spain is fine as long as you let the embassy know ahead of time

  • #11197 Reply


    Most european countries like germany dont care about your status and you can move there but its tough even if your not a r.s.o. like america if you marry a citizen of the country you wish to visit or move then you are more than welcome but as an outsider you must file the proper documents and take a chance. The problem with germany is they are taking so many refugee’s from the war in the middle east its getting harder and harder to get in

  • #11196 Reply


    On behalf of your cruise that was taken can you tell me where you cruised to and out of what port?

  • #11195 Reply


    We need to do something about this.. what is happening is they are sending green notices out when we tell them we are going overseas.. I’ve done alot of research about this and i have looked up green notice on interpols website here is the definition Green Notice
    To provide warnings and intelligence about persons who have committed criminal offences and are likely to repeat these crimes in other countries. Interpol has alot of different color warnings… so these countries think we are criminals coming to commit more crimes.. we should be able to sue or something.. if i killed someone organized crime hell any other crime i’m sure no green notice would be sent

  • #11194 Reply


    I think no matter what state u live in you are sappose to give the 21 day notice. But what prob happend is when u unregistered in california you told them u where going to cosa rica i imagine. If you would of said another place then went to costa rica you prob been fine. Some countries have access to us data base but I think that the denials are the results of the us sending them the info.

  • #11193 Reply


    I emailed that guy at the top of this form and never got a reply.. I just recently went to jamaica they let me in but gave me a hard time for like 1 to 2 hours.. i called embassy ahead of time they said 100 percent sure i can come in.. I’m going back to jamaica soon and i called the embassy because of what happend last time now they said its up to immigration when i come.. I have gotten that answer from a few embassies.. I cant believe the us is sending our info to other countries.

  • #11192 Reply


    I had a friend go on carnival last year to the bahamas but he didnt know about this new law 21 days to tell he just went and didnt have a problem. I called carnival and they looked it up and said not allowed.

  • #11191 Reply


    It seems like alot of people are having problems with philippines i dont know if it would help but maybe if everyone start emailing and calling the embassy and complaining they might rethink this ridiculous rule..

  • #11190 Reply


    Please let me know what you find out about Norwegian. I am a RSO and will be cruising to Bermuda in May of this year. What state do you reside in, and, where will your ship depart from?

  • #11189 Reply


    Does anyone know if you can travel to Punta Cana I am a registered sex offender and will be off probation in May of next year but will be required to register for the rest of my life even though I have a deferred Adjudicated sentence. Thank You

  • #11188 Reply


    Aaron What David said is correct as far as Carnival is concerned RSO’s are not allowed to cruise. Funny thing is that I went on 2 cruises within no issues then scheduled a 3rd for this year in April and was informed that I could not. When I inquired as to how I was able to cruise on two other occasions I was told to take it up with the corporate office which I chose not to.

  • #11187 Reply


    Me and my wife Just got back from our trip on Monday 4/18/16 to Puerto RIco and we had no issues. WE spent a week there We flew from Texas to FOrt Lauderdale FLorida then on to Puerto Rico and back. We had a great time and I am registered and will have to for the rest of my life. I did have to get approval from my probation officer also My probation is up in May of 2017.

  • #11186 Reply


    Hi Kathy We have the same problem with my fiance. He travelled here in the Phils last June 2013 but unfortunately he sent back to US the next day. We are also planning to get married and still looking for another solution so meet somewhere but it’s really hard because being an RSO is so impossible to enter a country. We haven’t seen each other and we are already 3 years and counting but we are still looking at the positive thing.

  • #11185 Reply


    I don’t think you will have problems in any of the continental European countries. For sure, Germany and Switzerland should be no problem. No experience with Italy. Great Britain is the problem in Europe, with a flat prohibition on RSOs entering the country.

  • #11184 Reply


    Unless you have really extraordinary circumstances, England will not allow you to set foot in their country. Moving there is out of the question. VISAs are automatically denied for anybody on the registry.

  • #11183 Reply


    Can you share how you were able to be successful in the tech world with this label? My son is an IT professional & in the last year was offered 16 jobs & had them all rescinded because of his background. His plea was in 2014. A friend has contacts in South Africa that would hire him but we are afraid he can’t go because he is still on probation. We are desperate for advice.

  • #11182 Reply


    does* I am a registrant in wisconsin

  • #11181 Reply


    I would like to move to England dies anyone know how to go about this

  • #11180 Reply



    Were you eventually permitted to continue on your travels? What state is your conviction from? Did you notify your local authorities before you left?

  • #11179 Reply


    Were you permitted entrance into Mexico?

  • #11178 Reply


    What if you have dual citizenship Filipino/American and Filipino born are you still barred from entering your native country?

  • #11177 Reply


    What if u are a dual citizen American/Philippines and Filipino by birth? I plan to visit Philippines this may and I’m a Filipino with American and Philippine passport, do u think they will allow me to enter my country being a registered sex offender?

  • #11176 Reply

    Just wondering

    Technically this is not an “international travel” question, but does any know the laws about moving to another country? I would like to move to Germany and was just wondering what some of the red tape would be.


  • #11175 Reply


    What if you are a Mexican born and wanted to visit your country of origin?

  • #11174 Reply


    As of 4/6/2016 RSO are NOT allowed to cruise with Carnival. We booked our cruise last week to the Bahamas and was informed today that Carnival cancelled the cruise. We spoke to Carnival and they informed us that RSO are not permitted to cruise on their ships.

  • #11173 Reply


    We are going on Norweign in4 days and am wondering if anyone has had any issues with them in the last few months.

  • #11172 Reply


    Visited Puerto Rico in June 2015 and had no issues at all. I am a RSO from the USVirgin islands. As long as your registering state knows where you are traveling you are good!

  • #11171 Reply


    Can a RSO travel to Spain? I have read about many other countries in these comments (Canada, Mexico, Thailand, going on cruises, etc. But haven’t found any information about being able to visit friends in Spain. Any info would be of great help before I can begin planning on a trip.

    Thanks for the help ahead of time.

  • #11170 Reply


    I forgot to say I am from the uk

  • #11169 Reply


    Hi guys I came off the register this year February 2016 I was not convicted. There was no child involved. I want to go with my gf to the Philippines. Dose this mean I am not on the ROS now? And will I have any problems getting in? This was my first and last offence I have ever done.

  • #11168 Reply


    My husband and I went on Rccl cruise to the Bahamas last year. Two weeks before he got notice from the cruiseline that we maynot be able to go. He had to send a letter and they did their investigation. We were accepted, but were told to stay out of children’s area. Only check was made on our return to US, they checked camera and cell phone.

  • #11167 Reply


    Did you go to thailand from us? I am curious if you are already abraod then tride to travel would u have gotten in?

  • #11166 Reply


    From what I can tell most countries do not have a database. If you are not on the sex offender registry then u dont have to notify them and they will not send your information to that country. you should be ok please let us know what happens

  • #11165 Reply


    I was just in EU this summer, CZ, France, UK and SW, no problems at all. IF you travel by train, they usually just check your pp on the train, but nothing else, thru the airports, another story, but still had no problems getting in, coming back to the US, they did a total search of everything – total harassment here.

  • #11164 Reply

    thomas schnepper

    you can patition for a feance visa, but it will probly be denied by the us immigration,
    I got married three years ago in the Philippines but the next time I tried to go there to visit her while her application for entry to the us was being processed, I was denied entry into the Philippines, a year later her visa was denied for her safety they said, so now I can not go into the Philippines to se her and she can not come here to be with me,, some fedral government we have, how can this government that we are suppose to be in charge of keep a man from seeing his leagle wife?

  • #11163 Reply


    I’m a convicted sex offender out of Nebraska. My charge was sexually assulted of a child. It was consensual. I was convicted in 2000. I finished my sentence in 2006. My girlfriend and I, of 4 years booked a trip to Cozumel Mexico. I didn’t think I would have any problems.
    I told my Sheriff’s office in the county where I reside. Was told I had to fill out a international travel for 21 days prior. Well we were leaving in 9 days at that time. So I filled it out and we emailed it back that day. I haven’t heard anything back yet.
    Our trip is non-refundable. Plus I’ve been reading a lot of people have had no problems going to Mexico and then back to the United States. But then I’ve read some stories that when whoever gets to Mexico that they are escorted off the plane and either interrogated or sent back on the next available plane. I’m thinking about going still and see if I get through but I’m really worried that they will put me in a Mexican prison. We are leaving Tuesday 29th of March. Does anyone have any answers for me? I’ve tried to call the Mexican consulate or Mexican embassy the US Embassy I’ve tried everybody know when will pick up the phone please help

  • #11162 Reply

    Mike Morrow

    I flew to the Philippines last year and was denied entry because I’m a registered sex offender from the United States. I flew there to be with my fiance and was detained and deported back to the United States. You cannot get into the Philippines if you’re registered

  • #11161 Reply


    I (an SOR) tried to enter Ireland thru Heathrow (London) on March 16, 2016. The UK Border Guard checked my US passport, detained me, questioned and fingerprinted me, etc. I was held at the airport, and escorted to a returning plane several hours later. So, i am not sure if i could go directly to Ireland, but I was told Ireland did not want me. Do your homework…

  • #11160 Reply


    In March 2015, I signed on for an October 2015 Celebrity Cruise Three days before the cruise, i was told i was not permitted on the ship due to my SOR. Note that Celebrity and Royal Caribbean are the same company, so beware.

  • #11159 Reply


    Pretty much same thing just happened to me, on my way to Ireland. Transferred at Heathrow, was detained, questioned, held, but fortunately was able to get a flight back home that day. This was March 16, 2016. Not sure if I could have just flown directly to Ireland.

  • #11158 Reply

    Mark D. Nicholson

    Scott, were you a registered sex offender or a convicted sex offender that was no longer on the registry?

    My real question is if you were banned from the UK simply because of a sex crime conviction?

  • #11157 Reply


    My fiancĂ© is a registered SO and I just has carnival call me and cancel our cruise and our wedding saying its unwritten policy that SOs can’t go on carnival cruises

  • #11156 Reply


    I agree. It’s so sad. My husband and I are wonderful people, productive members of society, live in a beautiful house with beautiful family… We have beat all the odds of success after a false conviction… But the government wants to continue to persecute and bring shame upon us… Doesn’t matter if you have served your time or not.. You are forever marked. I mean a murderer and be let free with no restrictions! It’s insane.

    I was wondering if anyone had travelled to Puerto Rico recently? I know it’s US territory, just wanted to see if anyone had any trouble. We may try to go there in June 2016. Any help would be appreciated.

  • #11155 Reply


    Did your new passport have sex
    Offender written on it?

  • #11154 Reply


    We tried to travel to Mexico nov 2015… My husband was called off the plane when we landed and we were escorted
    And made to fill out a paper full of personal questions like how much money we make, what his charge was, how much money we planned on spending in Mexico.. Then they took him to a separate room and would not allow me in… Then they all came out and said he was going to be put back on the next flight home. I was hysterical, it was a surprise bday trip for me.. We had traveled to Mexico 4-5x in the past with no problems… But this time they said no way.

  • #11153 Reply

    john bishop

    what happened when you got back to the united states

  • #11152 Reply


    Me and my fiance are on the same situation. We have made intensive research about it. We have to get an adam walsh waiver for the petition which is almost impossible but can be done. The requirement to start the k1 petition is to meet first, which in the first place is hard in itself. Once the RSO leaves the US, the US will inform the country where he is going that an rso is coming. Thats when at the airport of destination an rso is sent back to the next flight to the US. The tricky part is to find a country that does not communicate with the US. Please do let me know if you find one and we will also let you know if we find one.

  • #11151 Reply


    Me and my fiance are in the same situation. We have made intensive research about it. We have to get an adam walsh waiver for the petition which is almost impossible but can be done. The requirement to start the k1 petition is to meet first, which in the first place is hard in itself. Once the RSO leaves the US, the US will inform the country where he is going that an rso is coming. That’s when, at the airport of destination, an rso is sent back on the next flight to the US. The tricky part is to find a country that does not communicate with the US. Please do let me know if you find one and we will also let you know if we find one.

  • #11150 Reply


    All RSOs are barred in the Phils once they get into the country.

  • #11149 Reply


    Hi there everyone! Can you give me some advise please. My fiance is RSO in San Diego, CA and were planning to get married here in Philippines. Can he enter the country without any problem and can marry me? And if he can get a permanent resident visa also after we get married? Im looking forward for your advises in this matter. Thank you!

  • #11148 Reply


    I am going to Costa Rica in May. I already got the tickets and paid for the condo. I have a 33yr old felony sex offense involving a minor. I tried contacting the Costa Rica embassy 3 times but they never answered. My conviction was from a USAF General Courts Martial but I have never been on a registry although I am in the FBI data base (found out when I tried to get into Canada 10 years ago). I’m retired now and my wife and i want to do some traveling. Am I about to cause myself all sorts of grief?

  • #11147 Reply


    The problem with visa for marriage is that the immagration law requires that the two of you meet in person and that you establish a connection between you through letters and on line communication.. There is one exception to the meeting in person rule. That is if a doctor says that you are not well enough to make the 13 hour flight to the Philippines.. Personally I would think that being barred from entry would also be a reason but I have not read anything on this point… Additionally, I hear that entry through a sea port is a lot easier… I have also heard that once your off parole that entry is easier because the Philippines is not connected directly to the United States data base… When arriving on the plane you will be given a paper to fill out.. One of the questions is in regard to your purpose and if you are a felon.. I hear that most every one writes not criminal history…
    Any thing more contact me at Later Thomas,,,

  • #11146 Reply


    Tennessee… I got a letter from michigan stating that I no longer had to register, and tennessee approve it..

  • #11145 Reply


    Hi, I have two questions.

    1. Are sex offenders able to go on cruises? Obviously there are certain cruises that go to certain areas where sex offenders aren’t allowed to travel, but is getting on a cruise possible? I know cruise lines have background checks run on passengers.

    2. I wanna go on an Alaskan cruise that begins its voyage in Seattle. The problem is that all Alaskan cruises have a port stop in a Canadian port. Would that present a problem trying to get on the cruise, or could I just stay on the ship while others get off to explore the city so I don’t have to worry about not being allowed in. Does anyone think, or know from experience, a sex offender could get on that cruise?

    Thanks a lot.

  • #11144 Reply


    When did this happen to you?

  • #11143 Reply


    I traveled to Costa Rica on January 5th 2016 and was denied entry. I was put back on the same plane I came on and they were waiting for me at the gate. They said the USA had sent a flyer.

  • #11142 Reply


    Hi Steve, I’m an RSO in Australia I got let into the philipines once. Denied into Bali though I’m heading back to philipines but not so sure if they will let me in as last time may have just been a fluke.

    Ive been told the AFP will notify the country of arrival and its up to them with what they choose to do.

    Where did you see that philipines is a definte denial? or what made you feel this?

  • #11141 Reply

    Unforgivable one

    So after some reading, it seems clear that the US federal government has been working all these years to get all US states to meet their SORNA guidelines. Basically if you are a RSO, you are under 2 different authorities. Whatever state you are living in, and then the federal SORNA. The feds are the ones that did this International Megan’s Law, and so what they have done is take all of the pressure that they have been applying to the states, and start applying that to everywhere in the world.

    Basically, the vice is closing in on RSOs. For some reason, anyone who has been caught for a crime against a child, is now the forever criminal. There is no forgiveness, there is no way to pay for your crime, and then be readmitted into socioty. No, they keep the wound open, and they stab it again at least once a year. More laws, more restrictions, more guilt piled on, even if you haven’t done anything wrong, you are forever marked. You deserve it in their eyes. You can’t move on. You can’t move forward. You can’t be reformed, or restored. Not in their eyes.

    Christians and conservatives are the worst about it, which is ironic, because Christianity is about being fully and forever forgiven for your sins. Statistics be damned, you are irredeemable. This is the justice of the wonderful United States of America. Such a good country full of such good people. So noble, so just… God bless America!

  • #11140 Reply


    I’ve traveled to Ukraine through Germany and Austria often from 2014 to October 2015. No problems.

  • #11139 Reply


    They did the same thing to an ex-gf of mine. It has nothing to do with sex offenses. Most visas are denied for that reason.

  • #11138 Reply


    I haven’t had a problem with Ukraine, transiting through Germany and Austria.

  • #11137 Reply


    That’s very interesting. I traveled to Ukraine a lot in the last two years. My last trip was in November 2015 to see my UA girlfriend. I’ve had no problems at all. Visas are not required to UA. However, now I’m thinking of asking for one anyway so there are no surprises. I only fly through Germany (if that makes a difference).

  • #11136 Reply


    My last trip to Germany, Ukraine in October 2015 was no problem. However, traveling to Thailand in February 2016 got me sent home.

  • #11135 Reply


    I just was denied entry to Thailand on Feb. 27, 2016. Department of Homeland Security sent them a flyer and photos that I was coming in with REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER in bold caps. I was with my Ukrainian girlfriend at the time.

  • #11134 Reply


    Jeff I would like to know if u did get ur girlfriend to america an if u did what did u need to do I’m trying to get my girlfriend from the Philippines here to thanks for any info an hope she is here with u

  • #11133 Reply


    James I have to register as a sex offender in MN u think I could go to phillipines or u think I would have problems plz reply to my email I would really appreciate it read on different sites people have made it but some where sent back

  • #11132 Reply

    Mrs. Robertson

    My husband is a RSO. We were booked with Carnival last year for a July departure. Less than a week before our cruise we were notified by carnival and told that my husband could not board. I’d be interested in knowing if you gain access. Supposedly the run all the guest names in the database.

  • #11131 Reply


    I have a girl in the Philippines that I’ve been talking to for over a year… I am an RSO here in Indiana… I am registered as an SVP… I understand that I cannot go to the Philippines, but can I petition for a fiance visa to have her come here?

  • #11130 Reply


    My husband is a level 2 offender in MA
    In 1992 he was accused of touching a 7 year old whose father and uncle were incarcerated for molesting her. At the time, my husband was married with a 9 year old and 2 year old. He asked his wife not to allow the her daughter to play with the 7 year old..but she did. The child made the accusation and my husband was at work. But after 2 years trying to fight it and the lawyer suggesting he plead ( a misdemeanir) because she was 7 and timetables could be confusing and the child’s past could not be brought up in court, his family wanted it over and he pleaded.
    He divorced 6 years after the incident and moved to MA (2002) and met me. We had our issues but we had help with a Mental Health Councillor that ran the sexually dangerous department in the local prison. She did a neighborhood intervention which 75% of our neighbors said they supported us. He even visited her organization for a short time as they said he did not do it. But that does not matter- he is categorized and without a boat load of money to fight it ( and thats no guarantee) we just try to live with it. Our families support us. We actually were married in 2007 in Dominican Republic. He has had minor delays and it never even dawned on us until the denial entry in Mexico last Feb 2015. All they said was blame your country. Isn’t that great?
    I know there are dangerous offenders but the entire grouping and scarlet letter of anyone who is- just sucks. I called the Dominican Consulate inn Boston last year and they said no probation, there should be no issues. They were not even aware of the new laws- so that makes me wonder.
    We booked a trip for April but now I have become so nerved up over being denied I have tried to contact the Embassy in Santo Domingo for Americans. They email back saying contact your local embassy. No one will help. It is so sad.

  • #11129 Reply


    I booked on Carnival and once they scrubbed the list I was removed. Curious to know if you made it aboard.

  • #11128 Reply


    Hi I have a charge “indecent exposure” in USA I’m a f1 student.if I go back to my country again they will give visa to me or not??

  • #11127 Reply


    i myself find this law concerning i am 31 years old never sexualy abused a child but of course i looked at images of children nude why you might ask . and how many times ??? well my fellow reader only one i looked at these images and there was none that was of sexual abuse graphic it was of nudity that is right a child having a bath , now that said why did i look at such photos ?? /that is because i have been sexualy abused i have gone through may forms of abuse and neglect and when i was dealing with my own sexual abuse i was introduced to nude images of children from get this a child family services worker or cpa as you would know of them and his excuse for having them was because he understands victims of sexual abuse may have surpressed the abuse they could not remember there own abuse so i looked at the images to remind me of all the details of my own sexual abuse figure it this way when i was sexualy abused i was naked right well that did bring up my sexual abuse however was charged with it also and if i know now what i should have then i would not have ever looked at them but deppression and abuse can make a mind do crazy things but on with this it has been 7 years since i have ever gotten another charge of possesion of child porn that in the name is totaly negitive of just what i looked at , but i think wouldnt you that one whom has never looked at the images again did his time accepted his actions sound like he has been rehabilitated and learned ??? i would how ever due to the way there politicaly riding this so far that even a simple mistake will follow one till death with no freedom is that not against what the whole form of the law is , as it states in the law the formality of practising law is to not be bias agaisnt any person either ethnic culture or back ground that no person whom has been charged should have it against them forever that pardons are not to be turned down from either reason of the charge nor the manner of it how ever thre are parts that do change that if it is a hainous crime , rape , so on but still the law has become bias and one has a right to clear any action

    but now if one has become non criminal but still held agaisnt them then this is wrong as well as there should be factors into play an image is not rape why be charged as a pedofile

  • #11126 Reply


    Hi Tanya,
    I am a RSO and have been able to get two visas and traveled three times for the year of 2015 to Russia. They were business visas, but I don’t know if it makes a difference. I have been to Russia prior to 2015 a couple of times and did not have issues. For my first visa in 2015 I was stopped late in my trip in the lobby of the hotel by Russian police and questioned by five plain-clothes officers in a quiet room of the hotel. The officers were very professional and honest with me; they wanted to know specifics and I gave them everything. I was forthright with them and they deemed me to not be a threat. They told me that Russia is more understanding about these types of crimes than the USA is. They took my DNA in the form of saliva on a randomly selected cotton swab from the new package of swabs and I was told that the DNA will be in their database. I was told to not commit any crimes and was wished good luck on my business ventures. I vowed that I would not commit any crimes. I thanked them for their time and their service and left. On my subsequent visa there was a stamp underneath the visa that could be seen with a UV light that said “Accepted” in Russian. This was different from my previous visas, but it could have coincided with new visa procedures to thwart visa forging. Because my crimes were committed in the late 90’s, and as I have not committed such crimes since, this may have worked in my favor as many countries seem to forgive violations that are more than some years old. I wish you both good luck in this and in life.

  • #11125 Reply


    I was wondering if there are any laws against RSO’s from studying abroad? I had just read a news article talking about how many people are headed abroad to study for free. My bachelors degree is in International Studies with a minor in German. My goal is to try to continue my education in Germany with the hopes of residing there for a while. Any information would be great.

  • #11124 Reply


    Do you have a second passport?

  • #11123 Reply


    Hello All,

    Couple questions. I’m a RSO and I’ve booked to go on a cruise soon? I’ve booked with carnival going from Jacksonville, FL to Bahamas and back. From experience is there going to be any problems going on this cruise? I’ve done some reading and see some places say I shoud notify my police department where I’m registered, have others done this when they go on a cruise? If so is it a simple process or do they have to process paperwork? I ask because I’m traveling next week.

  • #11122 Reply


    0% , sorry Matt. Canada is just about as bad as the USA now with not letting people in.

  • #11121 Reply


    I am a RSO from Australia. My crimes were extremely minor and I was only required to register because of a guilty plea.

    I was hoping to work in Canada for 6 months at the end of this year.

    What is the likelihood of me being able to get a working visa, let alone being let into the country?

  • #11120 Reply


    I’m in a tech startup that was awarded funding in Chile’s Startup Chile program. My family and I were all set to move there, but then all this came up. Reading these reports that we would most certainly be turned away as I tried to enter into Chile, we rejected the funding, and are staying here in Texas. My goal was to move there, grow my business, get residency and a second passport. I even considered relinquishing my citizenship afterwards. I used to be a real patriot to the US. My offense was over 25 years ago, and since then I raised 3 children to adults, started several businesses, helped bring in a pastor and planted a church which also planted 4 other churches over the years. I have never reoffended, nor do I plan on it, but this state, and this nation have screwed me, and I want out. Now I can’t even get out and start over in another country.

  • #11119 Reply


    Where you able to enter mexico?

  • #11118 Reply


    Where you able to enter mexico?

  • #11117 Reply


    Hi James,
    I am a RSO in the UK and I am thinking of travelling to Thailand for a holiday sometime this year. I am a keen Scuba Diver and want to explore the waters of Thailand. Would this be a problem ?
    I have travelled many times to Egypt and across Europe without any problem. If you could give me some advice , I would be grateful.


  • #11116 Reply


    Adam Walsh is dead. I presume you mean his father, John Walsh.

  • #11115 Reply

    Darrell C.

    I wonder what would happen if all of the SO’s got together and sued Adam Walsh??? Maybe he would drop his witch hunt against us since he, himself, should be one, because of his early relationship with his wife.

  • #11114 Reply


    Hi guys

    Im a Canadian RSO , i travelled to the Philippines in November of 2014 without any problems except when i Re-entered Canada, however i was “randomly” asked my name before we took off from Toronto.

    I was on the verge of booking a 7 day vacation to Mexico but reading this has me worried, I picked Mexico over the Bahamas,Jamaica, and Dominican Republic but not it looks like I might not be able to enter Mexico. Can any Canadians give me some first hand information.

  • #11113 Reply


    Hello Jennifer,

    I am a female RSO for 10 years. I only received 1 year probabtion. I have a few questions for you, if you don’t mind? 1. Are you a parent? If so, how is that? 2. Have you had any issues with employment? 3. How is US or domestic travel?


  • #11112 Reply


    A good question indeed. The sentencing of RSO’s goes far beyond the judgement and sentences imposed. Many lives are ruined FOREVER.. Some how, some way, we must unite to overcome this travesty

  • #11111 Reply


    Me and my wife plan to travel to Ireland this summer. Does anyone know of problems entering there?

  • #11110 Reply

  • #11109 Reply


    I just read the new International Megan’s law. It specifically only refers to “convicted” sex offenders, and has no mention of anyone who received a deferred adjudication. I had hope that it had no real teeth for many RSOs, but reading all of these reports, I’m extremely discouraged. It sounds like it’s just codifying what’s already existentially in place. Namely that if you are an RSO, you can never really travel anywhere south of the US, and there is no hope of a visa, residency, or citizenship anywhere down south. This is all so unjust. God will judge this stuff they have done to us some day.

  • #11108 Reply


    It was November of 2015.

  • #11107 Reply


    In November of 2015 I took a trip to Costa Rica. There was no problem and i got right in without any hesitation. In fact, the only problems I has was upon returning to the US and it was just a bit of a shock because travel back to to US is just a nightmare for everyone. TSA and Customs are slow, rude and very unwelcoming to everyone and for anyone with a record, you are automatically flagged for secondary inspection.
    However, I decided I wanted to move there and starting making plans, sold everything I had that I wasn’t able to ship, leased a house in Gracia Costa Rica and the whole works. However, when i flew back into the country (this was in January of 2016) I was immediately deported right off the plane. The only difference between these events was that I had to un-register at my US address and I believe that, in doing so, California placed my information into Interpol database. Costa Rica didn’t seem to have any notice under the Guardian Angel clause of US international Relations Policy because California doesn’t participate in the SORNA act. However, upon deregistration, all my info was likely placed in the interpol database.

    I don’t know if there is any way around this as one is required to deregister before moving out of an area of jurisdiction and with most of central america being either a protectorate or having international compact agreements with the US, the US can come and extradite at will. So, be careful with travel anywhere that has such arrangements with the US.

  • #11106 Reply


    Hey all, I was curious what places in Europe are safe to enter and exit without worrying I will be sent home and lose out on my air fair and hotels. I had a girlfriend who was 16 when I was 19 and when we broke up 5 years later (when she was 21 and I was 24) friends went on my computer and found pictures of us and posted them online thinking it was funny… Her parents found out and went to the cops and I got busted for 311.11 for having pictures of me and my ex on my computer that I had forgot about. There was no statute and I spent 30k on a lawyer to keep me out of jail and my “bargain” was to register for life. So now I have no felony, no probation anymore ( this was all 6 years ago) and I actually was on a carnival cruise last year for 3 days and I was not stopped or questioned at all. Maybe because it was 3 day? Last year I went to the Virgin Islands for my honeymoon was not stopped there nor the BVI. But on my way home from VI, I was asked if I had notified the local law enforcement of my trip. I said no and he told me next time to make sure because I have to register and check in there with them if I planed to stay longer then 3 days

    Never the less anyone know about Europe? Anything would be Helpful.

  • #11105 Reply

    Chris Farr

    Well…this puts a torpedo to the waterline and pretty much sinks the ship. This, and the fact that I’m barred from applying for a K1 Visa due to AWA. It pretty much will force me to end what has been a good LTLDR. He and I were hoping to marry here and also have a ceremony there with his family, then share our lives together here. The only way for that to happen now is for him to emigrate.

  • #11104 Reply


    Hi jim! Can I ask when was that 3rd time you went to Brazil and denied entry?

  • #11103 Reply

    Chris Farr

    Well… this ( really puts a torpedo to the waterline of my ship of hope. I now must consider ending my relationship with my long-term Filipino bf. This and what I recently found out concerning the AWA. I am barred from applying for a K1 Visa for him. We were hoping to marry here and traditionally there with his family in attendance. I hold no hope for real reform of these laws anytime soon, so rather than give him false hopes, I’ll bite the bullet hard enough to leave teeth marks in and tell him the best way I know how that it’s over now.

  • #11102 Reply


    I have been a RSO since 1995. Juvenile conviction in Washington State.
    I have traveled to France, Bali, Dubai, Ethiopia, Brasil, and Canada.
    Canada would not have allowed me in, other than my mother being Canadian.
    No other countries gave me issue, only when returning to the USA am I harassed in Customs.
    I went to Brasil three times. The third time, i was divorcing my Brasilian wife. When i went, I was stopped immediately, held in an office and told that the USA wanted me back. I spent 12 hours in the Rio de Janeiro airport and was sent back. During that time I contacted American and brazilian lawyers and consulate. Brasil said is was the USA and the USA said it was Brasil. After two successful stays in Brasil for over 4.5 months total, i think it was my wife and Brasil. I think she contacted them and reported me.
    Other than that, I have not been bothered. But i also am not stupid enough to tell the authorities that I am going anywhere. Then they will contact the countries for me. No thanks!

  • #11101 Reply


    I was detained at London Heathrow Airport for more than 16 hours. I was than transported to a jail off the airport grounds for the remaining time before my next flight back to USA. In total I was detained for more than 24 hours. It was not a pleasant experience. If you have family members traveling along, your not allowed to talk to them. They take everything away from you. Your not allowed to drink any caffeinated beverages. The food they give you is nasty! You are search every time they move you.

  • #11100 Reply


    I traveled on Norwegian cruise to Mexico in December 2015. I am a RSO. I had no issues checking in to the cruise line with my passport, or during the cruise itself. Upon coming back to LA, I was questioned by ICE for a few minutes. Nothing further. I did not fly into Mexico, the cruise left and returned from LA. But Norwegian, as a company, did not deny my entry on to the boat or harass me. I have heard that other cruise lines might deny you entry, like Carnival. But I had a great experience on Norwegian.

  • #11099 Reply


    Has any australian RSOs had any experience travelling to the USA? I am facing charges that will have me become a RSO and my wife is american. We have spoken about moving to the US eventually and would like to hear of any experiences entering the US either theough applying for a visa (not visa waiver) or permanent residency.

  • #11098 Reply


    Did you have to stop in Manila, or straight to Cebu? According to the order issued by BI sec. Mason, it would take 1-3 max for your file to reach the country, and if you are in the country without getting stopped, you will be issued a 15 day notice to leave. Within this time you can appeal to the embassy in Manila. I also believe it depends on your offense on the likelihood you can stay as well as your ties to the country.

  • #11097 Reply


    The Boston tea party was an active protestation of England’s taxation of American colonists without allowing them any representation in British parliament. Under the same logic and justification, shouldn’t all felons who don’t have the right to vote also actively protest and refuse taxation? Why should we pay to support a system in which our rights and freedoms are violated long after our debts are paid?

  • #11096 Reply


    Royal Caribbean wi refuse you. We booked our cruise months in advance because we knew from experience that Royal Caribbean runs background checks. They waited until 11 days before travel to contact us. They asked my husband for an explanation for his crime (which is a class A misdemeanor forcible touching) less than a week before travel we were told we would not be able to sail. Thankfully they refunded the full amount of the cruise but we had to scramble to make other plans.

  • #11095 Reply


    I was also recently rejected in Costa Rica as they have tightened their restrictions considerably over the last few years. I am a California Resident, so at current I don’t have to conform to SORNA (Cali just can’t afford the expense of it) However, it seems there is considerable work being done to limit or otherwise deny RSO international Travel to central America. I would advise contacting the embassy of the country you want to visit and give them a brief rundown of your situation before travelling there.

  • #11094 Reply


    As an Australian RSO I am aware that I can not travel to places such as Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand with any visa application would automatically be denied. I intend to travel to China about May 2016 with my partner who is Chinese. I also would like to know if any visa application to China would approved or denied, I guess I will find out come May 2016 but if I can find out for sure would save me lots of money that I can ill afford being an disabled pensioner.

  • #11093 Reply

    Romio Santiago

    Hi I am a RSO and I am looking to go to Spain O Ukraine I bend in those 2 contrie be for in 2010 and had no problem now I need to go back in may do anyone know if is any

    I also was in DR and they did not let me in the send me back like fast in the same plain I also try to go to panama and the same thing happen I was send back BUT

  • #11092 Reply

    Josie Meyer

    Canada and Mexico seem to be definite no travel countries for SO’s. I would not even TRY to travel to Mexico. At least Canada will escort you back onto another flight to the US, but I have read some horror stories about Mexico.

    Keep an eye on HR515. It will be an important act that will most likely be passed and will change traveling significantly.

  • #11091 Reply


    I have a pending trip to Germany with a change of planes & terminals at London’s Heathrow. Does England prevent RSO from entering? If so, does anyone know if they’ll allow me to enter for a transfer to Frankfurt?

    Also, anyone have trouble with entry into Frankfurt?

  • #11090 Reply


    And sorry, when I say none of that matters, I mean being an RSO, no matter the conviction, is all that matters to the authorities.

  • #11089 Reply


    Hi everyone! I am an RSO looking to travel to South Africa and Argentina (where my father is from) this year. My conviction was in 2003, involving a minor, no contact. I don’t think any of that matters. Does anyone have recent experience traveling to those two countries? I’ve tried calling the South African embassy in Washington DC, still awaiting a call back. Thanks!

  • #11088 Reply


    Thank you that is very helpful. Best of luck.

  • #11087 Reply



    You will be deported! I was last January with my husband and friends. I was held for over 5 hours in a holding cell. It was BS. We got lucky and got the last flight to the US thank god. If we didn’t get out of there they were going to transport me to Mexico City jail. My husband was not allowed near me until they escorted me on the plane! Lost lots of money and just made me feel like shit. It just keeps on coming even after we have served our time.

  • #11086 Reply



    I’m a registered SO since 2007 off probation 2011. May 2015 I traveled from Jacksonville on Carnival to the Bahamas with zero problems getting off in the ports.
    Entering the US Customs I was pulled aside and taken to an area to be questioned by Customs. I am female but they were very nice and I was very polite.I was released after 30 minutes.

    Last January I traveled with my husband and a group of friends to Cancun……I was arrested as soon as I stepped off the plane. I was detained for at least 5 hours and deported. We caught the last flight out of Cancun thank god because they were going to transport me to Mexico City!
    They were disrespectful in their broken English so I just kept telling them I did not understand them. They wrote a report that I had translated and it was all lies and not even my correct offense!

    Going into Mexican ports may be difficult now. In 2014 I traveled with my family to all Mexican ports with no problems. Later that year Mexico started using the US database.

    It all sucks. You can always call a few cruise lines use another name and ask if felons are able to travel on their ships.

    That’s my game plan now.

  • #11085 Reply


    Hi! A word of advice would be greatly appreciated. So me and my fiancee are about to get married here in the US. I’m originally from Russia and I would really like to take him there to meet my family. He is an RSO and we have about two years left for his probation to end. Did anybody have any experience applying for a Russian Visa here? I know we should probably visit the Embassy and get all our questions answered there, but I just wanted to know if anybody experienced problems traveling to Russia. Thank you.

  • #11084 Reply


    Do you mind sharing the state that you are in? I to have deferred adjudication and probation was completed 5 years ago. Not being on the registry would simplify life.
    Or does anyone know of states if the conviction is off of your official record, where a person can live and not be on the public registry.

  • #11083 Reply


    Nothing at all just Interpol warning

  • #11082 Reply


    I was able to travel to Europe no problem. I was given a Brazilian visa however I was refused entry into Chile not sure if I’d been allowed in Brazil

  • #11081 Reply

    Greg Pochinski

    I was on my way to the Philippines (April 2015) and I had a layover in Japan – my passport allowed me to stay for 90 days (April – July). However, once I arrived in Cebu – I was denied entry and returned to the US

  • #11080 Reply

    Greg Pochinski

    In my opinion; before the registry, many states struggled with keeping a budget to support the police, fire department, and the educational system. Since the registry – you notice there in no longer an issue. Why would the US judicial system kill their cash cow? Just an opinion

  • #11079 Reply

    Greg Pochinski

    I live in Florida and when I told the local police of my intent to travel I had to wait to tell them of my plans. I read the same as to report within 21 days Prior to travel – Florida perceived that to be anytime within the 21st of leaving; meaning the system will not allow any reporting to other countries of your intent to travel prior to 20 days or less.

  • #11078 Reply

    Greg Pochinski

    In addition – on 1/8/2016 my fiancee went to the US Embassy to apply for her visa to visit me – the clerk asked for her passport and was immediately denied. The clerk never asked for documentation or my name or anything. However, the clerk stated that the denial was based on statute 214 – we will continue our quest to fight this – Statute 214 requires a review of documentation to show intent to return – if this clerk never looked at her documents – how could he make that decision?

  • #11077 Reply

    Greg Pochinski

    I am on registry – I plead no contest in 2/99 – I contacted the Philippines every day for a month to find out if I was on their Black list before I made plane reservations to marry my fiancee of 7 yrs. On April 2015; after receiving an email from the immigration department that I was not on any black list and I can proceed with my travel. I arrived in Cebu International only to be told I was not allow entry. This is because of a policy issued by the secretary of Immigration dated 6/2014 that anyone on foreign registries can not and will not be allowed into their country. I was immediately returned to the US – Now I am black listed and would receive a prison sentence if I ever try to return.

  • #11076 Reply


    When I was still on the registry, I went on a cruise to the Caribbean and had no problems. This was in 2007, I believe. No problems even after showing my new passport. Yes, 2007 it was. Off and on the ship several times. I took tours and participated in water activities, etc.

  • #11075 Reply


    Recently, July 2015, I was rejected to Costa Rica. I finished my 5 years of probation in September. I would like very much to travel specifically to Germany, Italy, Switzerland in July of 2016. I am a RSO in California. Can anyone shine any light on the likelihood of an entry being allowed and if so which country am I most likely to get in?

  • #11074 Reply

    Nicole Miller

    Can I ask what level your husband is?

  • #11073 Reply

    gena winter

    Unfortunately you will NOT be able to enter Mexico! We found out the hard way. My husband who is a RSO was asked by immigration to exit the plane once we stopped in Cancun and was told 15 mins later that he was unable to leave the airport and flew back to the states a couple hours later. That was hard for my kids and myself to see. I’d hate for anyone else to have to experience that. We put a lot of time and money into this trio and had our vacation crushed.

  • #11072 Reply


    I’m about to take a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas this coming April 2016. of course, I’m an RSO. Does anyone have experience or know for sure what the laws are or restrictions regarding taking such a cruise? Would I be able to get off the ship…. or even cruise in that matter?

  • #11071 Reply


    Which countries will allow an RSO to enter as a tourist?

  • #11070 Reply


    Tan. What did they tell you

  • #11069 Reply


    The Senate passed HR 515 formerly known as “International Megan’s Law” with another NEW title “International Megan’s Law to Prevent Child Exploitation and Other Sexual Crimes Through Advanced Notification…

    After this one is passed that is the end of any travel, having a passport will be useless. Plus you get a free sign on it, and I do not even have a conviction but I am still force to register.

  • #11068 Reply


    I am a RSO. My case is about 23 years old and did not involve a minor. I just received a 5 day 4 night trip to Mexico. Am I going to be allowed to take that trip or will I be turned away. Where can I find out ahead of time?

  • #11067 Reply


    Does anyone know how this affects travel to Mexico via cruise lines? I know you would still make the 21 day notice. My past experience on cruise lines you only need your passenger ID to get off and back on the ships.

  • #11066 Reply

    John Lester

    Yes I returned from a visit to Germany on Nov 17. No problems and yes the green notice was sent. It’s more than 21 days and you need to heed that.

    I also went through customs in Holland, Norway, Czech Republic, and Paris right after the terrorist attack.

    Western Europe seems to be the only place in the world where you can go without being barred or harrassed

  • #11065 Reply


    Thanks this info is very helpful for me and my son.

  • #11064 Reply


    Paul I have a question for you, I had 8 yrs deferred adjudication, dismissed charges, but still registered in Texas, can vote, own guns, juror duty, never lost rights except to be on juror duty while on probation, Texas is not AWA, so would I still have a green notice sent out on me if I went out of the country? Also since you are in Texas are you a member of TXvoices? If so I will see you in April.

  • #11063 Reply


    Mike, may I ask when you went to China? I have heard you would be denied even if you have family there? WAS this mainland?

  • #11062 Reply

    Paul Rigney

    Hello All. We are trying to change things. We have a non profit and are fundraising.

    Our efforts will be legislative and legal action against government procedures.

    Please call me at 214-624-2552 with your stories.

    Paul Rigney

  • #11061 Reply

    Ken Salerno

    After traveling to Mexico at least 5 times a year for the previous 7 years, I was denied entry into Mexico today 12/3/2015 at 8:00am. I did not drive, but walked across the International Bridge to Nuevo Laredo Mexico.

    I tried to do the right thing and obtain a Tourist Visa. After 1 1/2 hour within the Mexican Migracion Seconday Inspection, I was physically escorted across the international bridge right back to Laredo Texas, where 2 armed US Customs Agents were waiting for me. The Agents actually frisked me right there on the bridge, then escorted me back to the US Border Control Office in Laredo, where they performed a very thorough background investigation, and then proceeded to thoroughly inspect my luggage and belongings.

    I was told by the Mexican Immigration Official that I would not be allowed to enter Mexico this time, due to a misdemeanor conviction from 2001 regarding “Attempted Sexual Criminal Act”. I’m a smart person and in preparation of any potential problems, I have been carrying legal documents pertaining to that misdemeanor conviction with me whenever I travel internationally. Despite providing those documents to the Mexican Migration Official, he and the other people there refused to consider the legality of any of it. My documents indicate that I’m “Not Required” to register as a Sex Offender.

    The crime that they had me for in their system stated sexual assault- which obviously was not the case.

    The Mexican Immigration Person told me that they received this information from US Customs and Border Patrol. I was allowed to read the document which had the CBP information listed. The Mexican Migracion Official advised me to contact an Attorney in the United States- he obviously had no clue.

  • #11060 Reply


    I just got sent back from Chile less than a month ago

  • #11059 Reply


    In March 2011 I left the US due to the registry laws. I entered the EU in Paris and took a train from there to Croatia, which at the time crossed the EU border. Never was I stopped or questioned regarding my past. Upon applying for temporary residence in Croatia, they required an FBI report. They asked what the crime was and I told them. They said, “That was a long time ago anyway. As far as we are concerned, after 5 years you no longer have a record.” I have visited many EU and non-EU countries in the past years and not one time have I been questioned. From my experience, Europe (other than the UK) doesn’t give a rats a** about your criminal history.

  • #11058 Reply


    Robert, do you know how to find out which countries receive these “green alerts” or if it is ONLY for registered SO’s or all convicted/formerly registered SO’s?

  • #11057 Reply


    Hawaii is not an issue at all… As for any other country I would contact the consulate in your area and find out the exact restrictions. I was turned around at the airport in Costa Rica in 2012 and lost everything I had spent on a trip there.

  • #11056 Reply


    There is no restriction on passports yet, and we can vote once off probation/parole. Guns is a tricky one. I know an RSO that has a gun, even showed it to his probation officer and it wasn’t a problem. His crime was indecent exposure, a misdemeanor, and it was in California. Felons in general can’t own or possess guns.

  • #11055 Reply


    Does anyone have any recent experience travelling to Germany as an RSO?
    Also, my state requires me to notify them of my intention to travel 3 days prior to leaving (as well as provide itinerary and such), yet I have heard that SORNA requires a 21-day notice. Would anyone be able to clarify this?

  • #11054 Reply


    The Philippines will refuse you entry. Happened to me in 2012. I had my wedding set up and got to customs and was refused entry. They sent me home on the next flight there was nothing they would do couldn’t even see my fiancĂ©.

  • #11053 Reply


    I’m in the same boat: 8 yrs deferred adjudication, dismissed charges, but still registered in Texas. I would like to know what state(s) I could move to that do not require registration, since I also do NOT have a conviction. I also carry my court papers that gave me early probation termination and case dismissal everywhere I travel. I did travel without issue in Aug 2010 to Chile for business, and without any problems until I went through customs on return to DFW, where they made a deal about me being registered. I would also like to take vacations to the Caribbean and Mexican coast, but don’t want to suffer the humiliation and expense of being sent home.

  • #11052 Reply


    Hello, Pretty much all of South and Central America are hooked into US records system and are cooperating with the US in identifying people traveling back and forth and you won’t be able to get into those countries. The best alternative available for a warm climate would be to consider Puerto Rico, part of the US. While there are similar laws as in the states, they are not as restrictive as in many states. Living 500 feet from schools is the only law at present and there is different attitude in PR that will make you feel more comfortable in how you live. You can travel to Spain, France and Italy without a problem, but living there full time is a different story, unless you have Italian ancestors, then there is a possibility of obtaining italian citizenship through a process called jure sanguinis.

  • #11051 Reply


    I was deny to enter to Mexico in April 2014. It effects all my family because my wife and daughter did not want to go without me. It is violated human rights despite I am level 1 RSO.

  • #11050 Reply


    Just today, my husband and I attempted to vacation in Cancun, Mexico, but because he is a RSO, he was denied entry and we were sent back on the next flight back. It was very humiliating and the federal police is very rude. We asked if we could talk to the embassy or someone who could help and they just plain said your are going back and nothing we could do. Luckily we got back on the same flight and made it back safe. Never again for me. Not worth the hastle to boost their economy. I guess my RSO’s husbands tax dollars are only good to support their illegal people here in the USA but not good enough to spend on having a bit of fun. I will keep my vacations in the USA going forward.

  • #11049 Reply

    Darrin S

    What are the proper steps when wanting to visit another country? I’ve met someone from Indonesia and would truly like to meet her there, but I don’t know the steps for making that happen. I know that I’ll need to speak to my local law enforcement for permission to leave the country, but past that, do I need to call the Indonesian Embassy, or…? Likewise, if I’d rather just meet in Hawaii, are there any concerns there? I would think that since it’s a part of the U.S., there shouldn’t be an issue, but does anyone have any experience with that? Thanks…

  • #11048 Reply


    Include Mexico, Japan & South Korea as places not to visit. If you go to Philippines, just get the 21 day visitor stamp. Sometimes when visiting a country, you will be given a form and asked if you have been convicted of a felony, I always answer “no”.

    Be prepared to be hassled when returning to the U.S. though, I am always searched and questioned/threatened by immigration officials at the airport.

  • #11047 Reply


    Being a sex offender does not prevent you from getting a passport. I got one in 2012. without any trouble. They don’t even ask if you are a felon on the application.

  • #11046 Reply


    Does anyone have the contact information for a Spanish speaking attorney here in the US or an English speaking attorney in Mexico THAT HAS HAD SUCCESS in appealing the travel sanctions to Mexico? I understand Mexico or any country that receives a “green notice”, a notice that carries the caveat that this person is dangerous would not allow said person to enter the country. I would also hope that there should be a mechanism to appeal if the person is not a danger and in fact would contribute in some ways to Mexico.
    Any information would be appreciated.

  • #11045 Reply


    While I once had a sex offense case from Texas, served 6 years of probation on Deferred Adjudication, once I completed the probation, the court completely dismissed the case, meaning I am not a convicted felon as the adjudication was set aside.

    The state refuses now to remove me from the registry there, as I live in another state now, and not required to register where I live because I am not convicted. All states’ laws are written only for those convicted of an offense.

    Texas has tried to impose lifetime registration, but I cannot understand how this can be accomplished if I am not convicted. Any help here?

    I want to be able to travel, and I carry the order of dismissal with me everywhere I go, but I don’t want to risk spending thousands of dollars unnecessarily for airfares should I be denied entry while not being convicted of a crime.

  • #11044 Reply


    I’m a SORNA state RSO convicted 5 years ago for viewing minors engaged in explicit sexual conduct on my computer, no hands on or violence. I’m a Level 1 and it was my only offense…no record before and nothing since. Thought I might like to move to Colombia in my retirement, for better weather and a low cost of living. Did not notify state 21 days prior, as I thought my state did not have that requirement, and only just recently got notification that it is now required. Flew to Medellin from Ft. Lauderdale a few months ago. In Colombian customs, after a passport scan, I was flagged and denied entry, and made to return to Florida the next morning. With various hotel reservations and the cost of the flights, I was of course out over $1000, not to mention the embarrassment. So…hoping for answers:
    Would it have made any difference had I notified my state the 21 days before travel? Was the non-compliance the trigger?
    The site the customs agent had on his screen was something like “Guardian Angel” (I only got a quick glimpse). Does the US Marshals Service notify the destination country of my travel (I paid by credit card for my tickets, etc and of course Jet Blue had my passport info), or do most counties have my data in their system (Interpol?) regardless of any USMS notifications on a given trip?
    Also, do countries distinguish between Level 1’s and Level 3’s, or are all RSOs treated equally crappy?
    Do highway border crossings (I’m thinking Mexico here) have the same data capability as airport customs? Is it easier to cross borders by car rather than plane?
    I’d like to live in a less expensive country with a decent climate, and once inside Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, etc, hire an attorney there to present my case, and possibly obtain a residency visa. If I can’t even get in to try, I’ll have to live out my days in the screw-up-and-you’re-screwed-for-life USA!
    Does anyone have knowledge of these things, or answers? Actions to take? Any countries that readers have found it easier to go to? Any insights or suggestions will be most appreciated.

  • #11043 Reply


    I just talked with the Mexican Consulate and a sex offender is not allowed to travel to Mexico.

  • #11042 Reply


    I live in Wake County, NC. I was given five years post release (I guess similar to probation) and ten years sex offender registry. I was kept in jail for about two years. I was convicted of soliciting a minor online and third degree sex exploit. Neither my lawyer nor the DA told me of the post release part. The sentence was supposed to be time served.
    Anyways, now I’ve been out for about seven months, and wanted to travel to my native country to visit my family. None of my family members live in the US, and it’s been many years that I’ve seen my parents.
    The people at probation refused to give green light for travel.
    I’ve messaged few agencies, but so far I haven’t got any help with regards to this.
    It seems there is like no help.

  • #11041 Reply


    No Eddie, you need to read up about this. A Registrant is now unable to travel to many countries, including all of the English-speaking ones as well as those countries who have explicitly stated that sex offenders are unwelcome as well as many more who have not (yet) done so.

  • #11040 Reply


    This has not yet happened but continues to be part of IML International Megan’s Law bills and is, this year, passed by the Senate but not yet by the House.

    It seems to be a Constitutionally vulnerable aspect of the bill since last year it, along with some other provisions, were struck from the bill in its final form which, nonetheless, failed to pass the Senate.

    What we have now is administrative law (but facilitated by the Adam Walsh Act) that alerts foreign countries of registrants seeking to enter those countries.

    IML, if it passes, will be a good deal worse. Nevertheless, the administrative law, now operational, effectively prevents Americans from travelling to many (most?) countries already.

  • #11039 Reply

    Bill S.

    In 2014 I received my passport and I do have a felony sex conviction in the state of Texas.

  • #11038 Reply


    I am required to travel for my job just as Mike describes above. We have several clients and vendors in Asia that used to visit regularly. From 2009-2012 I traveled freely as required. In December of 2012, South Korea denied me entry saying that they received information from the government that I am an RSO. Although it is true that I am an RSO, my historical visits to South Korea with no incident was of no consequence and I was returned to the US where I was interrogated by the officers at immigration as was still the norm. I have traveled to Germany and the UK since then (2014) with no issues, but I always stress as to what may happen when I reach the border due to what I know and may not know the government is telling the visiting country about me.

  • #11037 Reply


    Mike, I know your pain and frustration. This is taking a long time to get something going. This is probably not a legal battle for one person to engage in. Hopefully we can find a coordinated way to file the appropriate legal action for this unconstitutional and unlawful program. At some point, ACLU will hopefully get involved for success and impact but that may not happen in the initial stages.

    Here are a couple links regarding USMS and FOIAs:

    From the USMS 2014 FOIA log (excel spreadsheet), you can see that the USMS rarely ever gives any info out on a FOIA request for personal information:

    The other USMS document that is out there is a FOIA describing the sex offender USMS program:

    I think one of challenges for a plaintiff in these cases is to prove that you have been harmed or subjected to this program so you will definitely need some documents to have standing to file an legal action. It is doubtful that DOJ and DHS will provide anything to a citizen requesting for themselves. I have only received intentionally vague or denial responses from the US government in several attempts.
    The best source of these records is from the foreign government. I was able to get the actual documents sent to the foreign government by the US when I filed an action in the foreign country to clear my name.

    You might also try to get a record directly from Interpol – there is an address in France that you can request your record from, the info is on the Interpol website.

  • #11036 Reply

    Cindy Prizio

    Any registered citizens have a positive travel experience ..2014 forward?

  • #11035 Reply


    an attorney to challenge this law. I have won full custody of my two children where the judge wrote that I was not a risk to my children or anyone else, yet I seem to be a risk in the U.S. governments eyes without due process to prove I’m not.

  • #11034 Reply


    I have traveled internationally twice this year. Once to Mexico, where I was denied entry, and once to China/Thailand. I was not denied. Since my company requires me to travel, I contacted an attorney in Mexico. He verified that the U.S. has sent my criminal information through the Angel Watch program. This is an agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. I requested my FOIA from the U.S. Marshal’s and from InterPol, both came back with “no record on file”. My only option is to seek a waiver from Mexico to be allowed to enter the country. I am pursuing this with an attorney now. My crime was over 20 years ago, but it does not matter to any county you enter, the USA is telling these countries that you are coming there to committ another sex offense. This law needs to be challenged, but I cannot find an attorney to challange the law. It seems that my sex offender money is not good enought. Even the RSOL has not found me

  • #11033 Reply


    This program was never enacted through legislation or a law passed. This is a policy based program put in place by the DOJ SMART office starting in 2010/ 2011 timeframe. DOJ Interpol received funding in FY 2011 to send green notices on US sex offenders. IN 2012 the DOJ US Marshall Service began tracking of US sex offenders internationally using the DHS Angel Watch computer program and US Interpol alerts.
    International Meagan’s Law that proposed these policies each year since 2008 has never been passed into law.

  • #11032 Reply

    Robert McVeigh

    First I want to say that I am a RSO. And I would love to move abroad.

    In my opinion the easiest way to fight this new legislation is to buy newspaper ads and go to town halls during elections and ask all the senators/congressmen who signed this legislation why they choose to keep sex offenders in your back yard?

    It is very easy to understand that this legislation was crafted specifically to keep us here in the US where they can continue to control us through the registration process. But they were clever in the way it was written so that they are leaving the decision to deny entry to the host country.

    That being said, how many Americans would take offense to the fact that their reps in Washington DC are going out of there way to create laws that keep sex offenders in their back yards? We can clearly see through local residency restrictions laws that are illegally passed that the general public doesn’t want us around (mainly because they are misinformed and manipulated by fear).

    So if a RSO wants to leave the US and live elsewhere and start over why would our government want to stop us??? Why in the world would the citizens who elect these individuals ever want to vote for that guy again??? I don’t believe they would, they are just not informed about the laws that their congressmen/senators are making because it most likely doesn’t effect them in a specific way. Or does it??? What would their attitude or view be toward the rep if they knew they were the congressman/senator who decided it was better to protect other countries by informing them when a sex offender is traveling to their country… rather then encouraging them to leave??? (In my opinion this would be the overall feeling)

    USE THEIR TACTICS AGAINST THEM! They make ridiculous laws solely out of fear, they go so far as to manipulate statistics to strengthen these fears. We have taken the high road in every legal fight thus far and we constantly try to educate people on the real statistics. Maybe (in some instances) it’s time to fight the way they do. Just inform the population what they are doing and see how long it takes for the general population to demand that this legislation be retracted. I am 100% sure that EVERY Citizen in this country is happy to let a RSO leave the country if that is what they want to do. So if I am 100% sure in that belief, I would also have to be 100% sure that they would DEMAND this laws be changed immediately. Furthermore, I am about 90% sure they would not re-elect anyone who challenged the law being changed.

    Do you know there are ONLY 6 COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD that have a sex offender registry? And that the US is the ONLY country that makes it public.

  • #11031 Reply


    “however recently enacted statutes require such persons to apply for passport renewal annually.”

    I do not believe this to be the case. Please cite the appropriate enacted legislation for this if i am mistaken. Thanks.

  • #11030 Reply


    The USA is issuing ‘green notices’ for all travelers convicted of a sex offense. These notices are triggered by the advance travel notification when you provide your passport information to the airlines. They are also triggered when you provide the 21 day notice of intent to travel internationally which is part of the SORNA statutes.

    Passports are not denied to persons convicted of a sex offense, however recently enacted statutes require such persons to apply for passport renewal annually.

    I traveled internationally without incident until July 2013. In that month I entered Mexico and was detained at immigration and questioned for 2 hours and then allowed to enter. In September 2013 I flew from Mexico to Amsterdam without incident until my return to Mexico in October when I was again detained – this time for 3 hours while my electronic devices were searched and I was questioned by immigration and Federal Police. Again I was allowed to enter but only because I was carrying paperwork showing that I own property in Mexico. In November 2013 Mexico implemented a policy of denying all persons that the USA issues green notices for including all persons convicted of sex offenses.

    Since then I have not attempted to enter any foreign country or travel internationally due to the green notices which make such travel impossible for registered citizens.

  • #11029 Reply


    Per my research on the Internet, Canada, the UK, Japan, and Australia prohibit felons from entering their countries. This is not related to sex offenses. It applies to all felons. Canada prohibits anyone with a drunk driving conviction from entering as well.

    The U.S. also denies entry to some based on criminal convictions:

  • #11028 Reply


    My wife and child take a cabo trip once a year for the past 5 years no problems, this past Monday I was scanned pulled off to the little room and told I couldn’t enter, and was told my family and I would be held if I didn’t sign a paper in Spanish, there were armed police hovering over me, I explained my situation, I was convicted of consensual sex with a minor in 1990 when I was 18 and she was 16 and since had it expunged and travel here annually, he didn’t care they already had my return tix in hand, so I’m out 5k and worst of all my wife has not left the hotel crying alone with a 11 year old child in Mexico since Monday, I don’t know what has changed but it’s insanity

  • #11027 Reply


    Eddie, that may be the official line, but personal experiences indicate that is not always true, especially for RSO’s. Additionally, this is from a Canadian website: “Canada will refuse to grant entry to anyone with a felony conviction.” I believe that this is a situation in flux and one that bears watching closely.

  • #11026 Reply


    No, that is incorrect. With a US Passport, you can visit any country- there are four, however, that you need a visa for… China, Australia, Brazil, and Russia… and they may deny you entry or a visa based on criminal history.

  • #11025 Reply

    not published

    I was under the impression perhaps incorrectly that there are countries that sex offenders can not visit. Including England, Canada, and Australia. Is there a list?

  • #11024 Reply


    And additionally, the voting issue is not an across-the-board issues; it varies widely, depending on the state. See .

    We have a full section on the passport and travel issue:

  • #11023 Reply


    It largely depends upon the jurisdiction in which you were convicted or are registered as to whether or not the conviction is considered “violent”. In states/jurisdictions without a risk-based assessment, determinations about the violent nature of an offense will likely be determined by the charging instrument under which a registrant was originally convicted.

  • #11022 Reply


    I was told a long time ago that anyone with a sex offense felony automatically puts you into a violent crime category even if the offense was “consensual.” Thus barring anyone from obtaining a passport, firearm and voting.

    If the laws have changed as to obtaining a passport I’d like to know.

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