Domestic and International Travel

The following is a collection of articles and posts dealing with the general topic of how those on the registry are impacted by laws pertinent to domestic travel, international travel, and passports. How accurate and how current the content within each piece is the responsibility of the author, not of RSOL. These links are for the purpose of providing as much information as possible on this subject. What the reader chooses to do with the information is totally up to each individual.

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David Kennerly-International Megan’s Law, A Law That Fails Miserably To Make Its Case (2016)

David Kennerly: “Intro to foreign travel restrictions” (2014).

David Kennerly: “Dead-End: International Megan’s Law” (2014).

David Kennerly: “Homeland Security’s assault on travel” (2014).

Derek Logue: “The traveling registrant: your right of travel as a registered person” (2013; updated 2014).

eAdvocate: The Community Room: a “Travel and International Issues” section with multiple entries listed in the right hand column

Mary Devoy: “Traveling as a registered sex offender” (last updated 2014).