What’s the best state for me to live in? I’m a (Tier 1/2/3)

We don’t get into the referral business. Here’s why:

  • What looks like green pastures one day can turn into Hell the next with our ever-changing laws. It’s impossible for anyone to keep totally accurate information on all 50 states plus territories.
  • What seems like an “easy” burden for one person, could be a deal-breaker for another. Say, one person is a homebody but another travels frequently for work; reporting all travel in advance or providing itineraries would be harsh for the second person, but not the first.
  • Every state has differences in how it tiers or levels registrants. A “tier 1” with 3 years left in a 10-year term could move to another state and find himself to be in “level 2” and on the list for lifetime. If you are contemplating a move, the best recommendation we can give is for people to visit the “Megan’s Law” section of KlaasKids.org. RSOL does not approve of all their content, but they do try to keep updated lists of registration requirements for every state.

Finding out what your registration level would be takes even more digging. You may need to contact the state’s registry office directly.

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