How can I get myself off the registry?

There is no way to just “get off the registry.” Most states do not even have an appeal process in place. You basically have two legal options, and one legislative option.

  1. You can file a personal challenge in the hope that you can get your original conviction overturned or reversed. This is an extreme long shot, especially if you entered a guilty plea bargain or Alford Plea. Withdrawing a plea is extremely rare. It will mean re-opening your case, and the probability of being convicted and sentenced. If you are convicted after a new trial, the sentence would most likely be more severe than the first one was. That is the risk you take.
  2. You can file a constitutional challenge, claiming a retroactive increase in punishment, prior restraint on travel, or whatever claim works best depending on your state’s laws. This is expensive, you will need a good lawyer who handles constitutional claims, and like any legal challenge, there is no guaranteed outcome.
  3. You can lobby to change or remove the registry laws and regulations in your state of residence.
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