Why do crime registries that don’t work continue to grow?

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      By Emmanuel Felton . . . Bruce Armstrong says he’s a changed man. After spending 25 years in jail for killing a man during a home invasion, Armstrong
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      “Kanka’s parents argued that, had they known there was a sex offender in the neighborhood, they would have taken more steps to protect their daughter.”

      Typical mistake # 1) Why do you need to know that there is someone in your neighborhood that committed a sex crime in the past? That sex offender had a time in his life when he had no criminal record. So just because you don’t see anyone on a registry in YOUR neighborhood, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t SOMEONE doing something illegal right under your noses.
      So, thanks to the Kenka family (because their daughter is the only child ever in human history to be kidnapped, raped and murdered), people are so BRAIN WASHED with the idea that ONLY people on a registry are DANGEROUS. Can anyone ever throw this stupidity in their faces? Please?!

      “With Megan’s Law, the federal government required every state to make their sex offender lists available to the general public or jeopardize federal funding.”

      And this right here sounds like straight up BRIBERY. Which is illegal.

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      Robert Columbia

      Also, what would those “more steps to protect their daughter” actually be? Start carrying a gun? Switch to carrying a more powerful gun? Strap a tracker on the child? Ask the child to read a book on safety and to not wear certain clothing? Move to northern Alaska to become nomadic whalers?

      There’s all this information posted out there that is supposedly supposed to be useful to parents, but it’s unclear what, specifically, they can do to protect against a specific registrant that they find listed, rather than just taking ordinary precautions like providing proper supervision and education.

      If I feel the need to protect my family from not more than two persons convicted of not more than two sexual offenses committed more than 10 years ago but don’t want to go overboard/obsessive compulsive and implement protectionary measures that are only needed when dealing with people convicted of three or more sexual offenses or when there are three or more persons in the neighborhood who have been convicted of two sexual offenses committed within the last five years, where, specifically, can I find the latest best practices in child safety for this? Is there a book? Ammo recommendations based on registrant density index? Strength of GPS monitor to place on child based on number of recidivists within 30 miles of home and school? Appropriate skirt length calculator based on number of offenders in tri-county area at Tier 2 or above? With all the supposed sex offender research that is coming out every year, we should at least are the beginnings of such a system. Do we?

      What we do find are vague “omg offender protect yr kidz!!11!one” warnings that increase fear and tend not to provide helpful information.

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      Robert c
      You are right! The problem is when good people do not take a stand together, evil rules! Once an image is portrayed it is very difficult to change! We know with a clear concious and pure hart the law is wrong and is violating our rights to live free in society! Question! Are you ready to do something about it?

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      NH Registrant

      As I’ve said many times, the Registry is a money maker for not only the state, but sites like City-Data, Homefacts, and Mugshots who make money from site traffic of people looking on the registry. Then, of course, there are the Cell Phone apps which shows ANYONE a map to anyone’s home who is on the Registry. What if that person has children? Where is the outcry for THEIR safety should some idiot vigilante come calling? Oh, right, there is none.

      Also, like I said before, if the federal and state gov’ts are so concerned with the safety of children then:
      – Why are the numbers of homeless CHILDREN growing every single day?
      – Why do the state and federal gov’ts cut benefits from people for assistance? 80% of the recipients of those benefits are CHILDREN.
      – Why do the gov’ts constantly cut the budgets of schools?
      – Why does the federal gov’t give it’s blessing to carpet bomb countries knowing full well that children will be maimed or killed?

      Why, indeed?

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      Let’s be Honest

      The registries are such a money maker that FLORIDA deliberately has 10,000 and growing out of state SO’s maintained on its registry who are NOT in the state. A 5 day vacation is just the looohole needed to add a vacationer to its lifelong registry. Hence, more federal and state funding for the FDLE. I think Florida’s deceptive practice for tax dollars needs a little sunshine.

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      Why do crime registries that don’t work continue to grow?

      Because Americans are sheeple incapable of independent thought?

      Because representatives of the government are permitted to lie to the courts?

      Because rubes have never read 1984?


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      People have “stranger danger” mentalities, so they are too busy peering through their blinds at and scrutinizing their neighbors, when all along the danger was right there in the house.

      According to the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (NAASCA), 90 percent of child sexual abuse victims know the perpetrator in some way; 68 percent are abused by family members.

      The best way to combat laws like these is to do it at state level are force your state legislator to stop letting the federal government strong arm them into mirroring or enforcing federal laws.


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