Episode 2 – Can They Do That

Can They Do That?
Can They Do That?
Episode 2 - Can They Do That

This program includes the case of People v. Pepitone dealing with park restrictions during the second hour. Katherine Strohl discusses this important case, and it is great because she represented Pepitone. This case was of such importance that NARSOL submitted an amicus brief in support of Pepitone.

Hour 1: The practice of law enforcement officers posing as adolescents in adult forums to ensnare lonely men is widespread and occurs in most states. King Alexander, a supervising attorney from the Calcasieu Parish Public Defender’s Office in Louisiana, explains how these operations typically work. Mr. Alexander has written extensively about the issue and has taken a case up on appeal to the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Hour 2: Most of you have wondered if your supervising or registry tracking officer can impose a particular requirement on you or if their demands may be unlawful. NARSOL will try to answer such questions. Attorney Katherine Strohl will do her best to respond to your concerns. In addition, Ms. Strohl will briefly discuss the case of People v. Pepitone just decided by the Illinois Supreme Court.

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