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Colorado ruling sparks deeper debate over sex offender registries

By Kaitlin Durbin . . . When David sifted through the mail the morning of his 18th birthday, he hoped to find cards with money. Instead, he received a warrant for his arrest. The charge: statutory rape. It was 2007, and the 17-year-old junior basketball star had recently moved to a small Missouri town, population less than 500, and almost immediately started…

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“Choose between homelessness and reoffending”

By NBC 12 On Your Side…. Thousands of your tax dollars are being spent to help sex-offenders keep a roof over their heads. On Tuesday, a man called 12 On Your Side, saying he’s upset he’s being kicked out of the program just as he’s working to rebuild his life. For purpose of this story, we called him Mike. “I’m trying…

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