2016 Conference

This intro to criminal law explains why misdemeanor cases are important. Many misdemeanor convictions can have serious consequences even if no jail time is imposed.

FEARLESS groups are support groups aimed at providing a safe place for registrants and their loved ones to get together, build community, and learn ways to step out and take charge of their lives and overcome the stigma they face.

International travel for registered citizens and members of their families has changed significantly since the passage of the International Megan’s Law. This will educate registered citizens and family members about current rules and regulations affecting their international travel.

Children involved in sexual misconduct are forced to register as sex offenders, often for the remainder of their lives. This is contradictory to what research tells us about best practice with juveniles.

The public tends to view sex offenders as monsters, and the law reflects that dehumanizing metaphor. The monster metaphor points in the direction of Draconian recidivism prevention strategies, such as registration and civil commitment laws. A far more reliable and Constitutional approach to recidivism is to utilize public health strategies that seek to protect society while also protecting the rights of sex offenders.