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Sex offenders have many enemies. Legislators, the media and the public in general who do not understand this complex subject. But perhaps the most important enemy is ourselves. Any organization, and especially advocacy organizations need two things: Money and manpower. Lloyd Swartz talks about the reasons we seem not to be able to be more involved in our own movement.

An update from Vicki Henry on the activities of WAR. (Women Against the Registry) She talks in a very presonal way about the price that sex offender’s families pay for these unjust sex offender laws.

The sex offender registry has a queer history, and many LGBT people are uniquely targeted by unjust sex laws. In this excerpt Andrew Extein and Galen Baughman share their views.

Newspapers are a great way to reach people and change minds about sex offenders. In this excerpt, Steven Yoder shares his 11 year experience as a professional writer and teaches us how to write letters that will get published.

Influencing Public Opinion Through Creative Non-Fiction
We interpret the world through stories, our own and those of others. The media controls the debate about former sex offenders through a constant drumbeat of negative stories. Phil Horner shows how to effectively tell OUR stories in a way that changes minds.

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