NIA 3/2/2020 Litigation Update Hour 2

NARSOL in Action
NIA 3/2/2020 Litigation Update Hour 2

Hour 1: Paul Reingold, an attorney with the University of Michigan School of Law will be our special guest to discuss the recent decision in Michigan. This case has the potential to bar that state from enforcing their registration requirements on those whose conduct occurred before 2011. In addition, the court’s final order will severely limit enforcement of various provisions of SORA on the remaining registrants.

Hour 2: Attorneys Mark Yurachek and Mark Begnaud will be with us to discuss the Butts County Sheriff’s appeal of the favorable ruling we won last October regarding the placement of signs at Halloween. As Sheriff Long had vowed, he did appeal to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. NARSOL and the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) have joined forces in support of Judge Treadwell’s decision. See press release.

Hour 3: Attorney Ashley Cloud, staff attorney from New Mexico’s Liberty & Justice Coalition will be discussing LJC’s pending lawsuit for those with out of state convictions and other challenges which will be initiated in 2020.


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