NIA – Halloween Marathon Hour 1

NARSOL In Action
NARSOL In Action
NIA - Halloween Marathon Hour 1

You are invited to join NARSOL for its second annual Halloween session which will include a cop-watch hotline and will get underway promptly at 5 p.m. eastern time on October 31. The Hotline will be active from 5-10 pm as part of the NARSOL in Action Halloween Marathon.

As long as there are callers, the Halloween marathon will be live for five continuous hours dealing with:

  • various aspects of Halloween-related restrictions;
  • International Megan’s Law; and
  • the case of Gundy v United States.

Attorneys King Alexander, Paul Dubbeling, and Guy Hamilton Smith will be on the call us at various points during the evening and night. Phone lines will open immediately after introductions to hear horror stories about law enforcement’s suppression of Halloween activities.

5:00 until 5:55 will be open lines to hear directly from our listeners about Halloween hysteria. Attorney Paul Dubbeling and Guy Hamilton Smith will be our guests.

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