When the state becomes church: America’s obsession with prosecuting sex

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      By Chase Madar . . . Rape and sexual assault often do not get the police attention they deserve in the United States, whether on college campuses, in
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      The Doctor

      The most psychologically revealing aspect of all of this regarding American society as a whole, is the need to have a scapegoat. Only a society whose current mode of operation is based upon a fallacy needs and will employ a scapegoat wherever it is necessary. Fix your house America or your days are numbered! And it will happen by your own hand.

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      The Doctor

      One last thought on registries

      Lately in the movement there has been a trend toward a registry for wrongful prosecutors. I am vehemently opposed to such a thing on ethical grounds. We oppose the SO registry but we want to keep one for bad prosecutors? Really? Can we say hypocrisy? How can you oppose on ethical grounds in one place and support it in another? What is really desired here is retribution and I can have no part of that.

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      Your totally right doctor. Church and state may be separated, but God and Man aren’t. At least I hope there are some God-fearing people left in America. Man has always had pride and has always loved his power. Were there not sex immoralities in the bible? So why not here? Are we not suppose to use examples in the Bible to guide us through this life?

      Sure, you are right. These registries don’t do all that much. If crime is going to happen, then it’s going to happen. Its called the nature of the beast and unfortunately man cannot stop nature. Sure, they can keep the sex offender in bondage, lock him up for the rest of his life, brand him or kill him and I wouldn’t want any part of that as we are all accountable to the Supreme Authority.

      They have taken an issue and as always blown it out of proportion as always that is the way man is because they want your vote, they want to be proud, they want for Americans to think that sex offenders are no better than trash. How does man dehumanize people? Well, for starters, the registry is one way.
      Do you not think there was sexual immorality in the Bible? And isn’t the Bible suppose to be used for examples to help man in his plight of sin?
      Sin is sin no matter how you slice it, and the registry is no more than a sinner’s list which we all should be on if push comes to shove. Even the ones who make these laws still have a beam in there eye.

      I could go on and on, but as long as man is making laws, he is proud of himself. Look what Megan’s law has done for us. That was an isolated case so was the Adam Walsh case. We have had murders since than but nothing like this registry.

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      What I am curious to know, a question I’ve asked numerous times – the one which brought me to this article is… Why is it Anglo countries only – ONLY – who have this visceral and intense paranoia about sex, sexual offending and the people who do?

      No other group of societies has this issue: They have sex crimes but they deal with them normally. Yet, all and only, the Anglo societies seem to freak out with registries and over policing (USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, etc…)

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