2012 Conference

Brenda Jones, Lloyd Swartz and Larry Neely offer an overview of sex offender issues and objectives for the conference. Recorded September 7,2012.

Panel discussion of the issues around treatment and points of view about the usefulness of the sex offender registry. Panelists include Dr. George Geysen, Dr. Eric Imhof, and Phil Taylor. Moderator is Barbara McClamma. We apologize for the sub-par audio quality here that turned out to be unavoidable. This video has been edited for relevancy and intelligibility.

“We’ve Come A Long Way Baby” Janice Bellucci talks about the beginning stages of formation of the California chapter of RSOL. Serves as a model for other state organizations. Recorded Saturday September 8, 2012.

“The Future Of Legislative Reform”
Senator Cisco McSorley of the New Mexico state legislature talks about his experience trying to change the public’s and his fellow lawmaker’s attitudes about the issue of sex offender legislation. Also included at the end of his address are his remarks to the local TV media on the subject

“Legal Impact Of The Registry”
Attorney Norm Pattis talks about effective legal challenges to the registry and other court issues involving sex offenders and sex offender laws.

“Hope For Legislative Change”
Amy Borror of the Ohio Public Defender’s Office talks about the ways that legislative change on the subject of sex offender laws can take place. Effective strategies for working with lawmakers toward smarter public registration.