Domestic & International Travel

NARSOL is totally committed to the fight against restrictions on travel at every level. Consequently, NARSOL opposes the stated goals of International Megan's Law and seeks to work with other civil rights groups that share a concern about the growing problem registered citizens and their families have in traveling to international destinations for licit and lawful purposes. To that end, and upon the complete development of a State Department plan for marking passports with "unique identifiers," NARSOL is poised to engage its resources in the most attractive and probable case for challenging the requirements of International Megan's Law.

In the meantime, NARSOL is equally concerned about the obvious difficulty many registered citizens face in attempting to travel within their very own states and throughout the nation. With so many different state laws governing how long a visiting registrant can remain inside a state's borders before being required to register, NARSOL seeks to advocate for a more consistent and sensible approach to these disparities. Ideally, restrictions on travel within the continental United States will inevitably be held unconstitutional in all respects. But, until then, NARSOL will search for appropriate and legally ripe opportunities to litigate on a state by state basis.

Please consider making a contribution to NARSOL's Legal Fund to help challenge restrictions on domestic and international travel.

The following is a collection of articles and posts dealing with the general topic of how those on the registry are impacted by laws pertinent to domestic travel, international travel, and passports. The accuracy and the timeliness of the content within each piece is the responsibility of the author, not NARSOL. These links are for the purpose of providing as much information as possible on this subject. What the reader chooses to do with the information is totally up to each individual.

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