WSP-TV in Atlanta: Regarding sex offenders, give the full facts

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy and Larry . . . Pursuant to its constitutional authority, the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles has granted pardons – “restoration of civi
      [See the full post at: WSP-TV in Atlanta: Regarding sex offenders, give the full facts]

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      Why shouldn’t sex offenders have the same opportunity has anyone else to be pardoned? I am so sick and tired of the reasons why they are treated less than human and undeserving of any kindness or forgiveness. Some of their crimes are so pretty that it is ludicrous they are even sex offenders at all, not to mention the children who are also on that ridiculous unconstitutional registry. We say victims of sexual predators and their fear and never healing. I say, not always the case. I my self, was sexually abused my father. I not only forgive him but miss him. He has been dead many years and I was never able to tell him I love him and forgive him. I am now 62 years old, and although the road to healing was long, I chose to be okay and not a victim. Some things have to be let go or you end up forever punishing your self and live with fear and hate. I say No, I will not! To forever punish someone is ridiculous!

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        The Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits states from denying any person within its territory the equal protection of the laws. This means that a state must treat an individual in the same manner as others in similar conditions and circumstances. The USA is in violation of it constitution in many different ways against many of its citizens it must be stopped. If we cannot stop them through normal legal channels what is left for citizens to do?

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          Hello you said n your comments what can we do? Well what if we make a registry and put Actors & Actresses & Senators & legislators,Mayors,ect… And put on there those that committed crimes that were made public and put only facts n then we will see a change, a guy i seen on the internet did that n got taken to court and he won because everything he put on there is already public info n they said he has every right

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            I see a lot of these suggestions from other registrants, and it’s NOT the road we should be traveling down.
            Any publicly accessible registry of past crimes does nothing to keep anyone safe, and helps present registered former sex offenders not at all!

            America needs to abolish the current registries, and replace them with nothing.

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      Child molester beaten to death in California prison days after he arrived

      Please take the time to read the comments (many of them ignorant, vile and hateful)

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        Daniel Silverman

        Sadly, many people are responding to that article by saying things similar to, “How can I add money to the books of Andres Ayon,” the man who killed that convicted sex offender. If Andres actually starts to get money in his account as a result of killing this man, what kind of message does that send inmates? Target sex offenders, become a hero, make money. Ugh.

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          There seems to be an underlying current of hatred in the US nowadays.. You can see it in comments on almost anything in social media..

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        It would interesting to post a comment there for all those lovely Americans and ask them what they think should be done to children who have been sexually assault/molested in their preteen ages if perhaps THEY MIGHT grown into adulthood and act out the same sex crimes on another child because , ya know “their lives are messed up forever”. What if one of their kids was molested and ends up molesting someone else? Would they like to send their kid to prison to be murdered?
        It’s so easy to shut down such ignorance with the right questions to throw in their faces.

        Ask them if they’re in favor of this idea:
        Since there IS a chance that a molested child will eventually grow up and molest someone else, how about we put all molested children down like a horse with a broken leg? (Then make a smiley face to piss them off and end by saying -) What? It’s a good way to make sure we protect the public from what they MIGHT do, right?

        They will not know what to say other than to keep throwing insults at you. I would do it myself (and many of you know I would) but I am sick of having to always sign up to these news sites just to post a comment.
        Perhaps NARSOL can somehow work the example I’ve given into one of their conference speeches or next radio/TV interview. It’s a thought provoked. Since they want to kill all sex offenders, what about if it’s THEIR child who sexually offends? Especially if it’s because the child was once molested themselves? Think about it.

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          Sandy Rozek
          Sandy Rozek

          I do bring up that point rather frequently in commenting on articles. If I get a response, it is most often of the “my child would never do that” variety. Occasionally someone will say that he would disown such a child. I don’t remember anyone ever actually responding that it is a valid point, although I usually wonder if that is what is in the head of those who do not answer me.

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            Ah, the old cliche “my child would never do that”, says every parent whose child DID do it.
            Nice to know that parents take on the role of mind reader now. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Face palm

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        I wounder what the response would be from all these desensitized brain dead idiots making vigilanty comments if the “Sex Offender ” that was kill was discovered to be innocent now? Would they even care? I think the people who make these comments are sick and a bigger threat to our society then this man who was killed. My the merciless karma they claim was served find them in all that they do.

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        Bob T

        I have already read this story and the nasty comments. What gets me is whenever there is a story of a young pretty female teacher who had sex with a young boy the comments are totally different like ” Lucky boy.” “Where were these teachers when I was in school”

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          Edward Nightingale

          I read alot of the posts. Not once did I see a truly positive comment. I could actually see some of these folks go out and follow through with their desire to remove us from this world, but, fortunately, most don’t have the guts to do it, and less to live with the consequences. None of them realizes that registry is worse than prison.

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        Sunland Registrant

        > Please take the time to read the comments (many of them ignorant, vile and hateful)

        The reason for this is because due to a lack of a good education system in the US most people ARE ignorant and vile and very hateful. Look who they voted into the White House and that should give you all the answers you need.

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      Maybe a nice hefty fine for contempt of court would be in order here. Better yet removal from his position as director. After all, he is a law ENFORCEMENT officer and the court ruled He has to do it like it or not. What if the GaSC decided that marijuana was now legal in Ga. He wouldn’t be going around arresting people for possession, the cases would be thrown out of court. The court has ruled get over it! The same with the DA

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        Mark, that’s a very good point. Everyone is all about what the law says and talking about respecting the law…..until the law is changed to a NEW law and then suddenly they don’t respecting the law. I assume it’s because the change of such a law would take away from their moments to shine as “heroes” for nabbing a sex offender for being late on his registration notice. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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      NH Registrant

      It’s all about the MONEY. It has nothing to do with protecting anyone. It never has.

      If politicians cared about the safety and well-being of children, why do they:

      – vote to cut food stamps
      – vote to cut fuel assistance
      – vote to cut cash assistance to parents
      – vote to slice up education funding
      – vote to cut medical assistance
      – vote for cluster bombing campaigns in other countries which kill and maim children
      – give ‘foreign aid’ to dictatorships and other regimes which negatively impact children

      You see? It’s all about the almighty dollar. The public shaming Registry is a cash cow for them. Registrants are ordered to pay for the privilege of being on the list. If they don’t pay, they go to jail or back to prison. So, Registrants live under that constant threat – as well as many other threats to them and their families. Do politicians care about that? Nope. And they have the ignorant public to back them up. Men are the majority of people on the Registry. The culture of paranoia has been made even worse by the hijacking of the ‘MeToo’ movement. Initially, it was a movement to make people aware of sexual harassment and assault to both sexes. Men are actually sexually assaulted more than women when you factor in what happens in prison. It’s a fact. But, the ‘MeToo’ movement has become a witch-hunt against men. So, now, every man is viewed as a possible sex offender – regardless if he’s on the Shame List or not. It’s sickening how ignorant our society has become. And it’s fueled by greed through political propaganda and the media which conveys it.

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        NH Regitraint
        You asked why they
        “– vote to cut food stamps”

        Well, because the Republican Party would actually like to see people working and not being lazy. They are sick of the abundance of single mothers getting knocked up by various men just so they can keep getting more and more government assistance. The Democratic Party actually LOVES this because it secures them the black and Latino vote. They’ll keep making promises to give more and more so that the uneducated/uninformed families in the urban cities will continue to vote Democrat.

        Then you went on to mention the #metoo movement. Ummm….also created by liberals who happen to be….you guessed it – DEMOCRAT. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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          NH Registrant


          Politicians are crooked no matter WHAT party they’re a member of. There is one party in this country: The USA Corporate Party with sub-party A: Republicans, and sub-party B: Democrats. They work together on many groups and committees. They also vote each other pay-raises. They get donations from the same international business interests and billionaires. So, thinking there’s a difference between the two parties is a non-starter. Neither are our friends. No matter the letter happens to be after their name.

          Also, not everyone who receives food stamps is ‘lazy’. It’s insulting that you would insinuate that. A lot of people who are forced to collect food stamps and assistance are either disabled or are the working poor. Wal-Mart, for instance, doesn’t pay their workers enough to put food on their tables while those workers are struggling to pay ridiculously high property taxes/rent and utilities which keep rising in cost.

          I’m a disabled man and I have to live on $750 a month in disability. I am forced to live with family because that isn’t enough to be able to support myself on my own. It’s not even a month’s rent. I owned my own business for 20+ years until a stroke took me out. It was unexpected and no fault of my own. I had set up a bit of a nest egg, but that got sucked dry by medical costs and I was forced to seek help. I worked hard for years even before I established my business. I also put myself through college to get a degree in the business I set up. So, I’m not lazy and I collect a whopping $15 a month in food stamps thanks to Republicans AND Democrats cutting up benefits.

          Also, if they want to cut up welfare, how about corporate welfare which is in the multi-billions every year? Money is handed to big banks and corporations who have outsourced labor which steals jobs away from hard working, capable Americans. How about our politicians stop rewarding them for putting the country in poverty? Right now, where I live, unemployment is nearly 50%. The low numbers that the govt reports are ONLY the people collecting unemployment benefits which run out after a short amount of time and they are no longer counted.

          I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with what you said. People on assistance programs are NOT lazy. A lot of them, including myself, have no other choice. If you want to keep people from being ‘lazy’ as you say, how about getting the Republicans and Democrats to bring the jobs back to this country? That will be a great start to making America ‘great again’.

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            NH Registraint,

            “Also, not everyone who receives food stamps is ‘lazy’. It’s insulting that you would insinuate that”

            No, it’s a reality. As is the reality of people like yourself who do in fact need such assistance. But guess who’s scoffing up most of the welfare and food stamps…. ever lived in a ghetto?
            Even I have had to go on food stamps because of my conviction hampering my job opportunities when I first got out of prison. What started opening up potential employers to THINK differently is how I spoke about what I did.
            I’ve had several male managers during interviews tell me that even they’ve done double take looks at teenage girls because “They didn’t look this good when I was in school”. Seems to be the most common thing older men say.

            I just love what Obama did for black people *rolls eyes* and for signing the passport bill for registrants. Lovely.

            I agree with you that neither party is perfect but don’t let the Dems fool you. They are the feminists who will be quick to make rape accusations.

            As for the Republicans, I’m not fond of their bible thumping because in their “holy book” (if they ever bothered to read it) rape and sex with young kids is fully acceptable.

            As for jobs, well, turn off CNN and research the actual employment numbers since Trump has been in office. Black unemployment is the lowest it’s been in a looooong time. Thank you.

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            Sandy Rozek
            Sandy Rozek

            Looks like we may need to do with partisan political discussions what we did with religious discussions. Neither party is innocent in the evolution of laws dealing with those on sexual offense registries. It started with the Jacob Wetterling act, introduced in 1993 by a Republican congressman and enacted by the 103rd Congress where both houses were under Democratic control.
            In 1995 Megan’s Law was introduced by by a Republican senator and signed into law by Democratic president Clinton in 1996.
            The AWA was a total Republican deal, introduced in 2005 by a R. congressman and signed in 2006 by Bush.
            And then came the IML, pushed by Republican Chris Smith for several years before it caught on in 2015. It was signed by Obama in early 2016 on his way out of office. Had he vetoed it, he would have been crushingly overridden as the Republicans had control of both Houses. He was enough of a politician that he didn’t want part of his parting legacy to be his refusal to sign a bill that everyone believed would protect children around the world.
            The bottom line is that, regardless of how we got them, we have the laws we have, and our job is to figure out the best way to combat them and achieve some equity for those with previous sexual offenses, and, with any luck, put some people in office who might be inclined to help with that.

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            Sandy, you are correct that neither party is perfect. But since they each influence each other in bills being signed into law and the presidents holding office do it because of the “bad legacy” they’d have if they don’t, then how do we “combat” such laws?
            Who is going to stand up and say “No! This doesn’t make sense!” ? Who’s gonna do that? None of them. So we are essentially doomed.

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            Sandy Rozek
            Sandy Rozek

            No, not true. Some very good progress is being made in some states with legislation, often in effectively stopping or killing negative legislation before it becomes law. This type of progress is not seen by the ordinary person, and it is best accomplished by building relationships with members of both parties. It is so very much easier to kill a bill before it becomes a law than it is to undo it once it is a law.
            My point here though was to discourage the painting of one party over the other as being the primary villain. Go with whichever you truly believe has the greatest potential to help work toward change and get involved. Familiarize yourself with current proposed legislation, pick an issue close to you that you care about, get one like-minded friend to go with you, and start visiting those legislators’ offices; attend hearings; sign up to speak at the public sessions. If every person reading this did this in his state at either the local or the state level, it would make a difference.

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            Sandy, Thank you for injecting some sanity into the debate.


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          patricia win

          Saddles, if you think this president knows how to govern, you need to read better books. Hillary may not have been perfect, but compared to what this man/baby is, who is daily doing harm to our country, Hillary would have been a normal president who would have done an infinitely better job. Lots of lies and sexism helped keep that from happening. Oh, and Trumps’ pal Putin and the Russians.

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      Media always one sided., that’s nothing new no matter what the story is about!

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      Mike W
      Mike W

      Marvelous article. Facts are represented here as contrasted to the hysterical soccer mom mentality. Kudos to Sandy and Larry for the level-headed, rational response.

      Keep on keeping on,

      Mike W

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      Former ‘Young and Restless’ actor Corey Sligh found guilty of child molestation

      The rich and Famous keep falling too! I am not sure if to be sad or glad!!!

      I have mixed feelings unfortunately!

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        Damaris, if you think about it, your feelings needn’t be mixed.
        How does it help you be less hurt if someone else is also hurt?

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      MARK S.

      Television is like a steak: it is a medium that is rarely well done. Especially the entire media news outlets. And here is why: Mind control (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, mind abuse, thought control, or thought reform) refers to a process in which a group or individual “systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person(s) being manipulated”. Enter ex sex offenders…. Not just Georgia either..
      And it is virtually, always a one sided affair……..

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      James Coghill

      Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Lawson does not believe that those who have sexually offended against a child can be rehabilitated.

      Ms. Lawson it doesn’t matter what you believe. You were not hired to enforce your beliefs, you were hired to enforce the law. You sound like Peter Strzok testifying before congress yesterday. If the GBI wants to pardon those convicted of a sex offense that’s their business under the law and that’s why you are not on the GBI and never will be. Also I detect a huge amount of personal bias in your statement. Were you molested?

      To say a sex offender can’t be rehabilitated is the equivalent of saying that nobody can lose weight, quit smoking or stop using alcohol or drugs when we know that they do it all the time. If you were to say such a thing today people would think you had lost your mind. Why is sex any different? I don’t know, maybe you have lost your mind and if so you have no business working as an elected official because it is not your job to enforce morality, it is your job to enforce the law and they are not the same thing.

      Another thing to consider and this should be a factor in our sentencing of all crimes is that every 7 years every cell in your body has been replaced. The person you are today isn’t the person you were 7 years ago. 7 years should therefore equal a life sentence because there is no biological scientific basis for incarcerating people longer than that.

      Finally it should be remembered that using the law to create a class of people with fewer rights and privileges than the public at large and providing no means of escaping that class of people is called SLAVERY Ms. Lawson. Do you promote SLAVERY Ms. Lawson? Living in the deep south I didn’t think so. That’s not an admission that would make you worthy of re-election is it?

      James Coghill

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        Sex is different only because every person has some sort of sex drive. We do not all have a drive toward alcohol, drugs or violent crime. If a man, or woman, has ever had a fleeting thought about a teen, he or she may want to push the mirror away. To characterize sex offenders as permanently damaged goods is a way of doing that. We hate the things we fear most in ourselves.

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      Jay Raskin

      Vast numbers of people are being convicted of sex crimes based not on evidence but on accusations. We don’t know how many innocent people each year, a thousand people, ten thousand, or fifty thousand are being convicted and sent to prison. Backed by billions of dollars in government and private donations, pseudo-feminist groups over the last 30 years have created and passed laws that make it almost impossible for a falsely accused person to escape a conviction. Thousands of innocent people are being forced to prove their innocence, something almost impossible to do given the nature of the accusations and the new laws in place designed to protect women and children by preventing real police investigations.
      Our justice system is deeply broken and under the guise of protecting women and children a holocaust is taking place against men and women systematically deprived of fundamental human rights.
      The mass media is especially responsible for this holocaust by its totally one-sided pro legal violence attitude. The people found guilty are most often the real victims in these crimes by the state and legal system.

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        The only “fix” for our mass incarceration criminal injustice system is for defendants to take it to the jury box.

        “Plea bargaining in the United States is very common; the vast majority of criminal cases in the United States are settled by plea bargain rather than by a jury trial. They have also been increasing in frequency—they rose from 84% of federal cases in 1984 to 94% by 2000.” -wiki

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      What I would like to know is why with all the scammers and ill intended attorney’s out there to make a buck and not stand for sex offenders’ rights, why does NARSOL not have a section on their website to direct people to teams of “Trusted” Attorneys in every U.S. state and possession that actually has been vetted by NARSOL and will demonstrate actual empathy and concern and proper representation to our community, rights and needs. I can not believe that a place advocating for reforming sex offenses laws does not have bodies of attorneys in each local as points of contacts for nearly a million registered sex offenders.

      Dont get me wrong, I do get people need to make a living, just like the crooked public education system, health system, judicial/prison system, etc (all set up to benefit the rich and powerful or influential. But just because it is so, does not mean that there is no large group of people at all (NARSOL excluded) that can not do or is willing and capable of doing the right thing per our still existent US and States’ Constitutions. There are people all over the Country still waiting for relief, but specially in places like NC, Michigan, PA that are still on the damn registry when they should have been granted relief per the damn law. The very laws that send people to jail for not complying as immediate as they pass them. Am I wrong here? Mistaken? Not being fair?

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        Tom, You make a lot of sense. (And narsol also needs a “like button” in their comments section!)

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      I thought a prosecutor had a Duty of Silence in regards to speaking publicly about cases and giving loud public opinions about rulings…. ???

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      Richard Earl
      Richard E

      Although I do not speak for NARSOL. As a board member in my state, under IRS code, as a registered non profit, we are not allowed to recommend attorneys. But should you attend the national conference you would meet attorneys who attend our conference who would likely be able to discuss cases or make recommendations in other states. One might be able to guess those attorneys have a helpful and healthy attitude for persons dealing with sex offense.

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      Richard Earl
      Richard E

      An additional thought, as an individual I am able to research attorneys in my state and I can privately share what I find with whomever I choose. You might want to do your own homework. The reality is as individuals we are responsible for helping others. NARSOL or state organizations have limitations. If you really want things to be different than more people are needed. If you are involved and active great. If not do what you can. Become knowledgeable, become active, be a leader.

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      If you all haven’t figured it out by now, the design is to create an oppressed group. Unless to are willing to fight and risk death for your freedom, it will never ever end. It will only get worse. Become a fighter and fight for justice. Pick up an axe and become a political lumberjack. THIS IS YOUR LIFE!! FIGHT NOW YOU COWARDS, OR DIE AS A SEX OFFENDER!!

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      Let’s Help

      I watched the news segment about those pardonings.The news man Mark Winne as an investigative reporter should do a balanced story not just one sided, yes I know that does not happen , but it should. He didn’t give a true report stating that it is these individuals right to seek to be taken off the Registry. Registered citizens should not pay for things they did in the past for the rest of their lives, like any other crime, you do your time then move forward to get your life back, but you can’t when TV news facilitates in every way to condem RC’s every chance they get. Why was this story aired to begin with? So that the fear mongering starts all over again! I was sad for the woman that was part of the story, however she is finally getting her life on track, at three years of age not many people can remember what happened to them, but her life choices were hers to make as she grew up. I am happy she has found God , however by doing that she should have also found forgiveness.
      Repeat offenses by RC’s are very few across this country , not so among other crimes out there, however this was not stated in the news story either.
      Richard E, exactly
      Thank you for listeneing

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      To me, how the US government allows, and supports, the states laws and attitude toward sex offenders is tantamount to how the Nazis treated the Jewish population. Everything was “legal” and was not punishment, by German law back then. The US was against it, yet they are now acting the same way towards it’s own citizens.

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        Tony, I get what you’re saying but it’s a bad analogy.
        The people who were hated and murdered by the Nazis were hated because of their culture and/or lineage. We are hated for past alleged deeds.
        The only comparisons between the two wrongs is the hatred and possibly the “solution”.
        Will they ship us and our families off to FEMA camps (remember those?) or will sanity prevail?

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      You one can’t understand the sex registry unless they are walking right thru it. Sure I can understand why everyone is mad about all this. I just wonder what is absurbed or not these days. The one that justify’s his or her own laws, the one that says the sex offender can’t be rehablitated, or the one that says I’m glad I never got caught. While this article of Sandy’s and Larry’s is good it makes a person understand just how justice has taken advantage of some that are on the registry.

      Sandy mentioned this partisian political or religious discussion but I thought we weren’t gonna bring up religon. And there’s maestion with his “cliche” know it all answers and his situation. Actually the main things is we are all people and we all have a sex of rules but than again we all have principals. As for myself I hate the know it all people. Sure I make mistakes just like everybody else. I hope a lot of people are pardoned with all this sex registry stuff and all these restrictions going on. This broadcasting this over or thru the internet about sexual offenders in your neighborhood is a bit much when those in authority don’t even give you warning before the fact but to justify theirself they post it to the internet to justify themself when they are the ones that wanted for you to get or talk naughty to them first or show dirty pictures, etc which leads to more charges.

      The fellow on here is right when he said its all about money but than I would have to say its all about true justice. The thing about the registry is who’s laws are they justifying. One only has two choices. Man’s law or God’s law but than again we the people only have one choice to who’s still in Control unless man likes to overthorw like Stalin or Hitler so where does the USA come in on all this with the sex registry plan. Wish someone would learn to read the good book for a change to learn how to govern.

      • #43539

        Sure, the Good Book should be read by those who believe in such, but history of civilizations past is also a good read for those who believe in learning from our political mistakes.
        This is a .pdf asking if We are Rome. I think we’re heading down the same path, and that the SORs are a symptom of our demise as a nation.

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      Truthfully, what really needs to happen is something like the civil rights march or million man march on Washington. Everyone always has valid point and people do indeed bring things up in court, etc. but what we as a group need is something that would be on all news channels from CNN to FOX news and all in between (BCC, etc.) Show how these laws are nothing more than remakes of Jim Crow and what Hitler did to the Jews, minus the gas chambers. Show actual incidents where families have been harmed due to these laws. Display to the whole country the true facts concerning recidivism ( then judges will be hard pressed when stating most people will offend again). Show the majority of new crimes are by people not on the registry. Once this is done and it has national exposure on TV with interviews by experts who fight for us, including the man who started the whole High recidivism nonsense, giving solid facts, only then will this country be forced to address what it has done. As long as things are still done at the local level or even district level, people can still play ignorant, and it will be a long time before this country is forced to addressed its gross violation of the constitution.

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        I think you nailed it. My thought is a documentary that could detail the history of such laws applied through the ages to various groups, the ineffectiveness of the registry, its affect upon registrants and their families, and how the research and statistics show low recidivism.

        We all know, for many im the public the origin of the registry is an emotional fear based knee jere reaction. And, its punitive.
        The only way we would ever have a chance, I feel, is to educate the public. A well put together documentary I think could cause many in the public to finally think….

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