NARSOL E.D. Brenda Jones interviews on MO’s Halloween restrictions for registrants

By Liam Garrity . . . Across the nation and the Ozarks, police departments are checking in on sex offenders to make sure they are compliant with Missouri’s Halloween law. Buffalo’s police chief, Chris Twitchell, said the Halloween law in Missouri was put in place in 2008 to limit sex offenders from contact when a large amount of children are outside.…

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NARSOL in Action 9/30/2021 – Litigation Update: Audios available

NARSOL in Action

This two-hour NARSOL conference call  took place on September 30. We discussed NARSOL’s new relationship with Paul Dubbeling, an attorney based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, who is now on retainer with NARSOL. He will be leading our reinvigorated Scarlet Legal Action Project (SLAP). Hour 1:  We had an introduction and overview of the Scarlet Legal Action Project and our…

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Brenda Jones answers questions about NARSOL and the sexual offense registry

This interview was done between J.D. MacBean, editor of Livin’ the Dream blog (at the intersection of mass incarceration and society) where it was published, and Brenda. By JD MacBean Brenda Jones is the Executive Director of the National Association for Rational Sex Offense Laws, or NARSOL. We spoke with her regarding the stigma persons convicted of sexual offenses face in…

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