Scarlet Legal Action Project

Seeking Attorneys with a Passion for Reform

Do you have a passion for reforming sexual offense laws? We need your involvement!

Join the Scarlet Legal Action Project as a state coordinating attorney and help us with targeted legal challenges to unconstitutional, excessively punitive sexual offense laws and policies.

Spread the word to other attorneys and legal professionals with an interest in what is possibly the greatest civil rights cause of our time.

What’s in it for You?

  • Opportunity to find new appellate and defense clients
  • Opportunity to bring in attorney fees on appellate cases
  • Opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of multiple people.

NARSOL’s mission and purpose include assisting those individuals who are:

  • accused of sex related offenses;
  • subject to sex offense registration;
  • accused of sex offense probation or parole violations;
  • subjected to any unconstitutional conditions of supervision; and
  • deprived of constitutional rights or liberty after the expiration of their sentence.

NARSOL’s chief legal goals:

  • Challenging retroactively imposed registration requirements that result in significant diminution or deprivation of liberties applied to persons convicted prior to the existence of registration;
  • Challenging significant increases in duration of registration or additional deprivation of liberties imposed after a person’s registration period began;
  • Develop criteria to determine which cases could potentially have national significance; and
  • Build a referral database of attorneys with experience defending those accused of sex offenses and violations of supervision conditions.

Do you have a potential challenge?

NARSOL's top priority is constitutional challenges which will potentially impact a large number of other persons. We cannot consider a challenge which would benefit only one person, no matter how strong the case. You may wish to consult an attorney in your jurisdiction about the viability of your potential challenge. NARSOL often works in a supporting role on existing cases. When submitting an application for case review, please be prepared to provide your original court documents and other relevant information upon request.

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These registrant resources may be helpful: