You dastardly beast! You forgot to register your car info on the SOR!

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      By Robby Soave . . . The Polk County Sheriff’s Department in Florida is touting its successful completion of “Operation Karma,” a three-day sting in w
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      What if we put up a website like the registry but for everyone who has done wrong and was put in the paper and/or tv and put there face and what they did with the article word for word of every judge, state gov., mayor, anyone in legislation, actors & actresses, and see how fast they decide to take down the registry and claim that it’s unfair, because i found out that this type of website is perfectly legal, because a gentleman did this very thing and yes the people (legislation n ect) were mad and took him to court and the guy who put up the website won in court and the judge said it is perfectly legal because it’s public information, I need your help because i believe if i alone put the website up legally they can’t touch me but I’m sure the law enforcement in my area would harass me n try to find anything to arrest me but if we can do this as a group under Narsol name with there authority or as an organization, if you any idea’s and/or want to help please let me know, Thanks

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        Would that be the Wash DC gent who did that a few years back and was allowed to have it remained online despite the folks being upset he did it?

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      Mike that sounds like a good idea . I’m sure anyone can understand true justice and common ethics but NARSOL is the first to really have the guts to speak up about injustice on a public forum to be an advocate in this type of ordeal we all face with this sex offender issue.

      Call it human understanding or whatever one would like but truth will come to the surface in a lot of this “Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolfe”, to coin a pharse.

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      This is the very senseless hateful kind of thing that makes me very angry. This is nothing more than hate,hysteria, and vengeance promoted by the lawmakers as necessary to keep kids safe. Seems to me the general public is ok with the sheriff wasting hundreds of thousands of tax payers dollars on getting these guys off the street for an imaginary crime. Seems the law forgot about one group of kids they they willing to put Through hell. That’s the kids of these people locked up and humiliated publicly for NOTHING. Iv been a registrant over half my life for a alleged crime committed when I was 18. Iv personally seen what happend when the other school kids find out the classmates parents are on the registy. Its horrific for the kids in this situation. But I guess it’s ok to put a vigilantly/bully target on those kids back. I guess people like Lauren Book and Grady Would be on with destroying a few kids lives.. Iv heard if it saves just one. How about if it destroys a few thousand?? .Not to mention the jobs lost,the cost of imprisonment,families torn apart. It sets these registrants and there families back years for one arrest like this just so Sherriff Grady can get a slap on the back and the Miami Harrold can get some click bait. These people should be ashamed of themselves.
      The Polk County Sheriff’s department and the Miami news papar are both at blame for doing 100 times more harm than good.

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        They built the system with many mechanisms of entrapment. They know where you are, then they gotta find you and see if your shoes are untied or some other nonesense then they violate your probation and say “Look! He did something wrong!”

        Happened to a family member during last year’s “operation broken heart” in May. Just after their appeal got shot down in April. And right before the June primaries. So yes, this is all politically motivated. All the gladhanding. All the grandstanding.

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      I have not had anyone explain this to me yet and I challenge anyone, including admin., to explain this to me:

      We have the strictest laws on the books to punish an adult who would have sexual contact with a child 12 and under. In some states it’s 13 or 14 and under. The presumption of the law is that children that young are totally innocent and have zero understanding of sexual behavior. So…why is it when 2 kids under 12 engage in some sort of sex play, the older of the two is now magically and automatically presumed to have a full understanding of his or her sexual behavior to the point they can be punished with lifetime registration the same as an adult who has sexual contact with children that same age?

      Does the prosecutor get to move the goal post for what children 12 and under do and don’t have the maturity to understand about sexual behavior based on whether the child is the victim or “perp.”?

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        I can explain it. It’s the same mindset that says a young lady of 16 is a child and not capable of making the decision to engage in sex, but if the same young lady, instead of sleeping with her companion, murdered him and stole his car, she would, in many states, suddenly be fully responsible for her behavior and actions and tried as an adult.

        Or facilitating the distribution of birth control devices to teens in schools and then when they are used as intended, in some states, charging the older of the two with a crime.

        It’s called hypocrisy.

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          Instead of officials being concerned and doing there jobs of periodically updating and modernizing laws in conjuction with our times ….these idiots were left unchecked for years doing damage all along the years in office and still they persist with stubborn defiance !!!!! WE THE PEOPLE ….My Arse…..
          its not that being under the deemed appropriate age or the acts that all humans do its the fact that AGE OF ACCOUNTABILITY and AGE OF CONSENT needs to be weighed justly and each CASE BY CASE should be judged on an individual basis to be fair and just !!!!!!!!!!!
          So all the rules placed on ex offenders that are proven to be of no criminal intent nor severe in nature or evident in damage in some scalable fashion should not hold fines, fees, assessments and penalties under the law !!!!
          the idea or notion or presumption or criminal acts would have taken place if ex offender was not stopped is over the top and a foul of the laws true intent to deter crime and stop criminal behavior …I wonder……………………………………..

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      When the 13th amendment was adopted some people were considered property and the taking of only a small piece of your property as opposed to all of it for purposes like running a power line over it is called an easement or “servitude.”
      So, while not quite complete slavery, registration sure looks like servitude and I hope the public defenders in florida raises a 13th amendment challenge to the registration obligations. At least it wouldn’t then cost a lot of money to find the answer.

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      These so called COPS protecting the community from Sex Offenders are stalkers/predators themselves with the ongoing punishment of people that already paid their debt to society. This is outrageous conduct in which the charges should be dropped for violation of a persons’ dignity! When can a ex- offender move on with their life.

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      Operation Karma?? Gimme a break…Karma is what’s been happening to Ron Book.

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      Excuse me for butting in on this Gredy Jude or what ever his name is but “Karma”. If I was dranking a few budwisers I might say “Karma” but this is real life. Next thing you know it would be mandatory for a bumper sticker that says I’m a sex offender” don’t push my button.

      Advocates need to wrap this whole thing up but I think advocates are scared to use the truth. I’m sure Robin knows what I mean. Sure Sandy can call them hipocrites or whatever but truth always comes out. As far as Grady he’s just a servant that goes against the grain like a lot of this man made law and order that is devilish to con anyone into.

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      This is the same thing they did to the african Americans of course they didn’t call them that back then and i don’t like to refer to African Americans as black or any other terms used back then, it seems history is repeating itself if we dont learn from our past we are deamed to repeat it over an over again, hich means after this is over something like in this nature will happen again when will this end when will humans ever learn, his type of behavioral thinking has happened from the dawn of time so apparently we will never learn and we will end up destroying man kind from the backwards way of thinking and giving into our fear of the unknown and making laws and ideals from fear of our own thoughts of what we think is real and not on actual facts, there are no such thing as witches & Japanese americans are not enemies that will attack us from inside our own borders and the African Americans are not lower humans than any other we are all equal humans and just like in WWII with the jewish people that the German people treated the Jewish people and now Sex Offenders and also the Aribic nationalities, o when is this going to end does it have to take the destruction of mankind?

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        Hi Mike, Scapegoating others is a constant in human behavior. To make another person or group somehow undesirable, wrong, or responsible serves the purpose of deflecting the rest of the group from personal ills or culpability in social deviations. Scapegoating requires assignment of unwarrented or exaggerated blame, coupled with negative consequences. This is the direct action from the Adam Walsh case where the mother was truly negligent in supervising her child, but she and her husband campaigned to blame sex offenders and bring about heinous consequences, which we euphemistically call the registry. This was all done to psychologically shift the blame off of themselves and help them live with the fact that ultimately mom knows she’s the one who caused her son’s death. Blameshift is a tactic used by people who cannot take ownership of their own responsibilities.
        The term scapegoat is from Jewish tradition of Yom Kippur, where the sins of the people were transferred onto a goat, which was then turned out from the people to become exiled into the wilderness, presumably to die, carrying the sins of the people far away from the people themselves. Sounds like Florida’s rso scheme to me.
        I can certainly see all the parallels in human history where one group is made inferior by another group with an irrationale excuse made to justify the mistreatment of that group. On the other hand, while slavery in America was justified by some from inferiority beliefs, I don’t recall in my history that society blanketly declared Africans as evil and shunned them from society. They used them as chattle for personally gain. So, I’m not sure the parallel quite works there. But the justification logic works. The parallel with the Nazis and the Jews is spot-on.

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      Re-supply NECESSARY information? Or unnecessarily imposed ones?

      What difference does it make if the non-recidivate “offender” got a new tattoo? Or, if he lost 10 lbs? What do these things have to do with much of anything?

      It’s kind of cute when police can’t logically, soundly, plausibly reply to investigative inquiries on their activities, actions and behaviour. One gets completely tempted to kiss them on the cheeks for it. =)

      (^^ In reference to the youtube video***, “Bloomberg Defends NYPD’s Controversial Stop And Kiss Program”)

      (*** Disclaimer: In case anyone took this video seriously the first few views (like I did), it’s a parody. You’re supposed to laugh and be tickled by it.)

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      Island Chef

      Good Day All

      Since, Elmer Fudd, aka Greedy Grady Judd can NO LONGER post fictitious advertisements on Craigslist, Front/Back Page, etc….due to a Federal Statute that was recently enacted, the muderskunk Has gone to even greater heights of greed!…..he, again is creating crime…his modus operandi is to fill his county jails..yes, he has two of them….
      …mind you, he bought 2 Army Tanks…the ones you see in East L.A……Judd, is in redneck Polk County…no need for Army Tanks….they go Muddin’ and fire rifles…..also, it is KNOWN FACT that the Prosecutors, Judges in Bartow, and the SHeriff’s Office their-all are sucking each other’s appendages!

      make it tasty day!

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      I indentured,

      Ahhh the advantages of a database & Continuous electronic search. Laws regarding ” unauthorized information sharing” or distribution had to be eradicated so as not to impinge upon potential profit from markets emerging the flow of network data. Federal Law enforcement demanded a ” main line tap” that operate above industry standards in performance. Gov computers are always in update & upgrade status. In short, the saints demanded both unfettered and unconstitutional USES OF the databases. As per our leadership men are enslaved the the maintenance of state’s database machine. The machine popularized as ” the people’s ” but none made it a true ” property”. That which it clearly is and it’s plain upkeep by hired men similar to a plantation with the community” data ” itself provided about and by those plain indentured. It’s “necessary collection” and distribution not withstanding true scientific biological notions of immunisation. The regime as much opportunity to corrupt blood AND be preventing teenage pregnancy, like abortion so much practiced ramping down the numbers of native born, follow they did as firms preparing the ” foreign good” and ” foreign born” as both cheap labor or specialized technical or skill aptitude. What would Big league baseball be without labor from our south? The lesser indeed without. Attention Wal-Mart shoppers there is a discount in aisle 9 on constitutional protections. Give U.S. our NAFTA it too will be good for ya. Our current president made that case in his inauguration. American liberty sold out to big data brokers and electronic surveillance saints.

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