Halloween signs declared unconstitutional: Butts County Sheriff Gary Long appears to have conceded

By Larry . . . Last week NARSOL reported on a case in Georgia we sponsored challenging Butts County Sheriff Gary Long’s requirement that all registrants in Butts County must post signs on Halloween or face criminal prosecution. We undertook this case because we believe that law enforcement must not be permitted to invent their own requirements as Sheriff Long and…

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NARSOL IN ACTION: National litigation update

NARSOL in Action

Date of Event: March 2, 2020 Time: 7:00 to 10.00 Eastern NARSOL will have a three-hour conference call on March 2nd beginning at 7:00 pm eastern time. We will be discussing what’s likely to happen next in three important cases pending in Michigan, Georgia and New Mexico. Hour 1:  We will be discussing the recent decision in Michigan which will soon bar that state…

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