What keep us safe? It’s sure not the sexual offense registry

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Published 4/16 at Life on the List Guest post by Sandy Rozek Sex offenders have always been with us. Those who are convicted of committing rape and se
      [See the full post at: What keep us safe? It’s sure not the sexual offense registry]

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      Thank you Sandy for telling-again-The Truth as it really is. I know what these Legislators, and Modern-Day Self-Righteous Hate-Mongers Really Want: They want an actual ‘Purge’ Day…and the way things are going-Coronavirus or no-they just might get it.
      Yes. We have as a Modern Day Society, have fallen that far into such deplorable and despicable ways of thinking and believing. Do we see ANY evidence of State or Federal Legislators, or even The Media pushing for Vigilantes to be placed onto a similar Registry for trying to hunt down and hurt or kill Us? No, of course not! Why? Because it would cause such a Public Outrage and Bite Back, for even merely suggesting such an Idea. We know that Murder is the most horrible of all Crime. Right? We all know also; that Very Few Sex Offenders-So, Very, Few-commit Murder within the commission of their Sex Crimes whether with or without a Weapon. Yet, I am an SVP who has never murdered anyone! Yet, Vigilantes are out to hunt down and Kill ME! It is not enough that I’m Black. No. Now they have more than enough Fueled, Hate-Filled Motivation, perpetrated by the very Lawmakers and Media Moguls, to actually go out to commit ‘Doing God’s Work’ to get rid of Us…never mind all the other Criminals. ‘Oh, we can live with them’ I’m sure, is their excuses. Such will always make them feel better about themselves…until there is no one left to Kill.
      Maybe then, They’ll Go After Each Other instead.

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      David holder

      I am considering donating regularly to your organization. Can you tell me more about it,? How many people do you have on staff? What are your company objectives? How do you go about achieving those objectives? Are you involved in court cases, legislation?

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      David, we are a working board of nine volunteers. We also have other volunteers, a few working for national and many working in the various states as affiliate leaders and contacts. We have one part-time paid employee, a clerk to help handle the physical mail. Everything else, including this website and everything on it, is done by some of the nine of us and a few other dedicated volunteers, one in particular, Fred, who does more than you could begin to imagine.
      Our objectives, goals, etc. are here: https://narsol.org/about-us/vision-mission-and-goals/
      Our history is here: https://narsol.org/about-us/history/
      We are involved in legal actions in a variety of ways. This gives some of the cases but is not up to date: https://narsol.org/legal-challenges/
      Some of our state affiliates are heavily involved in legislative initiatives.
      Please email me at communication@narsol.org. I will answer any question you have if I can, and if I can’t, I will refer you to someone who can.
      Thank you for your interest.

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      Just finished reading some of the posts on this by the ignorant and uninformed people making comments about people with technical violations being released from jail. All I can say is “OMG”. There is an unmistakeable mental picture of these ridiculous mindless individuals whom I hope not to ever meet. They are unfortunately all around, and a product of lies and beliefs that have no use whatsoever in any comments section solely based on their stupidity. Sandy, I cannot express my undying gratitude to you. Without people like you, we would not be making the progress we are making. Your articles will be quoted and used for our cause for many years to come.

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      This is POWERFUL. Thanks for writing it.

      Could you put this in press release format and miss distribute? Seems that the conversation about releasing prisoners might make it apropos for many papers to carry or follow up on. SO well done on the research and writing. Thank you!

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      James Coghill

      It has been my experience that those politicians who pound the drum so loudly for tougher sex laws are the the exact same people who are later sucked up by law enforcement for the samw sex crime laws they created. I have been asked numerous times why this was happening and I had no answers until recently. The reason why it happens is because tose politicians who have been caught never believed it would happen to them until the day it did.

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      Thanks, Sandy.
      Excellent source material.
      Here is a link to a source folder. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqLPxbLnc0c8gb1hAiDZLMjj0Cm34w?e=vdTxzz
      I have created this folder for Florida Action Committee Region 8, but anyone can use it. It is full of newspaper articles, scholarly studies, opinion pieces, talking points, etc.
      I’m afraid it is a bit disorganized right now because I work and study full time.
      Much of the content is in pdf format and some in Microsoft word docx, I believe ther are some text files and at least one png (illustration).
      Anyway, this folder can be of benefit because you can find documents to support your emails, telephone calls, letters and conversations with FACTS from CREDIBLE sources.
      I believe that this material should be made into a wiki and subsequently added to. Does anyone have the time and expertise?

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      PS: I forgot to mention that I will be adding much more over the next weeks/months.
      I have a pretty good backlog of stuff in my documents folder that I need to put into pdf format and then put into the FAC folder. Also, I will be adding stuff as I go along.
      Unfortunately, I cannot allow people ot upload because I would have to enable editing in the OneDrive link, and …
      Anyway, we really need a wiki so that anyone can do research.
      Again, anyone got the time and expertise?
      Also, I will be resaving the docx files into pdf because they are much safer, or course. So just keep checking back if you need to.
      I’ll find time – I promise. 🙂

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      Non-prosecution of Epstein co-conspirators should be enough to void our future obligation. The court ruled in the midst of our current events that the Epstein co-conspirators have no legal worry.

      Will any of us have the willingness to hang our future on the fact that the rich and powerful get special treatment? Once again, understand that such well-documented special treatment should immediately void our obligation to register.

      Note: Interesting that the money man behind our current contrived crisis is Bill Gates (someone involved long-term with Epstein).

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      I believe copies of articles like this need to FLOOD mailboxes of legislators, judges and anyone involved in decision making regarding sex offenders. MAILBOXES… NOT EMAIL!!(

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      Kirsten Salomon


      You are AWESOME. Really. Sadly, I think the only thing that will correct these societal horrors against this cohort is when the tipping point on the state registries reaches the point of collapse due to sheer numbers–i.e., there are so many that law enforcement can’t keep up with the workload and people realize how ridiculous this is.

      Please keep up your good work.


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      Why do you even post this article. NARSOL NEVER goes after the registry at it’s core to abolish the registry scheme or anything of it’s kind.

      NARSOL NEVER has taken the empirical evidence and used it in any of it’s suites or arguments to stop the registry. You continue to argue personal opinions.

      I do not understand the purpose of this article.

      Stop arguing over the “RULES” of the registry, stop arguing your opinion and start using the empirical evidence only as the basis of any statement and using it as your ammunition to stop politicians from lying to the public and force them to make laws based on evidence, not panic driven purely from the media.

      The registry scheme is a Crime Against Humanity pure and simple. Yet NARSOL only wants to argue over the RULES of the registry. Not the scheme itself.

      Article 7
      Crimes Against Humanity:

      For the purpose of this Statute, ‘crime against humanity’ means any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:

      D). Deportation or forcible transfer of population;

      E). Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law;

      H). Persecution against any identifiable group or collectivity on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender as defined in paragraph 3, or other grounds that are universally recognized as impermissible under international law, in connection with any act referred to in this paragraph or any crime within the jurisdiction of the Court;

      K). Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health.

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      i was told by the state police in wv, that they are not allowing in person registrant i had a change that had to be made they said i would have to wait tell a later time to do it, they took the info i needed to change, and said they filled out a paper to send to Charleston and if i needed to update it they would let me know. when i can do it. so wv potentially number 5 i cant find any thing out on it though

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      Phil – I appreciate Sandy’s pieces and their purpose, I believe, is to educate and provide counter arguments to the hate filled, uninformed rhetiruc that generally goes unchallenged by media. I think that has great value. If you don’t, why don’t you be the change you want to see? Instead of waiting for NARSOL or some other group to start this enormous ball rolling uphill toward total elimination of all registration, start pushing. We’ll all push right along behind you. I was very active in the movement to end registration, or at least make it less cruel and slightly more tolerable, until the endless drumbeat of negativity from people who had nothing better to offer became too wearying to continue… all change is incremental. All change begins with informing and educating. Until Sandy gets her magic wand, her pen must suffice. What have YOU, personally, done to accomplish registry abolition?

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      Adam S.

      I must be the rare offender who isn’t really affected by the registry. My state of residence isn’t harsh with their requirements, there are places to live, jobs for offenders, I go to college, can take my kids to the park, go to their schools, trick or treat with them, and do whatever I want or need. Nobody that knows me post-incarceration has any issues with me; I have people in positions of power helping me to be even more successful than I already am. It is all in presentation, want, and attitude.

      My name is on the registry and I don’t care. I committed a sex offense, but what other people think of me does not define me or tell me who I am. In my every day life, the only people that matter know me and know who I am and what I did; it actually helps me to be candid about it, and I have nothing but support because of the circumstances of my crime. My name being on a list temporarily does not stop me from anything I want to do and does not stop me from being happy. I am married, have a family of 8, am educated post-incarceration, have a wonderful wife, will soon own my own home, and couldn’t be more pleased.

      A lot of jurisdictions are more restrictive than mine. Move, then. You may have to double-register, but you don’t have to deal with the day-to-day restrictions of your home state. Live your lives and don’t let the registry determine how you actually live. To live a life shame-free and full of purpose is easy to do if you have the mentality and if you actually work at it. You’d all be better off to think the same way until or unless it is abolished.

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      Phil – I must say, I agree. In a court of law or in the court of public opinion, a plea to emotions from our side will never win out because the emotional and sometimes physical damage sexual assaults cause to victims is factually horrific. The over-reaction by legislatures in terms of registry laws and rules in terms of the wide net cast and the restrictions on liberty are matter of law. That is literally the only way we win… based on law.

      As a former offender, I too want the registry to be (mostly) abolished – there are some that surely need tracking in my semi-professional opinion, because there are those who are unrepentant repeat offenders who prey on others. However, we will never win the emotional argument to free us ALL. Facts and logic always win over emotion.

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      linda shedlock

      Adam S. where is it that you live ? If what you say is true all would like to live there .Register or not , sounds like a great place

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Adam, how I wish that were true. If facts and logic always won out over emotion, or even sometimes, we would not have legislators pushing through unnecessary laws on the basis of high recidivism rates when the facts show the opposite. We would have no such things as residency restrictions or Halloween restrictions as there is not a single shred of evidence that either of those has any bearing whatsoever on sexual offending. We would not even have a registry as research clearly shows, as I hope I clearly pointed out in this article, that rates of reoffense and of sexual crime have remained essentially the same both before and after the registry came to be. Pro-registry advocates cannot point to a single fact that supports the efficacy of the registry or any of the restrictions it has spawned, yet these things continue to exist and grow and multiply due to the emotional appeal of their proponents, most significantly the “save the children” appeal. Children do need saving, but the facts show they need saving from their family members and others close to them. However, attempts at primary prevention and educational initiatives teaching those facts are not well received while bolstering up the registry and its appendages are lauded and applauded. I don’t see any evidence of facts over emotion when it comes to the registry.

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        Hi Sandy, not to butt into your narrative, to which I totally agree btw, however I wanted to throw in a different argument against simple facts and logic as the only way, etc.
        The reality is, people make decisions based on an emotional reaction first, then try to justify it with logic or rationalizations. So yes, we must appeal to the emotional side if we hope to activate the empathy in the populace to “experience” the wrongness of the registry. Facts are awesome so far as data is concerned, but we already know that spiked how many facts are available politicians, news media, in the common man are making emotional decisions about the registry and about those that they want to label a sex offenders. even the court of law is driven by emotional reactions to what they hear and see, and then apply the legalese to what they’ve already decided based on emotional reactivity. If it wasn’t true then we would have won the war long time ago just by publishing a few facts.
        thank you Sandy for always coming up with the unique arguments that help people stop and think about what’s going on.

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      Adam S.

      Sandy – since the emotional appeal will never win over our detractors, why bother? You weaken your position. Stick to the facts, because offenders are a silent minority that no one cares about. ‘It isn’t fair to them’ is a position no one cares about in light of the damage we have caused and that new offenders continue to cause on a daily basis. The problem is that you cannot reason with people when it comes to the sheer horror of what offenders do to people as the result of the commission of their crimes – from a moral standpoint as well as the standpoint of victimization, there is nothing short of murder that is worse. As a result, people need to feel protected as a whole. Make the populace understand they dont need that protection instead of just saying ‘this is unfair’. No one cares if it is unfair or not. People only care about what is legal, and our system is set on precedence. Fight where it matters because the court of public opinion is not on our side nor will it be. The only people that matter are attorneys, legislators, judges, etc.

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Adam, I think I am pretty good at picking up on sub-text, but you must have skills that I don’t.

      When I am writing and editing a piece, it is no exaggeration to say that I read it over and over, probably upward of fifty times. I have just finished reading it again. I am totally unable to pick up on even a hint of, “It’s not fair.” Please help me out here. Where are you getting that from what I wrote?

      “Make the populace understand they dont need that protection,” you wrote. That is exactly what every word is intended to do.

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      Daughter promoting kindness

      First off let me be clear…To Sandy, Fred and volunteers THANK YOU! You are all fighting so hard and this fight is exhausting please don’t give up on this important battle. People like us are either too afraid or lack the support to do what NARSOL is doing. What I want to point out if we keep beating up NARSOL (which I don’t know why that is happening, they are helping us) they may eventually give up on this cause all together, then where would we be?

      This is a time for all of us to unite and work together as one. COVID 19 is the stepping stone for change. Our prisons are truly third world. I would love to see a prison system that dares to be different and gives a damn. I read there are just under one million on the registry! That’s freaking scary! So lets think about this add all those up plus the family member’s connected to them you could have potentially two to three million people that this law impacts and its only growing at a rapid pace.

      I am 46 and have been impacted by these laws even today in 2020. I lost my job last year 2019 because my dad is on the registry. I am a good person I don’t even have a speeding ticket but because I am related to a “Monster” and I am the offspring of a “Monster” No one cares about me or my family.

      I was told over and over that my dad was a horrible person, I was a kid so I believed the adults that were feeding me all these lies ( theses adults were relatives and the public). What didn’t add up for me was the man I saw growing up didn’t match what people were telling me. I knew a dad who took all his coin change he had been saving up gave it to me to buy a dog because mine had just passed, he used to make potato figures with our mashed potato so us kids would eat, he would save frogs, mice and snakes from being chopped up in our farm equipment when we were haying the fields. He was never a “Monster” he simply was my dad. I love my dad unconditionally hes been through a lot. I could tell you things I have learned recently that has happened to my dad and it would drop you to your knees from his military background to prison life and abuse after prison in the work place. I would go visit my dad in prison years ago and the prison guards would flirt with me as I started to mature. It made me uncomfortable so I stopped visiting my dad and did not see him again until he was released in the 90’s. No one protected me from the prison guards but lets make sure my dad was on the registry because he might hurt someone. Its been almost 37 yrs now since my dad was arrested long ago and he is still on the registry with no reoffending. How much shame and suffering is enough.. its never enough.

      I want to add I struggled with mental health after my dad was arrested in 1983. I had no idea I had PTSD until I lost my baby boy 5yrs ago. I found out PTSD accumulates with each traumatic event. I have severe PTSD now as my dad is yet again fighting for his life. This brings me to Adam Walsh Law. This law like the others was made and created out of fear and emotion. Mr Walsh lost a child and we let his anger and sadness create a law that is crippling people like me who are related to people on the registry. I understand his hate, anger and sadness but by creating this law he is just hurting people like me who are already suffering. I lost a son too and would give anything to have him back- laws won’t bring people back all they do is hurt the living.

      This is one heck of a fight we have on our hands and Sandy is my Angel. Before I found NARSOL life was pretty dark for me… Sandy, Fred and the other volunteers give us hope! I need hope especially now! Eventually someone you know will be on this registry as it continues to grow with the speed of light. I am begging for more attorneys to join NARSOL. We need NARSOL NOW MORE THAN EVER. I LOVE YOU ALL! GOD BLESS US!

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      Tim in WI

      Sooo, when does the call for protest come??
      It is long overdue!
      Now would be a good time for registrants to migrate to DC in mass.
      DC is relatively empty these days.

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      Adam S.

      If your intention is to make the population understand that the registry is not needed, then an emotional appeal to them about ‘it isn’t fair’ is the wrong way to go about it. It wasn’t/isn’t fair what offenders do or did to their victims, and as for ‘collateral damage’ inflicted on families of offenders? Well… The offenders themselves did that. I cannot fathom why you think the public at large will change their minds about the registry based on sympathy for people whose misery is the sole responsibility of those who perpetrated sex crimes on others. To be blunt, you are barking up the wrong tree.

      Legal arguments and appeals to reason. Facts dont care about feelings.

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        @Adam S
        Really? When is the last time facts changed anyone’s mind? People don’t care about facts these days. Their emotions lead the way. The registry laws are emotionally based, facts go out the window when our legislators draw up a new bill to make life harder for registrants. That is what their emotionally driven voters demand.
        Part of NARSOL’s mission is to raise awareness of the affects of the registry laws. That is what articles like this do.

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      Tim in WI

      Emotion seems to overrule logic at every turn in regards to the sex offender and associated regulations. More often than not however there is ideology behind the political emphasis. Frightened people are far more easily persuaded to act contrary to their long term self interests.

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      Tired Of Being Mistreated

      Sandy, I’m also a RSO, Wasn’t supposed to be !! But thanks to the Jessica Lundsford Act, I’m now on the Registery for LIFE here in Florida.. Anyway, The reason for my message, Even though we (All RSO’s) don’t tell you and your team, Either because we’re crazy busy just trying to survive, Or simply “Forget”, I’m saying it from ALL of us now…… THANK YOU FROM THE DEEPEST PARTS OF OUR (For sure mine) HEARTS !!!!!!. Without people like you and FAC and many others, Were ALL doomed !! You and others like you that actually DO SOMETHING instead of just complain like 99% of us, You ALL Are our HEROS !!!! Just wanted to let you know that we do appreciate EVERYTHING you all do !! Please don’t ever give up !?!?. We need you SO MUCH ! Some(lots) of us can’t afford to give to the cause ! We/I want too !! But life just won’t let me right now !! BUT I WILL one day because of what you and others like you like FAC, are doing now !! One day I WILL be able to help !! You truly are HERO’S to some of us !! Thank You !!

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      NARSOL and affiliates…THANK. YOU.

      PLEASE continue your efforts.

      As time passes, more RCs will find these organizations then come join your ranks as they are able.

      To those who are already able to do so…PLEASE join..NARSOL can use your help and resources.

      Because the net for sex offenses is ever widening in so many states, we must think of those close to us that might get
      trapped within it.

      Help…for the sake of posterity.

      Not just for us here and now.

      Your son, daughter, friend, or family member.

      Help their punishment, God Forbid they have to have one, remain…just.

      We are all fellow human beings experiencing mild to severe circumstances due to what has happened in each of our pasts. And yes..even from our choices.

      Lets not let this horror persist
      ..after..just punishment and rehabilitation have already occurred.

      Most here are done hurting others.


      And these people need no more hurting from a continual punisher.

      Enough damage to correct, rehabilitate, and protect our communities, has been sustained by them at this point.

      Lets use every idea we can to reverse the life crippling legislation that benefits no one.

      No one.

      This includes victim, potential victim, offender or potential offender.

      NO ONE…benefits from this perpetual horror.

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      freedom ring

      Is there anyway I can assist. me and my group of mates are considering educating some people on youtube. I would like to ask with your consent to us some of the blogs to help prove that the registry let alone lifetime registry is a vast waste of time and money. I will help out in my own way I hope to assist you guys in any way i will be using art and animation to help educate people.

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      Robert McWhoter

      Speaking of Police Brutality, which has been in the news this week. Lets talk about the “STING” operations done in Olando, such as “Spideweb”, and othe areas of floida as well as othe locations.

      This sting was done by OCSD and Orlando Police.

      The “take Down” arrests were boadcast on local and netwok channels acoss the county. In my case, I was slammed to the gound by 4 officers, my face pushed into the ceamic floor by an officer who had his knee or foot on the back of my head and neck. The presure was enough to beak my glasses and caused buises to my face. The video shown in the coutoom had been edit to cut out of view the part showing the offices foot on my head. My attoneys let this slide, but being that I am not Black, I dont have a racist flag to waive. Its NOT only blacks that get abused by the police

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