2013 Conference

Does President Obama know that he awarded the presidential metal of freedom to a sex offender? The man’s name is Bayard Rustin. He was a seminal figure in the civil right movement of the sixties. He was given the label “sex offender” because he was gay.

Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther Kings iconic civil rights speech, attorney Janice Bellucci talks about her dream of the restoration of civil and constitutional rights for the 750,000 sex offenders in the US who are forced onto the sex offender registry.

Keynote speaker and criminal defense attorney Alex Landon covers a broad spectrum of issues related to sex offender laws that the public needs to be aware of.

Jon Cordeiro talks about the challenges for registrants trying to re-integrate into the community after time in prison.

Jeff Lowry, San Bernardino County California Public Defender talks about the costly but largely ineffective SVP laws in place in 20 states.

Josh Gravens talks about how to successfully use the media to make the public understand the wide-spread harm done to registrants and the families of registrants as a result of the laws passed by states to isolate and punish registered sex offenders.

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