“You have already succeeded,” says advocate

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      Texas Voices for Reason and Justice, along with six other advocacy and activist organizations, gathered in Austin at the Capitol November 7 for a rall
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      Calvin J Stone

      I think some of these meetings should be in Maine?

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      How about in the live free or die state (New Hampshire) where I just lost my job due to the sor federal rules and regulations. The company i worked for just did not want the hassle or the threat of calling their customers. So they fired me.

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      Ditto for Michigan, if they could do for MI what they’ve been doing for CA, It’d be a blessing

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      I’ve lived with this since 1994. I was a victim then because a family member was an idiot. One day. One mistake. Since I stayed with my spouse, I’ve been a victim of society and corporations. The police etc.. will tell you the idiot: your life is over”. They’ll tell you “Don’t put your family through this” in my case your not the one putting me through more hell. It’s the stupid SOR system. The Employee Background check that has a separate page listing sex offender background. The page that keeps you from being able to pay for our child’s education, wedding, needs. The system that will put the 1994 idiot in poverty soon. 2015. A system that destroys more lives. 0 forgiveness. 0 help.

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      Its Time to have a voice, Thanks to all in this and every such organization who actually understand the pressures of this out of control system that is run by unknown people who call themselves leaders. As A Nearly 20 year registrant I struggle with the thought my state says my misdemeanor charge would have been a Felony (in this State) and are calling me a lifetime registrant instead of the actual 20 year list sentence. I don’t know how to challenge them……………..

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      James Townsend

      Mary Sue my hat goes off to you and your advocacy group. Your not only making a stand for the sex offender but all brothers and sisters that are caught up or have been involved in this ordeal. While there is good and bad in all people its change that makes the difference in peoples life’s. Jesus Christ is one of the best advocate’s and an advocate is someone who pleads for another. Now the sex offender is a sin issue so let your Christian Voice be heard. You see God will fight our battles for us but you see its always nice to know that people are out there if they just use Gods’ principals in daily life. Like the good book says. If you have God on your side who can be against you.

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      Maybe i was raised differently a live in an amazing community but nobody i know has this kind of trouble. I guess I have resources just in case.

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