2011 Conference Page Two

Missouri state legislator David Day gives us an inside look at how to approach your state legislators to fight bad legislation and sponsor good new legislation to fight the registry.
Lynn Gilmore of S.O.S.E.N. talks about the work SOSEN is doing to fight the family destroying effects of the registry. Carl Post from the Florida chapter of SOSEN talks about objectives and tactics.

Amy Borror of the Ohio Public Defender’s office talks about fighting unconstitutional sex offender legislation. Recorded in 2011.

“Change At The Grassroots”

“Reclaiming Dignity On The Campaign Trail” As far as we know Tim Russo is the only registered sex offender ever to run for elective office. And he almost won. Tim tells his story.

Michael tells us his story. He’s fed up with the unjust treatment. He’s decided to fight. Join him in the fight. ReformSexOffenderLaws.Org