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Are you sure you heard what you thought you heard?

By Sandy . . . Those in the know have always said that eye-witness testimony is the least reliable of all evidence. The same is true, I am convinced, of ear-witness testimony. That was apparent recently when following the Kavanaugh hearings on Twitter. In regard to the testimony of Christine Ford, one person Tweeted that she was either telling the…

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A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt

By Sandy and Robin . . .  Is Kavanaugh guilty of Ford’s accusations? Of Ramirez’s? Of Swetnick’s? We don’t know. Is Kavanaugh innocent? We don’t know. If he is guilty, is immaturity and high-school-boy-stupidity the best explanation and the assumption that he has grown up a given, or was and is something more sinister at play here? Is, as stated…

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Bitterness, hatred, and lifelong repercussions — is there a better way?

By Sandy . . . Messages of hate and revenge and eternal punishment for Brett Kavanaugh are filling the media outlets and creating excessive unrest in our country. I have just heard an audio of an interview on The Daily, a PBS podcast, titled, “A High School Assault.” It is brief, slightly over twenty minutes, and in it a very…

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