Legal projects

The National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) is committed to the legal reform of sex offender registries and how they are utilized by federal, state, and local governments to perpetuate life-long punishment for individuals who've even been convicted of a sexually-based offense. To this end, NARSOL first created the Scarlet Legal Action Project (SLAP) in 2011 as an informal framework for attorneys and legal professionals to network and share useful work product. In 2014, and order to further advance its long term goals for reform, NARSOL created Vivante Espero (Vee-VON-tay) as its legal, educational, and informational foundation. Typically referenced as "NARSOL's foundation" or the "Legal Fund," Vivante is the primary repository of NARSOL's accumulated legal materials and is the chief source of funding for constitutional challenges. Already, Vivante has played a huge role in support of NARSOL's litigation efforts. For instance, through its foundation, NARSOL was able to offer substantial financial support for an action spearheaded by the ACLU in Rhode Island, submit its own amicus brief on behalf of the petitioner in Packingham v. North Carolina, launch a constitutional challenge of its own against the enhancements to North Carolina's sex offender registration requirements, and also file an amicus brief in an important Tenth Circuit case challenging Oklahoma's practice of requiring the words "Sex Offender" to be stamped over the faces of registered citizens' state-issued identification cards.

NARSOL works closely with a team of lawyers and legal professionals in order to assess fruitful legal opportunities. We will not engage financial resources in any action that is poorly developed, premature, or fails to demonstrate a substantial likelihood of prevailing on the merits of a well-formed complaint.

If you have an interest in supporting our legal work throughout the nation, please consider making a generous contribution to Vivante Espero today.