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NARSOL, Vivante boards prepare for expansion, revise vision & mission

By Robin . . . The combined boards of NARSOL and its foundation Vivante Espero met for three days of intensive work and training at its annual retreat in Houston, Texas, from January 11-13.  Joined remotely by two directors who were unable to be in attendance, all ten directors spent Friday giving serious scrutiny to NARSOL’s existing vision and mission…

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The verdict is in: Sex offender registries don’t work

By Maggie Hall . . . Calls for public access to information about convicted child sex offenders occur often in Australia. It may seem like common sense that allowing the public to know the whereabouts of dangerous people should increase community safety. As in many areas of criminal justice, the real story is more complicated. . . . Child sex offenders are…

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For sex crimes, prison conditions extend beyond prison walls

By Roger Lancaster . . . The criminal justice reform bill, hopefully dubbed the First Step Act, represents a real accomplishment — a positive development in otherwise conservative times. It is all the more remarkable that a reactionary president, who ran a tough-on-crime campaign, is now poised to sign the bill. But let’s not overstate matters. The bill essentially tweaks an otherwise…

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