NARSOL Speakers Bureau

NARSOL is pleased to work with your organization in providing speakers for your internal education, outreach efforts, conferences, and special events.

Our speakers are experienced advocates of NARSOL's vision to create a society free from public shaming, dehumanizing registries, discrimination, and unconstitutional laws. Each speaker brings a unique perspective and will add value to your event.

A contact form is linked to each speaker's profile. Interested organizations are encouraged to reach out through the form, and either a NARSOL Speakers Bureau representative or the speaker will respond to coordinate specifics.

For additional information, help with speaker coordination, or to be considered as a NARSOL speaker, please email NARSOL Speakers Bureau.

Danielle Bailey, Ph.D.

  • Collateral consequences of sex offender legislation
  • Social support and registration
  • Economic consequences of registration
Wayne Daughtry Image

Dwayne Daughtry

  • LGBT civil rights versus sex offense civil rights and its similarities
  • "Third rail politics" tactics (how to advocate controversial topics to elected officials)
  • What is Public Policy and insight as to how analysts are often ignored or overlooked

Christian Doggett

  • My story; main focus is the isolation of the registry as well as the label
  • What I accomplished in that short time I was removed from the registry juxtaposed to what I have faced since being re-added
  • I continue to struggle and hide in fear with knowing people will eventually find out

Matt Duhamel [The Outspoken Offender]

  • Sex offense registry
  • Housing and employment challenges for people forced to register
  • Collateral effects of the registry, incarceration, social stigma and rejection

David Garlock

  • Sharing my story
  • Reentry for those on the registry
  • Tools for obtaining employment on the registry
Tamara Jackson

Tamara Jackson

  • Community Supervision & People Convicted of a Sex Offense
  • Community Re-Entry
  • Family Issues Involving Registrants
Brenda Jones Image

Brenda Jones

  • NARSOL history, vision, mission, and goals
  • NARSOL views on any current topic of interest
  • Vivante Espero purpose, goals, relationship to NARSOL
Philip Kaso Image

Philip W. Kaso

  • NARSOL/Vivante Espero, its vision, mission, and goals, etc.
  • My personal story: Life in the registry and overcoming
  • My personal story: "I'm a child rapist" published on

Jennifer L. Klein, Ph.D.

  • SORN legislation and its impacts
  • Economic impacts of registration
  • Social isolation of registrants and family members

Chrysanthi S. Leon, J.D., Ph.D.

  • Impact of the registry
  • Sex offense recidivism
  • Religious communities and re-entering persons

Jill Levenson, Ph.D., LCSW

  • Registry & re-entry
  • Public health & prevention of sexual abuse
  • Trauma-informed care

Mary Sue Molnar

  • Harm to families
  • Meeting with legislators
  • General registration info

Robin Vander Wall

  • Civil rights
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Re-entry

Steven Yoder

  • General registry law
  • Residency restrictions
  • Collateral effects of registries and related laws