I’m afraid of speaking to my representatives. Couldn’t I get arrested/seen on TV/harassed?

It’s very unlikely that you will be arrested for communicating with an elected official, because that is your right. You are their constituent, and represent a potential vote for them in the next election. They will listen to you – even if they don’t much care for “sex offenders” as a whole. You simply can make an appointment with your representative, and talk with him/her in an office. Be on your best professional behavior, and share your message as concisely and clearly as possible. Will it change his/her mind? Maybe not – but no harm will come from it.

Public testimony does carry some risk but you will not be arrested just for testifying at a hearing. Even people under supervision have that right. However, you might be recognized or your face could be shown on television. If you aren’t “out” with your employer or neighbors, or if law enforcement in your jurisdiction tend to be unfriendly to registrants, that could mean trouble. If this is a show-stopper for you, consider sending WRITTEN testimony instead.

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