What is NARSOL?

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      What is NARSOL?

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      Rational laws are good but perverting of judgement is not. Violent perverting of judgment seems the common norm of the government today. While one has to wonder what judge is fair and honest in a lot of these offender ordeals. Is sex the top of the list above all other offenses. Sure Rational law’s and a basic understanding of the good book should be the basic’s for all united state governments.
      Sure we can go with ole tales of who chopped down the cherry tree but when rational meet moral than who’s honest Abe today in this moral law of perverted justice. Protecting and serving one with a ruse is a barbaric way of looking at justice in some of these measures. I imagine love thy neighbor is a bit inpartial in all of this. Is all this bad on Social Injustice that one has to dupe those by internet means. So where does common sense come into play?

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      I love Narsol and all that they do to work together to make a difference. I know that this is a long and hard road for everyone of us that has to deal with this form of discrimination and restriction. We all have been hurt by these laws, that I think were meant for the Sex Offenders that actually did something wrong. What I hear and see and know is that young people mostly, do not watch TV, they watch movies. Most are on there cell phones interacting with friends and family. They do not realize that these laws are out there to get them until it is to late. What I mean is sexting, sending photos nude or almost. They can be used when you get older and of age. Also that it does not matter if the younger one lied about there age, or if it was consensual it only has to do with how many years apart. I didn’t know does not matter and it should. It used to be if someone was sexual active it mattered. In Pa this is what I know, when you are released from prison you must meet with the parole officer within 24 working hours. You must also go to the State Police to let them know you are out. If you drive you will have to register your vehicle and they will also need to know where you work within 24 hours and who else maybe driving the vehicle. I saw my car, and it told the location of my job, and I am family. The State Police will come to your house and go to each neighbor and let them know that you are released. The parole officer decides what your restriction will be ankle bracelet for how ever long. A curfew will be set when you need to be in your home by the time can change. If you are allowed to drink alcohol or work where they serve it even if you are of age and it was not evolved with your situation. Your family is not allowed to have it in there house as well. So I guess we are to drink and drive if we want a alcoholic drink. This goes even with a duplex type of home. No drugs, no guns now what if my husband or I are on pain medicine or likes to hunt. We had to agree to this to let my grandson live with us. We were given no paperwork’s of any kind. We had to sign a phone and I do not even have one so what is this all about. We did not know what they were handing out to our neighbors before we got to talk to them. Now as far as distance I guess that was not a problem no schools, or playgrounds around here. Any change of any kind we have to go to the State Police. No one in my home under 18 so I am glad my granddaughter turned 18, so now she can come to see him. She is 5 foot and about 90 pounds, so I am sure the police will come to visit when she is here. I am not allowed to have my other 5 grandchildren here while he is here. So he is not allowed to see his brother or any other member of the family that is under the age of 18. He can not got to family get together’s if there is children under 18. He will need to see his parole officer every two weeks on the day he is there. Unless he stops in to see my grandson at our home or his job. He will also have to check in with the State Police every three months because he is on Megan’s Law and listed as violent. He also has to go to group every week and counseling every other week. So what did my grandson do? It was the same stuff I was doing when I was his age, as well as hers. The difference is that now we are enforcing the old laws that were not enforced for several decades that state, no more then 4 years apart and under and over a certain age. So they were 4 years and 3 months apart and yes it was consensual but the law takes the consent away. It was the Commonwealth who pressed the charges not the girl. We didn’t know that he would turn into a Tier 3 from a Tier 1, when he had agreed not to go to court. Then we were told that he would be assess by SOAB, we thought it would help him. We did not know that the Sex Offender Assessment Board considers everyone on Megan’s Law Violent. This was told to me by the women who did his assessment.

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