NARSOL to monitor infringements of rights this Halloween

Among NARSOL’s initiatives, NARSOL in Action (NIA) is one of the most popular. This monthly teleconference features NARSOL activities and projects, usually in the legal realm, currently being undertaken. Guests are often attorneys involved with litigation or knowledgeable about specific legislation or litigation. On Halloween night, NIA is holding a five-hour, marathon teleconference with attorneys discussing current legal issues, NARSOL…

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How to grow an advocacy organization

Our next teleconference of Advancing Advocacy has a very special guest. Current president of North Carolina RSOL (NCROSL), Robin Vanderwall, will share how NCRSOL has grown steadily since its launch in Spring, 2016, and has quickly engaged its resources in building membership and joining legal actions. Some of this was by design as NCRSOL capitalized on a couple of high…

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RSOL in Action: A Trump presidency

NARSOL in Action

On Thursday evening, November 17, starting at 7:30 eastern time, Larry hosted the monthly RSOL in Action teleconference This month our conference call focuses on how the election of Donald Trump may impact our cause. We will engage the callers in general discussion regarding what a Trump presidency may mean for overly-harsh sentencing and for the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court. The call format will be slightly…

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