Prison Project

TRULINCS is a federal program that began on February 2, 2011, and is funded by the Inmate Trust Fund in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. NARSOL sends these inmates our newsletter, the Digest, electronically each month according to the rules of Corrlinks and TRULINCS.

Currently, this program is not funded, and we rely on the inmate funded program to send the Digest to the federal inmates.

For several years, NARSOL has provided our newsletter in print form at no cost to hundreds of incarcerated inmates. Unfortunately, due to rising mailing and production costs, we cannot continue this practice. We find we now need to charge a nominal fee, and, in addition, we are offering it in print subscription form for those who are not incarcerated.

An annual subscription is for $9 for incarcerated individuals–stamps will be accepted–and $12.00 for those who are not. This price is below what it actually costs us to send a year’s worth of mailings. To subscribe, please download the form and mail with payment to the address given.

Additionally, we offer the opportunity for indigent inmates to receive Digests at free or reduced cost through several indigent and incentive programs. Announcements of these opportunities are available in each publication of the newsletter.