When it comes to sexual offense issues, there’s enough outrage to go around

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      By Sandy . . . North Port, Florida, must be having a really slow news week. In one day, no less than six media outlets printed and aired stories* abou
      [See the full post at: When it comes to sexual offense issues, there’s enough outrage to go around]

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      Well, why doesn’t NARSOL get in touch with the Florida Action Committee and do just the kind of article you’re talking about? I’d be willing to bet someone there could do the footwork and research needed to give a balanced view of the issue. They could do an op-ed and send it to every paper that will print it.

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        Why would our “news media” pick up a story about how registered person’s are statistically a non-threat? No ratings, profit or promotions in that. If common sense were actually coin at all, then people would read and understand the logic Sandy is presenting. But the only thing common in group think is nonsense, not sense. We can scream into the wind all we want, the media is not on our side, despite facts and research. Whoever said one is entitled to ones own opinion but not ones own facts never encountered our “professional” news machine.

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          Hello im wondering why the article i tried to post about Bill Clinton & Jeffrey Epstein you didnt post it?

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            Because it’s off topic and nonconstructive. Such comments have more potential to divide us than unite us. So out of best interest for NARSOL and our cause I did not approve it..

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            Dude thats not off topic and if anything it will bring down the registry, by you not posting it that is whats dividing us, this makes it sound like your on there side and not ours and blow the lid off of this. Are you sure you are trying to help change these laws.

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            I am positive.

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      Chanta bullock

      Sandy are you putting your reply in the news paper to reply to the article

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        I have sent this article to the media outlets who published these stories. I’ll report back if there is any response; however, I am not holding my breath.

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          Sandy, thank you very for doing that. Even if you don’t get a response, I know it still makes some people think who read it even if it makes it no further.

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      Well today the have posted another story here in Raleigh, NC about the same thing. Most of the comments aside from a couple arent too bad, but theymedia is really good about stirring the fear pot. The article is about a registrant who was recently rearrested on new sex charges. The funny thing is he is in jail and most likely will be for a long time, but they had to make a story about him living near a bus stop anyway.


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      Organized propaganda? Is there an app for that? Yes.

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      Ah Sandy lets all put all this together about the sex offender or the predator. Now I made a statement from the movie “Network” I wonder what he was mad as hell at? Was it outlandish Government with this computer spying or tresspassing technique against one’s conscience or was it the guy living right across the street from kids or a school bus route to load and unload kids. Yes it may have been a movie but it makes sense to some extent. Myself I happen to live across from kids and a bus stop. Kids don’t bother me but its adults with their suspecious minds that bother one at times. I guess some have to deal with this or stand up or be as mad as hell.

      With all this confussion and the stress, the yearly poly maintaince, monthly visits from one’s PO to probe one which is what they are doing in this cocky manner., all the classes one has to go thru , not to mention the fine one pays if involved in a sex offender ordeal, whether actual contact or someone on the other end of a computer pretending to be a kid and than is brazen enough to give you the come on down con” seems to me, and I’m sure others, that we as so called sex offenders are no different than the average person.

      Sure we all have responsbility’s in life. I don’t believe the average Joe is getting his binocular’s out and looking at the kids boarding the buss or coming out in the morning to snatch some small child in the morning hours. Sounds a bit of a hyper rush to the brain and causes parnoia. I wonder who wants facts when the truth is what will set one free.

      What is truth, its sure not a polygraph test but you can find the truth from the bible which most government officals don’t seem to use and don’t care. Today its show me the money. And the lying well thats in the bible to. It says all lie. Getting back to the sex offender yes we all have a sexual makeup.Sex offenders were not borned yesterday but punishments and laws were and it creates hysteria and even love self esteem

      A lot of this sex offender stuff is a stain on humanity. Is it some gossip colmist saying that all are rapist’s or is government raping with discrimination. I wonder when government is gonna prove everyone’s brain to make sure they have a brain. We could talk about guns and killings but who kills when one is induced or caught up and off guard. I wonder who’s mind is worst, A killer stacker of the internet that wait’s on an adult site with this pretend game of mind seduction. Truth is truth in a lot of this fake justice of prevention.

      Sandy a lot of this sex offender registry is like a blind man’s bluff type of game and news to create circulation to alarm one.Me I would be more afraid of guns than hysteric news or panc attack. Sounds like a pretty good counter article to me but I’m sure this is how all sex offenders feel.

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      The articles make sense when one recognizes that the papers don’t want to inform the public. Feeding the false narrative that registered offenders are dangerous is shock journalism, which sells papers. These people are not journalists any more than are those at the National Enquirer. I certainly don’t expect them to either ask or answer the pointed questions you presented. Like you Sandy I too am outraged, but I am not surprised.

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      NH Registrant

      I just had to unsubscribe from a YouTube channel that used to be about true crime, but has been shifting it’s focus to sex offenses. I, then, realized that I had subscribed to a propaganda channel.

      For some reason I can’t fathom, people ENJOY watching shows about sex offenses. They get some kind of a sick thrill out of it. They all say the same things about what they would do to any registrant if they were alone in a room with them. Or, they say that the person needs to have THE most horribly violent thing done to them. It’s like they watch it so that they can reinforce their hatred and ignorance. And why would they keep coming back to watch it again and again? Because they seem to like the content.

      Why is that? I don’t get it! Why do people watch things like that just so they can spew hatred? When I was in prison, the non-S.O. inmates would LOVE to watch stuff about sex offenses, etc. Then, they would be inspired to do the most horrible things they could get away with to them while the guards turned a blind eye. It took me years to stop having nightmares after I was released. I still have one occasionally – and will probably stay up all night now having unfortunately witness some of that intense hatred that these people feel for ANYONE on the registry – no matter what the crime.

      Again, I ask: WHY do they watch this stuff that they obviously hate? Why do they keep going back? What do they get out of it?? There are things I find abhorrent. I would never watch them over and over again. I avoid them!

      What is WITH those people??

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      This is not the way to report the news it only makes sex offenders look bad becuse the facts are made to look bad. This country in Florida needs to get out and do honest news casting or it will end up not getting trusted the next time a serious news story comes along. It will be made to look like fool’s because it miss informed and hide the truth.

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