NARSOL In Action 7/19/2018 Hour 2

NARSOL in Action
NARSOL In Action 7/19/2018 Hour 2

Hour 2 was devoted to the telephone scams targeting registered citizens that are making their way around the country. Those with first hand information, from Oregon to Florida, called in to share their experiences on air. Lori Hamilton, affiliate leader of one of NARSOL’S Oklahoma groups, was on the air with Larry explaining some of that state’s attempts to identify the scammers.

We learned quite a bit of information. The scammers in general are sophisticated and very believable. A common thread among most of the calls was being told that a criminal warrant had been issued for some form of non-compliance and then being given the option to settle the matter “civilly.” This often involved purchasing gift cards in various amounts. Most of the calls came late at night, some very, very late. More than one story revealed that, in more than one state, authorities would not even allow a report to be filed.

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