2018 Halloween marathon/hotline

NARSOL in Action

On October 31 at 5 p.m. eastern time, NARSOL in Action took to the airwaves for its second annual Halloween marathon/call-in hotline, launching a full five hours of Halloween reports from around the nation as well as informative input from distinguished attorney guests and host Larry. Attorneys King Alexander, Janice Bellucci, Paul Dubbeling, and Guy Hamilton Smith were with us…

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Cop-watch hotline part of NARSOL Halloween Marathon

Reports have come in from several different states that the required Halloween “round-up” of paroled and probationary registrants has an even more sinister twist. In addition to these exercises diverting attention and resources away from where children are at actual risk of harm — both for sexual abuse and for injury or death on Halloween — some jurisdictions are requiring…

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NARSOL to monitor infringements of rights this Halloween

Among NARSOL’s initiatives, NARSOL in Action (NIA) is one of the most popular. This monthly teleconference features NARSOL activities and projects, usually in the legal realm, currently being undertaken. Guests are often attorneys involved with litigation or knowledgeable about specific legislation or litigation. On Halloween night, NIA is holding a five-hour, marathon teleconference with attorneys discussing current legal issues, NARSOL…

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